Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Incredible Stupidity Of "Our Betters"

 I cannot stop marveling about how all of these "really smart" people are so durned stupid. We have that human(?) gaffe machine, Joe Biden, going around with nothing but babbling idiocy coming out of his pie hole and then all these high priced politicians and journalists, university professors and city folks telling me we should be listening to him about United States firearm policy.

 So, what does "Sheriff Joe" tell a woman about protecting herself? Well, the first thing is that it is incredibly sexist for him to tell her what she needs. Women are not generally too stupid to figure out what works for them." Hello, sweet young thing, you're too silly to know how to aim a rifle so take this shotgun."

 Now it is true that I do not particularly care for the AR-15 platform. I like the .223/5.56mm cartridge but only as a varmint round. That is my personal belief, many people differ. I am not smart enough to know what a complete stranger needs. That's probably why I'm not in politics.

 So, now this paragon of human intelligence tells this stranger to get a shotgun. The truth is, at normal defense distance, a shotgun must be aimed as carefully as a rifle. And, except for the reduced recoil loads it takes a whole lot of seasoning before the averaged-sized women can get aimed repeat shots off quickly from the major bore shotguns. Please note I did not say one couldn't.

 One thing I've noticed in my life is that it is actually easier to get a woman up to a basic level of competence with firearms than it is a man. Other experienced shooters say the same. Theories differ, I believe it is because boys learn how to shoot from those Hollywood idiots. When I was a child it was movies with cowboys holding six shooters with hundred round cylinders and holding full charged black powder .45s so that the recoil from a real round would put that shootin' iron about an inch deep into their foreheads. Along with a lot of other drivel. Today it's more of the same, plus holding the pistol sideways and bullets blowing people 'cross the room, out the window and into parked cars halfway down the block. I'm not persactly sure why little girls don't fall for this, maybe girls really are smarter than boys. Or, maybe women just listen better.

 Anyhow, Sheriff Joe wants a women to go out on the balcony (what if she doesn't have one?) and fire off a couple of blasts. Of course HIS wife can just call the Secret Service. All the other women would have violated the law about firing inside the city limits, plus several other laws, some felonies. Of course Biden's wife, even if he were still a lowly Senator, would probably get off because of the Gregory Rule. And if anyone were injured by one of those projectiles the injured person would be prosecuted for bothering Someone Important. The rest of us would be taken downtown. Assuming, of course, that we survived emptying our gun in the air in face of a threat.

 And, THIS is the fellow we are supposed to listen to?

 And we are supposed to take our tax advice from a clutch of tax cheats. and our economic advice from a President who has no record of ever even running a lemonade stand, much less a business. Unless there is more about that Choom Gang than we have heard.

 We have somehow manged to let a whole lot of very stupid people into positions of power. One thing, the spell checker here says Biden is a mistake. The spell checker is right.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recovering, Slowly.

 I really need to write about something else but, truth be told, I'm pretty busy. I got my stitches out the other day and the vascular surgeon took me off that extra blood thinner I was on, thank you, Lord. I kept bleeding in odd places. An itty bitty scratch on my elbow would start itching and I'd scratch it without thinking and the next thing I knew, blood all over everywhere. Blow my nose a little too hard and a red mustache. Anyhow, think I need plenty of red meat for a while.

 One of the nearby stores is having a sale on spare ribs, think I'll buy a big rack and a couple of bottles of brown sugar BBQ sauce. Put it all in the crock pot and hurt myself. After all I ate a salad two years ago. Or was it three?

 I, like most decent human beings, am still in a state of shock over this company selling "desensitizing" targets of pregnant women, old men, mothers with small children. They allege that these are to prevent loss of life, meanwhile every one of these targets are of a person who may well be a legitimate armed citizen, with a legal firearm who might well be using that firearm to protect herself, or himself. For instance, that old man with the double barreled shotgun is depicted in what would probably be his own home. Or is there a sudden rash of septuagenarian home invaders I haven't heard about? Meanwhile the company isn't saying which government agency asked for these targets. Seems they're poking a bear with a short stick.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Government

 Well, we had another State of the Union speech tonight, too bad you idiots cannot seem to grasp that there is no way we can keep spending our grandchildren's money. They haven't earned it yet and the debt you are piling on them will keep them from earning it. Oh, and while I'm on the subject of kids and money, you clowns have seen to it that today's college graduates are saddled with so much student loan debt that they cannot work at starting wages.  Do you clowns really think you can live your opulent lifestyles if there is no money? Are you really all that stupid?

 I see that you are still on this "reasonable gun control" kick. Government, you still have yet to explain why it took so long to get to that school in Sandy Hook. If your people are going to fart around so long before going into a school filled with six year old children while some nutcase is shooting them, why should we listen to you?

 Oh, and it seems that this Chris Dorner fellow might be dead in a burned out cabin up in the hills. You government types are claiming that "only the police and military should be equipped with magazines holding more than X number of rounds." Then you hire a nutbag for a cop. He, allegedly, goes on a killing spree after he fails to complete his probationary period. Okay, mistakes happen.

 You hired the wrong guy. It happens and not just in police work. Heck, we have entire government agencies filled with the wrong guys. It happens in private industry, too. And, you did the right thing, you got rid of that wrong guy. It's really rare that the let go guy turns on you, so that's not your fault either. So, let's talk about what is your fault.

 You do not get to have panicky jerks lighting up and wounding two small Hispanic women in the wrong kind of truck when you are looking for one very large African American man. Sorry, that is beyond the pale. Further, you do not get to leave these panicky jerks out in public. What, exactly, would happen to a non police person shooting up two strangers who are not charged with any crime? I do not know about La La Land but out here in Resume Speed, Texas, said panicky jerk would be locked up while the DA's office would be arguing over Ag Assault with a deadly weapon and Attempted Murder. Yet I have read nothing about criminal charges.

 And I have read of yet another truck shot up, this time with no injuries, praise the Lord and no thanks to you government types. Again, no criminal charges. You don't get to do that. Police do not get to shoot up cars and people that only vaguely resemble bad guys, it breaks the contract between citizens and government.

 There is a lot of that going on. And it needs to stop. Our system relies on "the consent of the governed". The last big survey, before your panicky jerks started shooting up people that in no way resembled Chris Dorner, said that some 53% of citizens thought government was endangering their liberty. Wonder what that number is like now?

 Meanwhile, please don't tell us that "only the police and military should have these weapons." Y'all sure don't seem to be able to prove it.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Home Care Nurse Warning: TMI!

 In my continuing battle with Golden Years My Butt I sat down on the pot for my first dump since my Tuesday surgical procedure. Seems the various pain meds and and the ones that kept me still and quiet while they hacked holes in my groin tend to stop one up. So I sat down on the pot and promply stopped up the terlet.

 So I was fighting that with the plunger and that drill widget when the home health care nurse showed up to check out Linda Lou. The poor home health care nurse just knew I was being eaten by crocodiles or run over by a rhino.

 Well, anyhow the nurse changed the dressing on Linda Lou's knee and did everything according to the book. She was then nice enough to change the dressing on my two incisions and it seems they are healing nicely. Oddly the right side is more bruised up than the left side but the left is a little more painful. It's not unbearable, it doesn't hurt to stand, walk, sit or lie down, the pain is when I go from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. Since nobody planned on cutting the right side, nobody shaved it which makes the daily dressing change an adventure.

 It's not unbearable, though and the Doc says that my activities are "as tolerated". So I told Linda Lou that I can't tolerate her arguing with me. I am doing no major cooking, I fed her a microwave Panini and BBQ Baked Lays chips and then the next night we made a supper out of Chili con queso on tortilla chips.That's the Ro-Tel tomatoes and green chiles and a tad of regular Salsa Picante and Velveeta. Think I'll go back to regular cooking tomorrow.I have some really pretty skinless, boneless chicken breats and a couple of nice ribeyes in the freezer. Sure don't want 'em to be in there long enough for freezer burn.

 Linda Lou is also healing nicely. Her stitches are already out. The physical terrorist came by and she's starting on her routine. The last batch had her riding the bus to the county seat where they had a physical therapy pool and then to the little dorf nearest us for dry land PT.

 In other news the drunken neighbor that insists my German Shepherd is a dangerous attack dog has his big dogs running loose, One of which dug under my fence to get to CAP.I haven't managed to get close enough to him to dust him with the number nine birdshot from a .45 Colt shotshell yet. I would really like to simply sting his butt with no permanent damage but I can't have him teaching Princess how to get out. I'll try again after my morning pills when my hand is steadier. I hate to hurt critters.

 The good news is that I got the pot unplugged and, eventually, the nasty water off the floor in there. I think the next time I have a surgical procedure I'll go use the John at Wally World or Mickey D's.

 Yeah, well I warned you.