Friday, July 31, 2009

Yet Another Thing I'm Not Smart Enough To Understand.

Here is another thing I'm not smart enough to understand. Let's start with this: Can black people please sit down and decide on something that the rest of us are supposed to call you and stick with it? That's not my big thing, it's just something that bothers me. If I speak to a group of black folks I'm pretty sure that whatever term I use will anger some. I don't even want to try to count the changes since I was a boy. And, for that matter, a male child is a boy, no matter the race.

But that's not the purpose of this post, it's just an annoyance. Here is what I don't understand. Black folks are maybe one eighth of the population. Maybe a tad less. The other biggest minority are Mexican Americans, who, truth be told, do not much like black folks. In the neighborhoods where they come together the bloodletting is common.

Now most of the white folks I know of would like nothing better than black folks live and do well. Yet there is a whole industry devoted to stirring up trouble between the races. Black Studies departments in the universities. Community Organizers. Jackson. Sharpton. Most of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Now, here is what I'm not smart enough to understand. I've been outnumbered a lot in this life. When I'm heavily outnumbered I always try to not pick a fight. So, what is with these clowns like Sharpton and Gates? Why do they keep trying to stir black folks into being angry? What will happen if white folks get angry back? I doubt it would be pretty.

The current "black leadership" tolerates a system in which a few people get way ahead while the rest of black America sends their children to schools where they have a very good chance of never even learning to read. Meanwhile their children listen to :music" that teaches them that their daughters are nothing more than objects to be used and thrown away.

We all live in a country where it is raining soup, the Gates and the Obamas do nothing but hand out knives.

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