Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Not Health Stamps?

A few decades back there was a real problem in America. In the richest country in the history of the world we had a significant number of people going hungry. So food stamps came along. The food stamp program worked. worked so well that the poor are often obese.

Please note that no one closed the supermarkets or replaced everyone's ability to buy food with a government only setup, they just gave poor people something to buy food with at the same supermarket everyone else was using.

A few decades later they changed food stamps into a "credit card" affair so the poor wouldn't be embarrassed. Very few on the right have problems with food stamps, we might want to tinker around the edges of the system a bit, often because we'd like to figure out a way to prevent a small minority of the poor from trading their "credit cards" for dope but overall, we on the right don't want folks going hungry, either.

So, with a proven system already in place why is Congress and the President trying to kill the best healthcare system in the world? When people were hungry did Congress burn down the supermarkets? Did they pave over the farms?

So, why not health stamps? Let's face it, we could insure everyone in the country too poor to afford health insurance for a fraction of what this monster will cost. The very first step in solving the health care "crisis" is for people to stop lying about it. About a fifth of "the uninsured" are young people that would rather spend the money on something else. Most of these kids would be glad to buy catastrophic coverage that would protect them if they got some really awful disease or where in a horrible accident. We can't have that sort of insurance, because of our helpful politicians.

Another fifth are people with family incomes above $75,000.00. These folks are people like Rush Limbaugh, who prefer to self insure. Again, many, probably most, would prefer to buy catastrophic coverage. Thanks, Pols.

Then we count the twenty million or so illegal aliens into the mix. Please, politicians, sit down and calmly explain to us precisely why we are responsible for the care of those who are breaking the law by being here. Now I do sympathise with the fact that conditions in many of their home countries are awful but that is not my fault. Perhaps if you politicians would stop giving the kleptocrat politicians of their home counties the escape valve, at the cost of our own wealth, they would clean up their act.

Then we have people who are qualified under the various State agencies but do not bother signing up. And, of course, why do we count folks on Medicare as uninsured?

So, who is left? Sign them up for the Health Stamp Program

I thank Sister Ann Coulter for the health stamp idea. Speaking of someone on the right that doesn't want people going hungry or not having health care.

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