Friday, July 31, 2009

Yet Another Thing I'm Not Smart Enough To Understand.

Here is another thing I'm not smart enough to understand. Let's start with this: Can black people please sit down and decide on something that the rest of us are supposed to call you and stick with it? That's not my big thing, it's just something that bothers me. If I speak to a group of black folks I'm pretty sure that whatever term I use will anger some. I don't even want to try to count the changes since I was a boy. And, for that matter, a male child is a boy, no matter the race.

But that's not the purpose of this post, it's just an annoyance. Here is what I don't understand. Black folks are maybe one eighth of the population. Maybe a tad less. The other biggest minority are Mexican Americans, who, truth be told, do not much like black folks. In the neighborhoods where they come together the bloodletting is common.

Now most of the white folks I know of would like nothing better than black folks live and do well. Yet there is a whole industry devoted to stirring up trouble between the races. Black Studies departments in the universities. Community Organizers. Jackson. Sharpton. Most of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Now, here is what I'm not smart enough to understand. I've been outnumbered a lot in this life. When I'm heavily outnumbered I always try to not pick a fight. So, what is with these clowns like Sharpton and Gates? Why do they keep trying to stir black folks into being angry? What will happen if white folks get angry back? I doubt it would be pretty.

The current "black leadership" tolerates a system in which a few people get way ahead while the rest of black America sends their children to schools where they have a very good chance of never even learning to read. Meanwhile their children listen to :music" that teaches them that their daughters are nothing more than objects to be used and thrown away.

We all live in a country where it is raining soup, the Gates and the Obamas do nothing but hand out knives.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Not Health Stamps?

A few decades back there was a real problem in America. In the richest country in the history of the world we had a significant number of people going hungry. So food stamps came along. The food stamp program worked. worked so well that the poor are often obese.

Please note that no one closed the supermarkets or replaced everyone's ability to buy food with a government only setup, they just gave poor people something to buy food with at the same supermarket everyone else was using.

A few decades later they changed food stamps into a "credit card" affair so the poor wouldn't be embarrassed. Very few on the right have problems with food stamps, we might want to tinker around the edges of the system a bit, often because we'd like to figure out a way to prevent a small minority of the poor from trading their "credit cards" for dope but overall, we on the right don't want folks going hungry, either.

So, with a proven system already in place why is Congress and the President trying to kill the best healthcare system in the world? When people were hungry did Congress burn down the supermarkets? Did they pave over the farms?

So, why not health stamps? Let's face it, we could insure everyone in the country too poor to afford health insurance for a fraction of what this monster will cost. The very first step in solving the health care "crisis" is for people to stop lying about it. About a fifth of "the uninsured" are young people that would rather spend the money on something else. Most of these kids would be glad to buy catastrophic coverage that would protect them if they got some really awful disease or where in a horrible accident. We can't have that sort of insurance, because of our helpful politicians.

Another fifth are people with family incomes above $75,000.00. These folks are people like Rush Limbaugh, who prefer to self insure. Again, many, probably most, would prefer to buy catastrophic coverage. Thanks, Pols.

Then we count the twenty million or so illegal aliens into the mix. Please, politicians, sit down and calmly explain to us precisely why we are responsible for the care of those who are breaking the law by being here. Now I do sympathise with the fact that conditions in many of their home countries are awful but that is not my fault. Perhaps if you politicians would stop giving the kleptocrat politicians of their home counties the escape valve, at the cost of our own wealth, they would clean up their act.

Then we have people who are qualified under the various State agencies but do not bother signing up. And, of course, why do we count folks on Medicare as uninsured?

So, who is left? Sign them up for the Health Stamp Program

I thank Sister Ann Coulter for the health stamp idea. Speaking of someone on the right that doesn't want people going hungry or not having health care.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Follies

It looks as if we get a reprieve for a couple of months, Congress seems to have promised to lay off until October on our healthcare system. So we get twoplus months of longwinded explanations on why it is our civic duty to trash the best health care system in the world for the millions of uninsured. Now most of those uninsured either already have some kind of health insurance available and choose not to have it, like those twenty-two year olds who choose not to pay the premiums on their employer-provided plans. Or those who qualify for the state plans for the poor but don't bother filling out the paperwork, illegal aliens and, my favorite, those who are quite wealthy and simply prefer to pay for their own.

It's really strange, Rush Limbaugh is counted as among the uninsured. Why? Because he pays for his own health care. Did you know there are major discounts at most Doc's offices for those who, like Rush, pay their own way? Because it's a lot cheaper for the Doc to not have to fight with an insurance company.

This is what I don't understand. The Pols are trying to pull this off while the populace still has guns, lots of guns. Now anyone who knows anything about this game is well aware that the only two ways to control costs is to reform the legal system to knock out the jackals like John Edwards, like that's going to happen. the other way, ration care.

So, what is going to happen when some desk jockey tells a gun owning good ol' boy that his child must die, or that his Momma can't have the same level of care that Robert Byrd or Teddy Kennedy get?

No, every redneck in the country won't go hunting, some will, though. Are these politicians willing to bet their lives that these folks will load up their deer rifles and go after some low level 'crat in section D-4 instead of, say Waxman or Pelosi? If so, they're dumber than they look and, tell the truth, they look pretty dumb.

It takes quite a few, not exactly cheap pills to keep me steady enough to feed myself. So I guess they're fairly safe from me if this great experiment kills one of my grandchildren. No promises about the kids, though. Or about a hundred million other fathers, sons, mothers and daughters.

Now Gates' Charity Is Smelling Like Week Old Fish

So, seems that this Gates clown's charity has a couple hundred thousand dollars on hand while the only money that went out is to Gates employees and Harvard faculty. Not that I've ever expected too much honesty from race warlord poverty pimps.

Here is something I don't get, this guy is another good friend of Obama. Let's see, Obama's friends: there is convicted felon Rezko. Ayers and Dorhn.And now Gates. Does the President of the United States have even one friend that isn't a total scumbag?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Professor Gates, Race Warlord Poverty Pimp

So the saga of Sergeant Crowley versus the Race Warlord Poverty Pimps continues.

The funny thing is, the average street cop spends far more time in close and friendly contact with people of other races than does the average university professor. Look at the makeup of the university faculties, then look at the average police department.

Most departments use two man patrol cars. This is in part for officer safety and in part because a one man car has a driver who is primarily concerned with driving. A two man car, one officer is free to look into alleys and doorways. A whole lot of criminals are caught because a bluesuit actually sees them doing wrong.
Now, modern police depts. being what they are, an officer stands a really good chance of spending more time cooped up in the front seats of that car with his partner than he spends with his wife and kids. Assuming, of course that he still has his wife and kids, policing is hard on families. But, I digress.

Even the officer working single-o spends a lot of time with others, notice that Sgt Crowley was in a single car but at least one of the other officers there was black.

It's well known that cops socialize with other cops. Police haters use this as proof that cops are bad, but who do university professors socialize with? The person guessing university types wins a ride on the cement bicycle! Yes and reporters socialize with reporters, etc.

Now then, it stands to reason that officers today are a heck of a lot more used to diversity than professors or politicians. The talk about diversity, modern LEOs live it.

I contend that it is the Gates and the Obamas that hurt the black community far more than the police do. It is the Obamas and Gates that made the inner cities the way they are, not the Crowleys. Who supports the way the welfare laws make the black man only useful for starting pregnacies? Why do the laws make a father helping to raise his children outmoded? Is it the Sgt. Crowleys of the world promoting the "music" calling women bitches and Ho's? Is it the Sgt. Crowleys who make it almost impossible to run a business in the inner cities? Meaning there are no jobs, even for those who want to work?

Who, exactly is responsible for the conditions in the black communities? Is Sgt. Crowley the father of all those black kids being raised in single parent homes? Who is it telling so many kids that it's the right thing to do to kill someone for wearing the wrong color? It isn't cops beating old people in the streets for almost no money. It isn't cops raping and murdering. The bad news is that it is cops being screamed at for trying to stop it. It is too many being killed, trying to save black people from each other.

Sorry, that's the Obamas and Gates of the world. It is not just the increased danger that makes many, perhaps most, street cop dislike working in minority neighborhoods. This house, of course, was not in a minority neighborhood but the attitude is. Crowley shows up trying to protect the life and property of whoever lived there. Does he hear "thank God you're here"? Does he hear, "sure, I'll prove I live here, thanks for protecting me and my property?"

Yes, proving you have a right to be someplace you belong can be a pain. It's not near the pain of having a home invasion and being tortured and killed. It's not even near the pain of having to replace half of your belongings while your homeowner's insurance (if you even have any) gives you maybe half of what the replacement cost is.

I submit that the Sgt. Crowleys of the world have done far more for the poor blacks of this country that the Gates and the Obamas. The Gates only teach wealthy young people how bad they have it. Meanwhile we know what Obama has done for the poor, made it possible for his pal Rezko, the felon, to put up those slums. Naturally, Obama's pal Rezko the felon did this with taxpayer money. Money that was then unable to really help the poor.

This is the real crime. Race warlord poverty pimps like Gates and Obama have never done, nor will they ever do, anything for the poor. They don't care about the poor, they care about being hee-rows of the downtrodden. In today's strange world it is not necessary to do anything for the poor to be a hee-row to the downtrodden. What a country.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ming The Merciless Turns Twelve!

Today was Ming The Merciless' 12th birthday. She is getting to be an old girl. In honor of her birthday I made a batch of bacon-cheese corn muffins. As usual they were a hit. Speaking of hits, I got up today to find a strawberry pie that Linda Lou cooked for me. Well, if cooked is the word. She did open the can of Lucky Leaf Pie Filling and pour it into the store-bought pie shell. I'd better not sound like I'm complaining, though, not if I ever want anything else baked.

So, anyway the dogs always love them some bacon-cheese corn muffins and, since the Pugs are just little guys, I gave two to Miss Priss and one to each of the Pugs, I have two left for my breakfast.

Speaking of the dogs, I hope that CAP and Ming finish shedding before December.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Prof Gates, What A Guy

Professor Gates of Harvard. So, THAT is where our money goes. Y'all will have to pardon me if I say that I hope Harvard, and all of these other big name universities close down, fire all the faculty and have nothing for pensions. Then they can, eventually, reopen with faculty that knows how to do things.

Let's start at the beginning. A neighbor sees two people breaking into a house, the neighbor does the right thing, calls the law. You do know how rare that is, these days, right?

A uniformed bluesuit shows up, complete with badge and nametag as well as gun, etc. So this tenured professor starts by asking who the bluesuit was. Now most anybody would have got the clue from the blue uniform, the shiny badge, the nametag on the shirt, the gunbelt and all the rest of that stuff that uniformed officers have on. The tenured professor can't figure it out, though. So, the tenured professor starts screaming at a man with a gun.

Finally the tenured professor shows the bluesuit some ID. That should finish it, right? Well, no. Not in the real world. Someone tell me exactly how many men (or women) are running around with old addresses on their identifications. Someone else tell me how many spouses and ex-spouses are breaking into houses to do dirty to that spouse that didn't work out.

Sergeant Crowley was called to a house where there was some evidence of a crime in progress. He owed it to his community to not leave until he knew exactly what was going on. An officer that left without knowing, only later to find that there was a deranged ex-husband with a restraining order and a big sharp knife would have been, and rightly so, in a world of hurt. Sorry, ID is just the beginning of Sgt Crowley's job.

People used to understand these things, even Harvard Professors. There was a time when people, even Harvard Professors did not scream at Officers for doing their jobs, if they did arrest was the least of their worries. Lots of people used to get dragged down the stairs by their feet, heads hitting every step. Naturally we don't do such things anymore. The world is so much better, too. Why it's just a delight to take your children downtown these days, isn't it?

Update: I just went to Rachel Lucas' site. Her Sunny has died, the best Rhodesian Ridgeback dog ever and the past Presidential candidate. If you have a dog please give him (or her) an extra ear scritch and tummy rub. Sunny Lukis, she was a good girl. The adventures of Sunny and Digger were a big part of how I got hooked on reading blogs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Presidents Reid And Pelosi

Has any President in history been on television as much as this clown is? I mean besides Joe Biden's President Roosevelt getting on TV at the very beginning of the Great Depression in 1929? Has any President in history talked more while saying less than this guy we have now?

The more I see him the more I believe he doesn't really care about actually being President, he cares about everyone seeing him as President. So far it's been six months of "look at me! I'm President! While all the work is shifted to Pelosi and Reid. This might not be such a bad deal except for Pelosi and Reid being just about as bad as Obama's dreams from his father.

Now Obama has shown no leadership whatever on his so-important "health care" initiative. All he's managed to do is meet with the CBO people who said his health care plan wouldn't save a nickel, would instead cost more. You really have to feel sorry for those poor law students that studied under this guy. The President should not be fooling with employees of Congress. Naturally, Pelosi and Reid don't care, now if it had been Bush...

One would think this great Constitutional scholar would be able to tell the difference between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. One would be wrong. There is a lot I don't understand about this man, starting with why so many people think he's smart. My next question is who has been propping him up all these years. How did he go to Pakistan? Who paid for the trip? Who paid for his education? Who kept his grades secret? How did he manage to edit the Harvard Law Review without publishing anything? Why do so many allegedly smart people swoon over this guy who can't even hold a press conference without a telepromter?

It sure would be nice if some of the big media outlets could spare some reporters from the all important job of digging through the Palin family's garbage and trying to stare up Sarah's vagina to try to answer some of these questions. Especially that question about Pakistan. At the time US citizens weren't supposed to go to Pakistan, so how did he manage? He stated that he couldn't afford a cab in New York, who paid for the trip?

Tell you what, if the name were Cheney, there'd be dozens of reporters on that story. Tell you something else. The war on terror is winding down. The war on middle America is heating up.

While I am still allowed to blog, I'm having an amazing time with my blogroll. I put Great Satan's Girlfriend in, it's an illustrated guide to the GWOT. Well, it just flat won't come up. So I also put Insert Clever S.Logan in. So, I click on Suzanne Logan's site and up pops this page saying that the page on Great Satan's Girlfriend can't be shown or some such nonsense. But it also has the name of the site underlined in that internetty way, click there and go right to GSGF. But not Suzanne's site. For that I must go to Stacy McCain's site and use his blogroll. And people wonder why I still use the ugly words.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bacon And Prewash For The Dishwasher

It's a pretty big deal when Dad has bacon. Pugs get excited by bacon for some reason.

Afterwards Ming acts as the prewash cycle for the dishwasher. I'm sure she only does it because of the fierce and draconian discipline we have on these dogs. I'm sure that's it.

I think I only survived breakfast because Princess was outside. I experimented a little, blueberry buckwheat cakes, with honey. You know how many times Edison failed with the electric lightbulb before he finally found one that worked? It was like one of those times. It wasn't exactly awful but it wasn't very great either. I'm kind of hoping that the Pancake Police don't take me in for a violation. Are the Pancake Police still allowed to syrupboard suspects?

In other impotant news, yesterday was Ethan's birthday. Ethan is the oldest of Robin and Meleah's brood. He turned eight. He is a fine figure of a boy that I don't see near as often as I'd like.

Update: So I tried to plug Great Satan's Girlfriend into my blogroll and nothing I did would make it come up. So I gave up on that and put Insert Clever S.Logan in. So when I click on Suzanne Logan's site on my blogroll, I get a page telling me that Great Satan's Girlfriend can't be found. But when I click on the Great SG spot on that page I get, you guessed it, Great Satan's Girlfriend. But not Suzanne's site.

I'll fight with it some more later, right now it's bedtime. I'll be out of pocket most of the day, it's payday and Linda Lou insists that I get a brake job on our asexual grandparent mobile. (thanks Bou) If it weren't for all the cool people I "meet" online I'd blow off these infernal machines. Anyhow I like GSG, I just don't much care for her hiding behind Logan.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Fifty Billion Dollar Failure

So the first thing I read everyday, besides the E-mails is the Puppyblender's site. That reminds me, are we still in a war to the death with Glen? Well, anyhow I saw where Obambi's fifty billion dollar plan to prevent home foreclosures is, so far a bust.

Now I'm in no danger of foreclosure, seein' as how our little hovel is paid off but I'm told that this hurts me, also, making my house and land worth less. This does not really bother me much since the only way I'm moving is to the hospice. It does hurt my net worth, not that I care much. But those who are younger and more interested in buying things, well, net worth means something.

It hurts folks still paying for their houses, mostly. Someone who bought a home for three hundred thousand dollars who now finds the house worth only two hundred, is in real trouble should he need to move, say for a new job. Worse, someone loses his (or her) job and fails to find a new one soon enough, becomes in far worse trouble. A few years ago, no great problem, lose the job, not much trouble selling the house. Aperson who didn't get third mortages to buy toys with had enough money to live on for quite a spell, usually long enough to find another job.

Today almost no one is buying much of anything but groceries. I'm watching for patches to show up on kid's jeans again like in my youth. Although it wouldn't mean much out here, I'd have to go to town to find out if folks are really changing. Never mind, I don't like going to town. Y'all city folks, keep an eye out. Let me know when the Oskosh B'Gosh stores all close.

Speaking of Glen, there is the thing about the scoring of the computers in the Honduran Presidential Palace. Seems that they had the results of the election already, although the election hadn't happened yet. Naturally this Zeyala feller is the one Obama supports, can't have somebody that believes in fair elections, can we.

Judging from the people Obama wants to cozy up to, we need to be especially careful the next few elections. Perhaps on Oct, 29th, 2010 we need to have the FBI seize the White House computers to see if the election results are already there. Probably be a good idea to sweep out the Acorn Offices with buckshot too, just before the election. Just sayin'.

In other news from Glen, seems like Mary Jo Kopechne died forty years ago, Ted Kennedy is still the lion for woman's rights. I'm not quite sure how that works but then, I'm just a blogger. If I were smart I'd know that letting a woman die is totally okay as long as you support abortion. Rest in peace Mary Jo, I'll sit here and hope that Teddy's death from cancer is exceedinly painful, followed by an eternity of still greater pain.

I really, really need to work on that whole forgiveness thing. Maybe I'll start next week. Or the day after Kennedy dies in agony.

Friday, July 17, 2009

So What IS Adsense?

The super duper home handyman struck again, I got the other piece of plywood in the too-big for the air conditioner window and got the silicon in with only a hundredth of the hoo-raw the other piece needed. That's something.

I'm looking at this Adsense widget, wondering if it would be useful here. Now I have no plans of getting rich with that mad blog money but it would be nice to drop a few nickles into the collection plates of folks like Michael Yon who are doing the job the mainstream media should be doing.

Speaking of the media, how many men and women have cycled through one or more combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan? Hundreds of thousands, right? My word, they had all kinds of folks who were neither Infantry, Armor or Cavalry running around on patrol. Cindy Whatshername's son was a mechanic.

So why on the news programs we have retired Colonels and Generals that haven't heard a shot fired since they were O-2s and O-3s in wars far different that what we are in now? I mean I have a bunch of experience and even some small expertise in some small piece of a war forty-some years ago. So I should get up and pontificate on a war I cannot imagine. In my war an infantryman got off the bird with, at the most, forty kilos of weapons and gear. I read Micheal Yon's piece yesterday or the day before where infantrymen were climbing off the birds with hundred pound rucks. Meanwhile they were up in altitudes higher than the dive bombers and torpedo planes of WW2 flew.

I can't picture it in my head, I doubt these retired Generals and Admirals can, either. No wonder Americans don't know what's going on.

Back to Adsense, though, from what I read they pick ads for a blog out of the contents of the post. So, what would the ads be here, since I pretty much type whatever comes into my head.

The Apollo shot that first reached the moon is in the news, it was forty years ago. It's funny, this computer as far more computing power than those space capsules did. I'm not really sure it doesn't have more computing power than the launch center did. I wish we were spending the money on exploring the moon and beyond that we're wasting on gasohol, green energy and this glow bull warming nonsense. Think of the minerals we could mine in the asteroids! For that matter, if we really put our minds to it, how long would it take to learn to beam energy down from space?

Oh, Walter Cronkite finally died.Justice works slowly but eventually everyone gets to meet his maker. A whole lot of eighteen, nineteen and twenty year olds who never saw twenty-one are smiling now, wherever they are, one of the men who made their sacrifice useless, the multiple hundred thousand Vietnamese who died, and the two million Cambodians all get to ask "it's a little warm, isn't it Walter?"

In case you are wondering, no I haven't forgiven any of those SOBs that turned the Tet Battle, where we eliminated the Viet Cong and wiped out more than a few NVA units into a defeat. I have also disliked Democrats since then. The Democrats are still in the same MO as back then, too. Notice how many Democrats voted "yes" on the use of force bill on Iraq, then about three days after our tanks rolled into Bahgdad those same Democrats started with the Bush lied business.

Modern Democrats love to start or help start wars and then make sure we don't win. Just dial your history book back to 1965 for my war or to 1998 for this one. Pay special attention to around when Clinton was being impeached.

Viet Nam was also when I learned to hate reporters. Reporters all hung out at the big hotels in Saigon and Danang and would chopper out to where the fight had just ended, sometime landing before we had all of the bodies dealt with, including any of our own. When they got there we'd have to watch over them to keep them from getting hurt. While watching to see if any of the dead little people were faking or, perhaps, had large amounts of explosives ready to send us home in the cargo bay.

Reporters always talked to each other like we weren't there, to. Their favorite thing was complaining that going after the "bang bang shots" was keeping them from discussing What It All Means. It was really fun to hear, especially if one still had his bud's blood spattered all over.

Anyway, burn forever, Walter. I'll try, someday, to learn forgiveness.

So, what kind of ad would Adsense put here?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So, What Are The Tweeting Rules? And Does A Bass Singer Toot On Twitter?

My blueberry pancakes were okay but I suspect they might have been better had I not used pancake mix that had been in a plastic storage bag in my refrigerator since Oct, 2007. Well, my doctor doesn't like me eating pancakes. I didn't quite realise that I was following orders so well. At least that box is finished. I wonder if my doc will let me slide with one box of pancake mix every two years.

Le's see, simultaneous bombings in Jakarta, looks to be the work of an alQ branch office. I thought Obambi was going to stop all this. For years the lefties have been telling everyone that explosions by Muslim nutcases were all because of George W. Bush. and his oil buddies. From Texas!!!!111!!!eleventy!!! Anyhow, looks like six dead, so far.

I wish I knew how to triple bold something. Oooh, speaking of things I'm learning, see that picture of Cochise' Apache Princess up top? I used the software on this here Dell contraption and cropped it. And blew it up a tad. Next thing I'm going to try is turning off those laser beams in her eyes. Well, maybe. I don't want to take away her ranging device. I'm pretty sure she knows exactly how fast she can jump on a troll.

Speaking of trolls, Pamibe seems to have a slight case of the kind of trolls that come on, spewing charges of racism and who must try to convince everyone how much smarter they are than all the regulars. I don't hardly get trolls, I think it's because my titles aren't often political. Or maybe Princess scares them off. Pam has a Collie and a Dachshund. People respect German Shepherds for their teeth. Collies? They're respected for tellin' everybody that Timmy fell down the well. (if only Timmy Geitner would fall down a well) Eh, Brea would just tell everybody. Actually, Brea would tell Pam and Arthur, that wouldn't be so bad, all the Pamibe regulars taking turns peein' down the well.

Oh yeah, sidetracked again... My lack of trolls could also be from my lack of traffic. Or maybe the pictures throw them off. Or scare them off. We'd better leave this guy alone, he'll hit us with a hot pancake. Made from two year old mix!

Oh, speaking of trolls, that Susan Roesgen person(?) is not having her contract renewed at CNN. You bemember her, picking a fight with folks at the big April 15 tea party in Chicago. Maybe, just maybe CNN is figuring something out. Let's see now, I'm in a business where I am paid to have people sit down and watch my commercials. Very few people will watch my commercials unless I put out a program folks want to watch. Hmmm, over half of the people in the country are somewhere between sort of right and far right, most falling into the center right. Add the libertarians and perhaps it's not such a good idea picking fights with those folks. I know, that's crazy talk. They're probably letting her go so she can run outreach from the Obama camp to the tea party movement. Speaking of the Obama camp, do y'all remember back in the late '60s into the '70s where "camp was a big deal? Not being out in the country, sleeping in a tent cleverly positioned over a giant anthill, camp as in guys looking like they don't really like girls and girls acting like they either don't like guys at all or like way too many guys? That camp? Well, now that I mention it, it kind of describes the whole Obama Administration.

I keep getting e-mails from folks telling me that they're following me on Twitter. I don't understand how that works. I joined Twitter so I could follow the Iranian uprising, which is still going on, not that we notice over here. I have never tweeted. Now before I lost those teeth I used to whistle some but not only have I never tweeted, I don't know how to tweet. Nor do I understand the language of tweet. I'm afraid if I tried it'd sound more like passing gas. Hmm, that reminds me, I need to make a big pot of beans. Oh, anyway, how can folks follow me if I never tweet? Oh well, at least I use my turn signals, that might help if'n you're following me.

Oh, and does having people follow me mean that if I'm the last one through the light before it turns red I need to pull over 'til it changes again? I need to know these things and I don't get to town much.

Oh, since I'm confessing that I don't get to town much, let me get something else straight in my head. Peeps. Is there a certain timeframe around Easter when Peeps doesn't mean the same as folks, only citified? Oh, and while I'm at it, since I'm just a good ol' boy from the country, am I allowed to have peeps? Or do I have to have folks? I don't want to break the rules.

Well, it's about bedtime. I wonder about this: it seems like Obama care will work by cutting out expensive treatments. Gays support Obama and Obama care. HIV treatment is very expensive. Seems like HIV/AIDS is probably going to be one of the first half dozen things they'll blow off. Figure they are talking about blowing off care for the elderly. Excuse me? The elderly vote. More than anyone else except dead folks in Chicago maybe. Politicians like their jobs. Sure they're going to cut of care for the elderly. And next election go back to North Dakota.

So, they say that they'll probably cut off care for treatment of preventable diseases. Like from smoking or obesity. Smoking takes decades to kill someone. And I see more than a few fat old folks. The most easily preventable disease I know of is HIV/AIDS. Don't use unclean needles and keep your trousers up. We spend gazillions of dollars on HIV/AIDS education and all we need is a four word phrase: Sleeves down, zipper up.

Oh, and if we're going to skip treatment for the obese, what about this new Surgeon General they're talking about? Are we allowed to have a Surgeon General that won't be allowed any medical treatment?

These deep thoughts hurt my brain housing group so, g'night.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Neighbor's Porch

Reading blogs is a varied experience. We have our Mommybloggers over here, over there are the political bloggers, off in the other direction are the cat and dog bloggers, photobloggers, etc. A stroll around the blogosphere is like walking around a large neighborhood and sitting on porches, talking with people.

It's a wonderful experience, mostly. There is the problem, especially in political blogging, of people who flat don't know how to act. I am not sure what, exactly, causes people to jump onto a blog and start telling everyone how much smarter they are than everyone else. Now I readily confess, I'm not the smarted guy who ever lived. I am smart enough to recognise accomplishments. I've even managed a few accomplishments of my own, small though they are.

So it bothers me when someone, with no readily available record of accomplishment jumps on a website and tells me that Sarah Palin, for instance, is stupid. Ecuse me, stupid? I've met mayors, I've met governors, I've even met three Presidents. In my travels I've met several business leaders, too.

I have also met many small time journalists and a few big time ones. Here is a clue. Journalists aren't near as smart as they say they are. Television "journalists" are even worse. Television journalists are chosen for looks and the ability to read a script convincingly. They are not required to understand the script. Just to read it.

And yet people whose main source of news is Keith Olbermann go thundering through the blogosphere touting these television bozos. Well, yes, Barbera Walters used to be very pretty, and she still looks all right. And yes, she has that charming lisp and the ability to look interested. Thing is, what has she done? Without producers and make up artists and directors and writers, what has she done? And Walters is one of the better ones.

People jump on the internet regularly to call people who have reached some pretty high pinnacles stupid.

It is also mystifying how people assign fraudulent positions to other people or programs. How many times did we hear that "George Bush is an ultraright winger!" from lefties? So that's why he let Teddy Kennedy write his education bill.

I don't spend much time over at Ann Althouse' place but every time I go there I end up amazed. Ann Althouse voted for Obama. Yet people keep coming there and calling her conservative. What, she missed wearing her "Che" T-shirt on a special day? I almost never agree with Ms. Althouse, politically. but I don't call her things she is not. Ms. Althouse is fairly reliably center-left. Maybe even shading a tad left of that. If I can remember to avoid getting bogged down in her comments, I enjoy visiting. Her porch is always too crowded to get a glass of lemonade, though.

It's not, unfortunately, just lefties guilty of this. Many of us on the right jumped on Governor Dean when he was running for President. No I disagree with Dean on just about everything. If he told me how he ties his shoes I'd stay up nights trying to find a different way. The one thing is never was, though, is stupid. There simply aren't very many stupid people with MD degrees. And then to manage to change directions and learn a totally new profession, politics. And modern politics is difficult.

Oh well, enough. I just wish folks would stop crapping on their neighbor's porches. Another way people crap on other's porches is through inappropriate language. Here is the deal, at least for me. If the site owner cusses a lot, it's okay cussing there in comments. If the site owner avoids heavy cussing, it's probably not a great idea to talk like a Marine right out of boot camp trying to prove he's salty.

Anyhow, here are some pictures, The top one is Princess and Eddie, our Pug that got dognapped, and Princess. We love Bingo and Princess, and grumpy old Ming but we still miss Eddie.

Next up is Princess from before the new back door. The next one down is Bingo. He is just an all around fine figure of a Pug.

The bottom picture is my last culinary masterpiece, my Cottage, or Shepherd Pie. Hey, it could be worse, I could have grandbaby pictures.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scattershooting While Wondering Whatever Happened To Lou Diamond.

I know we are all already tired of the picture showing Obambi ogling, or not, that Brazillian teenager's butt. I am just amused by the studies purporting to prove, yes prove that he was looking to make sure that some one's footing was safe. Oh, I see. Someone was going to walk all over that girl's butt. I have been known to look where I was walking. I have also been known to look at a butt or two in my day.I know the difference. In fairness Obambi might have started out watching his step but then some things just attract the male eye. I am not concerned that the young woman is under aged, under aged has a specific meaning, look but don't touch. It was just a little more than a century ago that a seventeen year old woman who was unmarried would have been an old maid most places. Now we can't even use the term old maid. Go figure.

There is something really wrong with the country when I typed in "Lou Diamond" and got this long lists of entries on that actor, Lou diamond Phillips. So I typed in "Master Gunnery Sergeant Lou Diamond" because I wasn't sure when he died, 1951 for those keeping score.Lou Diamond is a legend in the Corps. He somehow managed to wear a goatee, even while a Drill Instructor at Parris Island. Lou wore Dungarees, which they now call utilities to get a decoration for his service on Guadalcanal. He then looked General Archer Vandegrift (another legend) in the eye and said "These dungarees were good enough to make the Guadalcanal landings in, they're good enough to get this citation" The General just smiled and probably shook his head.

Diamond was no spit and polish Marine, he would never have made it in today's corporate Armed Services. Who could raise chickens at Camp Lejeune today? Could a Master Gunnery Sergeant fail to salute anyone below a field grade officer today? Today Lou diamond would be tried by court martial and jailed for many of his exploits. He wasn't exactly gentle in his training methods, being known for jerking slow risers out of their bunks and throwing them out the door. Ah well, the past, another country. Most days I'd like to go there again.

I can't seem to get well enough organized in my head to write a full post on why so many Americans live conservative lives and yet vote left. I understand some of it, many people still think of the Democratic Party as the Party of Harry Truman instead of the Party of Harry Reid. The network television news does it's best to hide what the Party is actually doing and too many people get their world view from television. I know that.

What I don't understand is how people can miss little details like Obama saying that, if his daughters get sick he won't want them to have Obama care. And why, btw, did the Democrats cut the voucher program that allowed poor (mostly black) kids to go to the same school that Obama's daughters go to?

Why do people still believe the Democrats are the party of equality? The Democrats have run on equality since they gave up on "Segregation Now, Segregation Forever" in the early '70s. And they have run the big, inner cities for about that long. When was the last time Republicans ran Detroit or Washington, DC.

We've come a long ways since black folks had to ride in the back of the bus. Too bad they now get shot at the bus stop. This is called progress.

There I go, sidetracked again. I can understand someone voting Democrat at age 18, before he, or she, has ever had a job and looked at the withholding taxes on a paycheck stub. I don't understand working adults, especially those with families.

I also don't understand the devotion so many black Americans have for the Democrats. I'm not the smartest guy in the world but you can only promise to make my life better four or five times while making things worse before I start to lose faith. Now black folks started moving up to the Detroit area when Henry
Ford started paying black workers the same as white workers, five dollars a day. Back when a dollar was real money.

Somehow, though, through decades of Democrat administrations, Detroit has gone from the industrial powerhouse of the whole world to hundreds of acres of sheer destruction. And yet the inhabitants, those who are still there, continue to vote for the people that brought their city down. Most of the Detroit residents are now though, down here, telling us how to run Texas. Sigh.

Anyhow, that's just another thing I'm not smart enough to understand. Or, maybe, it just flat out makes no sense.

Ooh! Ooh! Speaking of makes no sense, did you see where that fine intellectual, Judith Warner went off of Governor Palin saying that she is responsible for the hatred of educated women? Along with some long diatribe about a lawyer who says educated women can't see the real world because their heads are always in a book. So she says. Given the number of woman lawyers I don't know that I buy that. What I really don't buy is that the oh so smart Judith Warner is blaming Palin for this arrest that happened two years ago. Anyhow this educated woman took a passel of children, the two oldest, twelve years old, too the Mall in, I believe, Billings Montana. The youngest of the kids was three. She dropped them off and then went home to rest. Somehow the local law got involved and the fun began. I happen to know that well behaved, quiet people do not generally attract the eye of the local law enforcement but persactly how it all got started was left unsaid.

Now I know Judith Warner is so much smarter than me, just ask her. But two years ago not one person out of fifty could identify Governor Palin. Heck, I have look up the name of New Mexico's governor and that's next door. I used to know the governor of Arkansas, I met him once and consider myself lucky to have gotten away before he humped my leg. But still, Judith, Palin's fault? Actuall, very few people in America dislike educated women. Some of us do dislike insufferable people of any, or no, sex who go around blaming others for their problems and looking down their noses at people. And, Judith, it ain't because of Palin. I used to aspire to be an intellectual. So what if my education is mostly from The University of the Public Library. That used to be the great thing about the United States of America. Even a por person who couldn't afford an expensive university education could go to the library and educate himself. Or herself. Many people learned just by doing. I am wondering what happened. Palin makes all right to hate accomplished women? Judith, I fear most folks think that being elected Mayor is an accomplishment. Being elected Governor, even more so. You, Judith, heap hate on this bright, beautiful, accomplished woman and then you blame her? Judith, you make my poor old head hurt.

Abraham Lincoln did not have a university education. Ben Franklin did not have a University education. I suppose the Judith Warners of the country would sneer at them.

In more important news, it's time to taste my first try at Shepherd, or actually Cottage Pie. I'll finish this entry after supper and let you know how it came out. Shepherd's pie seems to be lamb and stuff, cottage pie is beef and stuff. There are hundred, if not thousands of recipes for this, I looked at several and then kind of winged it. This is going to be a big hit with the dogs, I needed about half a can of beef broth. What to do with the rest? Pour it over the dog's kibble and stir it around good. FEEDING FRENZY!!!

The bottom layer is always some kind of vegetable or vegetable mix. Because they were handy I used green beans and minced onions. Then I added the broth, three quarters of a cup did it. I do not believe this needs to be measured to the cubic millimeter. I'm eating this as I type, I'm beginning to believe that the right recipe for this is, any kind of vegetables, a little broth, whatever meat is handy and mashed potatoes. Cheese on top, whatever is handy, or no cheese. If cheese is chosen, use whatever kind is handy, sprinkled lightly or poured on by the pound.

So ends another lesson of the Chez Shakey Culinary School. I used heavy whipping cream and real butter in the potatoes. It came out really good. I am, however, already thinking of ways to make it better. I'm thinking a mix of corn and green beans, along with minced onion and garlic mashed potatoes. I also think I can fry up a little more beef, use more veggies and fix this in the crock pot. That will have to wait until we have a little more room in the fridge. I suspect that this cheap, easy meal can easily become a complicated, expensive meal. In the age of Obama I can't afford expensive. For those keeping score, desert was a few of Linda Lou's Oatmeal Raisin cookies. If I decide I'm getting too skinny (in my dreams) there is some peaches in vanilla ice cream.

Oh, and Linda Lou brought home blueberries. Guess who is having blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast tomorrow. Only question is am I going to use buckwheat cake mix or buttermilk? I hope I can sleep tonight with these weighty decisions hanging over me.

Oh, and Lou Diamond? He retired after WW2 and went back home to Toledo. He died in 1951. Gunny Lou was fifty-two years old at the Guadalcanal invasion. Some say he was born in 1890, others say he was created, full grown with his foghorn voice, at Tun Tavern on November the Tenth, 1775. Believe what you like, just know that Lou diamond Phillips couldn't carry his jock.

I hope y'all enjoyed Cow Appreciation Day. The part of the cow I ate sure was worth appreciating. I snapped a couple of photos if my culinary masterpiece, plus a few pics of the dogs. I'll post them someday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cynthia Yockey And Other New Cyberfriends

I do a lot of semi-aimless clicking through the Intertoobz and I am always finding new (to me) websites.Some I like well enough to keep clicking back to, others I forget while I'm reading them. Some I like so much I wonder why no one has ever told me about them. Then I bemember that I hardly ever tell folks about websites I've found.

One of the new (to me) sites is Cynthia Yockey's. Cynthia is a self-described newly conservative lesbian, turned away from liberalism by the way the Obamabots ran roughshod over Hillary and her supporters.

Actually, from reading her posts I suspect she has been one of many who lived in conservative ways but voted left. For some reason Ms. Yockey thinks it important to have her sexual orientation right up there in the first couple things we know about her, as if she forgets that most of us have trouble enough with our own sex lives without worrying about hers. No one has ever asked my permission to be gay or lesbian so my permission does not seem to be needed. Now I am a conservative. As far as someone's sex life I have a couple of simple requests. Please do not scare the horses. That is rule number one. This is not unlike rule number two: Please do not make our children ask questions for which they are too young to understand the answers.

Most everyone, including a large percentage of liberals were discomfited by OwlGore and his shoving his tongue down below Tipper's tonsils at the '00 Dem Convention, after all. I, for one, miss the way things were when I was a boy. We had a lot of "old bachelors" sharing houses. We had spinsters sharing houses and apartments to "save money". No one went around peeping through keyholes after bedtime.

But anyhow I don't go to Cynthia's website because of her orientation. I have not dug around in her archives enough to know her education level, I do know she is well educated, either from going to school before educators became products of the modern system or through the University of the Public Library, my old school. Whichever, she's pretty sharp. She doesn't post nearly enough but I find myself going to her site a few times a day, anyway. Mainly because of her blogroll. Actually, she has a regular blogroll but, even better, she has this whole passel of blogs with the latest four blog entries of each listed. So I can run down this long list of blogs and see which ones have something new in seconds. That's so cool, I don't know how she does it not understanding very much about these machines that connect us to the Internet, I'm just glad she does it.

I could disagree with everything she writes, I'd still visit for that. Of course I don't disagree. Oh, and before I move on to the next couple of new, to me, websites, someday soon I want to explore the reasons so many people live conservative lives but vote left.

Another new to me website is The Other McCain. This is the site of Robert Stacy McCain. Everyone who has ever been online has probably been going there for years and just haven't told me because I'm not cool like that. Anyhow, Stacy is a Washington, DC area reporter who knows just about everybody who knows anything. He also has a great blogroll and has a co-blogger named Smitty who is just about as sharp.

Between Stacy and Cynthia I've been introduced to still another blogger, Suzanne Logan. Her blog is worth reading, if only for the title, Insert Clever S. Logan Here. Suzanne is a professional writer and it shows on her blog.

The last new, to me, blog I'm going to mention is An Autographed letter Signed (by Afrocity). Afrocity is a (surprise!) Black writer from the Chicago area. I am not quite sure why I think she is fairly young, maybe it's just that everyone seems fairly young from here. She was raised in a single parent home, fed by food stamps and eneded up conservative. You'd have to ask her if, after struggling to avoid the pitfalls and actually getting through high school, and beyond, if condescending liberals turned her conservative.

Anyhow, the next time I'm willing to struggle with my blogroll, those are all going up. If you have known about these blogs forever, why haven't you told me. If you haven't, google them and check them out. They're all worth a few minutes, or longer, a day.

Update: I mentioned that I don't fully understand Ms. Yockey (and many other people) desire to put their sexual orientation right out in front, after all, we'd eventually figure it out. If anyone finds it necessary to explain it, please do not use much psychological jargon. And please remember also that I do not need to fully understand everything. I do not fully understand gravity (grabity in lolspeak). I understand it enough to know that I bust my hiney every time I try to walk on the ceiling. That's enough for me, I was not in a line of work where I needed to know more than that.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Five Hundred Platforms?

I'm not having much luck at finding much information on this bright idea about cutting way back on nuclear arms. The first thing I don't understand is that Russia has hundreds, if not thousands, of ramshackle, rusting missiles that they haven't tried to keep operational. So, they give up those. I'd be interested in hearing from Air Force and Navy types that work with such things. Now I didn't have anything to do with the maintenance or delivery of such things but letting any kind of weapon rot away wasn't much on the agenda back when I wore Uncle's suit.

So it looks from here that Obama doesn't understand much about negotiating, it looks like we are giving up stuff that works and they are giving up stuff that doesn't work. Excuse me for wondering how that benefits anyone but them.

Here is something else I don't understand. Maybe it's just that I'm not smart enough to be a community organizer but the missiles that don't work that the Sov, er Russians are giving up are single purpose birds. If they did work, which they don't, they're only good for one thing, nukes. Now we've given up at least some of our land based ICBMs. We have, as far as I can figure, some five hundred Minuteman 3 launchers scattered about.

Here is what I don't understand. We can have as many nukes as we want, we can only have five hundred delivery vehicles, right? Trouble is, except for the Triton Missiles in the subs and the Minuteman Missiles, the other delivery vehicles are all multipurpose. The B-52s, the B1bs and the B2s can also deliver smart bombs and cruise missiles. The cruise missiles themselves will carry conventional warheads or nukes.

Now I'm not smart enough to spend millions of dollars to not help Chicago schools a bit. I realize that. Heck, I can't even use a state senate seat to spend millions of dollars on Rezko homes for the poor, only to have them all shut down for being uninhabitable just a few years later. I am smart enough to know that if we only have five hundred total launch vehicles we are going to be awful stingy mounting a conventional warhead on a cruise missile to shoot through a bad guy's bedroom window. Or to risk a B-52 to drop conventional bombs on Li'l Kim's missile sites, if it comes to that.

I'm racking my poor little brain trying to see how this benefits us. I can see how it benefits the Sov, er Russians. I can see how it benefits the Norks and China. I can see how it benefits the Mad Mullahs of Iran. I can even see how it helps Robert Mugabe to starve more of his own people. What I don't understand is that Barack Mugabe, er Obama is paid to protect the citizens of the United States of America.So, what's up with this?

Funny thing, the Firefox spell checker says there is nothing wrong with the spelling of Mugabe but is still giving the "mistake red underline" for Barack and Obama. Yes, Firefox, I know.

So, we're getting rid of at least one Carrier Battle Group. maybe more than one. We're getting rid of some eleven hundred launch vehicles. We don't have any battleships or other ships with great big guns to bombard miles inland from any coasts. So, we are cutting way back on our ability to project power. History tells me, though, that power will still be projected. So, if we don't project power, who will?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Super Duper Home Handyman

There was a storm last night, we just barely caught the edge of it but it was a pretty big deal. An 18 wheeler blew over on Interstate 30 in Greenville. And the cashier at Wal Mat had her barn blown down. Most important, the cardboard in the window filling in the extra space where the window unit air conditioner is in the master bathroom in my house blew out.

I had the plywood cut and painted, I was just waiting for it to get ripe. Can't harvest until it's ripe, you know. Anyhow I looked up and down the street, no FEMA trucks anywhere. I though Obama was going to fix disaster relief!

So I had to spring into action with my unripe, but dry, painted plywood. I put the tupe of silicon into the caulking gun and then put a big bead on the top and bottom. The Linda Lou went and stood in the bathroom and raised the window. Disaster! She raised the window too much, the plywood went in way too far and Linda Lou, and then me, were covered in silicon. We finally got the plywood in place, the window lowered and I started into the house to get the silicon off us. Disaster, again. Linda Lou was trying to wash the silicon caulk off herself with soap and water.

Where is FEMA when disaster strikes? I'll tell you, they were busy buying Michelle O's $9500.00 clutch purse. Yes, my friends, the Obamas were partying while barns blew down! While helpless citizens were getting covered in silicon caulk! Oh, the humanity!

After I wiped the caulk off me with a paper towel I tackled the mess all up and down Linda Lou;s arms and hands. Note to all who are not super duper home handymen like me: If you get silicon caulk all over you do not, repeat, do not try to use soap and water on it. Wipe it off with a throw away rag or paper towel, if there is any left, lighter fluid. Further note, even non smokers should have some lighter fluid around. Pretty much anything that won't clean up with soap and water cleans right up with lighter fluid.

Well, anyhow, the damage is repaired, no thanks to FEMA. Oh, and it seems that the overturned semitrailer truck is righted and the Wal Mart cashier has already arranged to work a couple more shifts a week until her and her husband have their barn rebuilt. If only Obama wasn't gallivanting around the world, instead of staying in Washington and directing FEMA to disasters we would have all been spared this trauma.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Welcome To Magic World

I hope I can tie this together. There is a self-described elite in this country. It starts with education in the elite schools. Nobody quite knows why these schools are so elite. Why, exactly is a Yale degree so much more valuable than Mississippi State? Yes, Yale is much more expensive but no one knows exactly why. An elite school degree is now required for little things like a Supreme Court appointment. Why is a Harvard law degree so much better than an SMU law degree? Nobody knows, but it's very important, just ask the self-appointed elite.

This self appointed elite has a preferred political preference. Now their favorite politics have always ruined the whole country, everyplace it's ever been tried. The elite hates colonialism. Yet under colonialism Africa was an exporter of food. Africa should be the garden of Eden. Africa sits on a sea of oil, half the minerals in the world. The soil in many areas is rich. Rhodesia was an exporter of food. Zimbabwe's citizens are starving. Now the only difference between Zimbabwe and Rhodesia is political. I confess to not being one of America's elite. I'm so dumb that I think a country ought to feed it's people. I do believe that if the citizenry is starving, something ought to be done, something different that increasing the policies that led to that starvation.

Now I'm no great fan of the old Russian Tsars or Czars (please do not ask why the same word is spelled two different ways in English.) Now I prefer the spelling Tsar if only because the elite use Czar. Anyhow, under the Tsars Russians had enough to eat, as a matter of fact they exported food. Along came Lenin, all of a sudden there were huge shortages. So, in the manner of self-described elites Stalin took over and tens of millions died.

How many died under Mao? When I went to college all of the self described elite had a copy of the Little Red Book.

There are a couple things I flat don't understand about these elites. The Sarah Palin thing is a good example. The elite, who are so much smarter than us hillbillies, never bothered to find out what Palin's policies are. The elite assigned policies to her, policies she does not hold, and hated her for it.

Palin is a creationist, they screech. Um, no, she's not. Palin hates gays! Um, Palin vetoed a bill denying benefits to same sex couples that had signed up for the Domestic Partnership thing. Palin believes that the Earth is only four thousand years old! She does not, who told you that?

Now I freely admit that I'm not the smartest guy who ever lived. I'm not even going to claim that I'm the smartest guy now living. I do, though, like to wait until I know something about the positions that a person holds before hating them for it.

The self proclaimed elite cheer for this Obama care they're talking about. Oddly they cheer for it even thogh Congress will not have to live by it. They cheer for it even though Obama and his family will not be in that program. No, Obama said "if my daughters get sick I want them to have the best care available". Please, someone explain to me how his daughters are so much better than my grandchildren. Maybe I would understand if I was in the reality based community.

I watched a You Tube video yesterday, Pamibe had it linked, it's still up on her site, just google Pamibe, this infobabe was talking to Governor Palin. The Gov was salmon fishing and took time out to talk. Aside from the fact that Governor Palin had just perfect make up on, she was dressed for fishing, overall waders and a white tee shirt. The infobabe was qute surprised to see fish guts on Sarah's waders. This infobabe, who's name I don't recall, was repelled by fish guts on the waders of a fisherwoman. Now salmon is one of the favorite fish to eat. and here is one of America's elite, repelled by fish guts. Excuse me. Salmon does not originate in the supermarket. Nor does beef. Or corn, for that matter. The food we eat comes from people with fish guts on their clothes. It comes from people with manure on their shoes.

Here is something else I don't understand. The elite claims to be so smart but it seems as if they cannot read history. The elite push policies leading to governments that kill the intelligentsia. I mean every time. The French revolution? Check. The Russian revolution? Heads rolled into the baskets. The short-lived communist takeover in Spain. Uh-huh. The National Socialists in Germany? It wasn't just Jews and Gypsies that went up those smokestacks. China? Viet Nam? Cambodia? Heck in Cambodia just wearing glasses took you to the death camps. Now I'm no intellectual but I'm starting to see a pattern here. Why can't the intellectuals figure this out?

I swear, if you put these elites down in a potato field, next to a cow pasture, right next to a field of ripe watermelons they would starve to death while being thirsty. But as they died they would be croaking, "Save me Barack Mugabe, er Obama."

Update: A couple of minor errors, it was the French revolution that sent heads rolling into baskets. And since it takes a lot longer to die of starvation than thirst, they'd die of thirst while being hungry.

And another thing, the elites are so convinced the Europeans are so much better than we are, count the number of Euros murdered by their own governments in the last 233 years. Now count the number of Americans killed by their government. Gee, it's worse than I thought. The elites not only can't read history, they can't even count!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Man Who Brought Us The Edsel and The War In Viet Nam

Robert Strange McNamara is dead. I do not normally speak ill of the dead but in this case I shall be glad to.

I'm no expert in automotive history but I'm pretty sure that the Edsel was the biggest mistake ford made up to the Pinto. And then to beat that he thought up the strategy for the war in Viet Nam. Now I'm no great expert on military strategy but there are a few things I learned. I went in to Chu Lai, three minutes behind the first wave, May the Seventh, 1965. I rode in an an LCM-8 with forty Marines and an M-48 Tank. I'm not positive after all this time but I think it was one of those tanks modified to be a Zippo or fire track. I know I didn't see it shoot then, I did see Zippo work at other times, since then I've always loved Napalm.

anyway, McNamara was one of those clowns that decided we are going to send our young men to fight but we are going to make sure that they can only fight the enemy on this side of an imaginary line. the young mens and their commanders might see the bad guys on the other side of that line but we could not chase them. And by the time the artillery or air got permission to pound the bad guys they were gone.

McNamara and LBJ put so many silly restrictions on us that it was almost impossible to win the war, in spite of winning the fights. I spent most of my time over there in Eye Corps, the northern part of South Viet Nam. The Commander up there was Silent Lew Walt.

Silent Lew (we called him that only not to his face. the Two times he was close enough to say anything to we called him "Sir".) came up with the idea of CAC, putting small units into the villes, mostly in squads to put some backbone into the popular forces, called ruff puffs for reasons I forget. That actually worked for quite a while up until that idiot Westmoreland decided we needed to move all those squads back into companies and move everybody out into the bush where the people didn't live.

Anyhow, I didn't follow McNamara's career after that, never had much use for the World Bank. MacNamara lived to be 93. I had a lot of friends that would have liked to live to be thirty. Their names are on a long black wall in DC. It's too bad they can't come to life for just long enough to pee on his grave. Who knows, maybe I'll find the money to travel there to do it for them.

I kind of hope the Fred Phelps crowd can make it to this funeral.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Rich Person Wanted.

Anybody have any money? I need someone to sponsor me. I need to move to Alaska and spend a couple of years making ethics complaints against elected Democrats. No evidence is needed up there. Then as each democrat I target reaches the end of his, or her, credit limit and resigns all of us can ask, but why didn't you finish your term? And if the targeted Democrat has deeper pockets than we expected (or a Soros-like sugar daddy) we can point to them and say "look at all the ethics questions!"

It seems to work fine for the Democrats up there. It might work a lot better if the targeted Democrats has young children. Especially daughters. Then we can make lewd and crude "jokes" about them.They won't be able to say anything back, after all, they made the rules with the Palins.

Here is something that has bothered me since just after I got out of the Service and started my college career. Yes, don't laugh, I had a college career. I had a triple major as a matter of fact, VA benefits, coeds and beer. Anyhow I had a rather odd college career, I made the Dean's List every other semester, the next semester I'd bet put on sco pro. You see, I didn't much like school but I did like VA benefits, coeds and beer. So I'd be a slug one semester and study the next. That's not what I don't understand though, I understand me, bright but lazy and with very narrow interests.

What I don't understand is lefties. Now if Albert Einstein were still alive and he dared disagree with a leftie, he would be called stupid. All it take to be stupid is to not hew the leftist line. So we have this constant stream of people of no particular accomplishment calling George W. Bush uncurious and, to put it nicely, not very bright. This is a man that was smart enough to fly an interceptor jet, one that had a reputation as being a rather unsafe bird, at that. Then he went on to an MBA and, eventually a Governor and a President. Meanwhile both of the men he beat in presidential elections were "smarter" than him. Algore flunked out of school and Horseface Kerry had a slightly lower gpa.

More people with no particular accomplishment are proudly calling Governor Palin stupid, also. Half of them, of course, believe it was Palin, rather than Tina Fey, who claimed "I can see Russia from my house". No, Palin said something along the line of you can see Russia from part of Alsaka.

I've said it before, also, that the lefty's favorite screech of how unqualified Palin is for the number two job when Obambi has never run so much as a successful hot dog stand is ludricious. And now, with slow Joe in the number two slot they still say it. Just how are the peeps in chicago's south side doing? What is that murder rate again? But, but, but Obambi organized the place. So, Obama, who has a lifetime achievement of running his mouth is supremely qualified to be President where a small town mayor turned Governor is the most unqualified person they've ever seen. Odd how no lefty just says "I don't like her", no it's always the most unqualified". It's like they're repeating talking points but we know that can't be. Only the right wing noise machine uses talking points.

But anyhow, I need somebody rich to send me up there to teach the Donks some manners. Seems all the Alaska Republicans have too many scruples to give the Donks what they love to hand out.

Update: This has nothing to do with me needing a rich sponsor. I notice that the Intertoobz are alive with shock over this McNair feller getting offed in his girlfriend's apartment. Seems that peeps are shocked, shocked over the fact that this paragon of virtue could not control his zipper when away from his wife.

I'm no expert in adultry. Nor am I a paragon of virtue just because I don't have a series of girlfriends on the side. I lack the two most important things for adultry to be a "success", unaccounted for time and unaccounted for money. While I'm pretty sure there are the odd low-rent type out there with whom I could have an affair with with the thirty-nine cents a month that I am allowed to spend without Linda Lou knowing about, my away-from-the house time is always accounted for.

Now we could be gazillionaires and things would still be the same at Chez Shakey. Now we did not figure this plan out as a zipper control tactic, it just worked out that way. Here is the secret:

Step one: Linda Lou knows where I am. It was one thing, maybe, before every rich type started carrying around none cell phones and other assorted electronics but these days even I carry a cell phone almost every time I leave the house.

The unaccounted for money? McNair's alleged girlfriend had just switched from driving some kind of Kia to a Caddy Escalade. Linda Lou handles the checkbook here. I have a check card, before the age of those Linda Lou would give me cash out of our account. I don't care how much money we had at any one time, if I had another girlfriend and bought her another means of transportation, say a used bicycle, Linda Lou would have known.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, USA. Well, Sort Of.

Today is supposed to be Independence Day, for reasons that escape me. It was 233 years ago, July 2,1776 when the vote was taken. Twelve votes for Independence, one abstention. By rights we should have celebrated on the second. Oh well, I should be happy that they haven't pushed this off into the Monday Holiday thing.

It's just about the hottest day of the year, so far. The temp is supposed to be about 103 in the middle of the D/FW Metromess. We don't dare go anywhere we can't take the dogs when it's this hot, they simply can't stay outside all day in this heat.

I can hardly wait for the fireworks to start. CAP always goes into hysterics, Ming tries hard to scare them away with her furious barking. This will Bingo's first July Fourth with us, oops! The kid 'cross the road set off the first firecrackers. Bingo and Ming the Merciless both went crazy.

Our celebration will be very low key. We are just going to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy on the Teevee. One day a year I'm a Yankee. I'm not the world's greatest fans of musicals but this is the one I watch every time I can. I may not have been born on the Fourth of July but, today, I am that Yankee Doodle Boy.

I have more to talk about but, later. For now, Happy Independence Day. Pray that there is more ruin a Nation can handle than one Administration can deliver.

Friday, July 03, 2009

What's Next. Sarah?

I first thought Sarah Palin was not running for reelection because she wanted to run for President. Then I realized she was resigning. Regardless that Obambi started running for President before he found his desk in the Senate, her resignation is supposed to be the kiss of death. Well, maybe.

My first thought was that they are going to find Excitable Andy Sullivan in an alley with Todd's bootprints all up and down his backside and Sarah is quitting to raise money for Todd's defense.

I do know one thing. Leftist activists have been making one ethics complaint after another against her. Fifteen have been investigated so far, each found groundless. Each one cost tons of money to defend. The closest thing to any wrongdoing was a minor deal over that troopergate thing. There she wasn't found guilty, just close to an edge. Hey, somebody beating my sister I'd be close to an edge, too.

Thing is, there is no penalty for filing even frivolous ethics complaints. And no matter how frivolous, each complaint must be defended. And there is no Department of Defending Against Frivolous Complaints, expensive lawyers must be hired. And, of course, the people making these complaints then go out and say "look at all the ethics complaints".

I do not know how to solve this. I suspect it will not stop until we on the right find someone with enough time and their hands and low enough morals to do the same thing back to them, file stupid, silly ethics complaints against their people. Trouble is, name a Democrat that HAS any ethics.

I do not know how that works. Seems that everyone going to the courts wanting to see Barry's US birth certificate lacks standing. Now I'm not one of those birther nuts but it sure seems to me that a United States citizen and voter sure has the standing to demand proof that the President of the United States is qualified for the job.

That is why I can't be a judge or a lawyer. Obambi can spend millions of dollars of other people's money going to court to avoid having to show a ten dollar copy of a birth certificate. I can't be a judge because that makes no sense to me.

Anyhow I hope there are no big health problems causing Sarah's decision. I'm sure we'll learn far more in the future. With Sarah dropping out the Republicans have a mighty thin bench right now. Let's see, there was Sarah and...

Dear Barry

Barry, I've been following your antics and I'm beginning to wonder why you ran for President. Don't get me wrong, I realize that politics requires a large dose of narcissistic tendencies but the job also requires some action.

Almost every President we have ever had, save maybe Jimmie Carter, loved this country. I'm wondering, Barry, when you might show us that you also love this country. I'm wondering if you might show us that you love freedom and a constitutional republic. You see, Barry, you are not showing us that.

Iran has God only knows how many people killed, more jailed and tortured for the crime of wanting a fair election. Your reaction?

We have Honduras wanting their President to follow their constitution and then canning him, in accordance with their law, when he refused. Your reaction? Cutting off much of our aid and canceling our military ties.

Barry, it would be nice if you, just once, even by accident, side with liberty and the rule of justice and law. You are not giving us much confidence that you even believe in the rule of justice and law. Barry, you do not want to be anywhere in the country if Americans stop believing that our votes matter.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Unpaid Dell Software Mechanic

I'm still fighting with the new computer. Internet Explorer has decided to go on strike. Half the news and fun sites I visit would come up, then a few seconds later a box would pop up saying Internet Explorer can not open the site. Meanwhile I'm looking at the site but can not scroll down to read it.

Meanwhile the McAfee had disappeared again. Back to the Dell help desk. Naturally typing only worked for a few minutes and it was back to the cell phone in one hand and the mouse and keyboard in the other. It's bad enough that I'm half (or more) deaf, the help desk people are all in India. It's as bad as talking to a bunch of yankees. Hey! I'm a Texican. We talk slower down here. And we have no accent. Y'all have accents and you talk too fast. Everybody isn't from New Jersey and Boston.

So now everything is slowed to a crawl while everything we paid for is downloading, again. I did not realize that I was signing up to a new career, I thought I was just buying a computer.

So today I don't know much about what is going on in the world. I'll try to catch up when everything is finally downloaded. What happened to Algore's promise of fast internet service everywhere? Oh yeah, he's busy saving the polar bears. He's getting enough blubber to feed a polar bear family for a week, he ought to go up there.

I assume Michael Jackson is still dead. He managed to wipe Iran out of the news. And now Honduras. It sure is crowded under Obama's bus. Seems that just once, maybe by accident, he'd side with freedom. He did have the gall to claim victory in Iraq, after years of trying to achieve defeat. And he's put slow Joe in charge of getting reconciliation in Iraq. Yep, Biden. The new Sheriff in town. One would think that he had enough to do, overseeing well over three quarters of a trillion dollars in pork, er stimulus money.

I noticed that I had no picture of Linda Lou in the Karson birthday pics so here is one in her new natural habitat. She and Ming the Merciless out on the deck. Call this pic "the girls". Okay, call it the reason I'm living.