Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eddie Worries About His Investments

I couldn't post
Friday, seein' as how I'm not a pirate and I know of no pirates with my accent. The big news is still the economy. As anyone can plainly see, Eddie T. Dog is worried about his investments. Poor Eddie, look at all those wrinkles.

I am gradually getting somewhat of a handle on this financial mess. Seems that there are two major components of this. The first components is, of course, the insistence that lenders loan large amounts of money to people who had no chance of paying it back. Otherwise it would be racist. Even though most who were caught up in this are white. The main problem seems to be that folks thought that the astronomical housing prices would keep going up, forever. So folks kept borrowing more against their houses. Unfortunately, bubbles burst. When the housing prices started falling those big loans remained. This does not count those who bought houses to flip. Those folks didn't help but there weren't enough of them to cause this mess.

So, that started it. Worse came the idea that they could bunch up millions of dollars of these shaky mortgages and sell them like stock. Now that is not so bad but then other geniuses got the brilliant idea idea of doing this on credit. There is a major difference between FDIC regulated banks and the other entities buying these "investments" on credit.

Now those are things I know. Here is something I wonder. We know that there are a LOT of bazillionaires who are Democrats. We also know that George Soros, one of those bazillionaires, hates Republicans and has no problem hurting people to make money, see his raid on the British Pound. We also know that the Democrats in Congress laughed at that "incompetent" Bush when he tried, through both of his terms, to get Congress to fix Fannie and Freddie.

We know the Donks hate Bush. How much of this mess would have been prevented if the Democrats were not fighting fixing Bush? I suspect a lot, just reading what the Donks are saying in blog comments.

So, is it stupidity or malevolence? Or some combination? The hard thing is convincing Eddie that we will keep buying Milk Bones and Beggin' Strips.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Must Be Nice

I must confess, I am no economic guru, never having much in the way of money to practice on. I mean when I got the only windfall of my life, my family inheritance, I paid off the mortgage and had a rifle rebuilt for accuracy. So, I'm no genius, I admit it.

Still, I seem to be smarter than the big time Democrats. Why did they put Jamie Gorelick up as vice chair of Fannie Mae? Just what made her worth twenty-six million dollars in bonuses?

Let's look,she set up "the wall" that made it much more difficult to figure out that a bunch of Arabs who wanted to learn to fly, but not land, were up to no good. Great, lets give her authority over a trillion dollar industry! This is, it seems, smart when you are a big time Democrat.

It's not that I don't believe in second chances but still, this is a little much. Screw up law enforcement, then get put on the commission studying the results of that screw up as happened to our Jamie. Set up "the wall". Then when we got the 9/11 attacks she gets put on the commission asking how that happened. Um, shouldn't she have been in front of that commission, under oath? Oh, right, she is a Democrat.

I am counting the days before Gorelick is on the commission studying what went wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Just wait. This whole stinking Democrat mess will be found to be all the fault of George Bush. After all, it was Democrats writing the rules to say lend a bazillion dollars to folks with no possible way to pay back those loans. Stupid Republicans like me paid off our mortages.

Still, somebody tell me, using small words please because I'm not smart enough to be a Democrat, just what did Gorelick do to earn those twenty-six million dollars in bonuses? Or did she learn something about a lot of big time politicians while working in the Justice Department, ensuring vast riches for the rest of her life?

From here it looks like a pretty good deal. Anything you mess up, blame on Bush. Meanwhile take your millions and bleat loudly about the little people. After all, the little people get to pay for it all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Missed Me

The big storm of '08 missed me, for which I am thankful. We got some heavy rain, the wind blew some and then it was over. No damage, the trees didn't lose limbs and I did not get to see Oz. Or even Oklahoma. My community is still not organized, though. My cheap plastic deck furniture didn't even blow away. I wonder how that .is possible, I would think that without a community organizer sitting on it, it'd be gone.

Speaking of needing to be organized, the people who ignored the mandatory evacuation order down in Galveston are complaining that government isn't helping them enough. Seems to me that they ought to get a big fat bill for every drop of water, every bite of food they get. Then a big ol' "in the way" bill for slowing down the actual recovery effort. It just stands to reason that every man-hour spent on taking care of those yahoos is a man-hour that could be spent on clearing roads, restoring power, etc.

I wonder how many votes McCain got by showing up at the NASCAR race in Louden, New Hampshire today? I wonder how all those people managed to get to the track without being organized?

I have a question. Folks keep talking about the Bradley Effect. Seems there was a Democrat named Bradley who was ahead in the polls for an election for Governor out in California. He lost. Ever since then we have been plagued with The Bradley Effect. Trouble is, there hasn't been an election since Truman where the polls did not overcount the Democrats in their samples. My lord, they had Mondale ahead of Reagan at one point! And there has never been a candidate whiter than Mondale. So, why is there a Bradley Effect and not a more general "we overcounted the Donks" effect? Remember Kerry? The polls had him beating Bush.

How come there was no Steele Effect? I reckon that these "effect" things are only for Democrats. So, if we don't vote for the Democrat we are racists. Democrats, though, they get to call black Republicans vile names.

Oh well, time to start mowing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Far, So Good

So I got up and the weather hadn't really hit, I'd woke up a couple of times after daylight to some light rain but nothing important. So I got up and had a cup of coffee, Linda Lou was on the intertubes downloading dog pictures so I turned on the weather channel. Bemember now, I live in northeast Texas where Ike was barrelin' up the road with me right in his sights. So, the Weather Channel was talking about Ike all right, about the horrible danger that Chicago was facing.

Now I realize that eventually the weather will get to Chicago but I was kind of hoping that I would get something about whether I should run from the weather. No, they were worried because there are some 184 basements flooded a thousand miles from the storm. So, I had recorded Open Range on the DVR a while back and haven't watched it because it's a three hour movie. So I watched Duval and Costner shoot up a bunch of bad guys.

The weather finally hit, during the movie and it got real rainy and windy. I haven't turned the weather channel back on, though. I'm not worried about Chicaco, they are organized up there. After all, they had Obama. How could anything bad happen to Chicago, after all, Jesus was a community organizer, just like Obama. So, how come the weather channel had to tell me about flooded basements up there instead of the storm right here? And I haven't studied on it too hard but there are no community organizers in the Wills Point or Quinlan phone books. I'm pretty sure that Jesus still cares though. Of course we have very few basements down here for the weather channel folks to worry about.

The bad news is that the dogs really want out, even with the weather. Well, that and the sorry fact that we have no community organizers.

Still Waiting

Ike has hit the coast now, I'm waiting for some reports, we probably won't have real news until morning.

I'm also waiting on something else. For most of the last eight years I've been told how much smarter Democrats are than us dumb Republicans. After all, Gore was, on no evidence at all, smarter than Bush. I know this because Democrats told me, several times a day. Then John "can I get me a huntin' license here" Kerry was so much smarter than Bush. I know this because Democrats told me, several times a day.

Now I'm told how smart Obambi is. More than smart, he is a community organizer, just like Jesus! I do wonder, though, how come there are no tales of how much better off the citizens he organized are. I am a fairly engaged guy, I don't watch much television because of my hearing but it is a very rare day when I'm not on the Internet for at least six or eight hours. Somehow, though, there are no reports of Chicago being so wonderful.

I hear various numbers for that Annenberg Challenge thing, mostly in the range of a hundred and fifty million dollars spent to improve education in Chicago. Now I am, apparently, not smart enough to be a Democrat but that seems to be a lot of money. Yet there are no reports of any improvement. Down here in Texas we didn't get that sort of money but our schools have improved a little, with the Teachers Unions fighting it every step of the way.

The latest thing proving how smart Democrats are is this ad by Obambi stating that McCain can't use E-mail because he is old and all. Obambi is just so smart! Why he's so smart he can't be bothered looking at Google for a few minutes and seeing the news articles from back in 2000 that McCain can't work a keyboard because of the way he North Vietnamese broke him up.

This is the smart guy. This is the guy that says that running his campaign proves he has the experience to lead the free world. The same guy that wants to get Hillary to attack Governor Palin because she is mean to him. After all,she is only a Governor, like Pontius Pilate while he was a community organizer like Jesus.

These are the smart people, just ask them. Just don't ask for proof. They'll just tell you how stupid you are.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Batten Down The Hatches

The storm is coming, seems it will get here Saturday. Not that Ike will be a hurricane by the time it gets here, they're forecasting winds of 40m to 50 mph and maybe six-eight inches of rain. We have lots of food, a brand new 50 pound sack of dog food, the gas tank is full and I just filled the propane tank.

Reckon I'm about ready. My only fear is losing the electricity. I wouldn't care, normally, but the freezer is full. Ah well, we lose the power and I'll buy some dry ice at Wally World and fill the ice chest, eat what won't fit. I'm pretty sure my biggest danger is a muddy dog. But, just in case a tornado gets me, somebody tell Army Wife, Toddler Mom to wave at me as I fly over Nebraska.

I was plotting on going to the Shoot this Sunday but it's canceled. The range that Tenhorn Town is built on is that black dirt that is so slick whenever there is so much as a cloud in Oklahoma. Too bad, shooting real black is spectacular in cloudy, rainy weather. Oh well, I'll go the last Saturday of the month, instead. That is a couple more weeks of recovery, anyhow. I'm a little nervous about the shotgun, the revolvers will be fine and the rifle is heavy enough to absorb the recoil of the black powder .45 loads. The shotgun, though, does have a tad of kick, seeing as how I'm shooting an ounce and a quarter of shot and three drams of real black powder. If I would have had a brain in my head I would have loaded up a couple of boxes of lighter loads, say 7/8 of an ounce of shot and two-two and a half drams of powder. Unfortunately all my brass 12 gauge cases were already loaded.

I have nothing to say about 9/11. Everyone else already said it.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Wish I Could Keep Up.

I cannot keep up with the Left. It is totally against the rules to even talk dirty to a coworker but it is okay for Bill Clinton to have an intern on her knees in the Oval office.

Politician's families are completely off limits, that is why Gore's kid got almost no publicity for that reckless driving thing while the Bush twins got microscopic scrutiny for having a drink.

Now the feminists, who have been screaming for years that ANY choice a women makes with regards to family and career is only the woman's choice, suddenly decide that a woman's place is in the home.

Here is another thing I don't understand. For a long time now the Left has been talking about how Republicans are crooks. So, here is Palin who has actually sent big time Republican politicians to jail. The Left trots out other Republican allies of those in jail to say that they don't like Palin.

One thing for sure, no crooked Democrat will ever complain about Obambi who has never in his life gone against the corruption in Chicago's machine politics. I wonder why the Left doesn't ever think of that when they say how corrupt Palin might be?

Now Obambi is trying to flex his muscles because big bully Palin is being mean to him. What is he going to do? Why he's sending out the sisterhood to attack Palin. Poor obambi, hiding behind Hillary's pantsuit. He's so brave.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Grandchildren, Ours and Political

We spent yesterday at our daughter and son-in-law;s at Josiah's birthday party. Him being two he didn't quite understand, but he liked the cake and presents. Exactly half (by number, not weight) of our grandkids were there, four boys and the only girl.

There were a couple-three other kids and some parents, mainly it was a mass of kids, maybe nine or ten in all. It gets hard to count kids, unless they're tied down. None of the kids was over six at the most so the energy level was way up there. If we could have hooked them up to some kind of generator we could power a medium sized city.

The top picture is the birthday boy, Josiah. Next down is his big brother, William. The next two down are Michael and Jeniffer's two, MJ and Alexandra. The bottom two pics are granny and gramps with our newest grandchild, Karson.

We may not have much money but we've got handsome grandchildren.

There is another grandchild in the news today, Sarah Palin's daughter seems to be pregnant. The Left is ecstatic, they just KNOW that all the Christians will turn against the McCain/Palin ticket. Just exactly like everyone was going to vote against the Bush/Cheney ticket because one of Cheney's kids is a thespian or something.

The Left must know no Christians. So, Bristol Palin seems to be pregnant and will get married. We are all supposed to reject the ticket because a teenager made a mistake. Sorry. We'd rather it didn't happen but it isn't our business. Bristol isn't running for anything. The family seems to be doing the right thing.

The gleeful Left should look at those bumper stickers we see, the ones that say: "Christians Aren't Perfect, Just Forgiven." The Left would have us believe that if a Christian sins they put them in front of the congregation, tear the cover off the Bible and drum them out of the church. Sorry, that's not how it works, even the Catholics hardly ever excommunicate anyone anymore. Lucky for Ted Kennedy.

Oddly, the only big Lefty with any sense in this is Obama. Perhaps because his mother got pregnant early, perhaps because he is the father of daughters or maybe he's just smarter that the folks at Daily Koz and DU.

It wasn't very long ago that 17 was a common age for a young women to be married and a mother. Look at some of those old family Bibles, look at some old genealogy records. In the 1800s lots of girls got married at fourteen. We marry later now, young people's hormones haven't changed.