Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Most Fun Since The Bear Chased Uncle Willie Into The Outhouse!

  So Sunday night they decided to transfer Linda Lou to a big hospital in Dallas while they were putting her in the ambulance the big lump on the "healed" incision on her ankle started draining all sorts of blood, pus and corruption, So, eventually they got that cleaned out and got her to a fancy hospital in north Dallas, later Bingo T. Pug and I showed up her at our daughter's house in a Dallas suburb. Nobody much noticed me but the boys love Bingo.

 Yesterday they went into Linda Lou's ankle and cleaned out all the mess they could and started a culture and a couple of days they'll know exactly what bug is causing the trouble. Meanwhile her Ortho Doc is transferring her to yet another hospital, the same one in North Dallas where he rebuilt her knee where he will go in and take the next step. All the docs I've spoken with so far seem to think that will be taking all that hardware out of her leg and replacing it with less that what she has now. Or, perhaps none. Then it will be back to that hospital that deals with Staph infections where they last controlled that infection ad then back to a long term rehab hospital to build her strength back and hopefully, teach her to walks well enough to not be falling down and hitting her head on sinks and terlets and bleeding all over everything.

 The local Volunteer Fire Department is having their annual Boot Drive where they stand and the nearest stoplight and beg for a little money. The sequester has taken the stipend the Federal Government gave fire departments in Red States and transferred it to the Department of Obama Vacations. After all priorities are everything. Anyhow, no VFD substation in our front yard so we really need to stop this falling all over the place.

 Ever notice that when the politicians don't get every penny they demand they never give up their perks? It's always less for police and fire. And it's never less crap like armored vehicles for SWAT Teams but the bluesuits walking and driving beats in the neighborhoods. We need a new rule, anytime the budgets must be cut, politicians must take a random selection of registered voters in each area where the budgets cut and let the citizens decide, politicians have proven they cannot be trusted. There is always a fire station being shut down, never the fancy furniture in City Hall. Wonder why that is?

 Anyhow I'll continue to be mostly out of pocket for a while. I'd rather be at a Cowboy Action Match.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hospital Blues

 Wednesday as I was getting ready to do the payday shopping Linda Lou fell again. She hit her head (again) and bled all over. I called the ambulance and she went off to the hospital where I threw an tantrum aking why they keep sending her home without doing anything to fix the problem. Well, the tantrum worked and she's still ther, thi think they converted a storage closet for her room but at least they're finally trying to figure out why she's ending up on the floor all the time.

 We think it's a bad reaction to the mountain of meds she's getting but they are also doing a bunch of other tests, CT scans, MRIs, etc. All the things that would have her on a waiting list for months under real socialized medicine. So far we know it wasn't a stroke or a series of strokes, that's something.

 They are somewhat concerned about her oxygen levels so it may or may not be something more than the meds, I reckon that could go either way. As it is, we're mainly waiting. And praying.

 Funny thing, Steph was visiting and her husband's best man from their wedding showed up, walking down the hall, seems he is preaching someplace in our county seat. He had his twelve year old son with him, wearing one of those fake coonskin caps like we used to wear when Fess Parker was all over the teevee. Anyway Steph noticed them and called them in the room and we got an extra prayer out of the deal. I don't know his exact denomination but if he's ever around at suppertime I'm gonna make somebody else say grace, not being overly fond of starvation. Anyhow, Texas is a big state but it's a small world.

 So, that's one reason I haven't been posting. If anyone has any pull with the main office upstairs, a prayer would be appreciated.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

No Royalty

 We found a new home for Cochise' Apache Princess the other day,an older guy with a daughter and grandson living with him on some land not too many miles away. We miss her but she needed a home with a boy to play with. So, no more royalty here, I just wish the Obama regime could figure that out about no royalty.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Forty-Eight Years

It was 1965. The 1964 elections had come and gone with LBJ promising to keep us out of the war in Viet Nam and there I was, on a landing craft on my way into Chu Lai, Republic of Viet Nam. I haven't believed a Democrat since.

 In other news our health problems aren't getting much better. Those stupid holes from the stent procedure still haven't healed and I'm still having some pain. Linda Lou had a cataract removal last week and then yesterday she fell over in the middle of the night and busted open her head. An ambulance ride, a CT scan and two staples to close the wound.  Naturally it was shortly after I took my nighttime pills and went to bed.. I'm not really supposed to be driving to the county seat while full of Trazodone but we survived. Somehow.

 Anyhow the health issues are making it difficult to concentrate, I'm mostly sitting around watching old episodes of Gunsmoke and Bonanza on The Western Channel, along with old movies. If I can ever get my brain working again I've some blog posts percolating.