Friday, July 24, 2009

Prof Gates, What A Guy

Professor Gates of Harvard. So, THAT is where our money goes. Y'all will have to pardon me if I say that I hope Harvard, and all of these other big name universities close down, fire all the faculty and have nothing for pensions. Then they can, eventually, reopen with faculty that knows how to do things.

Let's start at the beginning. A neighbor sees two people breaking into a house, the neighbor does the right thing, calls the law. You do know how rare that is, these days, right?

A uniformed bluesuit shows up, complete with badge and nametag as well as gun, etc. So this tenured professor starts by asking who the bluesuit was. Now most anybody would have got the clue from the blue uniform, the shiny badge, the nametag on the shirt, the gunbelt and all the rest of that stuff that uniformed officers have on. The tenured professor can't figure it out, though. So, the tenured professor starts screaming at a man with a gun.

Finally the tenured professor shows the bluesuit some ID. That should finish it, right? Well, no. Not in the real world. Someone tell me exactly how many men (or women) are running around with old addresses on their identifications. Someone else tell me how many spouses and ex-spouses are breaking into houses to do dirty to that spouse that didn't work out.

Sergeant Crowley was called to a house where there was some evidence of a crime in progress. He owed it to his community to not leave until he knew exactly what was going on. An officer that left without knowing, only later to find that there was a deranged ex-husband with a restraining order and a big sharp knife would have been, and rightly so, in a world of hurt. Sorry, ID is just the beginning of Sgt Crowley's job.

People used to understand these things, even Harvard Professors. There was a time when people, even Harvard Professors did not scream at Officers for doing their jobs, if they did arrest was the least of their worries. Lots of people used to get dragged down the stairs by their feet, heads hitting every step. Naturally we don't do such things anymore. The world is so much better, too. Why it's just a delight to take your children downtown these days, isn't it?

Update: I just went to Rachel Lucas' site. Her Sunny has died, the best Rhodesian Ridgeback dog ever and the past Presidential candidate. If you have a dog please give him (or her) an extra ear scritch and tummy rub. Sunny Lukis, she was a good girl. The adventures of Sunny and Digger were a big part of how I got hooked on reading blogs.

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