Thursday, October 30, 2008

His Brother's Keeper

So Uh-uhbama is mad because Republicans call him a socialist. Imagine that. Here is a multimillionaire whose Aunt lives in public housing. His half brother lives in a hut on less than a dollar, cash, a month. This multimillionaire promised to help those living in the village his father lived. Sum total of that help from Uh-uhbama? So far, zero.

The beautiful Baldilocks, who is also of Kenyon descent, has donated far more. Of course if she'd donated $1.39 it would be far more. One would think that a multimillionaire would shut up about greedy Republicans if he cannot send a twenty dollar bill to more than double his half brother's income. But, no. Uh-uhbama is his brother's keeper as long as it isn't his money.

I don't get it. All these folks who seem to adore Uh-uhbama and he won't even help his own family. Yet he is going to save the country. Should we not have seen some evidence by now?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Election Is Almost Over

Here you see some pictures of why I cannot vote for the Democrats. There are many more reasons but the main reasons are my grandchildren. I already know that my grandchildren will never have the opportunities I had. They will never be on a high school rifle team, for instance. Funny thing, when I was in school guns were common. It was nothing to see a bunch of boys (and the rare girl) on bikes with a .22 or a single shot shotgun 'cross the handlebars and a dog or three runnin' alongside. Now they'd call out the SWAT teams. In the '50s and early '60s no one had ever heard of school shootings and drive bys, either.

Here is what I don't understand about this election. People seem to actually believe Uh-uhbama. He claims that 95% of people will get tax cuts. Um, forty percent of the people don't PAY taxes. Haven't we been through this before? Remember the last time a Democrat got elected promising a middle class tax cut?

I don't really understand the Obamamania. The Obama crowd claims to be for the working people but we see how they treat working people. They claim to be for women, unless that woman is Sarah Palin.

Here is something interesting. There was a law passed by the Alaska Legislator to deny benefits to the significant others of gay and lesbian state workers. Governor Palin vetoed that law. So naturally Uh-uhbama is the choice of the gay community. No one knows what Uh-uhbama has ever done for the gay and lesbian community but since Palin is not gushing all over for gay marriage, she is the enemy.

I am not sure how it has become holy writ that Governor Palin is stupid. Uh-uhbama thinks there are fifty-seven states. Senator Hairplugs says the problem is a three letter word J-O-B-S and Donks call Sarah stupid. Even our side complains. Yet if Palin is unqualified, how is Uh-uhbama? Has Uh-uhbama ever been a small town mayor? Has Uh-uhbama ever defied Party leaders and won a governorship? I doubt that Uh-uhbama has the courage to defy Party leaders.

Nor do I understand the constant complaints of the Bush economic policies. Except for a bit of problems after 9/11/01 the economy was really good until the Pelosi/Reid Congress in January '07. I suspect that a whole bunch of people voting for change will not like these changes. The Obamaniacs laugh at the idea that there will be massive layoffs, everyone thinks that is just right wing paranoia. Except that is what many small business owners are saying. Who do you believe, Biden or your boss?

How about your 401K? Now more tax break and it put into government bonds at three percent a year. Then the check rolled into your social security.

Monday, October 27, 2008

That Was Disappointing

I was sleeping the sleep of the rightous when Linda Lou rushed in and woke me. Seems that someone called saying they thought they had seen Eddie.

I got a little less than half a cup of coffee while I dressed in sweats and we rushed out the door. Note: I do not go out in sweats. Since I was born without a butt I can't hardly keep them up. Of course I also never go out in the morning.

So I rushed off to West Tawakoni and actually found the street I was looking for and drove down and we saw a fawn Pug. He did not recognize us and he had a different bark. Then the people living there came out and we talked. Seems that this Pug's name is Arnold and had shown up there months ago.

Linda Lou is not happy. Neither am I. The only good part of the whole trip is that since it was still early I dropped by the supermarket and bought bones for Ming and CAP along with yesterdays's pork chops on sale, half off. Mmm, pork chops.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Load Up, Just In Case

I, of course, would never advocate anything illegal. Nor am I concerned that we have already lost this election. We may lose it, we may not.

Still, it's best to be prepared. I read that lots of folks are buying guns, trouble is, nobody is thinking of ammo. We have a little time before things get tough. I would submit that having a small ammunition factory in the basement might be very handy.

As I write this there is no record keeping requirements for reloading equipment or components. This means that for the price of a gun, with all that paperwork, you can buy a complete ammo factory.

A Lee turret reloading press is less than $70.00 at Midway. A set of dies, (a seperate set required for each cartridge)is a little less than $25.00. Powder is about $20.00 a pound, primers someplace around $25.00 per thousand.

My favorite .357 jacketed bullets, the Remington 125 semijacketed hollow point, runs $95.00 per thousand. In rifle cartridges that bullet is more expensive, the Winchester 150 grain .30 caliber power point runs $179.99 per thousand. If you have a .5.56 (.223) those bullets run cheaper, $62.00 per thousand.

Just remember, the Second Ammendment says nothing at all about ammo. There is nothing at all to prevent ammo being taxed at fifty dollars a bullet or a thousand dollars a round. Think the Democrats won't do it? I have bullet molds, though. I can cast my own nice fat .45 bullets or my .357 bullets. I also have a nice little .30 caliber bullet mold for the .30-06.

I've got mine, what are you going to do?

Monday, October 20, 2008

We Miss Eddie

We spent the weekend wandering the local flea markets over the weekend looking for Eddie T. Dog, no luck. We are banking on the really big one in Canton, a once a month deal.

I'm looking at the Donks, doing everything possible to steal this election. Meanwhile Biden is guaranteeing that something awful will happen in the first six months. The question is, does anyone think that the bad guys will test McCain? Hmm. Grumpy old man with the world's finest military and these peabrains would want to test him? Just like they tested Bush after 9/11.

Meanwhile Uh-Uhbama is someplace having a job summit. I can see how much the Donks like the working stiff, ask Joe the plumber Yeah, the Democrats really love the working stiff. Kind of like how the Dems love women. Unless the women lean right. That bumper sticker "she's not a woman, she's a Republican" says a lot about the Dems. The Dems love women and minorities just as long as those don't try to escape the Democrat plantation. Ask Thomas Sowell. Ask Clarence Thomas.

Don't kid yourself, the Party of the People has declared war on the little guy. If you don't toe their line you are an enemy. I don't know how this is going to work, though. I keep seeing comments from Donk trolls on conservative blogs that we had better shut up, there a new Sheriff in town. I will shut up all right, just like they did the last eight years.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Do Not Talk To The One!

So the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are on a Jihad against that horrible Rovian plant, Joe the plumber (hereafter JTP).

Never mind that JTP was is his own yard when Uh-uhbama showed up, unannounced and uninvited. He said something that the left didn't like. Therefore he was a McCain plant and must be defeated.

Now no matter what crimes JTP has ever committed (if any), Uh-uhbama went to him. Unless McCain knew, in advance, of this unplanned campaign stop and then posted operatives all over that town, there is no possible way that JTP was a plant.

So, the Party of the People is attacking an ordinary working man. The media, which cannot understand why people are a little nervous about Acorn and Ayers, Wright and Rezko, have given this guy the major league anal exam. That same media cannot find uh-uhbama's Illinois Senate Records, his college transcripts and any of his writings.

I remember the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself again) are constantly attacking folks like us for being incurious. Because we don't read much Naked Lunch or something. Yet the same folks who cannot vet their Presidential candidate are at war with any ordinary working stiff who gets in their way.

The Party of the People. Unless that ordinary working man is Todd Palin. Or Joe the Plumber. Or you.

Update: If The Lightworker should make an unscheduled, uninvited visit to you, just kneel and kiss His ring. This may prevent the left from attacking you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When Are You Going To Start, Barry?

Everyone has heard that Uh-uhbama wants to spread the wealth around. Well, someone else's wealth, anyhow. Biden, too wants to spread the wealth. Just not his own.

I really understand that plumber who doesn't want his taxes raised. He wants to take that money and buy more trucks and hire more people, instead. Sure would be nice if he could. Plumbers make pretty good money. Now THAT spreads the wealth around.

We have seen the results from Uh-uhbama spreading the wealth around, though. As a state Senator Uh-uhbama had seen that a whole lot of taxpayer money was given to Tony Rezko. Tony bought or built public housing with that taxpayer money. His projects now stand mostly empty and uninhabitable.

That is how the Democrats spread wealth.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Seinfeld Post About Nothing.

Not much to talk about. I was going to try to go to the Cowboy Action Shoot Sunday but decided my right shoulder isn't quite ready for the recoil of my twelve gauge blackpowder shotgun shells. So I'll try for the last Saturday of the Month or the second Sunday of next month. I haven't talked about my shoulder much, the range of motion is "almost there" now. It's still pretty weak, though or maybe I'm imagining I'm thirty. Anyhow I'm almost done with the in office physical therapy.

My therapist is having me work with the rifle some, at home of course. Before the surgery the rifle and shotgun were pretty light. I did not know that if a rifle or shotgun doesn't get exercise it gets heavier, too. They seem to have gotten fat. So have I.

When I left the physical therapist I decided to drop by the little county substation there in Quinlan and spoke with the Justice of the Peace for what I should do if we should spot Eddie. Anyone following this blog, all five or so of you, should know that we have a TON of pictures of all the dogs. These pictures, plus the crime report, should solve the problem, well that and anyone should clearly see who Eddie loves if he sees his Momma.

So, the only thing I have to do is keep Linda Lou fairly quiet about theft accusations until the working lawman shows up and we probably won't need to even go to court. The bad news is that if we do it without courts and lawyers is that we let the thief get away with the "I just found him" defense.Considering that dognapping isn't something they get the death penalty for (the justice system needs an overhaul) I guess I can live with that.

Note to self: Make sure Linda Lou doesn't have her Ladysmith .38 with her when we go looking.

I see the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has overruled that three judge panel and now the Ohio SecState must do her job and weed out those phoney baloney Acorn voters registrations. I'm sure, though, that she will find a way to drag her feet.

I keep reading that the lefties are so sure of winning this election. So, why do they have to cheat?

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'd Pay To See It.

So now I'm hearing about threats of violence. I don't watch the teevee much, I have to turn the sound up so high that it annoys my wife. If I had real close neighbors it would annoy them too. Oddly, I can hear older movies on teevee at a much lower sound level but the modern shows and movies it doesn't matter how high I turn the sound.

At any rate I get no news from teevee, I do read a lot of transcripts. This may be why Uh-uhbama does nothing for me. I'm told that he speaks marvelously if he can read from a teleprompter. The transcripts say nothing, though. But I digress.

I spend a LOT of time reading about the folks drawing posters about how they'd like to punch Sarah Palin, that woman "comedienne" with the black "friends" who would gang rape Sarah, those folks who firebombed a McCain/Palin yard sign, etc. So I was pleased to see the news finally hitting the Legacy Media.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the horrible threat of Republican violence that has the Legacy Media all up in arms. Um, all up in the air, they don't believe in arms as in weaponry. I never heard the New York Crimes complaining about posters at leftist rallies showing Bush beheaded. Yet Republicans booing Uh-uhbambi is violence! Meanwhile those fat black kids in quasi-military garb is hopetitude and changiness.

Meanwhile I can't get over that clown, Shane Bokhari and his desire to punch Governor Palin. I cannot do links, somehow, even after following the directions they don't come through, So, it's Now, assume that the Secret Service types all went on a long coffee break. They don't, of course, all go on break at once but just for assumption...suppose he tried with Todd handy? I'd pay ten green Yankee dollars to see Mr. Bukhari try. Of course Sarah might not need Todd for light work.

Now I make no claim to be the most knowledgeable Christian in the County but I do know that turn the other cheek has noting to do with being punched. In the days Jesus was speaking a slap on the cheek was a deadly insult and a challenge to a death fight. Jesus did not approve of such things. He had no brief for fights over insults. He also commanded his followers to have swords to defend themselves and their families and neighbors. Many people forget the distinction.

Jesse and Frank James found this out with the Younger Brothers up in Northfield Minnesota a century and a half or so ago. Those peaceful Christian small town types shot them to doll rags when they tried to rob the bank and tree the town. The survivors fled back to Missouri.

Now I know that is a long time ago. Of course the complaint from the Left is that we small town and country folks don't change with the times. I'm not the guy to try to form up a gang and try shooting up the town of Northfield, population about 13, 000 the last census, today either. I suspect that Minnesota Nice would mean a nice funeral.

This is something else I don't understand. According to our leftist "betters", we of the right are uncurious. Now uncurious Governor Palin manages to hunt Caribou and other big critters. It takes a sight of curiosity to manage that trick. Todd Palin is a successful snowmobile racer, among other accomplishments. Now I never studied snowmobiles, seeing as how I live here in Texas where we got a bunch of snow back in '76, why it got up to five inch drifts! But I suspect it takes another sight of learnin' to succeed at that. Yet according to our coastal geniuses these people are incurious. These coastal elites are never curious about the things that interest Todd and Sarah, or me for that matter.

Dear Ms Dowd. Can you tell us where to aim to hit a Caribou standing 325 yards away, facing partially away with a 32 mph wind coming from 8 o'clock? But Maurine! You claim to be so much smarter than Sarah!

Dear Mr. Krugman. How do you you tune a snow machine to win a race? If you are so much smarter than poor benighted Todd Palin, why don't you know? What? You are incurious about such things, right? Seems you were incurious about Enron, too. But you are so smart! Just ask you.

Anyhow, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) seem to be afraid of Republican violence. Why, because some of us are maybe one tenth as angry as the editorial board of the New York Crimes. The difference is, my side doesn't key cars when we get really angry. We aren't going hit anyone with our NYC man purses, either,

Friday, October 10, 2008


So Eddie went out to pee and to survey his domain and hasn't been seen since. Since it was broad daylight we do not suspect coyotes nor wild hogs. Nor have there been buzzards or crows picking over small bodies.

The good news is that he disappeared the week after the First Monday Trade Days down in Canton. This is where most disappeared dogs show up and where I shall be on the next one. I know that nobody there lets their dog loose the week before that shindig.

The good news is that the local kids all know and like Eddie. Since kids know everything, we have a chance if he's still around the neighborhood. If it is a traveling dognapper, who knows?

Anyhow, spare a good thought for Eddie and Linda Lou.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nothing Much To Say.

I don't have much to say right now, I'm too angry. I do not understand why Senator McCain and President Bush are insisting on turning the economic mess to the very ones who caused it.

It would be nice if we could solve this "crisis" without adding billions of dollars for ACORN and wool subsidies and other waste of the taxpayer's dollars. Why the way Congress is acting makes me wonder if there IS a crisis or if they're just helping out their campaign donors.

Meanwhile the money they are talking about is enough to pay off somewhere between $50,000.00 and $75,000.00 on EVERY mortgage in the country. Including Chis Dodd's "friend of Angelo's" sweetheart deal. Meanwhile the Pelosi Congress has not passed the budget.

Get a rope.