Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haven't Been Posting, Here's Why

I haven't written anything here in a while. I have a choice, being somewhat functional and in a whole lot of pain or being stupid from the pain pills. I am on a somewhat self limitation of taking the Tramadol only three times a day, I really do not wish to be strung out on these. So they wear off and I sit around moaning. Stupid Shingles.

It's hard to explain the pain. It's kind of like being stabbed, first in one spot, then in another, but not really. It's kind of like the worst toothache ever, first in one spot, then in another., but not really. It's kind of like a hot coal, first in one spot, then another, again, not really. If one can imagine a combination of those things, that's Shingles.

Meanwhile, Linda Lou is in yet another hospital, this one 'way up in Allen, Texas. Each hospital is further north than the last. I wonder are they trying to get my Kansas girl back home? Anyhow, this hospital specializes in rehab. She's supposed to be there about three weeks and then, I hope, home. Thing is, the surgeon who did this work does not want her to put any weight on that leg for six weeks after the surgery. That should be very close to the end of those three weeks. So, she's supposed to re-learn how to walk at this hospital but can't put any weight on that leg. Somehow I suspect that there will be still more hospital.

Lastly, Bingo T. Pug is all up to date with his shots and meds. Next comes Cochise' Apache Princess. Unless I find that new home for her. Trouble is, I cannot take her anywhere without having Linda Lou to drive. Oh well, this gives us a little time to pay down Care Credit a tad.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Repentin'!

I had my follow up visit with my doctor about these Shingles. I'm not going to try to take and post pictures, just know that Doc Lopez was impressed, he hadn't seen many infections that large and gaudy.

Y'all remember when we were little kids and the preachers were always talkin' about that guy with the forked tail, pitchfork and burning hot coals? I'm here to tell you that he doesn't wait until we're dead. He's right there jabbing me on my right shoulder, front and back, my right arm and the right side of my back. The lucky thing is that it's not hit my face, people would run screaming.

I feel like I should have someone walking in front of me, carrying a lantern, ringing a bell and shouting "unclean, unclean!" What I forgot to ask the doc was how unsafe it is to go to the supermarket, etc. I dunno. I suspect it's only dangerous if one touches the sores, as if! What I do know is that I don't dare go see Linda Lou in the hospital until this heals.

Doc Lopez wants me to get a Shingles Vaccine as soon as I'm healed, why did he wait until I was already sick for that suggestion? I guess that's why the Texas Legislature specifically put hospitals and Doctor's Offices on the list of places we can't carry guns.

Anyhow, I'm almost done with the course of antiviral meds and then it's just waiting for this to heal, while hoping I don't get a secondary infection. Back to the Doc in about three weeks, which shows something about how long he expects me to be tied up. Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Meanwhile, anyone know of any Demcocrat "Winter Solistice parties you can get me invites to? I'm feelin' real socialable and huggy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Ready To Re-roof The House.

Well, I went to the Doc yesterday. I kept telling everyone they needed to be in gloves and masks but nobody cared. I didn't see Doc Lopez, instead I saw Amy, the PA. She took one glance and said "Shingles."

I have 12 days to get rid of these so I can bring Linda Lou home.

Update: Linda Lou does not come home on the 28th. Instead, that's is when she goes to the rehab hospital.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Justice Breyer

I'm trying to remember the oath you said when becoming a judge. I'm pretty sure it was much the same as the one I took back in 1964 except for maybe obey the Officers, etc. Funny how I had to preserve and defend the Constitution, there didn't seem to be very many copies of that in Viet Nam. You, though, have that as your daily job.

I'm trying to figure out what language you speak, Judge. You and the rest of those nineteen bazillion government drones, all claiming to owe allegiance to the Constitution of The United States of America. I really wish the Framers would have made a little test for anyone wanting to draw the governments dime and anyone failing would be out.

You, Judge, were on the national news about the Second Amendment. You say the right of the people to keep and bear arms only counts for the Militia. Judge, a lot of folks have been discharged from the military and the modern militia, the National Guard. Judge, when someone gets out of the Service, according to you, they are no longer part of "the people" What are they, Judge? If they are no longer people, Judge, what species are they?

Here are some questions for everyone, Judge, congresscritter, drone, President. What is an enumerated power? If the Constitution, which, I remind you, you swore an oath to preserve and protect, left an action or law out, why are you mucking around in it? Under what authority? Why, sir, should any citizen care what you think about something that the Constitution gives you no right to mess about in?

I notice that you, and the other Washington types are messing about with the First Amendment, also. Take religion, for instance. Okay, the Federal Government says we don't have a mandated state religion. Great. It also says that the Federal Government should butt out of "the free exercise thereof". Now I'm just a poor dumb redneck but that clause pretty clearly says that if someone wants to say a prayer before a football game it's none of your business.

Exactly how many laws make up "no law" Judge? You bozos are trying to regulate internet speech. Aside from being cheaper than buying a printing press, how is the internet different than a pamphlet? I do not have the power to force anyone to read my blog.So, who gave you the power to regulate it? Please point those words in the Constitution out to me. Funny, my copy is from 2004 but I read Instapundit every day. and Althouse, too. You'd think a couple of Law Professors would mention a Constitutional Amendment. Maybe it happened during my stroke, I lost about a month there.

I read where the plaintiffs in the suit about Obamacare went to a conservative judge and it made a difference in the outcome. And where other suits went to liberal judges and there was a different outcome than that. Sir, that is not right. The Constitution is written in plain 18th Century English. The Federalist Papers are also right there, written in the same language. Judge, if the outcome of a trial differs because of a judge, we don't have law. I'm not sure, persactly, what we do have but it ain't law.

You Washington types keep piling rule after rule where it says "Congress shall make no law". So, Judge, how many laws are "no law"? Now I'm just a pore dumb redneck but they taught me in school that Congress shall make no law" means it's not the Federal Government's business. There's that pesky Tenth Amendment saying stuff like if the Constitution doesn't give you that power it belongs to the States or to the People. Well, Judge, I'm one of those People, no matter what you might think. I did not cede my freedom to you or your ilk.

So, when are you going to be through? How many laws make up no law?If you do not care about the well defined limits of your power and keep sticking your long federal nose into things that are clearly none of your business, when will you be satisfied?

You know, Judge, we don't need anyone to translate the law. We need judges, and congressmen and Presidents to follow the law. If a law comes out written so confusingly that a Judge needs to interpret it, it needs to go back to Congress to be re written so that a high school sophomore can understand and follow it.

Judge, just who the Hell are you to put your prejudices in instead of the clearly written Constitution? Seriously, who do you think you are?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Strange Days

Something strange has happened to me. I look like the kid who cut school to go skinny dipping, the truant officer came along and I hid in a poison oak patch to hide. Since I haven't done that, I dunno why I have weeping blotches that itch and hurt. To the Doctor with me. I shall call for an appointment. Chicken Pox? I don't remember if I had that as a kid.

There is good news and bad news on the Linda Lou front. The good news is that she will be released from the hospital on the 28th of December. The bad news? I have to clean the house. Eep!

I am trying to figure out exactly what is going on with this Me-Chelle Obama "nutrition" power grab. I don't recall her running for any office and I am unsure of just how a lawyer, whose main job was sending poor people to community clinics in order to save her hospital money is particularly qualified to tell parents how to feed their children.

I am not sure if it's me or society that is really getting strange. Me-Chelle was rattling on about how children get half their daily calories at school. And how we can't leave it up to parents to see that kids get a decent diet. Excuse me? Why are kids getting half their calories at school? I never got half my calories at school. Breakfast at home, a bag lunch, from home, and supper, at home. Or at Mario or Charlie's house.

Pardon me, I'm going to put my hard man hat on a minute. If a parent cannot feed the kid, the kid belongs in an orphanage. If the parents cannot feed the kid, the parents are certain to be failing in the rest of parenting. We have so many different programs to make sure that poor kids (and not so poor) have food that there is simply no excuse for poor nutrition. Show me a child with poor nutrition in the United States today and I will show you a "parent" selling the food stamp card for dope money. I don't know exactly how to fix that but this four and a half billion dollar boondoggle ain't it.

One last comment about Me-Chelle and her "nutrition expert" gig. Sorry. Nancy Reagan was fine with her "just say no" campaign. She said no and it didn't cost the counrty any four and a half billion, either. Laura Bush and her childhood reading? Great, she was a trained school librarian. Me-chelle and nutrition. Have you noticed ththe backside on that woman? Mercy. Me-Chelle, you need a different cause.

Bingo and I saw Linda Lou today and that's the doings here at the Poorfarm.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Picked Up A Bad Case Of The Germs

Well, I have picked up a bad case of the creeping crud, not in my body, nor in Linda Lou's but in my computer. Seems I have several virus types and now I can't do anything. Payday I'll take it to the computer doctor for a system flush or whatever it is they do. Until then I'm working on my old computer which is like a six year old waiting for a promised Christmas present, in February.

Meanwhile, the pills the Vet gave Bingo for his flea allergy really worked. He's like a new dog. He loves not itching horribly on his back where he can't scratch. He still loves his ear scritches, though. It's nice being able to scritch his ears and not have him move to where I'm not scratching right above the root of his tail.Bingo and I are going to see Linda Lou tomorrow.

I don't often agree with Bill Clinton but I sure did when he told Obama "please go". It would be nice to have an honest Administration in, like Harding or U. S. Grant. It was a strange scene, wasn't it? It made me believe more that Obama only likes to be seen as President, rather than be President. He loves him the big jet, the White House staff catering to his every desire. What he doesn't like is the mind boggling amount of work involved. Poor feller. He's spent his whole life being told how special he is. He's never had a job where he had any responsibility. I wonder how different this guy's life would be if he'd worked his way through college, say in a machine shop?

It would have really been fun to be in that office with no corners when they brought in that first huge pile of papers and told him, this is yours, deal with it. The look on his face when he realised that there is no one else to sluff it off on would have been priceless.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

One Doc Says One Thing, Another Doc Something Else

I cleaned out Linda Lou's room at the old hospital and said my thanks and goodbyes yesterday because Doc Buch, the surgeon, said she was through there. So, today, the other Docs sent er back to that hospital. As near as I can figure, those Docs want her to finish the six weeks of IV antibiotics. At this point neither I nor Linda Lou know if this is six weeks from the start of the last time, in mid November or a brand new six weeks.

So, Linda Lou is back in Triumph Hospital in Dallas. In the same room as a matter of fact. The difference is that they came and took her (their) little fridge and microwave and, of course, I brought all of her stuff home. I spent today doing laundry so I'll take the clean clothes back in the morning. It's strange. I ask these Docs for a straight answer. I do not expect anyone to tell me that Linda Lou will wake up twenty-five years old or anything, I just want to know exactly what to expect. Yet everyone tells me something different.

Update: In answer to the question about why Linda Lou is back in that hospital for the antibiotic regimen, well it's simple. They have something called a PICC line in her, it is a widget that foes in a vein in her arm all the way up to her shoulder (?). Three times a day they hang an antibiotic drip that runs in for around an hour. The rest of the time she reads, sleeps, watches Law and Order, SUV (them Yankee cops up there in Noo Yawk sure must have problems with the Suburbans and Lincoln Navigators bein' stole) and being lonesome.

This lonesome is not the fault of the staff there at Triumph. I think the staff there deserves a whole blog post, along with a little primer for folks who may someday be old and need long term hospital or nursing home care. Hint: it's all in how the patient and regular visitors treat the lower level staff, the nurses and aides, the receptionist, the custodians, etc. Treat those people right and you or your loved one will get that extra inch or care that makes all the difference. Otherwise, you'll get the correct care but without the smiles and, yes, love.

I'm Just Too Old To Sleep On Couches

I spent Sunday night trying to sleep on Dean and Stephanie's couch. I'm way too old for that, plus it's more of a love seat. The thing was just too short. Anyhow I got up at five thirty in he morning and drove to the hospital Linda Lou was in, she'd already been taken away. So I got to Medical City and after a little bit of wandering, found her.Along about noonish they came and took her to the surgical suite and after a while they wheeled her away and took me to the waiting room. I sat. And sat. And sat some more. Shortly after four the Doc came out.

Doc Buch told me that they found no infection at all in there so they went ahead and fixed her leg bones. He claims that her bones are kinda weak (so that's why they broke!) so he is not sure if this fix will hold but he's got everything put together. We'll see if it lasts.

So, no four to six weeks on more antibiotics while waiting for the repair. It seems that she should go to a rehab facility for just long enough for her to be able to get from the wheelchair to the bathroom, etc. Hopefully, home by Christmas.

Thank you for the prayers and good wishes.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Scattershooting While Wondering Whatever Happened To Killin' Jim Miller

Well, Linda Lou is going from the hospital she is in to Medical City, Dallas Monday morning, they will be going in to take out the last piece of metal in there and then, if there is infection found inside, plant more antibiotic beads, leave it with nothing holding the loose bones, close it up and send her back to Triumph Hospital for four to six weeks before the Final Solution. If there is no infection in there they will go for the fix. At any rate she will be back in one of those "boots". I swear, they ought to put her in a plaster walking cast like they did with me back in 1967.

I will go up there Sunday, spend some time with Linda Lou, then pretend I am a kid again and sleep on a couch so I can get there early enough to hold Linda Lou's hand on her way and be there when she comes out. Plus I'll see the three boys and Stephanie and Dean.

It's funny, I hardly ever get comments on my guns and shooting posts but I do get E-mails about them. I just got a nice letter from a feller who was given (!) a Winchester Model 71 in .348 Winchester. I once was given a rusted ol' .22, never a fine levergun. Sigh. Then I got an E-mail from the feller who runs Carolina Cast Bullets. He casts bullets in the Lee molds, the same kind I use for my smokeless loads. He casts in a hard alloy, which is the right alloy for most autoloading rounds and for hot loads in the magnum revolvers. He also casts a softer bullet, mainly for cowboy action shooters. If I was buying cast bullets I'd try his cowboy action bullets for any loads I was loading below say about 1200 feet per second, which is, of course, just about all revolver ammo.

Anyhow, during my conversations with Jerry, the feller that runs Carolina Cast Bullets it turns out that he is a vet from about the same time I wore Uncle's suit, a Navy guy who served on the Tin Cans. If the cold war had turned out differently, he would have been the one in more danger, not that the 'cans are all that safe anytime the cast off the lines and move away from the pier.

While we were writing back and forth I got the thought of why we veterans, as well as most serious Christians and observant Jews, seem to be happier than leftists. Seriously, have we ever seen a happy leftist? This deserves a lot more thought than I have time for now but I believe it's because most lefties are the center of their own worlds. The Armed Services teach us that there are far more important things than us as individuals. Christianity and Judaism teach the same thing. Well, except for that idiot new age type Christianity.

I need to think about this more, when I'm not spending all my time running back and forth about Linda Lou. Or, better yet, you smart readers discuss and I'll write something about the old west or guns or something.

Did I mention that I finally got Bingo T. Pug to the Vet for his basic yearly checkup? When Linda Lou fell in February we got behind on money some and Bingo and Miss Priss lost out on their heartworm pills. Well, I managed to get Bingo in and he is heartworm free, and I have a six month supply of his pills, plus some pills for his skin. Seems he developed a flea allergy and so we now have him on monthly flea pills. It was not cheap. Linda Lou says Bingo is worth it. Funny, by the time I'm done with this, I could have bought a new shotgun or a used lever action. Had to get dogs. Couldn't get a nice pet rock.

Killin' Jim Miller was also known as Deacon Jim. His preferred weapon was a shotgun, sometimes a rifle. He was a killer for hire, being paid anywhere from 150 to 2,000 bucks a kill. He is reputed to have killed Pat Garret, the Sheriff who gunned down Billy the Kid. Born in Arkansas he ranged and killed from there to Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma for sure, perhaps further. He was active in the sheep and fence wars of the turn of the 20th Century southwest.

He always wore a black broadcloth coat. A Sheriff Bud Frazer in Pecos found out why the long, black coat in a gunfight with Miller. Frazer got four shots into Miller's chest and one in his right arm. Miller, thanks to the steel plate under that coat walked away with only bruises from the chest hits. Miller later took Frazer's head off with a double charge of buckshot. Miller beat this, and other murder charges with some fancy lawyers and some artful perjury from friends. Along with a willingness to murder witnesses.

Miller eventually claimed that he killed fifty-one people, not counting Mexicans*. His last killing was in 1909 outside of Ada, Oklahoma. He dispatched a tough rancher and ex-lawman named Gus Bobbitt with his trademark shotgun. Later arrested in the Trinity River bottoms in Fort Worth, TX he was sure of his chances in court as there were no witness to the actual shooting. Gus Bobbitt, being a very popular fellow while he lived, had lots of friends in Ada. Some fifty of them broke into the jail and took Miller and three of the men who had hired him to kill Bobbitt out of that jail and to an abandoned livery stable and hanged them, tried and found guilty by Judge Lynch.

It is popular today to decry lynchings. People back then were somewhat more pragmatic. They had, in their midst, a man who had been tried for murder who had witnesses killed, even a judge died under mysterious circumstances. After that many trials, they took the matter to Judge lynch. Killin' Jim Miller's shotgun was finally quiet.

* Miller had an unusual hatred of Americans of Mexican descent. No one is sure exactly why. Prejudice was more open back then but it didn't usually run to bloodshed. In Miller's case it did. He may have shot them for sport. The West would have been better off had Miller hanged in 1870 or so.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The .308 Winchester, All The Cartridge (Case) You'll Need

In the years leading up to WW2 the Army wanted a new cartridge but with war fast coming, they stuck with the .30-06. Mainly because of the vast stock of cartridges and the fact that the M-1 rifle and the various .30 caliber machine guns were proven designs. Still, the fellers in the Ordnance Department were looking. The main reason was that the powder technology had improved between 1906 and the 1940s. This meant that they could use a more modern powder and get the same ballistics of the .30-06 in a smaller case.

A smaller case is a Big Deal to the Army. This means that there will be less cartridge brass used. It means that the loaded round will be smaller and lighter, and it means that the rifles and machine guns can be smaller. It also means that there will be a little less recoil.

Before anyone even thought of the .308, Savage brought out the .300 Savage, doing more or less the same thing, a smaller round giving about the same velocity as the original .30-06. This is a 150 grain bullet at around 2700 feet per second. This is a magic number for a rifle bullet. A spitzer (pointed) bullet at about that speed will hit about as far as a skilled marksman can aim. And a spitzer bullet with enough weight, say the 150 .30 caliber or the 154 8mm of the Germans can do everything an infantryman needs to do with a rifle. It can kill a man or a truck as far as the soldier can shoot. After than, call in the artillery.

So, by WW2 the .30-06 case had about a half inch or more of empty space that drove the Ordnance boys mad. Civilian hunters did not mind, the improvements in powder gave them more velocity. It was only fairly recently that civilian hunters learned that velocities above 2700 fps are wasted in about 99% of hunting situations, something the military learned back in 1906. This would be a separate issue but, offhand I'll just say that very high velocity is a special purpose affair, not a general hunting round.

Anyhow, the war wasn't over before the military started looking for a new cartridge. They wanted to keep the .30 caliber, after all, they had lots and lots of machinery to make .30 caliber barrels. They wanted the magic 2700 fps with a 150 grain bullet. I only know one name of the ordnance types involved with developing this round, Phil Sharpe. Philip Burdette Sharpe was one of the lions of the prewar handloading movement, writing one of the seminal books of smokeless powder reloading. This was A Complete Guide To Handloading, first published in 1937. As an aside, it's fun to read those old books, if for no other reason to see how folks took various things that today give the safety "experts" the vapors.

At any rate, somehow a bunch of Phil Shape's old notebooks came to the folks at Handloader Magazine, part of those notebooks was a long study of an obscure French Cartridge, the 7.5 mm. The .308 is very close to that cartridge case. Anyhow the .308, also known as the 7.62mm NATO is a pretty cool little round. It can easily beat the original 150gr. at 2700fps of the first .30-06. As a matter of fact several powders will beat 2700fps with a 175 gr. out of a 24 inch barrel.

Most .308s will not handle those long 220 grain round nose soft points, the one in twelve twist rates of the barrels will simply not stabilize them This is not a big deal, though. A lot of the newer, lighter bonded or all copper Barnes bullets will penetrate just as deeply. I would be very surprised if something like the 180 grain Hornady Interbond or that new Speer Deep Curl didn't do the job as well as, say, the old Remington 220 grain round nosed soft point out of the .30-06. Powder and bullet technology have advanced that far.

An open country hunter would be very well served with the Barnes 140 grain XBT slug, there are several loads that will give a muzzle velocity of over 2900 fps. Someone please explain to me exactly why I would need one of those real loud, real heavy Magnum rifles again. A hunter loaded with that bullet, at that velocity would have all the ooomph! needed to kill any deer, speed goat, or caribou way out past where 98% of all hunters should ever take a shot at unwounded game.

Something bigger out there? A 180 grain Norler Partition, Hornady Interbond, Swift A-Frame or Speer Deep Curl and you are up for Elk out to at least 250 yards. Moose? A little closer, although that's no problem, the only way to see a Moose at more than 250 yards is across a lake, Moose are not exactly plains animals.

With the exception of the Great Bears of North America, there is nothing but the Bison that I would hesitate to go after with the .308. To tell the truth, with a premium bullet, the Bison would fall but it just wouldn't be right. A Bison would deserve a Sharps or a Remington Rolling Block.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving At The Hospital

So I got up early and, after a couple cups of coffee I got in the car and drove to town, trying hard to get there by noon. I was only a few minutes late in spite of all those folks driving at forty miles an hour in a sixty-five zone. Sigh.

I got to Linda Lou's room just as they were serving her Thanksgiving dinner, and a tray for me, also. It was nice of them as I did not want to go to the big family shindig without her. It costs so much to go to the city that when I do, I want to spend that time with her.

The Thanksgiving dinner was the usual sort of institutional fare, not bad but, well, meh. We then sat around for a while and up popped Stephanie, her husband and their three boys. I did not have the camera, Linda Lou has forbid, under pain of a slow and painful death, a picture of her until she gets her hair done.

There have been some changes in the boys since I last saw them, William is now more interested in reading his book that conversing with the old folks. Josiah has abandoned the "run, hide!" phase of his development and is friendly again. Karson is still a stinkerpot. He just goes from lap to lap when he isn't running everywhere.

Then they left and we went back upstairs. Soon it was time to come home.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

At least we now know the germ critters that have infested Linda Lou's leg, they sound rather difficult to get rid of. The one with the short name is Enterococcus. The other one is called Acinetobacter Baumani. Both of these critters are highly resistant to antibiotics.

I made the mistake of looking these critters up online. This leg thing has now gone from a pain in the kazoo to something that is really frightening. I am now left to wonder, with no reliable source handy, are the intertoobz scare stories about these bugs merely a worst case thing that only happens to people in backwater places like Cameroon or New York City or if the worst cases can happen to a somewhat overweight Grandma in a modern hospital in Dallas, and not the county hospital. (Sorry, Parkland, in Dallas, has a world class rep, it also has half of the third world running, unchecked through the place, spreading God knows what.

The last time Linda Lou was in that hospital she felt good, except for the broke laig. Now she is feeling sickly and can't get warm. I'm praying that she is simply coming down with a cold.

At any rate, things ain't exactly brimming over with joy here on the Poorfarm. I can't even go see her every day, we just can't afford the gas, it's a sixty mile trip, one way. And it looks as if she will be in the hospital until at least February, what with trying to knock out this infection, then the surgery to actually try and fix the break (that happened at the end of February 2010), then enough work with PT and such to let her come home. Sigh.

Between now and Thursday I shall find something to be thankful for, I imagine, right this second I'm feeling bleak. At least the Medicare has finally kicked in, until the beginning of this month the co-pays were building up. Or, at least they built up until we hit the "catastrophe level" There, that's something to be thankful for. Now, if she ever walks out of these damned hospitals...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Women Of Courage! Join The Resistance!

Well, Linda Lou is going back into that other hospital, at least for a couple of weeks. Seems that she has two bunches of germs that are resistant to the antibiotics they have been feeding her. Not that MERS thing, thank you, God, but two I have never heard of. One seems to be resistant to the oral antibiotic they have been feeding her and one seems to be resistant to all known oral antibiotics.

So they are sending her over in the morning sometime, it seems that they will let me take her over instead of making her ride in an ambulance. Taxpayers, thank me as now that we have both our Federal Employees Blue Cross and Medicare, the poor beleaguered taxpayer would be stuck with every penny.

Doc Buch is on his way to a vacation so we do not know if Linda Lou will need a full six weeks of IV antibiotics or a shorter course, of course I suspect that is more up to her culture tests than any Doctor's wishes, which is one of the things that makes me wonder exactly why we are inserting a mess of lawyers and bureaucrats into the healthcare system.

At any rate it does not matter if the Doc is on vacation as it seems that the minimum course of IV antibiotics will last until he gets back. So, I have to be in North Dallas in the morning. Good night.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Who Knew We Were So Cultured?

Sigh. Well, Linda Lou's surgery went okay, I guess. She lost a lot of blood, seems she had this humongous blood blister thing on the back of her calf and so it either burst or they drained it, I'm not quite clear on that. Anyhow it took so much blood out of her that it somehow lowered some important blood component and so they did not let her go home the next day. So, the day they were supposed to go home they were giving her an IV and feeding er things to build up the blood.

Then the next day they found something growing in her culture, some germ or other. So, she didn't go home Sunday, either. Monday there was more growing. It seems Linda Lou is a very cultured woman.

So, now they're trying to figure out what kind of a germ critter this is, what kills it and does Linda Lou need another six weeks in that cross between a Nursing Home and a Hospital where she was before. Or will some oral antibiotic kill it?

In other news the Physical Terrorists have me pretty well worn out, I'm up to three hours per session with them, three days a week and the list of exercises they give me for the days I don't go there only takes about eighteen hours per day. Of course, that's with the dogs helping.

I'm pretty sure the PT ladies are in cahoots with Linda Lou, they all want me too tired and sore to go steppin' out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Muddling Through.

So, now is the time I apologize to Doc Buch. The piece of hardware that was coming out was not something left in by mistake, instead it was the rod keeping the loose, broken bones from flailing around, cutting up everything inside, and eventually outside, of her lower leg. Seems that he told me he took everything out and then put that rod in. Well, they sometimes just lose purchase in the bone and start working their way out.

The good news is that there will be no long stay in the hospital on IV antibiotics this time. She will be coming home tomorrow, with a new rod in place, then we will see about a Final Solution. Sometime in December the Doc will either be able to actually fix those bones or fuse the ankle and fix those bones. The whole problem is that the bones were shattered, just barely above the joint. I do not know exactly why it's so much harder for them to heal so close to the joint instead of a couple more inches away and if someone were to tell me I do believe my eyes would glaze over and I'd either fall asleep or start thinking about something else.

So, that's the deal. We'll either get a complete recovery although she'll still need a cane (the better to shout Get off da lawn!), a fused ankle and a more pronounced limp or a weight loss that nobody really wants. No one is willing to bet or even quote odds. Well, there are a lot of things I did not learn as a boy, the one indelible thing was "eat what's put in front of you." A glance at where my belt buckle would show twenty+ years ago proves that. So, we'll muddle through this, just as we've muddled through everything else. If I were to write a saga of our marriage or an autobiography, that would be the title. As short as my attention span is, though, we'll have to just make it the title of this post. Sooner or later, though, a post on shooting.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keep Their Heads Down! We're Going In!

Just a quick note, the surgeon is going into Linda Lou's leg at four PM today. I don't have time to write about it now, I have to clean up and head for the hospital. Medical City in Dallas if anyone cares. I hope that this time when the guy takes all the metal out it means that all the metal will be out.

Enjoy any Veteran's Day items you had planned and, if you have a little time for a good wish...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Well, if it is November the Tenth it must be our anniversary again. Seems like only yesterday that Linda Lou told me I was pregnant and that we had to get married to avoid me looking like a slut or something.

In other News, the then Continental Congress authorized a Corps of Marines to add some muscle to the landing parties of the sailing ships of the day. This has since evolved into a section of the Navy Department. We like to call it the men's section. So Linda Lou wanted a wedding date that I could not forget, she chose this one.

In other news Linda Lou has another piece of metal sticking out of her. This after that third surgery on that leg that the Doc alleged to have removed all of the hardware from in there, then six weeks of twice daily IV antibiotics in a hospital. The six weeks of IV antibiotics were because of the screw that stuck out, somehow the Docs knew there was an infection. Oddly, when the bones stuck out of my leg during that unfortunate incident when I was in the Service, they did not find that six weeks of IV antibiotics were needed. Perhaps an almost twenty-year old does not need as much germ protection. Perhaps our legs were less valuable then. All I know is that I am not real happy, the Doc promised that all the metal was coming out. This ain't right.

So we get an Anniversary Trip this year. We will start by going to Dallas to see the wound care doctor that treated Linda Lou for this last trip into the hospital. From there?

Some women will do anything to avoid having a sex party for their anniversary.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Partial Victory

If I gambled I would never go to a Harrahs Casino after their virtually naming their employees who hadn't voted early and ordering their lower level managers to get them out to vote for that scum Reid. Reid's victory is among the most heartbreaking loss in this election.

I would have liked to see O'Donnel win but it seems Delaware still likes to burn witches.

Grayson out in Florida, great news. Col. West in, Rubio in, more great news. Not much excitement here in Texas, my Congressman, Ralph Hall won handily. It was only today that I learned who his Democrat opponent was and I've already forgot her name.

The biggest news is out of the Waco area where Democrat Chet Edwards finally lost. I know little or nothing about Flores, the Republican that won. The only thing I know about Waco is that sometimes I used to stop at the Elite Cafe and Truck Stop when I was traveling north and south on I-35. It used to be pretty good. Oh, and I once stopped at the Texas Ranger Museum (the law enforcement bunch, not the baseball team). Since the Flores-Edwards fight was not in my district I paid little attention to it, but I expect that since Edwards was, if not a Blue Dog, not a Pelosi lap dog, little or no money came in from the big Dem slush funds. After all, Edwards was a friend to Veterans and the military, can't have that in today's Democrats.I doubt it will happen this election cycle but with Pelosi out as Speaker, it would be nice to see the Donks return to a center-left position. Of course, with Obama as the titular head of the Party, that won't happen soon.

Funny, though. West Virginal has been a reliably blue state for some years now. Yet, to win Bob Byrd's old seat, the Donk had to run harder against Obama than he did against the Republican. Now was that because it was the seat of Byrd, (D-KKK) or just because W. VA is a center left State? I don't know enough about W.VA to know.

Anyway, we know that we won a partial victory, now we see if we have enough real patriots in the House to defund the idiocy that Pelosi brought. If not, the next election will be a bloodbath.

There will be more on this later, right today I have to try to prepare the house for Linda Lou. She will not come home today like we thought, but tomorrow. Seems she had a hema-something, some fancy medical name for a big ol' blood blister that she broke somehow in her bout with the physical terrorists and she ended up bleeding all over the floor They were then scared that they'd have to send her up to Medical City Hospital for more surgery right then but the wound care doctors took care of it and so now she'll come home on Thursday for a while, 'til around Pearl Harbor Day, then more surgery.

This more modern medicine is nice, I suppose, but they used to put us in a walking cast, a couple of weeks to a month or two we were on crutches, and then when the bones were healed they'd cut off the cast. In early February of '67 my leg got badly dinged in nearly the same place. I was back on full duty by late December. Linda Lou will be recovering from her fourth surgery by late December. Sigh. Progress. Of course I was a lot younger then.

Update 11/05/10: Linda Lou is home. She can (barely) move from her wheelchair to the couch or recliner, depending on which she chooses to sleep on and to the bedside commode. I shall be busy for a while.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Frustration Day

I don't know what kind of news it was, we got a letter from the surgeon who claims he can fix Linda Lou's broken leg delaying the surgery. It was scheduled for November 18th, two weeks and two days after they let her out of this one hospital, it's now going to be on the sixth of December.

Y'all pardon me for being really tired of this. I'm tired of having to drive to Dallas. I'm tired of not having my wife able to move. I won't say that I'm tired of taking care of her but I will say that it's making it hard to take care of myself. I went to the specialists at the Texas Back Institute Wednesday and got a whole slew of routines to work with the Physical Terrorists, trying to get my back to work where I'm not getting crippled with muscle spasms. No one quite understands why it will be my lower back one time, my neck another. It may be related to the arthritis, it may be related to the Parkinson's, it may be something else. All I know is that Thursday I was supposed to be in PT at two PM, so I went to bed early, two AM. I woke up at two fifteen in the afternoon. I'm plumb wore out.

So, Linda Lou will be home, with nothing stabilizing those bones in her leg, which have been broken since the end of February, from the third of November until the day before Pearl Harbor Day. I am supposed to juggle three two hour PT appointments, driving to and fro, shopping, cooking and taking care of her. I do not know where I will get the strength. Get it I will, though, because I must.

Excuse me while I go kick the dog. Hmm, which dog? How about the red dog from the neighbor's who came in with Bingo the other day and stole the Tootsie Roll Toy off the living room floor when he snuck in while I was taking my morning constitutional?

Everything isn't a total loss, I'm just a little frustrated over how long everything is taking.

In more important news, Bingo T. Pug has a new harness. It's cool enough, most of these days where I can again take him on my rounds and leave him in the car while I go into those benighted places where dogs are not allowed. So, on my latest trip to the Texas Back Institute, where I got my new PT orders (oh, boy!) Bingo T. Pug waited, we then went to PetSmart, got him a brand new red harness. He's never had a harness, just a collar and Pugs, being the kind of critter with a thick neck and small head, could slip right out of any collar that didn't threatened to choke him.

So, Bingo got to show his Momma his brand new harness. This should mean that I shall now be safe from the citified armchair "environmentalists" because, unlike them, I have harnessed the PUG POWER!

So, we are trying to muddle through. I shall have a longish blog post on the .308 Winchester coming soon, and then, perhaps a post on the two cartridges based on the .308 necked up to .338 and .35 calibers. Those two are, I believe, close enough to be in one post.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Eric:

Dear Eric, I know that this is a busy time of the year but I thought I'd drop you a line. You seem to have forgotten the oath you swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. If you can, take a look at that oath, Eric. The oath was not to the Democrats, nor to Barry Obama. Your job, Eric, is to enforce the laws. Politics are another department, you might recall the big stink over Bush politicizing the Justice Department.

Eric, I do not believe you understand how thin the ice is underneath your feet, nor how deep, swift and cold the water. You are blithely ignoring rampant vote fraud running up to the election, in Houston, Arizona, Washington State, and other places, too, I'm sure. Eric, our government depends on the consent of the governed. There are not enough IRS agents to go after everyone if they, like in Greece, start massively cheating on taxes. There are not enough cops, period, if Americans become scofflaws. Yet, Eric, that is what we're facing if you keep letting people steal elections. Tell me, Eric, after Al Franken blatantly stole the election up there in Minnesota, excuse me, kept "counting newly found votes", don't want that mean ol' Al threatening me, why should any American obey any law for which his vote made fifty-one?

Eric, you are depending on the fact that we Americans are a peaceable lot, and you're right. We do have our limits, though. And we;re just about there. Eric, we do not mind getting beaten in a fair and honest election. So, Eric, how about you try this novel approach? Equal enforcement of the law. No Republican will complain if you lock up all the Republicans who actually break the election laws as long as you do the same with Democrats. Or, Eric, are you an Attorney General of Cowards for not wanting to talk about those crooks trying to steal our Republic? Eric, I'm betting you are a coward.

Come on, Eric, how about it? A fair election. Is that too much to ask?

See you in November,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Campbell's Chunky Soup:

Dear Campbell's Chunky Soup:

I'm writing to thank you for helping me get through this temporary bachelorhood and bout of appointments with the Physical Terrorists. Without your help I would probably starve. Your Bean With Bacon, Your Split Pea With Bacon and, most especially, your Beef With Barley have been mainstays. This is not to denigrate some of your others that I have also tried during this ordeal. The Chunky Clam Chowder with a can of drained tuna thrown in is also a mainstay, especially when I'm going to be out and about for hours, that is a meal that really sticks to a man's ribs.

I do wonder, though, why you include your Chicken and Sausage Gumbo into the Chunky Soup line. I always kind of figured that a Chunky Soup should include something called "chunks". Slices of sausage thin enough to read an insurance policy through do not fit the definition of "chunks" Plus Gumbo implies "spice". Gumbo has some heat to the taste, this is some Yankee soup. It reminds me of the grits I got for a side at breakfast once up in Oregon, the poor dears were trying but they simply had no idea of what Grits are for. Campbell's. Please send your execs on a trip to Louisiana. Not New Orleans, one of the small towns out about fifty miles out, off the main highways. Order Gumbo. Ask questions and take notes.

Above all, Campbell's execs, for a soup to be called "Chunky Soup" it must have chunks instead of blow chunks.

Best regards,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Idle Thoughts Of An Almost Retired Gunny.

I am retired from hunting, these days. After my stroke it just wouldn't be fair to the game. The only sort of competitive shooting I do anymore is Cowboy Action and I haven't done that since Linda Lou broke her leg. It's not that i don't want to go to a shoot, it's that if I had the money for gas and range fees, I'd go visit Linda Lou in the hospital. And when she was trying to recover at home, the money went to medical stuff that the insurance didn't cover like bandages.

Still, I keep up with the literature and I read the shooting websites. Then I sit around and wonder what world most gunwriters inhabit. I understand that the gun companies come out with new cartridges, not to fill any particular need, but so they can sell more guns. Take, for instance, the new super short magnums. The ponly thing any of them do is give the ballistics of an older round, in a differently shaped case. a shape of case that makes for a rifle with feeding problems, which is why many, if not most, custom riflemakers won't try to build them.

Meanwhile, in spite of all this "progress" in cartridges and rifles, a couple of years back they did a study. The rifle cartridge that had the most one shot kills on deer was the old .300 Savage. Rifles with less oomph would fail with hits from bad angles, rifles and loads more powerful kicked more, making precise shots more difficult.

The .300 Savage approached the original military load of the 150 grain .30-06 in a cartridge short enough to fit that famous old Savage 99 lever action. Like the .308, .260 Remington and the 7mm-08 it was powerful enough for anything but the big bears. Yet nobody much cares about these rounds, wanting POWER! And then they wonder why they have a splitting headache after a practice session.

Another idle thought. Why is it that people who want to go hunting spend all their practice sessions shooting off those big benches, with their rifles snugged into sandbags? How, persactly, does one carry that bench and sandbags out into the woods? Hunting season is almost here. If I were to walk behind the firing line at a busy range I might, might see one guy between the benches, in the sitting or kneeling positions, shooting. And the guys wonder why their freezers are full of storebought beef instead of venison.

I have a couple of acquaintances who are professional hunting guides and outfitters. They always cringe when a client shows up with a new looking magnum rifles. They know that the most recoil the average hunter can handle, and still shoot accurately, is the .30-06. And. really, with rifles getting lighter and lighter, that trend is not toward more powerful rifles. In my day, a normal bolt action rifle weighed 'purt near ten pounds with scope, sling and a magazine full of .30-06 rounds, which was four or five. Today a lot of rifles are a full two pounds lighter, some closer to four pounds. The lighter the rifle, the more the same round kicks, the more recoil, the quicker comes the flinch.

Speaking of rifle weight with sling, how many shooters today can get into a loop sling, quickly? How many can get into a loop sling at all? The loop sling is the single most important aid to accuracy there is in the field. A hunter who is used to shooting from sitting or kneeling with a loop sling is almost as accurate as the guy with his rifle snugged into sandbags on that big concrete bench at rifle ranges. And yet if a modern bolt action wears a sling at all it's one of those "Cobra" style things that are good only for carrying the weapon. So, as rifles get lighter, the slings get wider, modern shoulders must really be tender.

Still another idle thought. The new conventional wisdom is that a person needs a semiautomatic pistol with enough ammo in the magazine to fight the Battle of the Bulge, without reloading, plus have another magazine or two in reserve, all for civilian self defense. Seems that no one is rude enough to ask exactly what happens in a gunfight if you miss the first five or six shots that a revolver carries with that fancy semiauto. Let me be that rude guy. Seeing as how the only real reason for shooting at someone is that that someone poses a deadly threat, you can't solve it in five or six rounds, You. Are. Dead. Worse, those you were trying to defend are now at the tender mercy of the bad guy(s).

Or, what would happen to the civilian who fires the whole ten to fifteen rounds into a bad guy like they think they're in a big city police force. Can you spell prison term?

I have my own quarrel with outfitting city bluesuits with high capacity handguns, too many are not trained well enough to avoid spraying bullets all over the neighborhood, mostly missing but an unfortunate number of rounds going into the bad guy, who has not been convicted of anything, long after he's down. Big cities lack the funds, anymore, to do more than a cursory amount of training. So, when these kids in blue see a perceived threat, the first thing they do is forget about the front sight. The next thing is to start pulling the trigger until they hear a bunch of "clicks" instead of bangs. Somehow, the knowledge of only six shots beminds people to aim.

What the gunwriters and internet gurus have forgotten is that the semiauto pistol shooter needs a lot more training and constant practice than does the owner of a revolver. A revolver also can stand neglect a lot better than that auto. The military style semiauto can take abuse better than the revolver, the revolver, neglect. I have seen the old Colt 1911 dropped into sand, shaken off and fired, without missing a beat. Whereas a revolver can sit, loaded for years, until the brass shell casings have turned green, and those green shells still fired. A semi needs to be maintained.

Good News!

Just a quick post before the young sadists at the Physical Terrorist Office torture me some more:

Linda Lou is coming home!!!!11!!The target date is November the third, while I hope we are celebrating huge gains in the House, Senate and the lower races. Although I'm not sure they should be called "lower races", considering how much power a County Commissioner or Sheriff has.

Anyhow, Linda Lou comes home and then goes back in for the (hopefully) last round of surgery on the 18th. I say that this is the last round because if this next operation doesn't work, she'll then go back in, have the leg amputated below or at the knee and get a peg leg. Arr! This surgeon is quite confident and competent, though so I have confidence myself.

The bad news? I'd better clean up the house!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bingo T. Pug, Therapy Dog.

I planned my visit to Linda Lou in the hospital so that I would get there in the late afternoon, so Bingo T. Pug would not have to sit in the hot car. Naturally, the nurse had a different plan, instead of Linda Lou coming right down in her wheelchair, they stuck another round of antibiotics into her IV line, we had to wait. And wait. And wait some more. It's not all bad news, it still looks like there is no infection from having that screw sticking out through the skin. And, since the last surgery, I can no longer say that she has a screw loose. (Which makes me wonder why she still keeps me.)

Well, anyhow, I needed a cup of coffee so I went downstairs, they have a pot of hospital coffee but I have my own brew in a thermos. Since the days when we had to be real careful not to make our morning coffee in the helmet that everyone had washed his feet in the night before, I've been picky about my coffee. Stop the presses, though. As I was getting off the elevator, there was a guy with some critter that looked like a miniature Collie. Are there Mini collies? Anyhow, I stopped him, politely, and asked if that was an official certified therapy dog. He said, no, he's just our dog, and up they went on the elevator.

I give you, my three or four faithful readers, one guess as to my next move. Up Bingo T. Pug and I went. I am not quite sure who was leading whom on that lead, either. Linda Lou was surprised, but pleased. When the IV bag of antibiotics was empty we had to wait a while because it was shift change and they were all busy talking. Eventually, though, the nurse came in to disconnect the bag and flush the line, she had nothing awful to say about Bingo T. Pug, therapy dog. This particular nurse is an Americanized daughter of Viet Namese immigrants, 40+ years ago I would have been really making my best moves. Pretty young woman.

Anyhow, although Linda Lou insisted on taking the camera, we forgot to take any pictures. Once we were clear of IV lines, we went downstairs and sat outside, I finally got my coffee.Alas, too soon, it was time to drive home.The extra fifty miles one way added to the trip between the hospital and home, as compared to the hospital closer to home, makes a huge difference. Not to mention the three visits per week to my physical terrorists, speaking of whom, for some reason the torture was worse today. There was no particular difference, it just hurt more. My Physical Terrorists could make the worst of the AlQ types sing like canaries. Ah well, I think there are supposed to be ups and downs. And I went in with a stitch in my back. Poor little me.

Anyhow, I survived today's PT and came home for an almost four hour nap, I awakened with Cochise' Apache Princess and Bingo T. Pug laying with me, as soon as I moved I had both of them wanting ear scritches. The excitement of my life continues to amaze me.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Revinvented 7x57 Mauser, The 7mm-08 Remington

Like the .260 Remington, the 7mm-08 is simply a cartridge that matches the ballistics of some of the cartridges developed early in the smokeless powder era. The 7mm-08 Remington almost exactly matches the ballistics of the old 7x57 Mauser, the cartridge that drew a lot of American blood at Kettle Hill in the famously misnamed Charge up San Juan Hill by Teddy Roosevelt, that famous old war hero that went up right behind the widely ignored "Negro Regiments". That's another story, though.

The only real reason the 7mm-08 is better than the old 7mm Mauser is that factory loads for the old cartridge must be kept down for all those very old Mausers and Remington Rolling Blocks. This is, of course, a big deal to the factories seeing as how they cannot trust the courts to say, "you put a load, clearly marked as PlusP into that old gun? Sucks to be you."

The 7mm-08 is the .308 Winchester-7.62x51mm NATO cartridge necked down to 7mm or .284 inch. The cartridge case is six mm shorter than the 7x57 but since the original .308 case has a little less body taper than the 7mm Mauser, the case capacity is almost exactly the same. The working pressure of the 7-08 is quite a bit higher, again because of the old guns. The 7-08 runs about 10,000 copper units of pressure more than the 7mm Mauser.

The 7-08 will do everything the old Mauser did. And since people like WDM "Karamojo" Bell slew literally hundreds of tons of elephants with the old cartridge and the equally famous Eileen O'Connor, wife of that famous firearm and hunting writer, Jack O'Connor slew elk, deer, and African plains game with that cartridge, it's equally possible with the 7-08.

Today's wonder bullets have pretty much made the famous old 175 grain softpoint obsolete. While that old bullet, launched at 22-2400 feet per second will still burrow deeply into just about any critter, the lighter premium bullets, launched faster will dig just as deep. The old guns were throated for this bullet giving lighter bullets a long jump to the rifling. This gave the lighter bullets more chance to get a little cattywampus in the bore, spoiling gilt-edged accuracy. This, plus the improvements in rifles, gives the 7mm-08 a definite edge. Or course this matters mainly on paper targets. Unless the moose you see in the deep woods has the latest Guns and Ammo magazine sticking out from his pocket as he leaves the moose men's room, he'd never know the difference.

Speaking of moose, and other big critters like elk, here is a question that I have: Why is it that great big strapping Swedes can kill their version of the moose, the Alg with the old 6.5-55, which is loaded below the .260 Remington while American men need humongous magnums? The gunwriter John Barsness wants to know how come so many American men buy rifles like the 7-08 and .260 Rem for their wives and kids to hunt the same game which they hunt with .300 Magnums of one sort or another. It's thoughts like that that makes John Barsness one of my favorite gun scribes.

At any rate, the 7-08 will do everything a bigger cartridge will do, except a little closer. The only thing the big 7mm Magnums will do is shoot flatter than the 7-08, making those theoretical long range hits a little easier. Since I contend that not one hunter in a hundred has any business shooting at unwounded game past three hundred yards, this is advantage is lost, far outclassed by the simple fact that almost anyone can simply shoot a cartridge based on the .308 case better than any magnum.

We all shoot better when the recoil does not loosen our fillings and the muzzle blast doesn't leave our ears ringing for a week. There is a reason most old gunnies go around sayin' "huh, whazzat?"

I grew up when the .30-06 and cartridges based on the '06 case were the king of the hunting fields. Back then there were a lot of magnums, both factory and wildcat and most hunters ignored them. Of course back east hunters went into the woods with .30-30s, .35 Remingtons and other short ranged woods cartridges, they did well, too. Me, I stayed with the old '06through my hunting career. Had I been born a generation later it would have been one of the cartridges based on the .308. The advances in powder have made the .308 cased rounds as effective as the larger '06 cased rounds of my youth. The '06 has made some velocity gains since then but velocity will not kill critters. The advances in bullets have made the big cartridges of Elmer Keith's day obsolete. Back before premium bullets the only way to assure sufficient penetration on a big critter was to use a big, heavy bullet.

Today, though, a lighter, bonded core bullet like the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw from Federal or the new Speer Deep Curl bullets made the same way their newer handgun bullets are made with a core with the jacket electroplated on. This, BTW, deserves a seperate blog entry that I'll someday get to, probably after everyone else knows about it already.

Anyway, a 140 grain bonded bullet will penetrate just as deeply as the old 175 grain soft points do because they just don't lose so much weight as they go in. Now I would still choose a 175 Round nosed soft point if I were hunting the black woods where ranges would be measured in multiples of ten yards, rather than hundreds, not because of anything but the lower velocity would ruin less meat.

The 7mm-08 Remington will, with careful bullet selection, do for anyone hunting any critter in the United States except the great bears, the Grizzly and his cousin the Alaska Brown, along with the Polar Bear. Since my house is too small for a bear rug and I have gone out of my way to not live in their territory, I have no reason to pot one of those. It takes a lot of work to make bear meat tasty and we no longer live lives that make a diet including a lot of fat essential. I'm not mad at any bears. If I do get mad at a great bear I will have an '06 rebarrelled to .338-06 or .35 Whelan. As it is, a 7-08 or .308 is enough for black bears. Again, though, I neither live in bear country, nor am I mad at any bears.

A hunter interested in varmints can pot them with a 7-08 and the 110-115 grain bullets. These can step right out at well over3,000 fps, even from the short barreled rifles like those Model Sevens. Now it's not the round I'd choose if I were buying a dedicated varmint rifle for prairie doggin' but for the person wanting to zap the odd coyote or woodchuck, it's fine.

An Antelope hunter would be hard pressed to find a better rig than a 7-08 with a Barnes TSX 120 grain bullet at right around 3,000 fps, depending on the barrel. Speaking of barrels, you can find a 7-08 or, for that matter, a .260 or a .308, in any barrel between 16 and a half inch to 22 in hunting weight arms. And there are still, I believe, target rifles with longer barrels, 24 and 26 inches. I would suggest trying the balance on each and choose your preferred balance.

There are a lot of fine 140-150 grain bullets for those wishing to hunt deer and black bear. They move out around 2800 fps. Choose the bullet for the game. A Hornady Interlock, for instance, for open country deer, an Interbond for a bigger critter at a range that might be out at two hundred or twenty yards. For the Speer fan, a Hot Core for the far ones and a Grand Slam if they might be close, might be far. Other brands, the same thing. The important thing is that the bullet stays in one piece and mushrooms. A Barnes bullet is never a bad choice. Nor are Sierra Bullets a bad choice for more open country. For more decades than I care to think about, if I wanted to see how tight a group a rifle can shoot I would reach for those green boxes of bullets and do some careful handloading. A bullet that has got to the point of shooting just as well, these days, is the Nosler Ballistic Tip. When Nosler first came out with these bullets they were a little fragile for big game. Perfect for those rare broadside shots, they came apart too often on the difficult angles. It did not take them very long to fix that, though.

If the biggest game, a moose or elk is on the menu the top quality bullets are the best choice, even if they cost more. Some of the factory ammo with premium bullets is over two and a half bucks a shot. Y'all will excuse me for not being alarmed at this. When I was coming up we needed a whole new rifle for these big critters because no one had invented the premium bullets. After all, we can practice with the cheap stuff. I would be looking very hard at the Barnes 160, the 160 Remington Ultra Core Loc't Bonded, the 160 Speer Deep Curl, the Nosler 160 Partition or Accubond. The Woodleigh Weldcore from Austrailia is another good one.

It is only when I got into the very deep woods where I would think about the 175 grain bullets. Again, push these out at 2200-2400 fps, pretty much any critter hit will die. There is very little meat loss, in the words of that grand old man of gunning, Elmer Keith, you can eat right up to the bullet hole. There is also almost always an exit hole, those tend to bleed more so if the critter takes a little walk before piling up, there is a nice blood trail. This is important in the deep woods, light is usually poor, the game, while close, is usually moving so a blood trail is good.

About every big rifle company makes a bolt action in 7-08. Ruger, for instance, makes the Hawkeye Compact, with a 16 and a half inch barrel and the Model 77 with a 22 inch barrel. Browning has both 20 and 22 inch barrels. Remington has bolt actions from 20-24 inches. Savage has a couple of models.

There are a couple other cartridges based on the .308 case. The .243 Winchester is a fine varmint/deer cartridge although it doesn't quite have enough bullet for the bigger deer, in my opinion. The .358 Winchester is a good cartridge, too but I believe that the advances in bullet technology have rendered it obsolete. The .25 Souper was a wildcat based on the .308 that never caught on although it would be just as good as the .257 Roberts. I do not recall, off the top of my head, the name of the .270-308 wildcat that never got popular enough for anyone to care about.

The .338 Federal is the next try at a bullet bigger than .308 in the parent case. I guess it would be a little better than the .308 or 7-08 if I lived in moose or grizzly country but I don't.

The three, the .260, the 7-08 and the .308 are all nice, accurate and light recoiling. Any would be the right choice for a lower 48 hunting rifle.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Boring Health Post

On the Linda Lou front, she is now able to get up into her wheelchair again and is also able to go outside, weather permitting. Wednesday, after my bout with the physical terrorists, Bingo T. Pug and I will go see her. I'm not persactly sure how much she misses me but she sure does miss Bingo.

No one knows exactly why but Linda Lou is shedding weight like crazy, it's something called "water weight". Since it has been inconvenient to move and I'm not making her every wish come true on a minute to minute basis, she isn't drinking as much, meanwhile she is peeing like crazy. Sorry for the TMI there but, she's lost some thirty-five pounds since entering the hospital on Sept. 22. That is a pretty big deal. The bad news is that I think I foresee a major cake, ice cream and cookie famine when she gets home. Fortunately, she doesn't like the same kinds of pie I do. That's something.

I went for my first bout with the physical terrorists today, for the arthritis in my back. It's the same place I went for my shoulder rehab, after that repair in June, '08. The receptionists is the only person still working that location, though.

The first bout did manage to move the pain in my back from the lower region, just above my hips to between my shoulder blades and my neck. I hope this is a temporary thing. There doesn't seem to be much profit in moving the pain from my back to the neck. Perhaps the secret plan is to keep moving it up until the pain all flows out the top of my head and spatters on the ceiling.

More likely it's just that I'm using muscles that I don't normally use because it hurts. We'll see. Afterwards I took my muscle relaxant pill and died for a long nap.

Well, not directly after. First I, since I was already in Quinlan, went to Wally World. I noticed that the last time I made easy chili I used the last envelope of chili seasoning so I had to buy that, plus some diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Since I was there I cruised (more like limped) past the rack where they put out the marked down baked goods and there was a caramel apple pie. SCORE! That's one for the good guys.Then past the meat and there they were, busy marking down stuff. I the guy was marking Porterhouse steaks from $9.98 per pound to $3.99. I'm not exactly sure why there were only a few left but I got what I thought were the two prettiest. What's that they say in South America? GOOOOAALLLL!!!11!!

Then it was home with the Armadillos. We have armadillos, BTW, if I had a real lawn they would bother me, digging for ants and suchlike. We have all kinds of critters out here, I leave them alone, mostly. I don't even bother with a hunting license these days.

Anyhow it was home for the muscle relaxant, then a long nap and then I watched Four For Texas on the Western Channel. I sure lead an exciting life. I did notice Anita Ekberg and Ursula Andress. And today Hollywood thinks that turkey necked Julia Roberts is pretty?

Anyhow, a porterhouse, baked potato and a sliced tomato later it was bedtime. What an exciting life.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Great Primer Famine Of '08 Is Ending?

It may be a sign that The Great Ammo And Primer Shortage of '08 is finally about over but Midway USA actually has some of the cartridges that have been in very short supply in it's clearance section of their website. The prices, even at a clearance level are far above what they used to be but, still, prices on everything are high. One brand of Small Rifle Primers (the kind used in the .223/5.56 Nato) was also on clearance. It wasn't very long ago that none of those primers were for sale at all at Midway, for over a couple of years.

It's kind of amusing, too. This week's clearance includes several sorts of .380 acp ammo, along with .40 S&W, .45 acp, .38 Special, .357 and 9mmP. This latest addition of Handloader Magazine has a nice long article about how we should use the data in the article to handload .380 ammo because we just can't buy it these days. This gives an idea of the lead time in a magazine. I still contend, though, that every shooter should have some basic handloading gear and components, just in case. One can stow a Lee Loader, a thousand primers, two pounds of powder and a thousand handgun bullets into a big coffee can and two shoeboxes. A big game rifle cartridge would take more powder but then, even a full charge .30-06 will get like a hundred+ rounds per pound of powder.

There are only a few locations where a person who looks "of age" even has to show ID to buy reloading gear or components in the USA. As long as I pay cash, nobody would know I have enough powder, primers and bullets to go shooting, whenever I want, for a very long time. Assuming I had any cash. Sigh. Oh well, if will take me a while to build my stocks back up after the Great Primer Famine of '08, but rebuild I shall.

I'm sort of lucky on this rebuild process because as I have shut down on varmint and big game cartridges, I now only use two kinds of primers, plus shotgun, and even my brass shotshells use the same Large Pistol Primers that my .45s do. So, these days I can do all of my shooting with Small and Large Pistol primers and three kinds of powder, one for the full charge .357 and .45 Colt Loads, one for easy shooting loads in those, plus the .38 Special, and another kind of powder for the PlusP loads in .38. Plus the Black Powder for Cowboy Action.

Anyhow, as long as we can prevent the idiots in the Federal and State Capitals from ruining things, and there isn't another war, we will have a bit of a chance to rebuild our home stocks.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Some Days It Just Ain't Worth Gettin' Out Of Bed, Volume 327

So Linda Lou got out of bed into either her wheelchair or the bedside commode and she done sprang a leak. Hilarity ensued when the noticed a puddle of blood on the floor. Some of the hospital staff ran in clockwise circles, some in counterclockwise while a smaller group waved their arms.

The upshot is that she is now totally confined to the bed, until further notice. Meanwhile, a couple of days later, the Physician's Assistant comes in and tells Linda Lou that her latest bloodwork now shows that she is slightly anemic. Well, yeah! The iron that was in her blood was in a pool on the floor. Medics are supposed to be smart. I guess this is why the Texas concealed carry law exempts hospitals. Although I I really wanted to shoot up the hospital I'm not sure that breaking one more law would stop me. Lucky for them I'm a peaceable sort.

In other wonderful news, the 11th grandchild will not be coming in April. While it's always sad to lose a baby, Robin and Meleah have four boys already. While they, and we, were hoping that this time they get a girl, if He says that four is plenty, well, okay. The pics athe the top are some from a couple of years ago of the four they already have. There are newer ones, I just don't want to take the time to find them right now because it's time to get moving.

Today's big adventure is a visit with my Neurologist, followed by a visit with Linda Lou and then the Great Supermarket Adventure. I can remember when I had an interesting job, sometimes even exciting. Of course that excitement has much to do with the fact that I can't walk a block without my sciatica kicking up.

Oh well, time for breakfast. I'm having a Marie Callender chicken pot pie. hey, the good news about bein' a temporary bachelor is that I can eat the stuff I like, when I like. Right? Right?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Southern Strategy

Another election is upon us and I am again reading of the horrible Southern Strategy of those evil Republicans. That awful racist, Richard Nixon broke up the old Solid South where the Democratic Party and it's armed force, the Klu Klux Klan had kept the south in the Democrat column since the aftermath of the Civil War. The Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) love to claim that he did this out of racism. After all, there is nothing that the Party of Segregation loves more than accusing the Party that was born of the opposition to slavery and that fought against segregation of racism.

In truth, Nixon's famed Southern Strategy had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the war we were fighting at the time. It was 1968 and the Democrats were fractured. There was a large fissure over race and a larger fissure over the war which was raging. Only four years earlier, Landslide Lyndon Johnson had handily won the election by painting Barry Goldwater as a wildeyed warmonger. I remember that election. There was LBJ promising, promising that "Ah weel nevah send Amurkin boahs to do the job thet Asian boahs should do".

Then by 1968 the Dems were fractured in four camps, with some mutual grounds between them. There was the antiracist northern wing versus the Klu Klux Klan southern section and there was the antiwar faction vs the prowar faction. Nixon knew that the south had always been the section of the country that was most supportive winning wars that we started. Of course the institutional memory of losing a war was much sharper then in the south. The last of those who had endured the abject poverty of the post civil war era were still around. Actually in 1968 the south was still much poorer than the rest of the country. /funny how poverty and Democrats go hand in hand.

In 1968, the Democrat-ruled south is where the poverty was. Today it's the Democrat ruled big cities. But the southern strategy was all about race. Sure. And I'm the King of Sweden.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Linda Lou Update For A While

Linda Lou is being transferred to a rehab facility in north Dallas tomorrow and will stay there for the approximately six weeks until the next phase of the surgery. She will be in the rich part of north Dallas, right outside the Park Cities so I'd better not take a wrong turn around there.

The schedule seems to be four to eight weeks, most likely around six until the next phase of surgery. Then back in the hospital for the surgery, and, after the first few days, back to the rich folks rehab center for probably two weeks or so of work with the physical terrorists.

I cannot drive that far more than once or so a week so we will be depending on the phone and the twins between now and the time she can come home. It's going to be a long time. Anybody know a bimbo with a housecleaning fetish?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Phase Of Surgery Okay

It was an adventure getting up there, we had some certified mail to pick up so I drove to the post office our mail goes through, which is not the closest post office, nor is it even in the same county. Don't ask. So, we hardly ever go to that town but on the rare times we have registered or certified mail. There was a construction sire and I had to drive through it to and fro, just after driving through it on the way back I had a nice blowout. Shucks and other colorful comments. So, after changing the tire in the Texas sun I then got to wait at the tire store, then hit Dallas traffic at rush hour. So I got there late but luckily they were later at the hospital.

The twins were there our youngest boy and only daughter, they pretty much kept me company until the Doc finally showed up after about 11:00 PM. So, here is the latest on The Saga of Linda Lou's Leg. The hardware is all out and there is a batch of antibiotic beads in there. There is a splint on the outside of her leg. There was no gross infection although once that screw poled through the skin they must act as there is infection.

Since there is a severe risk of infection they will not try to repair the break again for at least four but more like six to eight weeks.Until after the weekend Linda Lou will stay in that hospital, after wards they will transfer her to a rehab facility for (most of?) the remaining time until the next surgery.

Every day a new adventure. Meanwhile this hospital is a tad over ninety miles away. The important thing, though, is so far, so good. God treats me better than I deserve.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back In The Hospital

We saw the new Doc and now Linda Lou is back in the hospital. They are, within the next day or two, going to take all the hardware out of her leg, again. then after a period of antibiotics to kill any possible infection, they will try again. The Doc says that this is the last try to fix the break. If unsuccessful the next step is the "A" word. I was kind of wondering why an almost sixty-five year old woman would need an abortion when it dawned on me that there is a different procedure that begins with "A", amputation. Well we wanted to lose a little weight but this seems extreme.

The Doc is in north Dallas at the Medical City complex. Med City seems to have no beds open right that minute so he sent us up to another hospital where he has a relationship, even further from home, if such is possible. This is some twenty-five miles north of Med City, I was expecting folks to speak Oklahoman or, perhaps, Canadian, eh?

The only good news is that she is in what is normally a pediatric floor, judging by the Old MacDonald pictures on the wall. Linda Lou likes that sort of thing.

The good news is that it's only about ten-fifteen miles from Stephanie and Dean's place so that's something. Anyhow we are still in limbo. I wonder how she'd be doing under Obamacare. Would they have given her the red pill or the blue pill?

Update 9/22/09 1:48 PM: Surgery at 7:00 PM this evening to take that hardware out of her leg. I was taking a nap. I was going to skip the drive up this evening, no such luck now. Coffee and into the car! Oh well, it's payday, I'll grab something good on the way.

Any spare prayers and good wishes you have layin' around would be nice. Time for me to start to practice speaking that Oklahoman/Canadian now, y'all, eh? I thought they did surgery in the morning, eh? Is this just when the Doc has time or is this something really more awful than I thought?

Monday, September 20, 2010

She's Our Witch!

Well it's sure now that my Linda Lou can't run for office on the Republican ticket, after all it's on record that she has a screw loose. (More on that after I vent a little. So, over ten years ago this O'Donnell woman casually mentioned that when she was a lot younger she dabbled in witchcraft. As in she dated a guy who took her to a whatever they call their meeting place and that there was alleged blood on the alter.

So, was it long enough ago that she was the one who turned Gingrich into a Newt? In the Democrat primary I think having dabbled in Wicca before turning to Christianity would be a definite downer, not because of the Wicca but because of the Christianity. Now I do not claim to be the greatest theologist around but I'm pretty sure that it is pretty normal for folks to go down some blind roads before settling into their faith. I also keep remembering that popular bumper sticker: "Christians aren't perfect, they're forgiven."

Meanwhile, alleged Republicans and alleged Christians are demanding explanations from O'Donnell. I saw the headline where Rove said she needed to explain.

Hey Rove! How about you go up to Alaska and slap the Murk a few times? What is it about the concept of "won the Primary" that you do not understand? It's past time you shut up about Delaware where we have a not so perfect woman running against a far left dweeb. Those are two races that we can win. If you idiot Party leaders" shut up; and either get with the parade or get out of the way before you get trampled. The Tea Party is a very important part of the Republican Party, Rove. It's the part of the Party that you have been making promises to for most of my life, and breaking those promises since the end of the Eisenhower Administration.

You "party leaders" are losing your chance to keep the Tea Party in the fold. If you idiots manage to chase O'Donnell out of the race at this late date all those hundreds of thousands of people who went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Gateway Arch and scores of other places in the last year+ will be sitting home in November instead of voting for those you have anointed. O'Donnell, Miller up in Alaska, those people are important to the Tea Party types, some like Linda Lou and I who have never been to one of those big hoo-raws, some like Sarah Palin. We are the ones who usually vote but can stay home when the big race is a foregone conclusion. Tell me, Rove, would you rather the O'Donnell and Miller supporters go to the Polls and pull the straight Republican ticket or stay home? That is the choice, Rove, that you and those other "Party Leaders" are forcing on the Party when, instead, you could roll up your sleeves and help. Just remember, the Tea Party candidates did not win in every Primary. Yet none of those candidates have refused to endorse the eventual winner of the Primary and none have started a write in candidacy. So, Rove, who is it that is failing the party unity test?

I think the motto for the O'Donnell Campaign should be "She turned Gingrich into a Newt! She's our witch!"

About my Linda Lou. She is going to a ortho specialist, the guy works almost exclusively with folks who need joint replacements and have bone cancers. Linda Lou, although she could use two brand new knees, does not have bone cancer, nor will they have to replace any joints. The break, though, is so close to the ankle joints that nothing anyone has done so far has worked. And now that screw is sticking through the skin. Not the pointy part, the head. It's really cute, when we change the dressing.

Patsy, our neighbor, insisted that Linda Lou go over there for a couple of days, before going to the new Doc. She says her house is easier for her and her wheelchair. She is back in the wheelchair, BTW. Whoopie! Ah, it was only February that she broke her leg, we can't expect healing so soon. Grump.

Anyhow, we were getting Linda Lou out the door and into her wheelchair when she simply toppled over. We had to call the volunteer fire department to get her up, they helped us get her next door. Now Linda Lou has gone in and out of that door
ever since she got home from the hospital. She would have this time if not for Patsy kept talking about her falling. Grrr! So, we waited around for the Volunteer Fire Dept. people, they came, lifted her up into the wheelchair and then helped us get her up the stairs and into the house. A little prayer about getting her out of the house Tuesday morning would be nice. I swear, if she falls down this time she can roll to the car.!

So, I'm over here with no wife and two dogs. Seems like I should have some bimbos swinging naked from the ceiling fans or something. No such luck. The dogs do go looking for Linda Lou every hour or two, sniffing around all her spots and then giving me a dirty look. Anybody want to buy a couple of bozo dogs? Cheap! Anyhow, the only good news is that I can watch all the shows on the Western Channel that Linda Lou doesn't like. Tell the truth, I'd rather have the naked bimbos. Or my Linda Lou. (Don't tell her that, she'd get the big head.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whining Establishment Republicans, PUMA Republicans

I was a Republican Precinct Chairman from the election that brought George W. Bush to the Governor's Office the first time to '1998 when I had to resign because I moved out here to Dogpatch. I like to think I know politics a little.

I remember well the '96 election where Bob Dole was chosen, mostly because it was His Turn. Pat Buchanan was running an insurgent campaign and he was very popular in my part of Texas. I wasn't too happy with Pat, mainly because his big political office was as a speechwriter, putting on paper the ideas of Ronald Reagan. He did that well. When it came to his own ideas, well I had many disagreements and we'll leave it at that.

On the runup to that '96 election there was a big county Republican meeting where we all had to do things like put a piece of paper with each candidate's name into a hat so we could then draw for ballot placement. A Precinct chair(wo)man, usually one that supported said candidate would then place the paper in the hat for drawing. No one wanted to take Dole's paper and put it in the hat, as a matter of fact there were boos when his name was mentioned.

Finally, just as I was rising, someone else did. When Dole's name was drawn, there were more boos. After the drawing for ballot order (my name didn't have to be drawn because no one dared to run against the Honorable Peter), the County chairman scolded the Buchanan Brigade types for lack of respect and reminded everyone of the Need For Party Unity. Much the same thing happened after the Primary. The Buchanan Brigade types were torqued. We got the same Party Unity speech at the first meeting. Some of the Buchanan Brigade types didn't listen and Clinton, warts and all was reelected.

Funny thing happened in this election. Some of the party chosen were cast out by those impudent voters who did not listen to the People Of High Status. Sitting Senators were cast out. Those Chosen To Assume Their Rightful Promotions were thrown to the curb. And, suddenly Party Regulars were screeching. In '96 George W. Bush was titular head of the Republican Party of Texas. Carl Rove, unless he is plumb senile, should remember '96. The Republican Party was facing a long shot against a fairly popular President.In addition, Gingrich had kind of stepped on his crank while wearing golf shoes.

So, the establishment put out a Party Regular with a good record but little chance. Dole lost. Dole lost against a fairly popular President with many, many negatives that, given a political insurgent knife fighter could have exploited. Establishment Republicans did not learn. George W. Bush kind of blindsided them, no one really expected him to win the Primary in 2000, win it he did, over another Senator who thought it was His Turn. a guy named McCain. You may have heard of him. McCain then put the next eight years of the Bush Presidency "reaching across the aisle and otherwise torpedoing Republicans. Thus it was His Turn again in '08.

I was long retired from the inner workings of the Party, I merely voted against him in the Primary and voted for him in the General. That's the party unity expected by the establishment. This is what we have yet to see in this election. We are lacking in party unity by the very people who demand it of us. I do not know Sharon Angle. I wouldn't know her if she walked up and started talking. I do not know Christine O'Donnell. Nor do I know the guy who beat Murk in Alaska. Still, every one of these was chosen by the voters, every one was attacked by the establishment Republicans before the people voted them in and every one is getting from zero to only lukewarm support of the establishment Republicans who always, ALWAYS lecture us about Party Unity.

So, establishment? How about some of that Party Unity you always lecture us about? And, when, oh when, will you figure out that selecting a Senator to run for the Presidency because it is His Turn is always a losing proposition. Establishment, if you want there to be a Republican Party in 2016 or 2018, you'd better sharpen your wits. There is an upheaval coming. Want to survive, get on board or you won't be able to ride it out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Drama, Only Catastrophe

Sunday Linda Lou was all discombobulated, running her walker into things, not being able to talk, just having a very hard time. By bedtime, though, she was somewhat better. When she was on her way to lie down I told her no drama allowed in the morning. So, she woke me up at about 7:30 AM to put Princess out, that dog does not like anyone else coming in the house and Patsy, our neighbor, is helping with Linda Lou's dressings on her leg.

So, I put Princess out and went back to sleep. My assistant sleeper, Bingo T. Pug and I were sleeping the sleep that only those with a clear conscience are allowed when Linda Lou woke me up, too early, BTW, telling me she had a screw coming through her skin and we needed to get her to the Docs to do something about it. Seems the elevation of her leg and the compression bandage was working well enough that the swelling was down so much that the wreckage in her leg was coming through the skin.

The good news, there was no drama, only a catastrophe. Sigh. So, we were convinced that Linda Lou would be in the hospital again so we packed a suitcase and suchlike and headed in to the wound Care Clinic, which locks the door between 12 and one for lunch. They had already told us that there would be no doctor there after noon so, when we couldn't get through by phone when noon came and we were still miles away, through the small town noon traffic, we changed to go to the Emergency Room in the same hospital as the clinic is.

Well, as we were sitting in the waiting room of the ER, the Wound Care Clinic called us on the cell phone and said they were waiting for us so, back to the car, around the front of the hospital, into the main entrance, up the elevator and down the hall, and there we were.

The looked at it and called the Orthopod. Meanwhile, the Doc they Shanghaied to look at her there started lecturing her about how she could lose her leg and to start following directions. I don't know that it did much good but I do have a little hope.

From there we went to the Orthopedist's office and sat around while waiting to be squoze in between appointments. More X-rays and waiting and we finally got told we have to see another surgeon who will go in, take all of the hardware our of her leg, put one of those outside frameworks screwed into the bones from the outside and, hopefully, after two unsuccessful tries, fix the broken bones so they can heal.

I only hope this new Doc has the sense to look at my Linda Lou and figure out that she is not some 92 pound ballerina trying to lose five pounds. We'll see him (?) next Tuesday. This Doc works out of Medical City in Dallas where I ended up after my stroke. Med City is one of the premier hospitals in the State so I fully expect it to be on the chopping block once Obamacare hits, unless the Republicans win with margin enough to kill this monster. Yes, everybody knows we need some form of medical reform, a couple thousand page bill that no one read before passing, ain't it.

Anyhow, we finally got out of there a bit after five PM. Since I left without breakfast, by then my stomach was gnawing on the back of my belt buckle. The last time we'd been to town we were going to this little take out Pizza joint, Peddler's Pizza that we like. Then they'd had a transformer blow up on the pole outside and so we were out of luck. The only good news of the whole day was they had lots and lots of volts and amps so I ordered a couple of pies, one for me and one for Linda Lou. She, somehow, decided she's a California girl and wants pineapple on her pies. I hope no old Moustache Pete Mafioso ever sees one of those, he'd machine gun the whole joint.

The good news, I had something to eat. the bad news, I had to smell it all the way home. The worst news of all, I had to stop and pick up a couple of scripts for Linda Lou and Wally World. The have a new policy. You go in and wait. Then you finally get up to the cashier and she gets the pills and rings them up and I get the honor of paying for them. At that point, those pills are my property, right? I've paid for them. But, noooo! Now I have to move down and wait for the pharmacist to stop whatever he's doing, like filling a scrip, and come up and check to see that he did his job right, meanwhile, causing me to wait and whoever in sitting on those stupid steel benches waiting for their meds to wait longer.

You may not believe this but I had a little something to say about it all. I do not understand a business that is bases on customer service to go around making life more difficult for the customer. We transferred all of our scrips from Brookshire's, a state of Texas grocery chain, to Wal Mart when we retired so we could get a scrip wherever we traveled in retirement. then the Donks took Congress in '06 and, since then, we haven't been able to go to the mail box every day. I moved my scrips back to Brookshire's because I kept getting excuses instead of a full prescription. Looks like I'll have to do the same with Linda Lou's scrips.

Anyhow, I finally got home and got something to eat. I deserved it. Bingo and Miss Priss got Pizza Bones. They deserved those.