Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Round Up The Illegal Guns!

 Ever wonder why Nanny Bloomberg and the Chicago Pansy Rham and the rest of those clowns are always bothering legal gun shops out of their jurisdictions? If they're so wound up about illegal guns, why don't they go after them on their own turf? It's not as if they care about the Fourth Amendment and, by the time the court case wended it's way up the chain to the Supreme Court the guns would have been destroyed and they would be long out of office.

 No, the reason they don't go after the guns is because the guns that cause all the trouble in the big cities are in the hands of gang bangers who don't give a rat's patootie about what Nanny Bloomberg wants. Nor would said gangbangers give up their illegal firearms, they'd fight. They wouldn't fight particularly well, of course but there would still be plenty of those big police funerals and lots and lots of wounded police eating up the municipal budget.

 To get rid of the gangs would require major battles inside our urban areas. And it wouldn't be won without a very high cost in lives, including citizens caught in the crossfire. More citizens than cops and gangbangers combined, more likely.  And if they really went after the gangs, the gangs would not just go after the police but, also the politicos.

 Let's extrapolate. Suppose Feinstein gets her dream bill signed into law. A whole lot of Americans would be faced with a choise, register or even have to turn them in or become criminals. I would guess, off the top of my head, that at least ten percent would oil their shooters up and hide them. At the rate the politicos are going, it's liable to be far more than ten percent. It is very diffifcult to have much respect for the federal law when the federal government, which is not empowered to spend a dime without a budget has been four years without a budget. If Congress won't obey the law, why should anyone?

 About one third of Americans own one or more firearms. DiFi wants to turn those Americans into criminals.

Itty Bitty Miniature Miners Had To Work Overtime

 The pans all went to the hot place, I was supposed to get the stent put in while Linda Lou was still in the rehab hospital, instead they discharged her the day before I was scheduled for the procedure. So, instead, I picked her up and we spent the night at our daughter and son in law's house. So, we played with the grandsons some and the next morning Dean drove me to the hospital and stayed with me for an hour or so, then he went home.His job allows him to work from home most of the time, except for when it's a face to face thing.

 The next thing I knew I was in the recovery room to find that the procedure took three times as long as they'd planned. I'm a little fuzzy on the details but what they do is make an incision in the groin, then they send in a bunch of itty bitty miners to dig out the blockage and then shore it up so the artery stays open, then the itty bitty miners go to the saloon and chase the itty bitty saloon girls.

 So they went in and found they could not dig through the collapsed tunnel, so they pulled them all out, made an incision on the other side of my groin, worked their way up and found that this tunnel was half blocked. So they dug it out, shored it up and grafted a new tunnel leading to the blocked artery, then they sewed me up and made me stay overnight. I'm pretty sure those itty bitty miners were too tired to chase the itty bitty saloon girls.

 Anyhow after some hospital trials and tribulations they let me out the next morning, Stephanie and Linda Lou came and bailed me out. Nothing really hurts but the sewn up incisions and those only hurt when I am going from standing to sitting or vice versa. I'm kind of glad Obamacare isn't fully implemented yet, I think if it was they'd have offered me the blue pill.

 Anyhow, we got back to Dean and Steph's and after resting a tad we loaded up the car and drove out here to Resume Speed, Texas. Lat night there was some exciting weather, high winds and torrents of rain, I knew nothing of it because I was pretty well out of it. Poor Princess was stuck in the back yard through it all, Bingo T. Pug was next door.

 We stopped on the way home to pick up Linda Lou's new glasses and then stopped to get our mountain of medications. I'd dropped Linda Lou off at Wally World for her glasses, then put the scripts in at the drive up window, went back and lo and behold there was one of those little electric buggy things right there at the parking spot so I rode around, found Linda Lou and we went back to the pharmacy, I carried my book in and read until the seventeen scripts were filled.

 I'm not quite sure what I've done to make the taxpayers spend so much money on me, they just think I'm lovable I reckon. It's funny though, our health insurance premiums did not go down when the government told them that they are now my secondary insurance, Medicare is my primary. So, thank you, taxpayers. The thing I dislike most about Medicare and Social Security is how few people say thank you and how many say I want more.

 Anyhow, I'm alive and home and now I'm getting off this computer and going into the living room and give Bingo T. Pug the lap he has been missing. While I was gone I recorded some old Gunsmokes and some Bonanzas, as well as Silverado.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

God Takes Care Of Children, Fools And Drunks.

 I overslept today, having a three PM appointment at Medical City, Dallas for my presurgery tests and paperwork. So I left the house without eating and scurried on my way to get there, forgetting little details like gassing up the car and getting some cash. I got to Medical City on time and sailed through my tests and paperwork, it took about an hour and a half, by then I was hungry enough to start crying, but I didn't.

 I marched to the ATM in the building atrium and plugged my card in, punched in my P. I. N. and got an error, I'd forgot my PIN. So I called Linda Lou, she couldn't remember my P. I. N., either. So, there I was, with the car in their parking garage, without any cash to get it out, and no, the garage wouldn't take my card.

 So, I called Linda Lou back, luckily our youngest boy works in a bank, not too far away, he slid down with Linda Lou's card and her P. I. N. written down. I marched back to the ATM and HER P. I. N. didn't work.  Shucks, and other comments. Meanwhile, Micheal had driven off, me still broke with the car in the parking garage. So, I called Michel back, got him turned around and got him to take his card and get a little cash. Tonight I do not hate cell phones as much as usual.

 I paid the ransom on our asexual grandparentmobile and went and bought gas, at least I can still remember my ZIP code. To use the card as a credit card for buying gas at the pump requires the ZIP.  The handbook for our car claims a twenty gallon fuel tank. The fill up took a little more than twenty-one gallons.  The car gas one of those distance to empty widgets on it and I've run it down to zero plenty of times. I've always planned on loading a couple of the lawn mower gas cans on and when the D to E  thing reads zero to push the trip odometer and see how far I could go. Well, I was kind of frazzled when I left from home and I think I read like ten or twelve on the D to E. And I drove to north Dallas, about sixty miles.

 God takes care of children and fools.  and He took care of me while I was drunk all those years, not to mention everyone I didn't kill while drunk.

 I finally got to the rehab hospital to see Linda Lou, they're letting her come home Monday. The original plan was for me to get this stent put in while she was still in the hospital. The new plan is for me to pick her up, take her to Stephanie's and spend the night with them, have one of the kids drive me to the hospital, call them when I'm ready to leave, spend that night with them and go home the next day. Bingo T. Pug will spend the night with Patsy.

 Anyhow, that was my big adventure. I'm not quite sure how I constantly get myself into these messes but, there we are.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Socialist Educrat Taking Over The Service Academies?

 So I was over at the Puppy Blender's Site yesterday and  saw where some kind of Terrorism Center at the United States Military at West Point, the place where they turn promising high school grads into embryo professional Army Officers, put out a report saying that the biggest danger of terrorism is from right wing Americans. The guy responsible for this "report" is the boss of the Sociology  Dept.

 I'm not sure where he got any evidence of right wing terrorism from Americans, Seems the terrorism is coming from Muslims and the left. The NRA has set no firebombs or attacked any research center like the Animal Liberation Front and The Earth Liberation Front. And The Southern Baptists may disapprove of dancing but haven't set off any bombs . The loser Nazis and KKK types are all left wing, contrary to scholarly opinion, since most "scholars" looking into things like this try to excuse the slaughters of Mao and Stalin and claim that if only they were in charge, this time socialism will work.

 I believe it was Thomas Sowell who popularized the saying "an idea so stupid only an intellectual could believe it."

 This clown, teaching the young men and women who will be released to care for the very lives of their soldiers is in the wrong line of work. He should be standing on a street corner somewhere, ranting and raging against the very people who paid the taxes to fund the left wing centers that filled his mind with utter drivel.

 There is no danger of terrorism from the people who go to rallies and leave the parks cleaner than they found them. The State and Federal Governments could actually save a little mone. Simply announce some policy that only a University Womyn's Study Professor could want, the TEA Party folks will show up, when they leave the Capitol Grounds would be squeaky clean.

 Meanwhile the drug gangs have taken over large swaths of our biggest cities, the border security is a lame joke and we are borrowing forty-one cents of every dollar we spend. And we are spending this money illegally, the Senate has stopped the voting on the National Budget. Now I'm just a pore dumb redneck who got his GED in the Service and never finished college but I seem to remember from my high school classes that there must be a budget, continuing resolutions don't make it.

 Yet the right is the danger. Um-hmm. And this clown is indoctrinating our future military leaders. Or trying to. Thank God these kids will all be in the care of long time Sergeants. These ideas will get our soldiers killed. Worse, these ideas will lead to officers who do not understand what the military is for. Of course we already have that with the Generals tamely accepting the "green on blue" murders in Afghanistan.. Hint to the politicians wearing uniforms:  The military doesn't rebuild societies. The military goes in, kills people and breaks things until the bad guys scream' Oh, God! Please stop!" Then can come the State Department and the Peace Corps. And the military goes back to it's best job, standing around looking so fierce that nobody wants to start something. And the military is failing at that job. Our ground troops are worn out from repeated deployments, our ships are pretty much decrepit and our aircraft aging. Worse, we're sending lightly armed infantry where we should be sending tactical nukes.

 We have tried, since at least the Bush 41 Administration, to just kill the bad guys and we try to avoid a war with Islam. Which sounds good but we simply cannot raise enough infantry to kill Jihadis as fast as the Madrasas make them. If we kill twenty of them and they kill one of ours, they win. We simply do not have the young men to fill up the ranks of the riflemen. The days of taking farm boys in and tying a strand of straw to one shoe and hay to the other, teaching them to march by counting out hay foot, straw foot, handing them a musket differing only in cosmetics from the squirrel rife at home and having them march in formation, by the regiment up and fire once and give them the bayonet, those days are long gone. Heck, we don't have many farm boys left.

 Today a PFC is probably smarter than at least half of the kids his age on a college campus and is certainly in better shape. Meanwhile the Madrasas churn out thousands of young men who only know the commandments of Jihad. And they are willing to tape explosives to their crotch and get on an airliner. They are willing to put explosive vests on and kill themselves to take out a Corporal. Their leaders are willing to seek out the mentally challenged and tape bombs to them. Funny how those leaders are too important to die themselves.

 We aren't going to win this fight until we take it to Saudi Arabia and to Pakistan, and the rest of those places that teach the killing of Infidels.

 And the Service Academies are teaching the young leaders of our armed forces that Uncle Bill, the deer hunting, tax paying veteran is the real enemy. Somehow I think our tax dollars, not to mention the forty-one borrowed cents out of every dollar the federal government spends are wasted.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost Stupid Enough To Believe A Democrat

 So Linda Lou is on her way to the Rehab Hospital, she should be going there later today or on Saturday. Meanwhile, my Neuro Doc gave me a new prescription to help with my shakes. Unfortunately it makes me real sleepy and unambitious, also seems to make me even stupider than normal.

 I cannot seem to get too interested in the destruction of my country due to the clown car administration. Someone please tell me if this batch of inflamed anuses screaming for raised taxes: does even one of these clowns actually pay his or her taxes or do they all screech for higher taxes on the mom and pop businesses while doing everything possible to avoid their own? They all seem to know full well that any tax increase can be avoided by their own little army of lawyers and accountants. does Obama know even one honest person?

 Kind of like gun control, they all know that no matter what laws are made for me, their little armies of gun-toting thugs, er, security will be unaffected. Oh well, it doesn't bother me as mine all went down in that tragic canoe accident. Funny, though, I was reading Rachel Lucas' blog the other day and it seems that, while she was in Italy her family all went out on some kind of hillbilly picnic and barbecue and all HER guns went down in a canoe accident, too. Oh well, it seems that learning canoe paddling is difficult. 'Specially for rednecks like me and hillbillies like Rachel's family. And maybe others. Seems that learning canoe is a big deal these days. And with all these gun grabbin' S.O.B.s around everyone is takin' their iron everywhere they go.

 I read that after that New York newspaper published the names and addresses of the pistol permit holders at least two burglaries have been reported of those houses. Oddly the newspaper reporting the crimes is a newspaper in the United Kingdom. Seems the Brit papers are doing the work American papers won't do. Y'know, it's bad enough we have uninformed voters, do we have to have deliberately misinformed voters? If we only had honest newspapers. Sigh. When the shootin' starts we'll have to burn down all the J-Schools.

 Whoa! Just spilled the brine from the jar, tryin' to get the last few olives out. Stupid pills. I understand the biggest problem of the "homeless" population. There are pills that can make many, if not most, of the mentally ill able to live outside of the big old mental hospitals that were so infamous for their ill treatment of the mentally ill. Trouble is, most of those pills have unpleasant side effects, kind of like this new pill. My Doc says to give these pills awhile, I should, and that is the operative word, should, become accustomed to them. Until then? Well, the mentally ill simply refuse to take those pills, and I'm not sure I blame them if the effects are worse than the ones I'm having. If, as promised, we had the halfway houses and such where the mentally ill could be required to take those pills or, back to the loony bin,  We don't have that, we have the streets. So, instead of people trained to handle the mentally ill, we have law enforcement officers.

 If it were not for the mentally ill and addiction, we wouldn't HAVE a homeless problem. We'd have a few camps on the edge of towns where the bindlestiffs hung out until they found a temporary job and a room, until the next time the wanderlust hit them. They weren't a big problem, a chicken went into the pot once in a while, a shirt off the chothes line but they weren't pooping in doorways like we have now. Nor did bindlestiffs shoot up schools, although there used to be iron in some of those packs. I grew up in a railroad town. We used to go shooting in a gully just outside town and the traveling bums used to camp at the bridge, right where the gully joined The Creek. So, we'd see them all the time, when we got into our teens we'd always bring a couple of cans of something, leftovers from roasts and such, we'd be welcome to eat at their camp as long as we brought something. These men (and a few women) were not like today's homeless, sure, if there was a bottle it'd disappear quick enough but, then see what happens to a bottle at a hunting camp, after the guns are put away and the lies discussions started. No, those men were always with us, in the old west they rode the grubline, in my boyhood they followed the harvests. I dunno what they do today, the harvests are done by illegals, the society is so papered and controlled.

 Anyhow, I'd really like to see an honest study of that pills these shooters of today had taken and were taking . what pills they had been put on but quit because of side effects. Columbine, VA Tech, the Colorado theater shooter, pretty much all of them had mental problems and they all had fathers who were either gone or were very distant.

 I also wonder why Obama had all those kids around him when he was speechifying about guns but that he never seemed to give a rat's patootie about all those mostly black, mostly young murder victims of Chicago, where they have perfect gun control laws.

 Well, anyway, here is the deal, I'm going to keep taking these pills until my next visit with the Neuro Doc. Unless the increasing dose make me unable to drive. If anyone reading this notices me starting to approve of this clown car administration, though, PLEASE come and take those pills away from me. I'd rather shake.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 Well, we went up to the kid's place on Sunday, it started with a belated B'Day Party for William at some place called "Jump Street". You know those bounce castles folks rent out? Well it seems there is this big ol' warehouse like structure with huge "carpets" of those bounce balloon type things and folks pay to let their kids bounce around, lookin' the fool. And no soundproofing.  I am reasonably sure that the place would fail an EPA noise test. I looked, no soundproofing. I ended up sitting in the car, reading No Greater Courage, a novel of the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg.

 From there we went to the kid's house and, at 5:30 AM, got up to go to the hospital. I made the mistake of not turning on the car radio for traffic reports as soon as we got in, when I was actually on the off ramp/on ramp to the "freeway" the herd slowed to a near standstill. I turned on the radio then and got the word that there was some accident up ahead that had all but one lane closed and we should take an alternate route. Oh, Bother! and other colorful phrases. So it took maybe twenty minutes to the next exit where we bailed. Eventually we got to the hospital, after some more trials and tribulations, did I mention that I don't like cities and don't like traffic, we got to the hospital.

 We had got some calls before, one saying that, due to a cancellations, Linda Lou' surgery had been moved up a couple hours, one saying, no, we should go in at the original scheduled time. Mmmph. So we managed to make it at the time we were supposed to be there, only to find we were at the wrong end of the hospital. We eventually manged to get to the right place and, waited.

 They finally came and got us and put us in a little pre-op room where folks poked and prodded, took temps and pressures and asked the same questions, over and over. Eventually someone noticed that the room was flooding, seems it was a bathroom shared with the next little pre-op room and someone left the sink running with a plugged drain. It wasn't me.

 Then they took Linda Lou away and I went back to the day surgery waiting room. They had one little desk there with an electric outlet so I set up the laptop and tried to read The Puppyblender and Frnak J and all the rest of my routine, just like always. Pamibe didn't have anything new, she's making up for it today, though, and I found that I was too tired and grumpy (not worried, though. Me worry?) to concentrate so I started watching YouTube videoes. I eventually found a string of around a bazillion Pug shorts so that's what I was doing.  Eventually I had around twelve thousand little kids around, watching Pugs. I'm not sure but I think a couple neighboring Preschools let out and sent their kids, too. Oh, well, it kept the kids occupied and let grandparents and wives and husbands sit and worry.

 Eventually Doc Buch came in and told be he was all through and her knee had been a mess. I asked him if he thought we'd come all that way to let him mess with a perfectly good knee? He made comments about me making an office in the waiting room and I said I'd take whatever comfort I could find. anyway e told me they'd come get me in a while and tell me where in the hospital they'd spirited my Linda Lou. So, I sat. Then I sat some more. Finally, I went don the hall to pee and then, thinking that maybe they'd come in while I was gone, went and asked. Everyone had pretty much gone home and so they chewed me out for doing what the Doc told me. always ask the nurse, she said. Excuse me, lady. I'm a married man and my Linda Lou doesn't like it when some other woman orders me around, that's HER job.

 So, anyhow, I finally saw Linda Lou, she's okay.

 I waited until past dark and after the very worst of the afternoon traffic had subsided and then I drove home to dogs that were very glad to see me.  CAP was lucky enough that the precip had waited until after I was home, Bigo T. Pug was at Patsy's. So, I got home, fixed a big fat turkey pastrami and cheddar on pumpernickel and a can of Van Camp's  Pork'n'beans with a couple pickle wedges. Then I watched old Gunsmokes and Bonanzas we'd recorded on The Western Channel, went to bed and woke up with snow.

 and so, now I've got Linda Lou's computer hooked up to my broadband, if I had a router, and knew what to do with it I could be in the living room.Instead, Bingo and I are in my cramped and overfull "study/reloading room. Princess is wandering the house, lookin' for her Mama.

 In answer to Pamibe's question, the computer that needs a new video card (whatever that is) is a Dell Studio 435T. The video cards seem to go up in price the more complex the games one plays. Well, sometimes I play solotaire. Mostly it's YouTubes, Blogs, news sites and

 Anyhow, thanks to everyone that said a prayer for Linda Lou. Her knees are both fixed, she's a ways from coming back because her muscles have gotten pretty weak from all this but, they had her on her feet a little. Now, it's off to rehab with her, I hope.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here We Go! Round Two, Knee Rebuild!

 So we are due up at someplace called Jump Street in Plano, Texas tomorrow for my grandson Williams "official birthday party." His actual b'day was a couple of weeks back but, logistics. We are going up to spend the night at Dean and Steph's, then at ODark-Fifteen or so we drive from there to this hospital in far North Dallas, not the one I'll get the stent in but another one on the LBJ "Freeway".

 Now Dallas has a homeless problem, just like every other city but they seem to handle it differently. What they do is put them all in cars so they drive around the freeways and roads, aimlessly. Rush hour for the LBJ Freeway starts at twelve-thirty-five AM and ends at Eleven-fifty-three PM.  My hatred for Dallas is only exceeded by my hatred for Houston. Dallas was once a pretty nice town, I think that was in 1876. Houston should have stayed a swamp.

 Anyhow, I shall be out of pocket for the next couple of days. Patsy will keep Bingo. T. Pug and poor ol' CAP will just have to stay in her yard. If I don't get back Monday night Patsy will throw a pitcher of water and food over the fence, hopefully into her food dish and water bucket.

 Then I shall be temporarily single until Linda Lou gets out of the hospital and then the rehab hospital (?).  Well, it's got a few docs, lotsa nurses and physical terrorists and the same kind of rules all over but they might call it sumpin' else. Linda Lou says I can bring another woman in while she's gone but she'll have to clean the house.

 In other news the video card in my big fancy Dell computer is dead and I need another one. So, I got online to price video cards and they range from dirt cheap to hundreds of dollars. All I want to do is mess around on the intertoobz and watch the odd YouTube, and of course

 So, if anyone at all knows anything about what a video card is, etc. All I know is that it makes the screen show stuff. And it is allegedly replaceable by a computer savvy peep like my SIL, but HE won't take me by the hand and help me buy it.

 Oh well, until I figger it out, there is Linda Lou's desktop as she will have the laptop.

 Anyhoo, wish us luck!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


 There are a lot of news stories about the bazillions of firearms being sold these days and how dealers have hardly any "military looking" rifles left in stock. No one seems to be mentioning ammo.

 I, of course, have no firearms left after that tragic canoe wreck I had but I still have some suppliers in my "bookmarks". I had a bad case of can't sleep the other night and so after I read all the blog posts I cared to and after I got tired of I looked in on my ammo and components suppliers. Folks, there ain't none.

 Go to and find bare shelves. For instance every single box of .22lr hollowpoint ammo is marked "out of stock, no backorder.  Most of the popular handgun cartridges are gone, and just TRY to find some .223, .308 or 7.62x39.

 Shotgun ammo? There are only two, out of thirty-five choices of 12 gauge two and three quarter inch buckshot loads available and I don't reckon they'll be available for long. So if you want some  call yesterday. Of course the Winchester copper plated double ought buck is kind of pricey and the other load, a low recoil buckshot load is in an eighty round box. I've seen a few gunfights and read of many more, I've never heard of one using up eighty rounds of shotgun ammo.

 I'm kind of curious. With all these folks buying rifles, pistols, shotguns and ammo, just how many of 'em are going to carry their shootin' irons down to the local commissar when the "sensible gun regulation" becomes a total ban? And, just whom will the politicos choose to go door to door to arrest these millions of new criminals?

 Nanny Bloomberg and Swishy Rham (NTTAWWT) know where the gangs are. They have a pretty fair idea of who they are. They certainly don't care much about the various Constitutional Amendments about search and seizure and right to property so why haven't they send their city police out to round them up? Heck, by the time the arrests and confiscation worked their way through the court system most of the gangbangers would be past the most dangerous age and the guns would have been melted down to make Chevy Volts and bird killing windmills. So, why don't they go after the illegal guns?

 The answer is simple, they'd lose a lot of their police officers. And the rest would decide on a different line of work. So, instead of going after the criminals they are going after millions of law abiding citizens and thousands of law abiding businesses. So, what about the millions of brand new criminals? That is what we'll have if DiFi gets her way. And exactly what percentage of these brand new criminals will shoot?

 You smart people in media and politics should consider that question very carefully. A lot depends on it.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Visit To The Vascular Surgeon.

 I drove up to see the vascular surgeon that is supposed to try to fix the circulation in my leg. To start with, either the nurse at my internist's office misspoke or my Linda Lou misunderstood, the circulation problem is not in my right foot but my left leg. This is great news because in early 1967 that right leg was badly broken with bones going out the skin and Lord only knows how much entering. And if that lower leg and foot were not getting any circulation it would be likely to be from vein and arterial damage, poorly repaired from 'way back then.

 Instead, the problem is some ninety percent blockage of some big artery in my poor fat belly. So the plan is to make an incision in my crotch (careful, there, Doc!) and run a catheter up my femoral artery, when it hits the block to blow up an itty-bitty balloon. They will then shore it up so it doesn't collapse again, kind of like the way the old gold miners used to nail timber shoring up.

 I am pleased that the solution seems simple. I shall go up early on Jan 28th, see Linda Lou in whatever rehab hospital that Doc Buch has her in after her knee rebuild, then spend the night with Dean and Stephanie in Plano. They will roll me out of bed, not give me any coffee or breakfast (grrr!) and carry me to Med City, Dallas to arrive at six AM. Then they'll put me to sleep and I'll wake up, hopefully not gelded.  I'll call the kids, one of 'em will come get me and then, depending how woozy I am, I'll go home or spend the night. Most likely I'll hang out a couple-three hours and then drive home.

 Our neighbor, Patsy will be taking care of the livestock.