Friday, July 03, 2009

Dear Barry

Barry, I've been following your antics and I'm beginning to wonder why you ran for President. Don't get me wrong, I realize that politics requires a large dose of narcissistic tendencies but the job also requires some action.

Almost every President we have ever had, save maybe Jimmie Carter, loved this country. I'm wondering, Barry, when you might show us that you also love this country. I'm wondering if you might show us that you love freedom and a constitutional republic. You see, Barry, you are not showing us that.

Iran has God only knows how many people killed, more jailed and tortured for the crime of wanting a fair election. Your reaction?

We have Honduras wanting their President to follow their constitution and then canning him, in accordance with their law, when he refused. Your reaction? Cutting off much of our aid and canceling our military ties.

Barry, it would be nice if you, just once, even by accident, side with liberty and the rule of justice and law. You are not giving us much confidence that you even believe in the rule of justice and law. Barry, you do not want to be anywhere in the country if Americans stop believing that our votes matter.

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