Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Still Alive, Still Offline

Still offline until we pay the Verizon bill. Just a note to say that we're both still okay. It's funny. between our insurance and Medicare we pay nothing for doctor visits and hospitalisation. Yet the hospital is so durned far away that it's put us way behind. Oh well, we're muddling through. A couple more months and we're gonna be caught up.

 When I get back to typing on a real keyboard I'll have to write a bit about a new powder from Hodgdon, CFE223. A pard of mine has been using it and gave me a nice report. Also I have to mention the new Stevens shotguns, built for defense and very inexpensive.One lists for less then $250.00 and has bottom feed and eject like the old Model 12 Winchester or the Ithica Mod37. Very handy in inclement weather, And it's got the sights for hunting with slugs , just in case you have any venison in thick cover.

 Meanwhile the Supremes will announce if we are free people or live at the beck and call of the Nanny Bloombergs of the world. It's really long past time we told all those nannies that we are grown ups and don't need or want them. What would happen if everyone in New York brought their own great big cups, bought two 16 ounce sodas and poured them into their own big cups? Then carried them to city hall? It's really about time for around ten thousand folks to pull a LEAVE US ALONE Rally.

 Anyhow I hope to be using a keyboard again, soon so, until then, Adios

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Intertoobz Is Broke!

 In case anyone has wondered, I"m offline at home until payday. Something about bein' poor. The good news is that the running water in our house has been fixed. Seems that we had a big rainstorm and water started pouring out of the ceiling in our master bath. Well, I said an ugly word, put a trashcan under the leak and then said another ugly word. Unfortunately the water continued to pour after the rain had stopped. Turn out the water was coming from the stand-alone shower, running up the wall at high pressure and then down. I finally got it capped off. No shower anymore but We never use that shower anyway, now that we've gotten so fat.

 So, anyhow, see you after payday when we can pay the Verizon bill. I'll mostly be washing and drying wet stuff from the flood.