Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Experts

Here is another thing I don't quite understand. The lamestream media rejoices in telling us that we must make accommodations with Islam because there is no real defense against terrorism. Then that same media gets all up in arms because we're offing alQueda types with Hellfire missiles from drones.

Y'all please forgive me for bein' a pore dumb redneck but since we've actually been doing a pretty fair job of handling terrorism "round here for about eight years now while the alQ types have managed to do absolutely nothing about the drones bringing death from above, doesn't it seem as if they should be trying to reach accommodations with us? Never mind, we all know it's the lamestream media playing head we win, tails America loses.

I'm reading about "experts" who are now telling us that having a dog is worse for the environment than a Toyota Land Cruiser. They say that we should not have any pets that can't be killed for food. Okay, I'm going to the pet store and buying a couple of experts.

Seriously, who elected these "experts"? Where does one go to become an expert of the relationship of dogs vs Toyota Land Cruiser and the environment? I have three dogs, one a young German Shepherd, with boundless energy. The next is an elderly Pug (mix?) with hardly any energy, who needs to be lifted on and off the couch or char that she used to be able to hop up on. The third is a young Pug with energy enough to run a small city. So, which one is the Land Cruiser? They can't all be. Or is the old girl a Land Cruiser, the young Pug a Greyhound Bus and the German Shepherd a long, full, freight train with a helper engine goin' over the high Sierras?

Or are these "experts" another bunch of power mad, people hating bozos? Most of the folks complaining about the environment say that the biggest problem is too many people. Um, for the folks that think that, there is a very simple solution. Yet they are always saying that it's MY children and grandchildren that are the problem.

Dear Experts: You claim an emergency because there are too many people. The answer to that problem is simple. Go into the bathroom, fill the tub with nice hot water. Take a razor blade with you, or a nice sharp knife. Pour yourself a nice big glass of your favorite wine or spirits. Climb into the tub and take a nice deep sip out of your glass. Now if you are Charles Johnson or Andy Sullivan you can, instead, have a deep drink of your bathwater, instead.

Now, cut the wrist you aren't using for the glass. Be sure and make lengthwise cuts, crosswise cuts don't kill you very well, they just make for hard work for the doctors trying to repair those tendons and ligaments. Now, lie back and finish your drink and think about the great thing you're doing for Mother Gaia.

Funny, that trick would work for most Journalists, too.

Update: I just read, over at Tammi's World, that her mother, Mama Vi, is having a rough time. Good thoughts and earnest prayers needed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why This Fight?

So, I see the Obama Administration has picked a fight with Fox News. I don't remember who said never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. Twain? Menken? I'm thinking Twain, Mark, not Shania. Although I'm pretty sure this Administration would also lose a fight with her.

Anyway, what is the point? There are about 12 bazillion lefty "newspeople" already toeing the Obama line. All the idiots in this Administration are doing is really ticking off the millions who watch Fox or listen to the radio friends of Fox. Worse, they are at risk of some real investigative reporting. I was over at the Puppyblender's site and he had linked to a little story of how someone went back and interviewed some four hundred members of Obama's graduating class at Columbia and no one, not one remembered him. Now Columbia is not like the University of Texas, the entire freshman class was some 1900 people. Now Obama was a transfer student, he only spent two years there but someone should have remembered him.

Anyhow, I think they'll really, really regret this, before it's over. Even the New York times and And the Alloboma Broadcasting Corporation, The Cooperatewithobama Broadcasting System and those other guys will have to at least mention it when Fox reporters actually dig out his grades or Perhaps, that there is no record of Obama's Mama ever being in a hospital in Hawaii. No, the Obama people just had to do it. Idiots.


Well, I worked long and hard on a follow up to my last post, only to have it disappear. So I went back to "edit posts and found the first three paragraphs. I know that this post was going to make me famous, too. I'd have Glen Reynolds sneaking around my puppies with his blender and an extension cord reaching back to Tennessee going "here Bingo, I have an Instanche for your daddy!" the post was going to be that good. But no, the post is mostly gone and I'm too tired to rewrite it now.

In other news, an old friend is visiting Monday, he's going to try to figure out why the plugs on the back side of the house quit working so I have to spend my life tripping over extension cords. Wish us luck.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rush And Alleged Racism

I haven't commented on the attack on Rush Limbaugh that's been in the news lately because, frankly, I've been too angry. I started listening to Rush back before the '92 elections, I'm not exactly sure when. I do know that he had his TV show on, then and, since I didn't know who he was, I thought he was a televangelist. He was on the same station as many televangelists were and, like some, his program was repeated a couple of times every day. Then I happened to catch him in the car one day and I started listening to him every chance I got, then, every day for like twenty years. I don't listen every day anymore, my hearing has got so bad that when I try to listen to him it drives Linda Lou bonkers. And folks in Palestine call on the phone and say it's too loud. No, Palestine, right over there in east Texas.

Anyway, in somewhat over twenty years I never once heard Mr. Limbaugh utter a racist statement. Of course he didn't, he's a conservative. Something I never have understood is how the left, who attack any minority or women who strays from their plantation, manage to so often succeed in painting the right as racists. Leftists have to be racists, they do not look at people as individuals, they look at people as group members. Once a leftist assigns a person to a group if that person strays from that group it is officially a Bad Thing. Nor is a person allowed to choose his or her own group.

We saw that with Michael Steele in those blackface cartoons, from leftists and not a word said. We saw that with the appalling treatment of Sarah Palin while Biden went stumbling around making one idiot statement after the other. Palin is so dumb she didn't even have the sense to say, like Biden did, Three letters, jobs. Then he spelled it J-O-B-S. Biden is smart, though and Palin stupid. Oh, and Palin, married to a native American is a raaaaacist, just like Limbaugh. How do we know this? The leftists tell us so.

Kind of like when the SEIU beat up the black guy they were standing strong against raaaaacists, just ask them. Somebody please let me know when I can finally start shooting at them. Lying sacks of dung, the whole crowd. Inventing quotes, knowing they are lies, and, I suppose, laughing in private. I used to just think leftists were wrong. Now I actively dislike them and call them things I do not want my grandchildren to hear.

I hope Limbaugh starts suing the lot of them. I don't know whether he'd win but it sure would be nice to see some of them paying thousands and thousands to lawyers. Kind of like why Palin had to resign. None of those "ethics" complaints stood, each had to be defended. And, unfortunately "are you out of your mind?" is not a valid defense. although it should be.

It sure would a nicer world if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton could be slapped across the face with a glove and told "pistols at dawn, sir".

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Boots coming!

Something strange happened, Linda Lou finally let me spend a little money. It seems like I ought to declare three days feasting and celebration. So, anyhow I ordered a pair of Tony Lama boots from The Fort up there in Army Wife. Toddler Mom territory. Black Cherry is the color, and, oddly enough, this boot is discontinued and, even more odd, my boot size, which is very common, was still available. So I am getting some hundred and forty buck boots for ninety plus shipping.

Being old fashioned I also ordered some boot polish at the same time. Something I just flat do not understand is how all these folks buy expensive shoes and boots and don't bother to polish them. I mean I can polish every shoe and boot I own, and most of Linda Lou's while watching one old movie on the teevee. Two movies and the neighbor's shoes start to glisten! And yet it's hard to find a polished shoe until you get into the executive suites.

But wait! There's more! Before I turned my attention to Newbrasky City, Newbrasky, I had some business in tend to in Columbia MO. This fairly small city is known for several things, Before anyone ever heard of Carl Edwards of NASCAR there was Larry Potterfield. The Potterfields have a nice little business selling all kinds of gun related stuff, reloading supplies, gun parts, ammunition, cleaning gear, etcetera. This started off as a mail order business, now the lions share is done online with a little bit by phone. I suspect they are amazed now if they get an order by mail. Anyhow, if you need anything gun related, Midway USA probably has it.

Somehow my powder through expander die for reloading .38 and .357 ammo bit the dust, I'm not persactly sure why. So I ordered a new one of those, a new cleaning jag for my double barreled shotgun, an extra magazine for my .22 rifle and last but not least, a box of three hundred Hornady lead hollowpoint .38 bullets. I have about three bazillion hard cast bullets that might expand if I shot a bank vault with them. And I have plenty of jacketed hollowpoints, but, no soft lead HPs. Well, I will. And soon, my order has already been sent out.

I don't know excisely why Missou is such a place for mail order gun stuff businesses. In addition to Midway in Columbia, there is Graf and Sons in Mexico, MO. Between the two of them they have most of the mail order business sewn up. Of course for the precision shooters there is always Sinclair. They're someplace else, Indiana, someplace. Are the liberal nutcases going to make those folks change the name of the State to Native Americana?

Well, that's my exciting day, how about you?

Update: in the last money I will be allowed to spend until 2014 I ordered this belt. This is also Tony Lama, nicely hand stamped floral. The frightening thing is that in 1970 I still wore blue jeans with a 28 inch waist. They say that I should order a belt size two inches over my trouser size, so I ordered a size forty-two belt. Sigh. I blame Rhee Drummond. Oooh! She is going to be in Dallas on December first at the Borders on Preston Road at seven PM, signing her cookbook. Think I'll go up there and see if she'll take me for a pet. I'm housebroke! More Update: I just bemembered I finally know how to link stuff, Here are those boots. I hope I don't have to show boot polish, though.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The .351 Winchester Selfloading And Other Stories...........

Please don't ask me why I've been thinking about this obsolete carbine and load today, I just have. The .351 Winchester and the .401 Winchester were a couple of rounds put out in the early part of the 20th Century in the 07 and '10 Winchester Self Loading rifles.

The 351 might have well been the .357 Magnum of about 28 years later. It wasn't, of course, the .357 is rimmed, the .351 semirimmed, the .351 bullet is .006 inches skinnier than the .357. The ballistics are just about equal though, the .351 put a 180 grain bullet out at right around 1800 fps. The top loads in the .357 will do about the same from a rifle.

The semirimmed case of the .351 is just the thing for a self loading action's magazine, the rimmed case on the .357 is better for the lever actions.

The .351 had a nice run, from 1907 to 1957. The .401 was just a larger version, put in the 1910 Winchester, which was just the '07 on steroids. The .401 was a better hunting round, when those cartridges were new the velocity was limited and in that case, there is just no substitute for bullet weight. The .351 was a favorite of police forces, prison guards and, famously, the Border Patrol back when it was a gun fighting outfit.

When Frank Hamer and the rest of the posse helped Bonnie and Clyde assume room temperature the .351 helped poke some of the holes in the car and, perhaps, them. When the Feebs gunned down Dillinger they had the .351 as back up rifles. The tommy gun got all the publicity but on both sides of the law, the '07 Winchester was used far more.

The '07 Winchester was a short, handy shootin' iron, although fairly heavy. It had to be heavy because of it's straight blowback action. Most blowbacks are in cartridges like the .22 long rifle and the .32 acp handgun round. the more powerful the cartridge the heavier the breechblock needs to be. This is why my little .357 Mag Marlin lever action weighs six pounds and the '07 Winchester eight. They're both about thirty six inches long.

There is not much factory ammo made for the .351, nor for it's big brother the .401. There are loading dies, of course, and Buffalo Arms makes ammo, expensive enough stuff but it's there. I saw where someone is making a die to swage down .357 bullets to .351, this will work for both jacketed and cast. On cast bullets, though the lube grooves might be smushed down so much as to lose the ability to carry enough lube.

It's too bad no one will make a new model, gas operated to cut the weight of the carbine down. While it is true that, with enough practice, one can fire aimed shots with a lever action just as quickly as a semiauto, not many are willing to put in the practice.

There are many areas of the country where it's difficult for a person to own a handgun and, in spite of all the semiinformed lore, a shotgun is not always the best home defense arm. Shotguns have fairly high recoil, making a quick second or third shot difficult, especially for the smaller statured. Please note, the sound of a pump action shotgun being racked will not always make a bad guy run away, the bad guy just might peg a few shots at the noise. Please don't believe all the old wives tales.

A fast shooting carbine in the power range of the .351 or the .357 is plenty powerful enough for home defense, not to mention, just the sort of thing that could have kept that elderly woman from being half killed by that bunch of raccoons in Florida not long ago. Note: it's fine to want to shoo off wild critters from your porch. Just have a little something in your hands if they don't feel like shooing.

A lot of folks want to keep something along the lines of an AR-15 or an Ak clone or an SKS instead of a handgun. There are now some loads for the AR round, the .223 that are designed to not overpenetrate, they're very expensive but we can use regular ammo for practice. I would not take very many rounds of .223 going off inside the house before a lifetime of "what? I can't hear you" though. Which is better, of course than saying "you have to speak up because I'm dead" but, still.

If I were the president of Remington or Savage, Marlin or Colt or S&W I'd have my engineers design a carbine weighing about six pounds or so in a modernized form of the .351. I'd have them build it with a tube magazine so it would take the rimmed .38s and .357s, though and this would also get around the idiot politicians in places like California and Illinois. As long as the tube was able to take nine rounds, that's plenty for any gunfight a civilian would live through. My little .357 Marlin carbine takes nine .357 or ten .38s in the tube, I keep it loaded with seven around the house to not stress the magazine spring. It stays handy in case of rabid-y coyotes or tractor thieves.

If I lived in a city where handguns were a problem I'd load that carbine with the old FBI or Chicago Load in .38 Special. That soft lead hollowpoint bullet would clock a hundred or two hundred more feet per second out of the longer barrel or very close to what the .357 does out of a revolver.

Since nobody makes a good semi-auto .357 and the last .351 SL rolled out of the Winchester plant in 1957 I'll stick with the Marlin or the Brazilian or Italian clones of the 1892 Winchester. There is another added attraction to these, too. If you're ever unlucky enough to need to use it, the lever actions just scream cowboy and "good guy" to a jury.

Still, I'd love to have an '07 Winchester in .351. They were plumb cool.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A New Flag Over Kamdeysh

So I was trying to figure out what was up with the Nobel Peace Prize crowd when I saw that they had decided to give the prize to Obama, who has done, exactly, what? His biggest feat so far seems to be that he helped Michelle dig that vegetable garden, only to discover that the lead level in the soil is to high to actually eat the veggies.

Then I discovered the reason. It is not because he's stopped any fighting, anywhere in the world, he hasn't. It's not because he stopped any genocide anywhere, everywhere there was killing on January 19, 2009 there was killing on January 22, 2009.

If the Nobel crowd wanted to get into the internal politics of the USA (perish the thought!) it's not because he managed to ram through a federal takeover of health care, nope, hasn't done that.

He hasn't turned around the world or national economy, so what HAS he done? Aside from not being George W. Bush, I mean. And if they're giving the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George W. Bush, well I've not been George W. Bush for about sixteen or so years longer than Obama has, where's my prize? Heck, Cynthia Yockey's Daddy is in his nineties, he should get two or three prizes!

No, it had to be more than just not being George W. Bush, the world is crammed to the gunnels of men and women who are not now, nor have they ever been George W. Bush. Many of those people have done more for world peace than Obambi has, too. Obama hasn't even managed to get Google to get rid of the red mis-spelled word underline under his name!

Then I saw it, the headline saying that the Taliban's white flag is now flying over Kamdeysh. The only thing this clown has done since hitting the national stage, managed to hand the Taliban a victory, we pulled out after losing some eight troops killed and an unknown (to me anyway) number of wounded, while killing well over a hundred bad guys. Usually, killing a boxcar load of bad guys while losing eight is considered a victory.

Not in this war, er, overseas contingency operation, though. Once we pulled out the bad guys took over. It wouldn't matter if they'd lost ten thousand and we'd had one troopie get a hangnail, they have the town. In the language of Afghanistan and Pakistan, they won.

It does not matter what I think, the Taliban and AlQueda aren't trying to recruit me. It matters what the illiterate Afghani and Pakistani think. And what the Muslims all over the world think.

And it seems that it matters to that Nobel crowd. Hey! Obama lost a battle. let's give him the prize! Maybe he'll lose the war! I don't quite know what these fools think will happen once we lose in AfPak and pull out of Iraq and the bad guys take over Pakistan's nukes, Iran gets it's nukes up and running and Europe become Muslim. Eh, maybe they'll like it.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Now He Tells Us.

So I was looking over Prof Reynold's site, mainly to see if he had any puppy tails sticking out of his smoothie glass and noticed a link to the latest Richard Cohen piece. The whole gist of the piece is that he is now wondering if Obama has the backbone for the job he has.

Um, y'all have to excuse me for being a pore dumb redneck but shouldn't the media have been asking these questions, oh, I don't know, during the Primaries? I think the mainstream media is starting to get really scared. They did not do their job of vetting the Candidate, he is making a fool of himself, which is okay, and he is making the United States look foolish. This is not okay.

I am unsure just how many lives depend of fear of the United States of America. The Democrats let the world stop fearing the United States back in the mid70s, the NVA came roaring out of North Viet Nam, we never did find out exactly how many died then, RVN soldiers, dying at one roadblock after another when the promised ammo and air support did not come, how many died in the Reeducation camps, how many boat people drowned or were murdered by pirates. We know that it was a lot closer to two million than one million Cambodians who died.

Does anyone know how many Afghanis died when the Soviets made their move? Not to mention how many Russian conscripts.

We mostly scated through the Clinton Administration on the military buildup of Reagan and Bush the elder. We do not have that cushion now, we've used our military hard and, all through Bush 43's Administration, we could not get Congress to replace the equipment fast enough, nor bulk up the military to keep it big enough to rest and refit the men and women.

We went into this fight with ten active duty Divisions in the whole US Army. A Division consists of nine battalions plus artillery, transport, etc. We also had, and have, a few Brigade Combat Teams and the Sneaky Petes. Now the whole idea of not growing the military was because they didn't want to have another two or three Divisions worth of troops for a few years and then have to downsize, right after a bunch of those new troopies reenlisted. This many troops, many would reenlist, then when the downsizing came, we'd have to let a bunch of ten and twelve year troops go. It wouldn't help much to just stop enlistments for a while and let junior NCOs back down in rank, lower ranking soldiering in a young man's game. Okay, now women, too. By the time a feller has been in for twelve years he's not going to have the knees to hump all that armor, plus a ruck. I don't think they could move that many infantry troops into the other Branches or Services, either.

Of course, here it is, over eight years past 9/11 and no end in sight. Had we raised, say, three more Army Divisions, with a like increase in the Marines, Air Force and Navy, we'd have far better rested troops. We'd have more Helos, which seem to be the sticking point in AfPak. and with the Iranians, causing trouble, not to mention the Philippines, Thailand, and this just off the top of my head, seems we could make use of more troops for long enough to recruit them, train them and keep them occupied until retirement.

We aren't going to do it, though. I wonder how many will die because we didn't?

Monday, October 05, 2009


So, it seems we lost eight dead soldiers plus a couple of Afghans and they aren't telling how many wounded in sieges of some outposts around someplace called Kamdeysh in Afghanistan. I don't know anything about persactly where that is, someplace close to Pakistan according to Michelle Malkin.

Here is what I don't understand. I know war is a risky thing, I know we lose entirely too many young men, and now women, in wars. That's why we ought to go into them carefully and, once in, take them seriously. It sure doesn't look like anyone is taking this one very seriously.

I admit, I don't know what those outposts were supposed to be doing. I do know, from the scanty information provided in the Washington Post that Michelle is quoting, the bad guys got up on the mountain slopes above those outposts and fired down at them.

Um, okay, again, I only served one hitch as an enlisted man. I never went to a fine military college but still, what in the ever loving blue eyed world are we doing allowing the bad guys to get the high ground and fire down at our troops?

Who is running that area? Who thinks it's a good idea to let the bad guys fire from above the walls of the outposts? It doesn't do a whole lot of good to pile sandbags and get behind those thick mud walls if the bad guys can fire right down into you with rockets and rifles.

Seems that we're planning to leave that outpost but lack the heavy lift helicopters to do so, plus the Afghan government doesn't want us to. Wonderful.Why don't we have the whirlybirds? Do we not have about twelve bazillion UAW workers out of work? Just how difficult would it be to re-train those guys to build helos? Did we not, with less than half the population we have now, make enough aircraft to fill the skies over Germany and Japan?

We had something like 13 million people in uniform then, too. Okay, I don't think we really need an eight million man army, with a Navy and Marine Corps to match. We probably do not need to build the equivalent of 18,000 B-24s and 12,000+ B17s in helos, either. But, with unemployment the way it is we should have no trouble at all recruiting another couple of divisions of soldiers and another few regiments of Marines. Just don't put them on low ground with the bad guys gaily flitting around the mountains around them with rockets.

And find out who decided to put that outpost on the low ground. Take him out back and shoot him.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fools On The Throttle.

The American train is in deep trouble. Seems the Yankees have burned the trestle up ahead and Obambi has the throttle jammed hard against the stop while Michelle is using those burnished arms to shovel in more and more coal. Meanwhile all the fools in this Administration are sitting in the club cars, thinking they're doing something right as the nation sheds jobs and wealth at an ever increasing pace.

I was going to take the weekend off. Read, watch a couple of NASCAR races, maybe take a few pictures of my varmint/target rifle that I'm afraid to try to shoot anymore, now that my right hand is growing in it's numbness. I have to decide what to do with that thing.

Instead, though, here I am, writing about this collection of waterhead looking mofos who cannot seem to get their heads around the fact that there are people out there that want them dead!People who will soon gain nuclear weapons. Not just the Norks, not just that clown Imadinnerjacket in Tehran, if Obama and company don't start paying attention they'll have Pakistan's nukes as well.

Meanwhile this clown goes to Copenhagen and makes a fool out of his whole administration, then has a whopping twenty-five minutes to meet with General MacChrystal, on the tarmac. Okay, so Air Force One is one heck of an aircraft, it's still not a complete meeting room where MacC can have his staff lay out a complete plan.

Bear in mind that I'm just a one hitch, low ranked veteran living in the country but I see some heavy duty nuclear warfare coming up that will be all the fault of our inaction.

Scenario number One: Obama sits on his thumb, wiggling it at times just for the sensation and Iran gets a couple of bombs which they promptly fire at Israel. Israel retaliates, if only with the cruise missiles on her submarines. Remember, Israel's motto, Never again. Remember the rest of that motto, if again, not us alone.If Israel goes her last act will be to make sure that the surviving world knows that it is no longer safe to kill Jews. Tehran, Tabriz and Qom gone, Riyadh and Damascus gone, perhaps as far as Jakarta, all radioactive ruins. Every major Muslim city within range of Israels nukes, gone. Will they go for other gentile cities? Berlin and Paris, Moscow? Cities belonging to those who could have stopped the mad Mullahs? Perhaps even Washington? I do not know. Does Axlerod?

Scenario Two: Obama and his crowd decide the support of the left wing of the Democrats is too important and pulls out of Afghanistan. Or Scenario Two B, keeps a few troops over there getting killed and accomplishing very little. Anyhow, the wild eyed crazies take over all of Pakistan's nukes. India fires some of it's own missiles in an attempt to neutralize Pakistans but only gets ninety percent. There goes Bombay or, what do they call it now, Mumbles? So, India shoots off a bunch more, there goes Islamabad and Karachi, etc. then of course, China will feel the need to get involved and fires off some of it's big ol' roman candles , which, thanks to Bill Clinton's crooks in office, they can now aim accurately.

So, India, as it dies, fires off the rest of hers at China. So, there goes our tech support phone lines and our cheap toys and stuff.

Scenario Three: The wild eyed crazies don't completely take over Pakistan, just enough of it to gain a bout a dozen nukes and puts them in containers on board ships heading toward various ports, oh, how about Los Angles, , Baltimore, Houston, Hamburg, San Francisco, Naples, Portland, Seattle or Tacoma, wherever that big port is up there, New York, and on until they run out of nukes.

Scenario Four. The Norks do something stupid. Nah, not the Norks, they'd never do anything stupid, would they?

Meanwhile, the entire world just watched this big eared grinning idiot go to Copenhagen and read from his pair of teleprompters, shifting from one to the other with metronomic precision, a speech full of "I" and "me". Then they watched him get shot down in the first round. Every Thugocracy on the planet has taken notice. Every cheap bully and thug in the world is making plans now.

This is what we have. Thanks, fifty-two percenters. I hope you like it. I won't.

PS. Anyone in the media noticing how long it's taking to fix American Samoa after the Tsunami? Is Sean Penn down there in a leaky boat yet?

Friday, October 02, 2009

Waiting For Pie

I'm still simply flabbergasted about Hollywood's support for confessed child rapist Roman Polanski. I mean even if that is the way these chowderheads think, should not have someone quietly whisper in their ears a little something about who buys movie tickets? Just because the last good movie out of Hollywood was The Shootist does not mean they should deliberately try to alienate the populace.

There is a parcel of land not far from here, a couple-three hundred acres, lots of rolling pasture and some oak woods, we could build a few sound stages and make movies out here, no child molesters allowed. Of course, this being Texas I'm pretty sure those who like to drug and rape thirteen year olds would voluntarily stay out.

Funny, though, all these sophisticates on the coasts love to talk about those of us in flyover country and our unsavory ways, how they like to talk about us sleeping with our sisters and such. Well, it doesn't get more sophisticated than Polanski, now, does it?

It's going to be a very long month, the way the system works is we get our retirement checks on the fourth Wednesday of the month. So, this last month ended on the fifth Wednesday and so the fourth Wed seems like it will be forever getting here. Not going to be many steaks over blue cheese and onion sauce.

Luckily, there will be pie. At least the one cooling in the kitchen now, plus the blueberry one later in the month. Linda Lou backed me a dark sweet cherry pie tonight and if I don't pass out from exhaustion before it's cool enough to eat I'll have a big piece for lunch tomorrow.

Is there something odd about it being a big deal to get store bought canned pie filling in a store bought crust? To think, I married this woman for her cooking. Fooled me. Oh well, she married me for my money. Fooled her!

There is a very good article in The American Thinker by Robin of Berkeley questioning whether Obama is evil or is an empty suit being run by evil people. I do lean toward the empty suit, he does not seem to do anything as President except constantly holler "look at me, I'm President!" He has allowed the Donk Congresscritters to completely take over his legislative agenda. A couple of the commenters have mentioned his empty eyes as evidence of evil, just as likely they're evidence of emptiness. I could be persuaded either way. As a matter of fact I don't see any good reason he can't be empty and evil.

I don't have a whole lot to say, I think I wrote myself out. Don't be surprised if I'm not back here until Monday unless something exciting shows up in the news.

Update: Back when I had a faint chance of seeing my feet while standing Linda Lou made cheesecakes once in a while. She often used dark sweet cherry pie filling to top it. So, the other week when we were going through the Dallas suburb where some of our doctors are I stopped in an Albertsons and bought some. Linda Lou used this for that pie. Note. Use this pie filling as a topping, perhaps over pancakes or waffles, maybe half and half with tart cherries. This pie filling is much too sweet to use alone in a pie. Believe me, when I say something is too sweet, it's too sweet. My normal diet would turn Ichabod Crane diabetic.