Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm over on The Puppyblender's site, as usual, and the first thing up is Patterico E-interviewing some young lady (?) about a twitter post to Andrew Brietbart "please die". To save some time I'll merely note that this woman would not know Brietbart if he walked up to her and offered her a job.

I wonder if this person would be so cavalier on wishing death to strangers if he had any idea of what death is. I'm willing to bet that she has never witnessed a death.

Speaking of death, how about our beloved SecState's comment about Gadaffi? We came, we saw, he died. How witty. I hold no brief for Qaddafi, the man of a million spellings but it was my impression that we were not at war with Libya. I could be wrong there, our Nobel Peace Prize Winner in Chief sure has got us in a lot of fights.

Seems that he's sending a batch of our special ops types into Uganda. Wasn't Senator Obama against sending our troops anywhere where there was not a direct American interest? Didn't he also demand Congressional approval for such adventures?

Seems as if we're pulling our troops out of Iraq, leaving some very expensive bases behind. Our crack diplomats were unable to arrange the proper status for our troops and so we're going away leaving something like a Corporal's Guard behind to train troops whom we have no particular reason to trust. Meanwhile the Kurds of Iraq are left with a Democrat politician's promise for protection.

This gives me a warm feeling. Meanwhile, on the other side of Iran, Karzi, in Afghanistan is siding with Pakistan over the USA in a beef between the two. I'm curious. Is this the smart diplomacy I read we'd have now that the cowboy Bush was gone?

 Speaking of cowboys, or as they were then known, cow-boys, today, October 26th is the anniversary of the gunfight in the vacant lot outside Fly's Photography Studio and boardinghouse, also known as the Gunfight at the OK Corral. It was 1881.

the gunfight involved ill feelings as well as politics. The Earp faction were Republican and the Clanton faction, Democrats. The law in the city of Tombstone was Republican, the county was Democrat. Wyatt was trying to unseat the Sheriff and stood a pretty fair chance. That thirty seconds of gunplay started events into motion that ended the Earp's chance at major power in the southeast corner of Arizona.

 A hundred and thirty years later there is more unrest, with threats of political violence getting louder and louder.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Is Really Strange

 I find it very odd. One of the Occupy Whatever Street groups has issued a pamphlet about "What to do if you're raped." I find it very strange that if one build a movement out of demanding money that one has not earned, from those who have earned it, that you do not get the pillars of society. One would think that only high minded dogooders would form in these camps.

 I do not recall any of the TEA Party events having to put out such pamphlets. Could it be that there is a fundamental difference in the mindset? On the one hand we have the "Give me theirs!" On the other hand the "Leave me alone!" Could there possibly be a difference in the type of people who show up?

 Seems that theft is rampant, too. How could this be?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Mitt

 Dear Mitt:

 You are not going to be President. It's not your religion. It's your policies and your track record. I know that you are an establishment Republican and that you and the rest of the establishment Republicans believe it's your turn. Trouble is, Mitt, the voters do not believe in the "your turn" system.In 1976 the establishment Republicans thought it was Jerry Ford's turn. We got Carter. In '80 that upstart Reagan turn over your applecart and spoiled George H. W. Bush's turn, although he slipped in over a very weak Donk, Dukakis. Dukakis did, however, prevent a possible President Biden. Still, GHWB is the only Republican President of my lifetime to win a term because it was "his turn. In 1960 Nixon lost. His political future was declared dead after losing the governor's race in California in '62.

 Mitt, you will probably win the nomination. You have a long time staff and tons of money. This counts in the early primaries. Also the Donks have no viable opposition to Obama getting the nomination so they will be voting for you in our primaries because they know they will beat you in the general election.

 Here is why they know they will beat you, Mitt. The ordinary Republican voter doesn't like you. We don't like Romneycare, we don't like the fact that your aides went to Washington to confer with the developers of Obamacare. We don't like the way your positions change with the audience.

 Mitt, the ordinary Republican voter will vote for you in the General, once you win the nomination. The ordinary Republican voter will not man phone banks for you. We will not go knock on doors. There won't be as many yard signs. Few of us will be driving voters to the polls.

 Mitt, you are the only reason Obama can win another term. You have the MSM on your side now while they slander the other candidates. You think they are your friends. So did McCain, the last Republican whose turn it was. Mitt, you only think you are seeing vitriol against your opposition in the primary season. It's nothing like you will see in the general. Go home, Mitt. The base simply will not put out the work we will need to unseat this disaster of a President. Maybe it's not fair, Mitt. Unfortunately "your turn" won't work.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Half Fast And Furious

I'm still trying to get my mind around the Obama Administration letting, and sometimes even paying for, a whole slew of firearms to go out the doors of gun shops in the hands of straw purchasers.  Worse, it seems that some even left in the hands of at least one feller with a criminal record. I have a lot of questions about this thing but let's start with the simple fact that it is illegal for a gun to leave the store in the hands of a criminal. I The only way a gun leaves the store without the storekeeper calling the FBI hotline for an instant background check is if the buyer shows a valid CCW.  Now, if the shopkeeper calls the hotline he's got to tell the Feebs all about the buyer and the purchase.

 This raises further questions in my poor bald head. For instance, why would the Feebs okay a cash purchase of dozens (or more) of the same kind of shootin' iron without asking for a lot more information. I've never had the money to buy a dozen guns at once, I've never been in the business of buying or selling guns. I have know several folks who have been in that business, though.They all used checks or plastic to buy their stock. Heck, I'm not even in the business and the only times I've ever bought guns with cash have been when buying from individuals, as when I bought a couple from fellow Single Action Shooting Society members.

 Anyhow, this is all the proof I need to show that this operation went beyond one agency. I know it's not enough for a court of law but then I'm not a lawyer. I do have some standards.

 I also wonder why the cartel(s?) wanted to buy these guns. Seems that most of them were semi-auto versions of the AK-47. Due to the mountain of restrictions in this country the old Kalashnikov is more expensive in a US shop that a fully auto version still in the crate in, say Venezuela. I know the cartels have bathtubs full of cash but, still, why would one pay more money for a less capable weapon? It isn't like the cartels are the US government.

 I confess, I've not run a detailed study of the cartels. I do a little reading, though, and I check out Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee, as well as the Sipsey Street Irregulars so I do know a little bit about this operation. So here are just a few things I know. There are slews of Mexican soldiers deserting to the cartels. They bring their US supplied M-16s. A certain amount of garrison commanders have brought their whole arsenals with them when they came over. When that happens the US simple writes another check more more guns to the Mexicans, lather, rinse, repeat.

 Truth to tell, though, the cartels really prefer the AKs. The Kalashnikov is much more friendly to a gunman who is not much on maintenance. The M16 must be kept really clean, the Ak will shoot with all kinds of crud in and on it. The '16 is a lot more accurate, in the hands of a marksman but the cartels do not have a lot of marksmen.

 Another think I can't figure out is how this bunch of numbskulls thought they could get a slew of federal law enforcement officers to keep quiet while this whole thing played out. The majority of Feds are cops, not politicians. And real cops aren't going to stand for the killing of hundreds of civilians, a few Feds and, it now seems, the arming of Chicago area gangs fro Indiana gun shops.

 I have a lot more questions but this is a start. The only thing I can think of to explain this is if the whole Obama Administration, from the President down to the janitor are all a bunch of affirmative action retards.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dear Pastor Jeffries:

 There are a lot of folks who seem to have trouble believing that Mormons are really part of the human race. Well, it's also fashionable to rag on J. Edgar Hoover, now that he's safely dead. Hoover took special care to fill the FBI with Irish Catholics and Mormons, because each of those groups had a tendency to hate Nazis and Communists.

 There is this Pastor in Dallas who says that Mormons are a cult. Of course there are still a few pastors who call Catholicism The Church of Rome, too. It would be nice if bigots like Jefferies would keep their mouths shut. Of course there are a lot of folks who call Mormonism a cult.

 I have my differences with Romney and will not vote for him in the Primary. If, however, he gets the nomination I shall hold my nose, hard, and vote for him. Anyone short of the ghost of Stalin would be an improvement over the Bozo/Biden outfit.

 I cheerfully admit that I don't know a whole lot about the Mormon's religious doctrine, not being a Mormon I don't figure I need to. I figure that if a Mormon is a good human being it's enough for me. And if he's a revolving SOB as a Mormon he's probably be one if he were a Babatist.  As a matter of fact Pastor Jefferies, you might do better worrying about the SOBs in your own congregation, I'm sure you can find some. And, please, Rick Perry is having enough trouble in this race, he doesn't need your "help".

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Up On The Clear Fork

Just before the great war called the Civil War today, once known down here as the War of Northern Aggression, the first white settlers tried to settle the land where Rick Perry was born. Those people were either killed by Indians, both Kickapoo and Comanche. The land was quiet again until well after the war. After the Comanche were finally subdued and the rest of the tribes sent up to the Indian Territory, later stolen from them and renamed Oklahoma, northwest Texas was finally settled by white folks. And they were white folks, there were very few freed slaves or what were then known as Mexicans.

 The land was mostly arid plains with just a few creeks flowing into the forks of the Brazos. Cattle was king back then, the small farms were impractical, the water wasn't there. And that's the way it stayed until they dammed the river. This brought practical irrigation in with cotton replacing cattle in places. There was also some oil discovered not long after the turn of the Twentieth Century.

 Somehow places were named with no regard to Twenty-first Century ideals, the nerve of those oldtimers! A pasture of a cattle ranch was named "Niggerhead, after a particular rock. Later the rock had that name painted on it. Years, decades after that a northwest Texas farmer and Democrat politician leased that pasture for hunting. That Democrat was Rick Perry's dad. Eventually Dad Perry painted over the offending name. Please bear in mind that Dad Perry did not own the rock and may have well gotten in trouble over  painting over the name, had the rancher who did own that rock so chosen. The rancher did not, although the lawsuit would have been interesting. Still, had the rancher complained, loudly, that still would not have satisfied the pearl clutchers at the Washington Post.

 Later Dad Perry even turned the rock with the offending overpainted name over, further hiding the offending name. Still, the Grandees of the Washington Post are flipping their aprons in front of their faces in horror. If only Rick Perry had not got in that time machine and rode it back to the Nineteenth Century and forced those ol' boys to name that rock so offensively! Or something. I
m really having a problem figuring out why this is a news story. We already knew folks in the past did things and used words that we do not do or use anymore. Well, mostly. Slavery does not exist here anymore although it is still extant in some Muslim areas. We do not use the term "Nigger" much anymore although it is still in use in the black neighborhoods. Funny that.

 I would probably do better ignoring this, like I would probably do better never noticing anything that comes from the Washington Post.