Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I Hate The Left

I do not pretend to hide my dislike of Leftists. I do not like to hear or see them preening about how my side is the Party of Hate while they lament the fact that Dick Cheney wasn't killed in a bombing and wish the Taliban better luck next time.

I do not like the way the Democrats refused to state a position on the war leading up to the election and then, when they won a razor thin majority, claiming the American People support "their plan" on that war.

I am not particularly happy about Leftists telling me how I am ruining "Mother Earth" while their leaders flit about in private jets and build 28,000 square foot mansions, al la The Breck Girl or use twice as much electricity in a month as the average American home uses in a year, as does Algore.

I am not real happy about Leftists claiming that I hate women while they support those who would kill women for the crime of going to school or driving. I do not like Leftists telling me that my side hates gays while they support those who would kill them. I do not like being called racist while the Left sides with those killing black people in Darfur by the thousands.

Most of all I hate the Left for siding with those who wish to kill my grandchildren.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Heading Into Spring

It got warm enough this afternoon to have to run the air conditioning for a couple of hours. It's nice to know that it still blows cold.

It's been an interesting few days, that tooth that was killing me fell out with nothing left inside. This after I paid a ton of money to the dentist in advance, only to have him not return my phone calls. Grump.

Saturday was a Cowboy Action Shoot, it almost didn't happen as it was raining a little. Our range is built on that black gumbo soil, a cloud in Oklahoma sinks trucks. But it looked like the rain was just about over so we set up three sets of targets and shot six stages on those with just different courses of fire on the same targets.

There were only eight of us so we were mostly just bangin' and clangin'. As soon as the rain stopped the wind came up, blowing harder and harder. By the sixth stage the wind was gusting well over forty MPH, I know it hit fifty a few times. Driving home the wind had blown the overhang from over the pumps at a gas station on the way.

In other news I bought the posts and wire for a five foot tall fence to go around my backyard, Wednesday is my "payday" so I will buy the gate, main posts and concrete for the job. Then it is just waiting for my bud to find the time between jobs to help me put it up. Once I get the fence up I'll start looking for another German Shepherd.

Today was Delivery Day. Linda Lou had a Doctor's appointment and then wanted to visit her sister over in Fort Worth so I went and filled her car with gas, coming home I stopped at the mail box and there was my new six cavity bullet mold for the 250 grain Pigeon Roost Slim .45 Boolit. This is a Big Lube Boolit (tm) design, it carries some five times the amount of lube that conventional bullets do, very important for black powder shooting. The extra lube keeps the powder fouling soft so we don't lose accuracy shooting a lot of rounds. I am told that modern black powder is not near the quality of the stuff of the late 19th Century so the old time bullets don't carry near the lube they need. The skinny grease grooves of ordinary bullets carry plenty of lube for a few gunfulls in handguns. The same bullet runs out in a rifle barrel or all day handgun shooting.

This new mold is from Blogdaddy Harvey's neck of the woods, Hartford Wisconsin. I think they only have five more months of winter. The I think they have three days of summer and then comes winter again. The people at Lee Precision make these molds for Dick Dastardly, a riverboat gambler and midnight rambler from Sun Prarie, WI. Dick spent his pension fund building this little home based business. Anyone insterested in BP should click on Big Lube for molds and lubes.

I also got my year's supply of Black Powder off the FedEx truck today. I'm trying a new kind of BP, Graf and Son's house brand. This is supposed to be made by the Schutzen people in Germany. They use a different kind of wood for the charcoal, Alder, I believe.

The finest BP known today is Swiss, the folks shooting the long range buffalo gun matches swear by it. At the close ranges and big targets we use in CAS it is not worth the extra money, it is near twice as expensive as GOEX or Graf's. I'm told that Graf's and Schuetzen are just under Swiss. I am trying Graf's because of the free shipping. So I have ten pounds of BP for $135.00, tax, title license, dealer and destination charges. That will make a lot of .45 Colt and 12 gauge loads. Mo Smoke!

Now I have to buy a twenty pound lead furnace, the little ten pounder I have is fine for a two cavity mold. Trouble is a six cavity takes a lot of lead every time and the ten pounder can't keep the melt hot enough. Still, buying the Big Lube Boolits(tm) is such that I will save money casting after spending a hundred and fifty+ bucks for the mold, furnace and sizer die. They are over thirty bucks+ for 250 bullets.

So, that is what I'm up to, digging postholes, buying fencing materiel and getting ready to cast bullets.

I just hope I don't have have a fire in the house until I shoot off most of this BP.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

He Did Not Know He Was Broken

Eddie is home now, back from the Vet. He spent the night there getting fixed. Poor little guy didn't know he was broke.

We expected him to be kind of slow and unbouncy. He is running and jumping just like before, running around like Rocket Dog.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Eddie Turns Nine Months Old.

Happy New Year, in Chinese, if you please. Eddie turned nine months old yesterday. He enters the Year Of The Boar as a teenager in people years. I don't have the energy to figure out when the Year of the Dog is, around here that is every year.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Running In Circles

I haven't done much online this week, I've been running in circles trying to get a bad tooth pulled, plus some other medical problems.

Since my stroke in August of '05 I have been on blood thinner, Warfarin to be precise. This is actually tiny doses of an old rat poison. The Germans used larger doses to kill people back in the Nazi Era. At any rate, dentists hate the stuff, it complicates things. So I am off the rat poison for now, letting my blood thicken up in hopes that the dentist will be able to pull this tooth before I drop dead.

Meanwhile my primary care Doc is all of a sudden worried about my hearing, which is still bad. They did a hearing test, my hearing loss is still "profound" and my insurance still does not cover the $2300.00 worth of hearing aids I need. These are the same hearing aids I needed back in the early '90s when they were hundreds of dollars cheaper. I wonder how come everything electronic has gotten cheaper except for medical electronics. They have risen.

Friday I have to go to an ophthalmologist and I hope I'm at least close on the spelling. The spell checker doesn't do too well on medical terms. Anyhow he is worried that my medical problems can lead to eye problems.

I have noticed that The Puppy Blender has followed my idea of blowing stuff up in Iran and killing certain Iranians. So the various big bloggers on the Left are all mad at him. They'd be all mad at me if'n they knew who I am. They can be as mad as they want, just as long as they stay out of carbine range.

I noticed that the big wheel at Virgin Airlines is offering 25 million Pounds for someone who can stop Global Warming. I do not know how to tell him about my idea to drop enough nukes to cause Global Springtime. Anybody got his address? I could buy those hearing aids.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hate Speech

I have been reading, with only mild interest, of the adventures of someone named Amanda Marcotte. She is, apparently, some famous blogger that I've never heard of. Please note that just because I have never heard of someone does not mean that they can't, or shouldn't be, famous. I have narrow interests and do not pay much attention to most media. I have never seen an episode of American Idol, nor Survivor nor even Seinfeld. I do not watch 24. I do not watch any television series at all, my hearing is such that I cannot understand what they are saying. Oddly I can watch old movies and even old TV shows but something in modern sound, maybe the style, maybe the technology, makes me unable to hear it. I noticed this about the last year of so of NYPD Blue, that is how long I have been out of the loop.

Ooops! I need one of Drudge's Siren and Light graphics to warn everyone of a digression alert.

Anyhow this Marcotte person seems to not like men or Catholics much or women who enjoy being mothers. Her business, not mine. In looking at the things posted by others I wondered a little about what gave er such a dislike for folks who have never done her any harm, then I got interested in finding a little more information about Mysterious Dave Mather, the old west Lawman, gunfighter and outlaw. Once he got on the side of the Law he stayed a very practical sort. In the towns he worked if a notorious bad guy was in town he and his deputies would just go house to house, room to room and kill him. Whoops, I digress again. Did you know that after Mysterious Dave's career as a Lawman, gambler, and rustler in Arkansas, Kansas and Colorado he went to Canada and was a Mountie and didn't retire until 1920s? I do not know if he kept up with that same style of police work up there.

What I have noticed the most about the controversy over this Marcotte person is that everyone immediately starts talking about the equivalent "hate speech" on the Right. Rush Limbaugh is always mentioned there. Now I do listen to Rush, almost every day. I do not hear the hate. Ridicule, yes. Apparently the Left believes that playing a tape of a Kennedy or a Clinton's exact words and then commenting is hate. Insulting millions of Catholics is political commentary.

I wasn't going to vote for the Breck Girl anyway.

Update: The more I read about politics in 2007, the more I stay in the latter third of the 19th Century. Except with modern medicine.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I am nowhere near committing to a candidate for the GOP nomination for President in '08. I am looking at everybody but that crook McCain.

I am getting a lot of information about Rudy "America's Mayor" Giuliani and his anti Second Amendment stance. Trouble is, as mayor Rudy was enforcing New York's Sullisan Law, a law having noting to do with the US Government. The Second Amendment restricts Congress. I do not know, nor do I care much, how the State Constitution deals with the right to keep and bear arms. The Sullivan Law has been in effect for generations, if there were constitutional issues, either State of Federal, they would have been found.

I may well decide to support someone else. I see no reason to lean away from Rudy because he enforced the law of his state. That is what Federalism is all about. New York may have the gun laws it wishes. I stay out of New York. Seems the both of us are happy.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A Big Disappointment

A few days ago I was online at the SASS Wire, a bulletin board for Cowboy Action Shooters and the question of gunbelts and holsters came up. I wanted to reccommend my holstermaker, Brazos Jack of Etowah River Leather but because I am still unsure of putting in urls and such I went to his website so I could write the addy down.

This is when I saw the news, Brazos Jack has retired because of poor health. This happened at the end of November. Nobody ever tells me anything. The good news is that Brazos Jack is still creating gunleather designs for Hide Crafter. So the handy can still have a Brazos Jack gunrig. Klutzes like me, though, have to find another way.

I shall drop an extra prayer or two for the health and well being of a genuine artist in leather and all around good guy.