Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cynthia Yockey And Other New Cyberfriends

I do a lot of semi-aimless clicking through the Intertoobz and I am always finding new (to me) websites.Some I like well enough to keep clicking back to, others I forget while I'm reading them. Some I like so much I wonder why no one has ever told me about them. Then I bemember that I hardly ever tell folks about websites I've found.

One of the new (to me) sites is Cynthia Yockey's. Cynthia is a self-described newly conservative lesbian, turned away from liberalism by the way the Obamabots ran roughshod over Hillary and her supporters.

Actually, from reading her posts I suspect she has been one of many who lived in conservative ways but voted left. For some reason Ms. Yockey thinks it important to have her sexual orientation right up there in the first couple things we know about her, as if she forgets that most of us have trouble enough with our own sex lives without worrying about hers. No one has ever asked my permission to be gay or lesbian so my permission does not seem to be needed. Now I am a conservative. As far as someone's sex life I have a couple of simple requests. Please do not scare the horses. That is rule number one. This is not unlike rule number two: Please do not make our children ask questions for which they are too young to understand the answers.

Most everyone, including a large percentage of liberals were discomfited by OwlGore and his shoving his tongue down below Tipper's tonsils at the '00 Dem Convention, after all. I, for one, miss the way things were when I was a boy. We had a lot of "old bachelors" sharing houses. We had spinsters sharing houses and apartments to "save money". No one went around peeping through keyholes after bedtime.

But anyhow I don't go to Cynthia's website because of her orientation. I have not dug around in her archives enough to know her education level, I do know she is well educated, either from going to school before educators became products of the modern system or through the University of the Public Library, my old school. Whichever, she's pretty sharp. She doesn't post nearly enough but I find myself going to her site a few times a day, anyway. Mainly because of her blogroll. Actually, she has a regular blogroll but, even better, she has this whole passel of blogs with the latest four blog entries of each listed. So I can run down this long list of blogs and see which ones have something new in seconds. That's so cool, I don't know how she does it not understanding very much about these machines that connect us to the Internet, I'm just glad she does it.

I could disagree with everything she writes, I'd still visit for that. Of course I don't disagree. Oh, and before I move on to the next couple of new, to me, websites, someday soon I want to explore the reasons so many people live conservative lives but vote left.

Another new to me website is The Other McCain. This is the site of Robert Stacy McCain. Everyone who has ever been online has probably been going there for years and just haven't told me because I'm not cool like that. Anyhow, Stacy is a Washington, DC area reporter who knows just about everybody who knows anything. He also has a great blogroll and has a co-blogger named Smitty who is just about as sharp.

Between Stacy and Cynthia I've been introduced to still another blogger, Suzanne Logan. Her blog is worth reading, if only for the title, Insert Clever S. Logan Here. Suzanne is a professional writer and it shows on her blog.

The last new, to me, blog I'm going to mention is An Autographed letter Signed (by Afrocity). Afrocity is a (surprise!) Black writer from the Chicago area. I am not quite sure why I think she is fairly young, maybe it's just that everyone seems fairly young from here. She was raised in a single parent home, fed by food stamps and eneded up conservative. You'd have to ask her if, after struggling to avoid the pitfalls and actually getting through high school, and beyond, if condescending liberals turned her conservative.

Anyhow, the next time I'm willing to struggle with my blogroll, those are all going up. If you have known about these blogs forever, why haven't you told me. If you haven't, google them and check them out. They're all worth a few minutes, or longer, a day.

Update: I mentioned that I don't fully understand Ms. Yockey (and many other people) desire to put their sexual orientation right out in front, after all, we'd eventually figure it out. If anyone finds it necessary to explain it, please do not use much psychological jargon. And please remember also that I do not need to fully understand everything. I do not fully understand gravity (grabity in lolspeak). I understand it enough to know that I bust my hiney every time I try to walk on the ceiling. That's enough for me, I was not in a line of work where I needed to know more than that.

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