Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Welcome To Magic World

I hope I can tie this together. There is a self-described elite in this country. It starts with education in the elite schools. Nobody quite knows why these schools are so elite. Why, exactly is a Yale degree so much more valuable than Mississippi State? Yes, Yale is much more expensive but no one knows exactly why. An elite school degree is now required for little things like a Supreme Court appointment. Why is a Harvard law degree so much better than an SMU law degree? Nobody knows, but it's very important, just ask the self-appointed elite.

This self appointed elite has a preferred political preference. Now their favorite politics have always ruined the whole country, everyplace it's ever been tried. The elite hates colonialism. Yet under colonialism Africa was an exporter of food. Africa should be the garden of Eden. Africa sits on a sea of oil, half the minerals in the world. The soil in many areas is rich. Rhodesia was an exporter of food. Zimbabwe's citizens are starving. Now the only difference between Zimbabwe and Rhodesia is political. I confess to not being one of America's elite. I'm so dumb that I think a country ought to feed it's people. I do believe that if the citizenry is starving, something ought to be done, something different that increasing the policies that led to that starvation.

Now I'm no great fan of the old Russian Tsars or Czars (please do not ask why the same word is spelled two different ways in English.) Now I prefer the spelling Tsar if only because the elite use Czar. Anyhow, under the Tsars Russians had enough to eat, as a matter of fact they exported food. Along came Lenin, all of a sudden there were huge shortages. So, in the manner of self-described elites Stalin took over and tens of millions died.

How many died under Mao? When I went to college all of the self described elite had a copy of the Little Red Book.

There are a couple things I flat don't understand about these elites. The Sarah Palin thing is a good example. The elite, who are so much smarter than us hillbillies, never bothered to find out what Palin's policies are. The elite assigned policies to her, policies she does not hold, and hated her for it.

Palin is a creationist, they screech. Um, no, she's not. Palin hates gays! Um, Palin vetoed a bill denying benefits to same sex couples that had signed up for the Domestic Partnership thing. Palin believes that the Earth is only four thousand years old! She does not, who told you that?

Now I freely admit that I'm not the smartest guy who ever lived. I'm not even going to claim that I'm the smartest guy now living. I do, though, like to wait until I know something about the positions that a person holds before hating them for it.

The self proclaimed elite cheer for this Obama care they're talking about. Oddly they cheer for it even thogh Congress will not have to live by it. They cheer for it even though Obama and his family will not be in that program. No, Obama said "if my daughters get sick I want them to have the best care available". Please, someone explain to me how his daughters are so much better than my grandchildren. Maybe I would understand if I was in the reality based community.

I watched a You Tube video yesterday, Pamibe had it linked, it's still up on her site, just google Pamibe, this infobabe was talking to Governor Palin. The Gov was salmon fishing and took time out to talk. Aside from the fact that Governor Palin had just perfect make up on, she was dressed for fishing, overall waders and a white tee shirt. The infobabe was qute surprised to see fish guts on Sarah's waders. This infobabe, who's name I don't recall, was repelled by fish guts on the waders of a fisherwoman. Now salmon is one of the favorite fish to eat. and here is one of America's elite, repelled by fish guts. Excuse me. Salmon does not originate in the supermarket. Nor does beef. Or corn, for that matter. The food we eat comes from people with fish guts on their clothes. It comes from people with manure on their shoes.

Here is something else I don't understand. The elite claims to be so smart but it seems as if they cannot read history. The elite push policies leading to governments that kill the intelligentsia. I mean every time. The French revolution? Check. The Russian revolution? Heads rolled into the baskets. The short-lived communist takeover in Spain. Uh-huh. The National Socialists in Germany? It wasn't just Jews and Gypsies that went up those smokestacks. China? Viet Nam? Cambodia? Heck in Cambodia just wearing glasses took you to the death camps. Now I'm no intellectual but I'm starting to see a pattern here. Why can't the intellectuals figure this out?

I swear, if you put these elites down in a potato field, next to a cow pasture, right next to a field of ripe watermelons they would starve to death while being thirsty. But as they died they would be croaking, "Save me Barack Mugabe, er Obama."

Update: A couple of minor errors, it was the French revolution that sent heads rolling into baskets. And since it takes a lot longer to die of starvation than thirst, they'd die of thirst while being hungry.

And another thing, the elites are so convinced the Europeans are so much better than we are, count the number of Euros murdered by their own governments in the last 233 years. Now count the number of Americans killed by their government. Gee, it's worse than I thought. The elites not only can't read history, they can't even count!

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