Friday, April 27, 2012

Nothing Much

 Not much to talk about right now. The big deal is that my mechanically minded pal came out and we fixed my lawn tractor, then I half killed myself mowing the full acre that my neighbor lady and I have. Her late husband was out in the Texas high summer mowing his lawn with one of those little electric push mowers and I offered mine. This was right after they moved in and the grass was powerful high. Well he liked that so much better than the push mower he offered to mow both our yards with my mower. Naturally I jumped on that like a chicken on a June Bug. Then after John died his widow, Patsy kept it up. Well now Patsy is sick and the mower died. We got it fixed and so I mowed. And mowed. And then mowed some more. and Monday I'm gonna have to start all over. I shoulda moved to the second floor someplace where the yard wasn't on me.

 And Patsy doesn't quite trust herself to drive so we took her for her doctor appt. yesterday, we were in that Dr. Office from 2:30 to nearly five PM and it wasn't because she was waiting, either. It took that long for the consult. This afternoon I'm taking her to Rockwall to the Open Imaging place where she is going to have four different tests. I do not know how long this will take, I'm not gonna hang around, though. I'll drop her off and go to Half Price Books and the Verizon store and buy some minutes for my phone, then off to Micky D' and sit and drink coffee and fool around with the laptop. And get a couple of their cheap fish sammiches. Don' ask why but I like them.

 I'm kinda in withdrawals I didn't get online at all yesterday. I don't know what is going on in the world without my Intertoobz! And no! Of course I won't be there at MickeyD's either.

 Anyhow, Linda Lou is recovering from her knee surgery. Later this year I think I'll be able to start going to Cowboy Action matches again.

 So, anyhow, I'll be writing something when I have something to say. Meanwhile I'm curious. The Obama Regime is doing it's level best to stir up racial strife. Funny, every time there has been heavy racial strife this last hundred years or so, the Republicans have won. After the resurgence of the Klu Klux Klan during the Progressive Wilson Admin we had Republican sweeps until FDR. Then after the riots of the '60s we got Nixon. I'm wondering if this "brain" trust isn't smart enough to know history or if he's gonna try to stop the elections. That would be interesting. The Secret Service is under Napolito (sp?), a creature of the Obama Regime, the U. S. Marshall's are under the Courts. Now the SS are sworn to protect the Constitution, would they let the Marshalls drag the Regime out in cuffs? That would be their sworn duty. Now I don't recall, persactly, the rank structure of the Marshalls Service but among police and sheriffs the usual thing is that from the rank of Lieutenant up it's all political. Some extra crooked towns like Chicago it's from SGT. up. So the bosses and those in the plum jobs would go with the Regime, the rank and file types would go with the Constitution. I wonder what Chinese type cursed us with the old "May you live in interesting times".

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hail Mary Full Of Grace

This is the last picture we could find aftermoving the pics from the e-mail to the confuser. here really ought to be a way. We ha a great pic of Meleah and her frst daughter, along with Robin and her. Still Stephanie and Dean and the boys are coming by so maybe they'll be able to help. Meanwhile, the mower keeps stopping and so I didn't finish yesterday it's and raining today. I'm going to nap.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama Dogs The Economy

Oh, and by the way, I'm plumb tired of all the "Romney tied his dog to the top of the car" stories. Sorry, folks, I live in Texas. I see dogs in the back of pickups all the time, they LOVE riding outside where they get the full blast of smells as they motor along. On top of the car? In halfway decent weather it'd be doggie heaven. The Romney pet had one bad time, when he got the runs. Well, dogs can actually have kind of sensitive digestion and the change in water, etc, can give a dog's innards a tough time. And so the dog throws up. Or poops. Or both.

Some years back I took Captain Fatbob, the Black Pug of Doom and Rex, the full grown German shepherd that had been abandoned when the husband decided he liked cocaine better than his house, wife, kids, dog and job from here to Phoenix to live with our oldest boy and his wife.In my PT Cruiser. With Linda Lou. With all her stuff and this was for a wedding. Linda Lou cannot go down the street for an outside BBQ without a suitcase. An overnight trip needs four suitcases for her and a spare pair of socks for me. I can understand the dog on the roof and no, it wasn't cruel, as long as the dog got exercise and food and water regularly.

And Obama eating dog as a kid?Don't care. Obama eating the whole damned economy as an adult? The mass of petty officials trying to eat our freedom. I care.

Home Safe

I drove up to Plano to pick up Linda Lou yesterday. I must say now that the President George HW Bush Turnpike has shortened that drive by a considerable amount. Anyhow I got Linda Lou into the car, Bingo T. Pug was glad to see her. I got her home in one piece with only a couple of stops for a script for her and some buttermilk.

Mainly I've been mowing since then. We've had so much rain that it's almost a jungle out there. There are places where no once can see Princess standing upright.

For some odd reason I cannot get the pictures to move from the mailbox to "My Pictures" where I can upload them to blogsplat. So, Linda Lou has them in her desktop. Tomorrow while she is watching TV she'll upload them and then I'll write it up after mowing some more. There are huge spots in our yards where I cannot cut a whole foot swath at a time. So, naptime.

Oh, Linda Lou can't be up for very long yet but she can already move on her walker better than before the surgery. So, more later.

Monday, April 16, 2012


So it seems Linda Lou will be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow. And the mower got fixed enough to run. I cannot mow the full acre of mine and my neighbor lady who usually mows with my mower. Seems that she somehow broke a few ribs some time back and didn't know it. So she had some muscle aches and her daughter, thinking she was being nice, bought her a deep massage. Oops! This rebroke those ribs that were healing, Now she isn't supposed to do much so, it's my turn for a while. Meanwhile the grass is over a foot high because we couldn't get the stupid mower to run, Grr! And the little alternator on the mower doesn't have enough left to keep the battery charged so it runs for a while and then I have to push it back to where the cord for the battery charger will reach.

Naturally I also have to do something about the house, too. And here I am, online. Oh well, that's important, too. After all I have to somehow remove from this computer. Mm. Low morals. There was a time when I really valued that in a woman.

Oh well, I'm agonna rinse all the dishes in the sink, fill the dishwasher and that's about all the cleaning. I got real energetic last week and cleaned up her bathroom. That ought to count for something. Actually I ought to already have the Hero Husband First Class Medal, with swords and Palms.

Okay, breaks over, everybody back on their heads! Somebody tell me again why I moved out to Resume Speed, Texas for my retirement.

Update: We got the mower running, sorta. The grass and weeds on our combined yards are well over a foot high due to the mower going on strike, along with the rain every few days. So I mowed until dark, got near a tenth of the acre mowed. Okay, maybe a little more. The grass is so wet it's almost impossible to mow. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Knew The Schools Were Failing but

So the leaders of the New Black Panther Party are calling for an armed revolution and race war.At least the BPP of the '60s and '70s wanted a general battle, the left against everyone, these clowns are calling for a white vs. black war.
I reckon they don't get out much, they just look around the self-made ghettos they hang out in and haven't bothered to notice they're outnumbered some eight to one. Nor have they figured out that there ain't no food in da hood except what is brought in , brought by people working for companies owned mostly by whites. So, dear NBPP peabrains, you'll only be able to get to the whites stupid enough to live near you and once you start that you'll be stuck in your stinkin' cities with nothing to eat and everyone outside your self-made slums ready to shoot back. Idiots. Haven't even learned to count.
It looks as if Linda Lou is recovering faster than we thought she would. . She is already making laps around the exercise gym at the rehab hospital, I forgot to ask if she was able to move on a cane yet. I suspect, though, that she's still on her walker. Anyhow it looks as if she may come home as soon as Tuesday.
I got about ten pictures of Mary Grace in a couple of e-mails but, for some reason I cannot figure out how to move them from the e-mail to Windows Photo Gallery to Blogger. So I quit worrying about it until Linda Lou gets home and we'll try again. Surely there is a way.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Mary Grace

We heard from #2 son back in the NASCAR country in the North Carolina hills. They had their fith child yesterday morning, finally a girl. A nice big girl, too, 22 inches and nine pounds, eleven ounces. We can afford her to be cute, if the good Lord wills, she'll have four big brothers.

With that that news I suspect Stephanie will be wanting to try again for a girl. with her three boys. Oh, and news such as this is why we'll win in the long run, lefty types tend to have one designer baby, late in life.

This afternoon they are putting Linda Lou in the wheelchair van and taking her to a rehab center close to the hospital Linda Lou is being held. Looks like about thirty days or so there. I'm going to take the last of the month's money and fill the tank and go see her tomorrow, take her some more clothes and her own wheelchair, a couple stuffed pugs, maybe some books. We're still trying to dig out from how deep the last hole I dug, driving back and forth to the hospital and skipping bills to buy gas, this time I'm leaving her there and not spending money we don't have, visiting. So, this time, none of that. Bingo T. Pug is just going to have to miss his Momma.

So, I'm single for the next month. Seein' as how I'm too broke to go chase a nice chubby girl with low morals I'll just stay home and eat stuff my doctor doesn't wish me to. Speaking of stuff my Doc doesn't want me to eat, think I'll thaw a little steak.

Granddaughter pics when they come available. Mary Grace. Nice name.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Linda Lou Update

I spoke to Linda Lou earlier. Yesterday she managed to walk to the bathroom on her new knee and walker. Big plus there.

Then last night her heartbeat slowed way down, she passed out and her blood pressure went in the toilet.

When last I spoke to er she was getting three units of blood but was cheerful. In other news the tornadoes passed us by here in Resume Speed, Texas. They hit all around, Meanwhile, here it rained like a brown cow peein' on a flat rock, wind blew like um, a high wind and the dogs had a fit, scared them so bad they pooped all over the house. Well, maybe that was because I poured too much bacon grease all over their kibble.

I had visions of taking the fast flight to Oz but we came out fine, trees in one piece, the car undamaged and everything. Thank you, Lord.

And thank you, taxpayers. Now that we're officially old Medicare is our primary insurance. Our Secondary is the policy from our working lives. Funny, we're still paying bills from Linda Lou's hospital stay when she broke that ankle when she was just a child of sixty-four. Now that she's a grownup her Medicare pays most and her postal retiree policy pays the co-pays. Of course the policy costs eats up more than half of LL's pension check but, without that policy we'd be under the lake.

Anyhow, we're all still kicking, the dogs are fine and the Trespasser Dog is visiting while his mama is visiting some of her kids and grandkids. Had to get dogs. If only I had got some other kind of critter, like a goldfish I'd have been able to stay up there with our daughter and her kids (and hubby) and been up there with Linda Lou. As it is I have enough gas to go pick her up and bring her home. Thank the Lord that Stephanie and her twin brother Micheal are close by the hospital.

Oh, and that bacon grease? I had most of a package of bacon getting too old in the fridge. So I cooked it all, ate more than my Doc would like to hear about, gave some to the dogs and tonight's dinner is a big baked tater with real butter, real sour cream, a mountain of cheese and the rest of the bacon. Calories, blood sugar and cholesterol don't count when Linda Lou is in the hospital. That's SCIENCE!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Still Waiting

So I'm sitting in the hospital, some 78 miles from home, waiting for the Pro From Dover to replace Linda Lou's wonky right knee. This Orthopod is supposed to be just about the best in the area and as such, he's always overloaded. So we are three hours past time for the surgery and we're still waiting. Poor Linda Lou hasn't been able to eat or drink and she's just about read to kill someone. Unfortunately, I'm handy. I ma not survive Linda Lou if the don't come and take her away soon. Oh well, If she kills me she'll be able to walk on her new knee in the exercise yard.