Friday, June 27, 2008

Heller Gets His Gun. Someday.

When I was a kid one of the books on my parent's paperback shelves was titled Heller With A Gun. At this late date I cannot recall if it was a western or a 1940-1950s crime novel. At any rate now Heller may have his gun. Well, eventually.

Since the pols running DC are Dems you can bet that the actual end of this fight will be well down the road. Justice Scalia made the mistake of saying that licensing is all right. So, plan on the license being expensive. Plan on the application form being long and complicated. Plan on the license office being way understaffed and only open thee hours a month. Plan on would be handgun owners having to sue, every step of the way with DC pols to appeal every loss.

You see, these are Democrats. Democrats do not ever believe they lost. Slavery ended in 1863-1865, Democrats didn't like that so they invented the Klu Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws. So then came Brown vs Board of Education in, I believe, 1954. Funny, I was in high school in the early '60s, the schools still were not integrated. Oddly, they still aren't, even though the Dems run education. Funny how that works. Even funnier, the Dems blame Republicans and most working class people believe them.

I do not understand Democrats. Every time gun laws relax a bit from either absolute prohibition or worse, Chicago style prohibition for the law abiding, special permits for politically connected crooks they start screeching about Dodge City and Tombstone. Each time, of course, their dire predictions don't come true.

This is one reason I could never be a Democrat. To keep saying the same thing, for decades, proven wrong every time, and still saying it? Sheme would shut me up after ten years or so, heck I've been saying unpleasant things about Dubya for years, not to mention McCain. It's awlays the same. The Republicans lose in court they try to get a legislative solution, meanwhile obeying the court. The Dems lose they drag their feet and stack the court.

In other news my shoulder is quietly healing. In about two weeks I should start active physical therapy. The passive exercises are going okay, the side to side and circular range of motion is a little more than fifty percent, the vertical, somewhat less. I will be glad to get out of this sling. My bicep is cramping and the sling itches.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The War Against The Suburbs and Country Folks

So, who benefits from these gas prices. We know they hurt everyone in the Country. They hurt some people more than others, though. I live in the country. I cannot fill my lawn tractor for under twenty dollars, it wasn't long ago that twenty bucks would fill a Caddy, not that I've ever had one.

Fuel prices hurt everyone, since most everything we buy travels by truck. But high fuel prices hurt the suburbs and county folks most. City folks can, but mostly don't, use the bus or light rail. Ain't no bus out here.

Meanwhile the Democrats are saying we can't solve the problem of energy by increasing supply. I seem to recall that raising supplies of anything has ALWAYS reduced prices before but I reckon that the law of supply and demand has been repealed since the Dems took Congress. Here we were thinking they haven't done anything.

So, we think a little and realize that the Democrat Party is mostly run by the very rich. The Dem voters are mostly the very poor. Those of us in the middle are mostly Republicans. Funny thing, the Republicans live where the prices hurt most because we have no choice. We can't even move to town, the housing isn't there.

I am not a big conspiracy guy but I can't help but think this is a plan to hurt the Red States. If we here are dispirited we may not vote. Now I have no problem with sitting out the Presidential Election. No one can scare me by saying the leader of the Gang of Fourteen and Federal Judges. If McCain had been interested in conservative judges than he would have helped break those filibusters. I do want my Republican Senator and Congressman reelected.Jeb Hensarling and John Cornyn are standing in Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's way. Far more than McCain ever did.

So, what is it, stupidity or malevolence? Why are the Donks standing in the way? It simply cannot be that they are waiting for new technology that has yet to be invented. Even if this new stuff is invented tomorrow, how long before the new refrigerator is in everyone's kitchen? The new battery for the car of tomorrow? Not invented yet. Once it is invented, how long before half the people have one, and where do we get the electricity to charge them?

Limbaugh had a good question today. How many miles do we get on a gallon of Pelosi?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Harvey's Blogiverseray Present!

Blogfather Harvey, the Bad Example of the Blogosphere, had his fifth blogiversary yesterday and I had no present for him. You see, my grandchildren will someday see these archives, sort of a living history of these times so I can't put up his preferred boobage gift. This time though he also asked for something disturbing.

So, what would disturb Harvey? A picture of Ted Kennedy in a swimsuit? Um, he said disturbing, not horrifying. A comlete set of John McCain speeches? No, he said disturbing, not soporific. Think, Peter, think! What would disturb Harv? Then it came to us! What would disturb Harv more than anything?

Harvey's Blogiversary present is here! Arriving at 11:55 AM, CDT June 22, 2008, Karson Andrew XXXX, nine pounds even and twenty inches long, to our daughter Stephanie and son in law, Dean. Their third son, our tenth grandchild and ninth grandson. Mother and son both healthy and well.

I shall post pics when Linda Lou brings the camera home. She is up there, I am dogsitting and watching racing. It is too hot to leave Pugs in the yard all day so I am excused from hanging around the hospital. Well that plus it's hard to shave left handed and I look like a close up of a fat man's butt.

So, Happy Blogiversary, Harv. Oh, the diaper is ready to change so get started.

I hope this is disturbing enough. Forgive me for not doing links and everything, this isn't easy hunting and pecking with only the left hand.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Democrats Say Quit Your Job.

Seems the latest Democrat talking point against drilling anywhere is that it won't add any oil for years. Ten years for ANWR, twenty for the outer continental shelf, etc, etc.

It's funny, though. Very few of us get paid on the day we work. This is exactly the same principal. So, it takes a little (or a lot) longer for an oil well to pay off and some wells are dry holes, but part of being a grown up is deferred gratification.

Of course it will take time for these wells to do any good. It's not like these wonderful new technologies are going to replace gas and oil next Tuesday, though. Say Detroit comes up with the new, non gasoline or diesel car. What is it going to run on? Electricity? Where do we get that? Hydrogen? Same question. Last I heard it takes a powerful lot of power to extract hydrogen from water.

So, unless we build a fleet of sail cars with a Democrat Senator running behind each one, talking, we will have our old standby, the automobile with it's nasty old engine. Even if we invent a car that runs on Democrat promises the vast majority of us won't buy them real soon. New tech isn't cheap. Most of us won't be able to afford the first generation, probably not the third or fourth. Look at hi def TV for an example.

So, ten years from now most of us will still be driving cars even if the car that runs on a Democrat promise hits the showroom next week.

Now we can make hydrogen cars, all we need to do is set up nuclear power plants on the coasts and use that electricity to extract hydrogen from sea water and run huge lines of electric trains full of liquid hydrogen all over to the "gas stations". Can we have that all set up by Friday? Better start drilling then.

The high gas prices don't hurt Congress. After all, the Donks took congress by saying nothing concrete about the war, while winking at the Nutroots and promising to lower energy prices. Now we know how they're going to do it. Sue OPEC, tax the oil companies and now, nationalize the refineries. Can't miss. What could go wrong?

And we are about to elect one of these idiots President. And McCain is just about as bad.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Politics Of Fear

The Democrats are really been enjoying the accusation of the politics of fear. I am guilty of those very politic. During the Clinton Administration the radical Islamists did not fear us. So we saw the Embassy bombings, the U.S.S. Cole, the Khobar Towers the attempted Millennium bombing and the planning for 9/11/01.

After 9/11 we switched gears and started going on offense, in Afghanistan and the attacks shifted. Instead of the blowing people up at work they were fighting the United States Armed Forces. We lost far too many of our finest young men and women but the Taliban and al Queda are now tattered remnants with their leadership hiding in caves.

Now the Democrats want to return to the failed policy of waiting for hundreds or thousands of American citizens to be killed and then trying to lock up the bad guys. Now if I can I prefer to be loved and respected. After all, I'm a pretty nice guy. I still carry a gun. No matter how nice I am, some don't listen This morning there is a 94 old woman in the hospital from a beating she got in a home invasion robbery. The bad guy(s) tool her 14 year old Ford Taurus and whatever else (t)he(y) wanted.
the bad guy(s) had no reason to fear that woman, she was beaten out of sheer meanness. Now the Dallas area bluesuits are looking for the bad guy(s). You will forgive me for wishing there was a way to hunt them down BEFORE they beat up old ladies. Can't do that, they have civil rights. The right of a 94 year old woman to live, unmolested, in her home are not important. And now the Taliban have those rights, too.

I much prefer the politics of fear. I liked the radical Islamists hiding in caves instead of running loose to plan attacks. Long live the politics of fear! Those clowns Should fear us. What?

In other news, it would probably be a good idea to not have a year and a half old German Shepherd not jump into bed and lay on a just repaied shoulder for a cuddle. Lord, that hurt. I'm sure the Doc will love this story. Tomorrow the Doc takes the dressing off and I get a real shower. Thank you, Lord. Baby wipes don't make it in a Texas summer.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Junior Nation Rejoices

Junior Nation rejoices, MILFs get a little moist. Dale Ernhardt won his first points race in two years yesterday. It was one of those fuel milage finishes, he was always close to the front for the whole race. He didn't really have a winning car, after each pit stop his car was way off and he'd drop back to tenth or twelfth, then as the gas burnt off the car would come to him and he'd pass the same few cars to fourth to sixth.

At the end Junior was, like everyone else, short on gas. If he ran out he would have finished 25th or so. If he stopped for gas it would have put him back in the pack, to finish about 25th. So they rolled the dice.

Next in line was Kasey Kahne. MILFs all over the country got a little damp as he got up to beat on Dale's bumper, then came that final caution when Michael Waltrip and another driver spun out, ending the race. People in the north central region of the country must have thought it an earthquake, it was simply Junior Nation erupting.

I'm not really a member of Junior Nation, I like him well enough but my world didn't end when his daddy died. Actually I am more of a fan of the old NASCAR, where a shower of cigarette butts flew out of the cars when the green flag dropped. I miss the old guys, Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborogh. Ned Jarret, Lee Petty and his son and grandson. Those were racers. We have an awful lot of pretty boys in the sport now. Seems that NASCAR wants to appeal to a different market these days. Too bad they're forget who brought them to where they are now.

Expect more wins from the 88 team, he's been up front at a lot of races.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Golden Day of Recovery!

One of the drugs I am taking saps my strength. This makes it a lot of fun getting out of the recliner or the bed. I am trying a night sleeping on the other side of the bed, this might work a little better. It is all I can do to get sitting up with my feet on the floor.

We made mistake of making chicken breasts in BBQ sauce and scalloped potatoes. Consider that I am right handed. It was my right shoulder being repaired and that I shake badly at best. I think we should have the Volunteer Fire Department come by and hose the cheese and bbq sauce off the ceiling.

Top it all off, my computer quit. We fooled around and finally broke out our ten year old laptop. Whoopie!

Do we all feel real safe now that the Supreme Court has given habeas corpus rights to the Gitmo detainees? Anybody know just how the courts have taken over the Defense Department? Does anybody remember that we really do have enemies out there? Enemies that deliberately kill children like they are Janet Reno's Justice Department? We have three branches of government. None of the founders planned on the Executive and Legislative branches being subservient to the courts.

I wish the left in the courts and Congress would figure out that George Bush is not the enemy. There really did use to be two very ugly buildings in Manhattan. George Bush did not fly those airplanes into those buildings. Those Americans jumping out of those buildings were not all Republicans. It sure would be nice if the left would spell out their ideas for this war, instead of fighting those who are trying to keep my grandchildren alive.

It is really kind of strange. The men and women fighting this war are mostly from the country and the small towns of America. Meanwhile those fighting against this war live in Washington, New York, the target cities. What are the bets that the next big terrorist attacks happen in New Dime Box, Texas? No, it will come to Washington or New York. The Supremes, if they survive, will be wondering why such a thing could happen. When the New York Times building is rubble those who survive will be so proud of how they burned so many secret programs. When the Mad Mullahs of Iran get those nukes and Israel and large hunks of Europe are radioactive wastelands, who will the left blame?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peter's New Shoes

Well, the nerve bloock has worn off. Linda Lou is off after my prescriptions and I am waiting patiently. My tea tasted funny last night, I couldn't figure out why. I am still making my tea in my Mr. Coffee. Well this morning I noticed that I still had the old filter and coffee grounds. Tea and used grounds is not a delicious drink.
Those surgery drugs WORK! Not only did I mess up the making of the tea but I could not figure it out hours later.

So it is unusual for a hospital to allow a patient to walk out. After my stroke they made me walk the halls for a couple of hours every day. Then they wheeled me out to the car. It was nice walking out. In my new shoes. 9Truth is, I didn't want to try to put on my shoes. Those paper shoes aren't much use on our gravel, though. Ming liked them.

I am pleased to report that Cochise' Apache Princess was extra gentle last night. She always jumps into the bed for an ear scritch and a cuddle. She doesn't ever worry about where she lands, either. Last night was different. She still climbed up but gently. Then, instead of ramming me with her rock head, she just gently nuzzled me. Well Linda Lou just got home with my meds, I just took my pain pills and muscle relaxant. Hope I stay awake until Rush is done with his program.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Lived Though It

I had no doubt, the odds are like a bazillion to one. Now it's just a matter of hunting and pecking all left handed for a while.

The Doc repaired the tear, removed a bone spur and did something to my clavicle to remove some of the Arthritis. I will know a lot more on the 19th when I go in for follow up, I was still groggy from the sleepy drugs. They gave me a nerve block that should last 'til morning so, for now, no pain. Of course my thumb and first two fingers are asleep but that's better than abject pain, I reckon.

I have a couple of pics that I will post later. I am still a little spacey. I only wish there had been a bunch of Democrats handy before and after. There I was in an open backed hospital gown and nobody to moon. Sigh.

The Democrats admire the British and Canadian health care systems. Let's see. In Britain Med Students of a certain unnamed religion are no longer required to wash their hands. In Canada I would STILL be on the waiting list for the initial visit with the Orthopedist. Then I would be put on the waiting list for an MRI. But teh Donks say that only teh rich get medical care here. In Canada everyone, rich like me or poor, gets equal access to the waiting list.

Only thing I don't understand. If I'm so rich, how come I have no money?

Oh, by the way, our little girl went to her OB/GYN today. She is still 70% effaced and one centimeter. Looks like that boy is happy where he is.

Monday, June 09, 2008

It Must Be Nice To Be A Donk

I've been thinking about how nice it must be to be a Democrat. All through the Clinton Administrations we got constant warnings about Saddam's WMDs, we had an on again-off again air war against Iraq. Then, after 9/11 the Clinton appointed CIA Director, Tenet promised that Saddam's WMDs were a slam dunk, we went to war. The Congress voted overwhelmingly for this fight. Ever since then the Donks have fought tooth and nail against this fight, making it more and more difficult. So, Naturally Bush, following the advice of his DEMOCRAT CIA Director, lied to get us into the war.

Pretty good trick. Then each time we tried to increase the size of the military Democrats stood in the way. Then they complained that we didn't have enough troops. Then the Dems struggled hard against the surge that has finally born some pretty promising fruit and the Dems ignore it. Worse, they've convinced even most conservatives that the surge took so long because Bush was too stubborn. Well, Bush is fairly stubborn, all politicians are. Yet the Donks seem to think that we can just turn the strategy and tactics of a giant, multinational enterprise like this war on a dime. How many commanders did Abe Lincoln go through before he found the three sledgehammers, Grant, Sherman and Phil Sheridan?

It's not just this war, either. A few decades back we had my war. Kennedy had Diem killed. Then Johnson escalated the war while making sure that the Air Force and Naval Air left Hanoi and Haiphong alone, allowing rivers of supplies and troops invade the south. Somehow, though, it became Nixon's War, only by then the American people had tired of the war, even though once Nixon started actually letting the Zoomies do their thing up north it wasn't long before we only had Zoomies, advisers and logistic troops over there. Then came the peace treaty. Then the North broke the treaty and invaded, again. We were obligated by treaty to supply the South, and provide air and naval help. Who was it that broke the treaty? Dems. So, the ARVNs fought until they ran out of ammunition and then surrendered. The NVA "juggernaut" rolled on. I say "juggernaut" because it was anything but. The ARVNS fought the NVA to a standstill in every one of those battles, until they ran out of ammo. So, today Kennedy is a Donk saint and Nixon a warmongering pig who spied on Americans. His brother Bobby is another lefty saint. Of course it was Bobby who was in charge of the Justice Department when they wiretapped Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. To this day Dems say it was all because of J. Edgar Hoover, forgetting that HE was a Democrat, too, appointed by Franklin Roosevelt.

It really matter what the debacle is. Democrats are usually right in the middle of causing it. So, Democrats stopped drilling on the north slope of Alaska that would probably be sending a million barrels a day down here and they loudly blame Bush for high fuel prices. Clinton declared that big chunk of clean coal bearing land in Utah off limits and what did we get in return? Oh yeah, a big contribution from that Malaysian fella. Oh wait, Clinton got the contribution, not us.

The tragic thing is that this is all known and routine. Roosevelt gave eastern Europe to Stalin, then Truman's SecState gave a speech leaving South Korea out of the places that we'd defend. Well, surprise, surprise, North Korea invaded. Fifty-four thousand dead Americans and well over a million dead Chinese and Koreans later the war ended up at the 38th Parallel.

It's real interesting that in 2003 the various wild-eyed Death To America regimes got real quiet for a few months. Then the Democrats started getting noisy again. Soon after that Ghadaffi forgot that he was afraid. Imadinnerjacket over there in Iran started stepping lively again. In 2003 when we had a potent military force poised to go to Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia. Ever think about how quiet the world would be if we'd wiped out Iran and the Saudis?

Tomorrow I will be starting the surgery at noon. When I get back home I'll make poor Linda Lou give a short notice if I'm still putting out carbon dioxide. There won't be much else here until I'm able to type again. Not that I ever type real well. Anyone interested in prayer would be best advised to pray for Army Wife, Toddler Mom's dad. The next prayer should be for our daughter and hoping that her baby, Karson, should stay inside until Linda Lou is able to leave me so she can be there when Karson makes his appearance. So, after those, if you have a spare good thought...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wet Dogs!

I took the two young dogs to the lake the other day. It's strange, we live a half mile from the largest lake in Texas and we never go to the lake. This was the first time I had ever been in that water. Well, the water out of the pipes is from that lake but then that water has been processed.

Anyhow, Eddie and CAP loved the water, once they got used to the idea. They were both kind of worried about the whole process, it was too much like a bath. After a while they figured out that there was no shampoo involved, though and they started enjoying it.

Cochise' Apache Princess did jump up, hard, in the beginning and, since the boat ramp was mossy, I went down hard. Naturally I landed on my right side, where I am having that surgery next week. Fortunately the water was deep enough to absorb some of the impact. Still, it hurt. A bunch. Lucky thing I eat spikes and poop thumbtacks or I'd still be laying in that boat ramp crying. Linda Lou says no more lake until after the surgery.

It didn't help that we cut a tire on this jaunt. There I was, in shorts, in the sun, two dogs in the car, trying to change a tire. This was the newest tire, too. Oh well, I got it changed and got home, then I went to get the tire repaired. By the time I got home from that I thought I'd have to get better to be sick enough to die.

The next day I was still awfully sore but there is something about not being very resiliant when we get old. I swear, if I'd have known I would live so long...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

More Grandkid Pictures

Here are some pics of four of the grandkids from Memorial Day. The top pic is William, the next one down is Josiah. We were a couple weeks early for Karson. Stephanie looks as if she is shoplifting a watermelon, though. She called this morning and she is seventy percent efaced, a term that will make sense to my female readers. She is due in the next week or ten days.

The next pic down is our only granddaughter, Alexandra, the bottom pic is Michael Junior.