Friday, March 30, 2012

Here We Go, Again!

Well, Wednesday was my birthday and now I am officially a Senior Citizen! I was pretty busy that day, I had an app. with the Dermatology office over in the next county and then my drivers license had expired. Since we get our retirement checks on the last Wednesday I also had to do the shopping.

Normally I go to the county seat of my home county, the drivers license folks are in an anteroom off the lobby of the Sheriff's Dept. My rural county is such that there is NEVER a line at the DMV office, the next county over is still in the Dallas Metro Area and the line was a mess. Still, I had hair in my last picture and so I didn't do the mail in or online version. Anyhow in this fancy big city office I had to stop and go back to my car because of my two inch pocket knife. And then wait, and wait. And in the benighted rural America it takes about ten minutes and I suspect I could walk in with a Bazooka and nobody would care. Remember when everyone had a pocketknife? Remember when they were considered useful tools? Not like the useless tool running Washington. And that bunch has killed more Americans than every pocketknife in the known universe.

A Five Guys burger joint opened up there and so, after buying a month's worth of groceries I called Linda Lou and asked her if she wanted one. So I bought her a big bacon cheeseburger and a "small" order of fries and drove straight home and got her food into the microwave for a short jolt to reheat it. Linda Lou said it was real good but at over ten bucks for a cheeseburger I won't be going there often. Actually I hated the place, the kitchen is right there in the open and there is more yelling and hollering in that kitchen than is in a big-city jail.

I wonder why folks don't understand a quiet meal anymore. Ah, no wonder Obama likes the chain, it reminds him of "the hood" he wants everyone to think he knows. Me? I've been yelled at enough in my day, I don't need any more, thank you. 'Specially I don't want to pay to hear a bunch of folks hollering at each other in a small room. Anyhow I didn't have a burger, I went home and ate a pastrami sammich on rye with half of those "small fries". Happy Birthday, Peter! I did not bake a cake. A cake is a waste with just the two of us. Or, if we don't want to waste the cake it goes straight to our waists. Somehow some things were easier with a houseful of kids.

The Dermatologist wanted to scrape my nose with a scalpel where there is a small spot, and did that biopsy thing with another spot. When I was a kid the sun was supposed to be good for me. That's why I stay out of the sun now, so that sixty or so years from now the sun I get now will cause me trouble than. My plan is to live a thousand years or so, so far, so good!

Linda Lou went back to the orthopedist doc and her fused ankle is doing fine. It's everything else that's a problem. So, Monday they're going to replace one of her knees. Then in a while they'll replace the other one. For now they just did a cortisone shot in the one she's keeping.

Today we went to the hospital for her pre-surgery stuff. She's going to the guy who is one of the best orthopedist in this part of the country so we have to drive a helluva way to do anything. So I woke up at around bedtime to get there and have been discombobulated all day. Oh well, I woke up earlier than Linda Lou and her alarm so had time to fix a big breakfast. Fried Mexican choriso sausage, drained almost all the grease, tore up three corn tortillas and put them in the skillet and let them get about half cooked and finally, three eggs and added cheese until there was too much, then put a little more in. Don't tell my doctors. Serve with salsa. Sure was good. If I ate like that every day I'd have to sit down in shifts.

Anyhow, Linda Lou will be in the hospital for three-four days and then, once she's able to do stuff like walk to the bathroom, she'll come home. If she can't walk, presumably on her walker or crutches, she'll go to the rehab place until she can. then home, physical therapy , etc. The Cortisone shots on her "good knee" will keep her going until the next round. Depending on how much of our insurance we use up this will be later this year or even next. It's not the hospital, it's the physical therapy, we only get X number of hours per year. Oh well.

Anyhow I'll be out of pocket until Linda Lou gets back home, she handles the checking account via computer and will have the laptop and, more importantly, the wi-fi card with her. So, I'll be offline. We're gonna find out what kind of withdrawal symptoms I'm gonna have. Can I live for a few days to a week of no

In other news I'm still wondering what on earth the Democrats are doing to the black community and why the black Americans put up with it. From Andy Jackson to the end of the War of Northern Aggression, the Democrats were the Party of Slavery. After the Civil War they came up with the Klu Klux Klan to control black citizens and to keep them from full citizenship. This lasted until the WW2 generation got tired of it and black men and women fought back, and some died.

Then, magically, the Democrats became the Party of Civil Rights. Since the day after Democrat George Wallace "stood in the schoolhouse door" to try to deny black children a decent education the whole education establishment has been a Democrat racket. And the cities where the vast majority of blacks live are controlled by Democrats. The results are stark. The Democrats are STILL the Party of slavery and segregation, now with different words but even worse results for blacks. And blacks are voting for it. and the "black leaders" are leading them to their doom. Men like Sharpton, Jackson and others have grown wealthy off the crumbs from the white Democrats table while the children of "their people" grow up in neighborhoods more dangerous than Damascus. It's enough to make a grown man cry.

There was a term for Jackson and Sharpton back in the day, "House Ni***r". Some things haven't changed since the end of the Civil War.

I've been trying to write a real post about this since before anyone ever heard of Trayvon Martin, back when they formed "blacks for Obama or whatever they called that outfit. Obama and Holder, speaking f House Ni****rs. Has no one even noticed what Obama's friends did to "affordable housing" in Chicago? Has no one seen what happened to black unemployment since the end of the Bush Admin? Has no one noticed what Obama and that incompetent bomber Bill Ayers did with the Annenberg Challenge millions? Lenin was only half right when he said the West's capitalists would sell him the rope to hang them. The blacks voting for this bunch of slavemasters would be insulted if one called them capitalists. Even the rich ones. Anyhow, every time I've tried to write that post I've gotten too angry to write.

My poor country.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Few Things I Wish I Was Smart Enough To Understand

Like most folks I've been trying to follow this Zimmerman-Martin mess. I do not know what happened through the whole thing from the time Zimmerman hung up until the eyewitness called the local bluesuits. I do know that there will likely be a few people go to the House of Many Slammers from paying attention to the leftist media (but I repeat myself). The left is still saying this case has something to do with the stand your ground law. They are saying Zimmerman was released from custody because he was allowed to shoot because he was afraid. I'm curious. What will happen when some poor sap who believes NBS or the New York Grimes and blows away someone on account of being afraid?

Anyhow stand your ground only says you do not have to retreat from somewhere you are lawfully, it says noting about laying on the ground getting your head bashed.

I read something from Mas Ayoob about how Zimmerman's pistol was found when it was examined by the police.Seems it had a full magazine and a fired round in the chamber. This pistol being a semi-auto there are only three reasons for it to be in this condition. One, the gun was in such bad repair that the slide would not function to eject the empty and chamber a new round. Possible but unlikely. The forensics lab would have fired a test round so that the various LEO Blogs would have said something. Ain't nobody gossips like cops.

Second possibility would be the gun was jammed so hard against Zimmerman's body (or ground) that the slide could not function. This is not a normal way to shoot, the only reason to try to fire a weapon like that is if there is a hand to hand struggle.

Third possibility? Someone had the slide in a firm grip. Now Zimmerman would not have tried to grab that gun and I have heard of no others there but Martin. These second to possibilities have me leaning towards Zimmerman's story but nobody really knows. Including Congressman Rush.

Much has been said and reams written about how poor young Mr. Martin would be alive today if only Zimmerman had done this, that or some other thing. No one has bothered mentioning that poor young Mr. Martin would also still be alive had he not gotten kicked out of school for a week or two. He would have been around a hundred miles away, well out of range of a 9mm.

I wish I were smart enough to know why the leftist media, there I go, repeating myself again, is shoveling out all this misinformation. Why is Congressman Rush and the Revrum Jackson and the rest of that crowd whipping folks up into such a frenzy? If this actually breaks into widespread violence, well, I've always tried real hard to not pick a fight when I'm outnumbered some eight to one. Can these clowns not count?

I could sort of understand trying to whip up the black vote for the election but how much do they gain if, at the same time they alienate the Hispanic vote. Eh, maybe Biden is advising them.