Monday, July 06, 2009

Rich Person Wanted.

Anybody have any money? I need someone to sponsor me. I need to move to Alaska and spend a couple of years making ethics complaints against elected Democrats. No evidence is needed up there. Then as each democrat I target reaches the end of his, or her, credit limit and resigns all of us can ask, but why didn't you finish your term? And if the targeted Democrat has deeper pockets than we expected (or a Soros-like sugar daddy) we can point to them and say "look at all the ethics questions!"

It seems to work fine for the Democrats up there. It might work a lot better if the targeted Democrats has young children. Especially daughters. Then we can make lewd and crude "jokes" about them.They won't be able to say anything back, after all, they made the rules with the Palins.

Here is something that has bothered me since just after I got out of the Service and started my college career. Yes, don't laugh, I had a college career. I had a triple major as a matter of fact, VA benefits, coeds and beer. Anyhow I had a rather odd college career, I made the Dean's List every other semester, the next semester I'd bet put on sco pro. You see, I didn't much like school but I did like VA benefits, coeds and beer. So I'd be a slug one semester and study the next. That's not what I don't understand though, I understand me, bright but lazy and with very narrow interests.

What I don't understand is lefties. Now if Albert Einstein were still alive and he dared disagree with a leftie, he would be called stupid. All it take to be stupid is to not hew the leftist line. So we have this constant stream of people of no particular accomplishment calling George W. Bush uncurious and, to put it nicely, not very bright. This is a man that was smart enough to fly an interceptor jet, one that had a reputation as being a rather unsafe bird, at that. Then he went on to an MBA and, eventually a Governor and a President. Meanwhile both of the men he beat in presidential elections were "smarter" than him. Algore flunked out of school and Horseface Kerry had a slightly lower gpa.

More people with no particular accomplishment are proudly calling Governor Palin stupid, also. Half of them, of course, believe it was Palin, rather than Tina Fey, who claimed "I can see Russia from my house". No, Palin said something along the line of you can see Russia from part of Alsaka.

I've said it before, also, that the lefty's favorite screech of how unqualified Palin is for the number two job when Obambi has never run so much as a successful hot dog stand is ludricious. And now, with slow Joe in the number two slot they still say it. Just how are the peeps in chicago's south side doing? What is that murder rate again? But, but, but Obambi organized the place. So, Obama, who has a lifetime achievement of running his mouth is supremely qualified to be President where a small town mayor turned Governor is the most unqualified person they've ever seen. Odd how no lefty just says "I don't like her", no it's always the most unqualified". It's like they're repeating talking points but we know that can't be. Only the right wing noise machine uses talking points.

But anyhow, I need somebody rich to send me up there to teach the Donks some manners. Seems all the Alaska Republicans have too many scruples to give the Donks what they love to hand out.

Update: This has nothing to do with me needing a rich sponsor. I notice that the Intertoobz are alive with shock over this McNair feller getting offed in his girlfriend's apartment. Seems that peeps are shocked, shocked over the fact that this paragon of virtue could not control his zipper when away from his wife.

I'm no expert in adultry. Nor am I a paragon of virtue just because I don't have a series of girlfriends on the side. I lack the two most important things for adultry to be a "success", unaccounted for time and unaccounted for money. While I'm pretty sure there are the odd low-rent type out there with whom I could have an affair with with the thirty-nine cents a month that I am allowed to spend without Linda Lou knowing about, my away-from-the house time is always accounted for.

Now we could be gazillionaires and things would still be the same at Chez Shakey. Now we did not figure this plan out as a zipper control tactic, it just worked out that way. Here is the secret:

Step one: Linda Lou knows where I am. It was one thing, maybe, before every rich type started carrying around none cell phones and other assorted electronics but these days even I carry a cell phone almost every time I leave the house.

The unaccounted for money? McNair's alleged girlfriend had just switched from driving some kind of Kia to a Caddy Escalade. Linda Lou handles the checkbook here. I have a check card, before the age of those Linda Lou would give me cash out of our account. I don't care how much money we had at any one time, if I had another girlfriend and bought her another means of transportation, say a used bicycle, Linda Lou would have known.

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