Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Follies

It looks as if we get a reprieve for a couple of months, Congress seems to have promised to lay off until October on our healthcare system. So we get twoplus months of longwinded explanations on why it is our civic duty to trash the best health care system in the world for the millions of uninsured. Now most of those uninsured either already have some kind of health insurance available and choose not to have it, like those twenty-two year olds who choose not to pay the premiums on their employer-provided plans. Or those who qualify for the state plans for the poor but don't bother filling out the paperwork, illegal aliens and, my favorite, those who are quite wealthy and simply prefer to pay for their own.

It's really strange, Rush Limbaugh is counted as among the uninsured. Why? Because he pays for his own health care. Did you know there are major discounts at most Doc's offices for those who, like Rush, pay their own way? Because it's a lot cheaper for the Doc to not have to fight with an insurance company.

This is what I don't understand. The Pols are trying to pull this off while the populace still has guns, lots of guns. Now anyone who knows anything about this game is well aware that the only two ways to control costs is to reform the legal system to knock out the jackals like John Edwards, like that's going to happen. the other way, ration care.

So, what is going to happen when some desk jockey tells a gun owning good ol' boy that his child must die, or that his Momma can't have the same level of care that Robert Byrd or Teddy Kennedy get?

No, every redneck in the country won't go hunting, some will, though. Are these politicians willing to bet their lives that these folks will load up their deer rifles and go after some low level 'crat in section D-4 instead of, say Waxman or Pelosi? If so, they're dumber than they look and, tell the truth, they look pretty dumb.

It takes quite a few, not exactly cheap pills to keep me steady enough to feed myself. So I guess they're fairly safe from me if this great experiment kills one of my grandchildren. No promises about the kids, though. Or about a hundred million other fathers, sons, mothers and daughters.

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