Friday, July 03, 2009

What's Next. Sarah?

I first thought Sarah Palin was not running for reelection because she wanted to run for President. Then I realized she was resigning. Regardless that Obambi started running for President before he found his desk in the Senate, her resignation is supposed to be the kiss of death. Well, maybe.

My first thought was that they are going to find Excitable Andy Sullivan in an alley with Todd's bootprints all up and down his backside and Sarah is quitting to raise money for Todd's defense.

I do know one thing. Leftist activists have been making one ethics complaint after another against her. Fifteen have been investigated so far, each found groundless. Each one cost tons of money to defend. The closest thing to any wrongdoing was a minor deal over that troopergate thing. There she wasn't found guilty, just close to an edge. Hey, somebody beating my sister I'd be close to an edge, too.

Thing is, there is no penalty for filing even frivolous ethics complaints. And no matter how frivolous, each complaint must be defended. And there is no Department of Defending Against Frivolous Complaints, expensive lawyers must be hired. And, of course, the people making these complaints then go out and say "look at all the ethics complaints".

I do not know how to solve this. I suspect it will not stop until we on the right find someone with enough time and their hands and low enough morals to do the same thing back to them, file stupid, silly ethics complaints against their people. Trouble is, name a Democrat that HAS any ethics.

I do not know how that works. Seems that everyone going to the courts wanting to see Barry's US birth certificate lacks standing. Now I'm not one of those birther nuts but it sure seems to me that a United States citizen and voter sure has the standing to demand proof that the President of the United States is qualified for the job.

That is why I can't be a judge or a lawyer. Obambi can spend millions of dollars of other people's money going to court to avoid having to show a ten dollar copy of a birth certificate. I can't be a judge because that makes no sense to me.

Anyhow I hope there are no big health problems causing Sarah's decision. I'm sure we'll learn far more in the future. With Sarah dropping out the Republicans have a mighty thin bench right now. Let's see, there was Sarah and...

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