Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Twenty-Seven And Don't Look A Day Over Sixty-Five!

 Saturday was my twenty-seventh AA "birthday, the anniversary of my sobriety date. It was a double party, the more important part was Josiah's sixth birthday party held at McDonald's Germ Garden with about seven thousand screaming kids. I can only stand about two minutes at a time back there in Microbe Manor before I have to beat a retreat to the dubious refuge of the front of the McCafe.

 I don't really understand how the noise bothers me so much, seein' as how I'm just about deef as a post but there it is. So I shot a few pics and then went out and tried to get the laptop running. I managed to get it started and it worked fine, then I got it home and, dead, again. My new virus scan has been catching and blocking a portscan every few minutes, if I only knew what a portscan is.

 Meanwhile my big Dell has a Trojan and I don't think it's the kind sold only to prevent disease, meanwhile I don't have anywhere near the money it costs to have the professional geeks to defuse it.

 Anyhow, I'll be trying to post a few pics soon but other than that I've mostly been running from one place to another.

 Update: As often happens my dear sweet wife fell over again, getting into the house and this time she skinned her arm pretty good, causing a little bleeding. I whupped out my red bandanna to keep her from bleeding all over her clothes and, after we finally got inside, put the peroxide and anti-biotic salve on and then the band-aids. Told ya I carried bandannas for a reason! Although I really wish she'd learn to be careful.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Politics? No, Bandannas.

 I have had a bazillion political posts in my head since I last posted anything, each one half written before the next outrage hit. The main thing political is how we've become a pack, not a herd. Every time the left tries something and how desperate they seemto be. The actions against and for Chic-Fil-A, for instance. The Mitt didn't pay taxes and Mitt murdered my wife (who never had insurance under the company that was bought and closed down after Mitt had left Bain, and oh, by the way Bain was led then by an Obama bundler).

 All I really know about this year's race is that Bobo the Simpleminded could run the country better than this bunch of knaves and thieves. Whether is that clown Vice President Joe Biteme saying that Republicans want to put blacks in chains (anyone seen the black unemployment numbers lately") or King O-Bow-to -me claiming that Republicans want to deny money to "renewable energy" (Solyndra?) they are simply pitiful. And Americans have seen through them.O-bow-me will be lucky to win seven of the fifty-seven states.

 The Executive Branch of the Government of the United States of America has been reduced to a bunch of grubby bagmen and ward heelers. The only real question is if they will avoid tar and feathers.

 I read a blog post somewhere yesterday of some Japanese outfit making an electronic toilet paper dispenser and in the comments were a bunch of "what if there was a power failure while one was on the throne?" My answer is the bandanna, I never leave the house without at least two.

 And then, today we had a pair of doctor's appointments, me to have some stitches removed from the latest little skin cancer they find whenever they have a boat payment due, Linda Lou for a cortisone shots in the knee they'll rebuild next year. Well, my stitches came out no problem and I went back to pick up Linda Lou . She came out and we were walking down the hall when I noticed she had a trickle of blood coming out from under her band aid and running down her leg. A quick stop at the water fountain and the dampened bandanna solved the unsightly problem.

 Few people carry this essential tool anymore and they really should. Leave your car in a big parking lot? A bright bandanna tied to the radio antenna saves a big hassle. They are a Godsend at a wedding or funeral. I've passed them out in three directions. (Always double up for those events.)

 Separated in a crowd of some kind? A Bright red or yellow bandanna waved overhead can save a ton of frustration, even in the age of cell phones. A baby or small child running at either end? You guessed it. An emergency bandage or tourniquet? Grab a coffeepot off the campfire? Need just a little more force opening a jar? Some place between Midland and El Paso and the oil or temp light comes on?

 Power go out but you still have gas or a camp stove? Tie the right amount of coffee (or tea) into a bandanna, toss it in a pot of water and. viola! Need to wipe up a little spill somewhere that you never thought you'd see except through the service entrance? Need to sit on a bench you're unsure of? Ever had to deal with a large dead critter (or person) after it got really ripe? A little bit of gas on a bandanna  tied around one's mouth and nose prevents a big problem. This works for almost any foul smell so in case you must go downwind of an OWS crowd...

 Tie one around your neck in hot weather, not only will it keep your shirt just a tad drier and the sweat drying on the bandanna helps cool you off.

 At the rifle range in hot weather? Swab the outside of the barrel with a wet bandanna or, even better, a bunch of ice in the rag.

 City people mostly carry handkerchiefs or tissues.  Either will work for some little things. I could've wiped the blood off Linda Lou's leg with a handkerchief and then never get the bloodstain out. On that bandanna no one will ever notice. And they're cheap enough that I can give one away when needed, even to a total stranger (and I have, many times) and I never feel the pinch.

 As I say, I always carry two except when I carry more. One is always old and very soft for things like cleaning eyeglasses and such, one is always new enough to be real bright. In over fifty years of carrying them I'm still finding new uses.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ted Cruz And His Big Win

 So Linda Lou and I went to vote today. We voted for the most conservative candidate we could find which seemed to be Ted Cruz. Now I do not know exactly how much more conservative Cruz is than Dewhurst, I do know that the second Dewhurst went into the runoffs his campaign got almost as nasty as an Obama campaign. Almost. I also know that Dewhurst was just a little too chummy with the Democrats in the Texas Senate. So, I became a Cruz man.

 Those who read this blog know that my Linda Lou is semi-crippled. We took a long time to vote, primarily because she can't hardly walk, even on her walker.  Where we had our regular primary vote the Republicans and the Democrats were separated by tens of yards, today, at a different polling place, they  were each at the ends of a fairly long table. Now because we were very slow there were some eight people behind us by the time we finished. (No one complained). None of those folks signed up on the Donk end.

 I will say this, though, the Democrats were as helpful as the Republicans were, and it took some doing to get Linda Lou off her walker and the electronic voting doohicky set up for her in the chair. I would submit that small town and country Democrats are about as conservative, and more friendly, as big city Yankee Republicans.

 So, now it's some twenty minutes to one AM and Cruz is around twelve points up. This is big. I mean big. The lord gods of the RNC had chosen Dewhurst, what is this upstart doing, jumping his place in line and who are those awful TEA Party folks to go against their choice?

 The RNC will probably not learn anything from this but that's their problem. The RNC can go the way of the Whigs for all of me.

 I didn't know a whole lot about some of the other races so I just went with the endorsements of people I trust.

 Then we ran a couple more errands. We dropped a box, one of those fake Tupperware types, of peanut butter fudge to an electrician that wouldn't take money for a Westinghouse circuit breaker we needed . He was still in his shop on a Saturday when I went to the electrical supply house that was closed. So I stuck my head in and he hado ne. I tried to give him money but he wouldn't take it. It has long been my policy that no one should ever regret doing me a favor so, since he wouldn't take money...

 Then we went to Half Price Books, spent some $96.00 and change. Praise the Lord we don't get there every week.

 And a box of CCI Mini Mag .22LR hollowpoints. I have a lot of Remington and some Winchester .22s and they shoot okay but the Mini Mags give the best groups out of the Shilen Barrel of my .22.