Sunday, September 23, 2012

Forty-Seven Percent For Mitt

 There is a whole lot of hooraw about Mitt Romney's talk about the 47% of people who get some form of government help. Well, my Linda Lou and I are both drawing social security now and it is the major part of our income. We are also on Medicare, of course and sometimes we must use the county's senior citizen bus service.

 Our individual pensions are small enough  that we no longer pay income tax, the main "tax" we pay today is the steady erosion of the dollars in our fixed income. The neighbor lady next door is in the same fix. The three of us would be proud to pay an income tax on our small incomes if only the damned government would stop inflating the currency so much that our planned retirement of genteel poverty became one of abject poverty.

 This is the reason that all three of us plan to pull the lever for the Romney-Ryan ticket. I may bee very wrong but I do not believe that Romney talking about how 47% don't pay income taxes is a gaffe. After all we payed a lot of taxes during our working lives. and had we been able to invest that percentage of our wages into something beside a politician's promise we would probably be a lot better off than we are today.

 I do not know that we will be better off under Romney/Ryan. I do know the crowd in Washington now is killing us.

 And the heroic watchdogs of the press are basking in the sun, thinking that Joe Biden is smart. And thinking that Obama has a plan to keep the Mideast from boiling over. God help us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like A Pirate Day, 2012

 Well, I once had a puppy named Pirate but he was run over by the cokehead that used to live down the road.  He was a sweet boy, named because he had a big ol' black eyepatch. Other than that I have no particular love for pirates and still believe they should all be dropped overboard when caught. Or bombed. Or shot. Or burnt alive with blowtorches, starting at the toes.Or dropped in the woodchipper.

 Still, if one wishes to talk like a pirate, today is the day. I mostly talk like I'm irate.

 Speaking of irate, I got a new ISP, well I think it's an ISP. I'm not much better at computer talk than pirate speak. At any rate I had Verizon satellite and then all of a sudden my Verizon bill was over 400 dollars. Seems that, unbeknownst to me, there was a big price to pay for watching too much video. So I went to my sat TV provider and they sold me a ViaSat Surfbeam 2 with a big ol' dish and everything. Now I can't use U tube or any other video, which was kind of the point of the whole thing. and I don't know why. I wonder should I try to clear out everything and then redo all the original discs? Or what. Arrr! There, I talked like a pirate.0

Friday, September 14, 2012

Profiles In Cowardice

It's hard to get straight what is happening over in North Africa and the Mideast right now. A few things have come out. Seems that the Egyptian Embassy of the United States of America put out a statement condemning the free speech of a group of Americans. Silly ol' Mitt Romney thinks that the First Amendment means that the United States Government, in all it's branches should support the rights of Americans, attacked this statement. Because there seems to have been an agreement to not campaign on 9/11 he put an embargo on the publication of his statement.

 Then the Religion of Peace attacked two of our embassies and, according to the Obama Relection Campaign and it's willing allies in some sections of the Republican Party and just about all to the DNC Propaganda Team that was once known as the Free Press decided that it was much better to talk about Romney's "gaffe" than the reports that United States Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, required the Marines on duty to have no live ammunition. Now this is being disputed but there is precedence: In 1983 the Marine guards in Beirut were not allowed to have loaded magazines in their rifles. I'm not sure that the 5.56 rounds would have stopped that truck full of explosives  but I know that I would rather die shooting than fumbling with a mag, trying to chamber a round so that I could try to shoot.

 Worse, I beleive that the Marine guards in embassies do not carry rifles, or semi-auto pistols. At least they used to carry those nonthreatening S&W .357 Mag revolvers, which are even slower to load than magazine fed weapons. Don't get me wrong, I'm a revolver man but (a), mine is loaded and (b) I'm not likely to face mobs. An American embassy in a foreign land is American soil. If I were in charge of the security in an embassy I would want something belt fed. And lots of claymore mines.

 Then, again, the whole setup for guarding embassies has been wrong for decades. The Marines chosen for that duty are really chosen for their looks and "military bearing". Now a wonderful spit shine and a perfecly straight gig line are nice, sure. A ramrod up the butt makes for a really nice posture when it's time for inspection, and an embassy Marine is always on inspection. Meanwhile what they need are a few of those slouching, sleepy looking fellows from the rear ranks that have poor military bearing but have proven to be really good at killing bad guys.  Can't have that, though, it's undiplomatic. It would be really nice if someone in the United States Government would realize that diplomacy has failed when the bad guys are torching the effin' embassy. When they're shooting RPGs the time to talk has passed.

 I also find it very interesting that Eric "we are cowards for not talking about race" Holder's "Justice" Department has already announced the real name and criminal record of the fellow who led the syndicate producing this movie that the ROP types claim to be objecting to. Too bad they couldn't find out who authorized Fast and Furious. I wonder did Mr. Holder give directions to this guy's house and pictures of his wife and kids?

 Meanwhile the people who stormed the Consulate seem to have taken a lot of information out of it, including, I've read, lists of the Lybians working with Americans. I'm sure they did all this because they were butthurt over a video no one has seen.

 So, we don't have enough will to protect our people. And we don't have an administration smart enough to know that when they go around blowing up various Jihadi leaders with Hellfire missiles from drones that the Jihadi  followers might just get sorta mad and rush us on 9/11. And the DNC Propaganda wing, once known as the free and independent press, blame it all on Romney.

 Sure is a damned shame that President Romney let this happen. He should not have skipped his Presidential Daily Brief and gone to Las Vegas to campaign. Oh, wait.

 Speaking about being cowards for not talking about race, just how far back has this collection of thieves and fools set racial relations back, anyhow?

Monday, September 03, 2012

A Non-Shooting And Only Partially Political Post About Spam.

 Yesterday was Sunday. I am of the age where I only get to eat eggs and stuff for breakfast once a week, or less. Getting old ain't for the fainthearted. So, anyhow I had a block of Monterrey Jack cheese so figured on a cheese omelet. Trouble is, the bacon had sat in the fridge for so long that it wasn't looking too good. That's another thing my Docs don't like me to eat often. Foo.

 I usually have one of those football hams every month, one big ham and sweet 'tater dinner and then some sammiches, some potato, ham and onion hash and ham'n'eggs. Trouble is, it wasn't time for the football ham yet, especially after the Saturday Brisket (more on that coming up).

 So, no ham, no bacon. I had some of those Little Sizzlers with Maple flavor but they don't really go with that flavor of omelet so I went into the emergency stash. You see, I live out here in the country where it's easy to lose electricity so I keep my propane tank mostly over half full and plenty of canned stuff. I was also the child of folks who went through the Great Depression. Lastly I am a man who was in the Service in the '60s so I ate a lot of Spam.

 Speaking of eating Spam, you know how to spot a phoney? That's someone screeching about "the working class" who does not have a few cans of Spam squirreled away. Now, of course, a lot of folks who used to be poor don't eat it anymore but they ain't the folks talking about the workers.

 So, anyhow, I always have several cans around, more during the winter when on the rare times it snows I might be stuck at home until the roads get clear. and out here in Resume Speed, that's when the ice melts. Anyhow, slice Spam thin and fry it brown and it is pretty good with eggs. Cut it into small chunks, fry it good with a big onion and some potatoes boiled enough to be soft after they too are fried and it's a meal even a plutocrat can enjoy, if he didn't know it was Spam!

 So, anyhow, the last time I was shopping I noticed a new flavor of Spam, Spam with Hormel Bacon added. So, I bought my tuna, my beef stew, my canned chicken, etc, and a can of that Spam. Well, that's what I fried to go with my omelet. Spam with Hormel Bacon is going to be included in the ememrgency stash from now on.

 What's not to like? It keeps forever, heck I ate Spam in the Service in the mid-late Sixties that was canned during WW2. Fried and drained it tastes okay and what the heck, Spam is smarter than Joe Biden and more useful than Obama. and,better looking than Debbie Whatshername Schultz.

 In other news I bought a near five pound trimmed brisket last week and oven cooked it using one of the recipes in my new cookbook. from Cookbook Resources. It's called Essential 3-Ingredient, 4 Ingredient and 5 Ingredient Cookbook. And it's 1,000 quick and easy recipes from apetizes to desserts, each with, you guessed it, only three four or five ingredients.

 We invited the twins and their kids out, only Dean and Stephanie were able, but then, with their three boys, maybe it was enough.Anyhow I used one of the three ingredient recipes, a bottle of liquid smoke rubbed in, cover with BBQ sauce and let it marinate overnight, bake covered at 275 degrees F for hours and hours, then refrigerate overnight, slice off any excess fat (no problem with that trimmed brisket)  pick the congealed  fat out of the drippings, slice, pour the dripping over and reheat.

 Easy-peasy. And it came out well. And the raw brisket was prettier than Pelosi. Ah, what a cow leaves on the pasture is prettier than Pelosi.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Grandkids, Near And Far

 Somehow I managed to get Blogger to notice these pics out of the over four dozen I put into this computer. And then Blogger decided that the album wasn't visible, after I had got these two. sometimes I hate Blogger.

 anyhow the top pic is just one of the kids at the party, the bottom kid is Josiah Dean, the birthday boy.

 If I can ever convince Blogger to find that album again I have pics of all the North Carolina boys, and a really nice couple of pis of my Mary Grace..

Clint At Eighty-Two

 The screams from the left are nearly deafening. Eastwood scored big with the empty-chair routine. Those that never watched Bob Newhart simply did not get the joke. Even those who didn't get the joke got something very important, though. They learned that one can speak against the Chicago Jeeeezus and not be struck by lightning.

 It's been a while, Obama was actually conferred lefty sainthood way back when he read a teleprompter at the 2004 Dem Convention. This false sainthood has made it impossible to ridicule this man, even at his most ridiculous. Ever wonder what the comics would have done had Governor Palin talked about the moment that the seas stop rising? What would they have said if Senator McCain had, at no small expense, cause to be erected a mess of faux Greek "marble" columns made of Styrofoam?

 We all know what those lefty "comics" would have done, yet there wasn't a peep about the feller that actually did that. Oh, sure, we blogged about it and passed Day By Day cartoons around. Yet it was all preaching to the choir, among the real mass of the country, we didn't count. If any of the comics or regular Journolists heard it the screams of RAAAAACIST! came out and we would get tied up in noting that not only were we not RAAAAACIST! but that the real racists were those who constantly noted race.

 Eastwood may have saved us from that. A smaller man could not go first in public, A small businessman would not have the freedom.  a smart man remembers not to tick off some large portion of his customer base.Airheads like Julia Roberts might completely alienate some forty-sixty percent of the public and survive, smaller acts like the Dixie Chicks couldn't.

 Well, Clint can. He doesn't have too much more time and he's wealthy enough to where he simply doesn't need the Hollywood Left. How can they hurt him? He doesn't need their money and he's already got pretty much very award there is. They can only try to vilify him and when they do that they piss off everyone who grew up on Rowdy Yates and The Man With No Name. When they claim senile dementia they tick off the single most active voters in the country, us over sixty-five.

 This goes way beyond what Eastwood said, it's what we have seen. Eastwood single-handedly got us permission to mock President Thinskin. He will not be able to handle it. When the left (and sometimes the right) hurled invectives about Dubya, he simply did not care. President George W. Bush is a man who is simply comfortable in his own skin. After all, Dubya managed to turn his life around. Dubya worships God and Christ. He went on with what he thought was right. President Obama worships his own reflection. Once this spreads out, Obama is a drunk, lying on the tracks of the Santa Fe, an accident waiting to happen. His own small nature and his hatred of ordinary people will bubble ovr.

 Yes, we're going to be called RAAAAACISTS! for it but, the word has lost it's effectiveness. Eastwood has shown that we no longer have to fear them. So we won't. It's Clint. It's the guys with the signs saying "I built this",, it's the TEA Party. We are in the American version of Berlin, 1989. And the left is powerless.

 It's not all sweetness and light, though. The left is lighting the fuse of race riots when they lose in November. The Democrats. The Party of the people. Yep. That's why they keep preaching division. We're gonna win but it won't be peaceful. Oh well, my kids have plenty of ammo.