Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Sayin"

I have this little problem. I love being an official Ace of Spades Overnight Thread Moron but it takes up so much time I can't hardly do anything else. Since I've started I can't even get through all of the Puppyblender's site most days. This, of course, has much to do with no highspeed internet out here. Sigh.

I'm going to take a nice nap instead of trying to figure out what ol' Totus Head has to say. I know quite well the state of the union, thank you. It was, with the exception of a war, going quite well, right up 'til November, '06. Funny, after the Democrats took Congress, it got way worse. Naturally, this is considered Bush's fault. Y'all remember Bush? The guy who figured out policies to get us out of the Dot Com bust? The guy that tried to warn us all about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac? Yeah, that guy. Thank god we had smart people like Chris Dodd and Barny Frank to tell us all how stupid Bush is. Sure is lucky we have somebody smart in the White House now.

That was a nice nap. And some nice, hot, fresh coffee. I'm ready for the long haul, now! I've looked at a couple of websites about the State of the Union speech. Did our loser in chief really call out the Supreme Court? Really? So, let me get this straight in my poor bald head. The Supremes, finally figured out that "Congress shall make no law" meant congress shouldn't make laws, and Obambi is calling out Justice Kennedy, the official swing vote on the court for doing so?

Now I'm not the smartest guy in the room, I didn't go to Occidental and then Columbia, nor did I go to Harvard Law. Still, I'm smart enough to not go picking fights with the guy that might otherwise be in my corner the next time. It's too bad his grades are such a mystery. That might explain his constant, stupid decisions.

Speaking of that court decision that has ever lib screeching about "the corporations!", how come libs, who claim to be so smart, can't figure out that corporations can't decide anything, it's people, many of whom are libs themselves. The lefties don't seem to complain about the millions that Soros has committed to change our system.

Reading what Obama has said makes me want to weep for my country. How have we manged to go from leaders like Lincoln and , yes, FDR, Ike and Truman to this?

Anyhow, I must resign from being a regular ONT Moron on the Ace of Spades Overnight thread or I'll never do any writing on my own place. Maybe, though, as a part-time Moron I can still be smarter than most of the Washington crowd.

Speaking of the Washington crowd, what's with Chris Matthews only now forgetting that Obama is black. What does he do, get up every morning and classify everyone, only today he forgot? There are a large number of people in this country that classify folks differently. Good colleague at work or a lazy bum? Friend or... Maybe fun pal or dreadful bore. Perhaps if Matthews got out of the lefty media/political cocoon and spent some time on a factory floor (if we have any left by the time these idiots are done) he'd find the world we live in is different than his.

Oh, well, I need another nap, I have to go get some blood work for the next doctor visit, which means I should sleep before I drive to town. Then I get to go to the used bookstore and, since it's a fasting thing, Taco Bueno afterwards. Mmm, Taco Bueno! That's worth getting poked with a needle.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Don't Really Care About Ellie Light Except...

Seems that each couple of hours brings more information about this person calling himself or herself, Ellie Light.Quite frankly if "Ellie's" legs grew together and (s)he fell over every time (s)he tried to move, I would neither notice nor care.

The only thing this whole deal says to me is how dumb the left thinks we are and how incredibly stupid the left really is. Of course, we knew about the stupidity of the left, after all, we see the long death toll of the left. We see how anywhere the left is in control, things go into the toilet, which then won't flush. Leftists, though, keep trying to beat that dead horse.

This time, some leftist(s?) writes the same letter and sends it to, what is it now, 1182 newspapers and many publish it. Never mind that the normal thing for a newspaper is to call the writer before publishing. Now seeing as how the average news "professional" is somewhat dumber than a bag of hammers, I don't expect too much of them. Still, one would expect that even a news "professional" would recognize the local phone numbers and area codes. This leads me to wonder.

The other thing about leftists, besides them being dumber than stumps, is that they think they are the smartest people in the room. No matter how big or crowded that room is. I suspect it is because of the way they're "educated". A normal person goes somewhere to school and is told things. This person then looks around and if what they're told matches what they see, fine. If not, they ask themselves, do I believe what I'm told or my own eyes?

The leftist, though, simply regurgitates what is told. Then, because leftists have taken over the schools* the budding leftist gets told how smart (s)he is. So, the leftist grows up, mindlessly repeating what (s)he's been told, like a parrot and constantly being patted on their little heads and told how smart they are. Meanwhile, normal people get told they're stupid for believing their own eyes and, even worse, their parents. It doesn't take long for the normal person to shut up.

So the leftists are told, as children and then all the way up to grad school, how smart they are and, by extension, how dumb everyone else is. Now, assuming the leftist finds the way into, say, mechanical engineering, the military or police work, something like that, this will get knocked off of 'em fast. Which is why leftists go to law school, instead.

So, leftists go along, doing these idiotic things like "Ellie Light" and are always amazed when they get caught. Seems as if there isn't much difference between a leftist and a run of the mill criminal. Both are not too bright. Both are incurable optimists. Both believe, with no particular evidence, they are smarter than everyone else.

The rest of us are always amused. And angry.

*Something simply must be done about this.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Friend Is Attacked, Unfairly

I spend a lot of time going off my (electronic) friend Cynthia Yockey's site, and not just for the great writing. She has a thing that puts the last four posts of a whole slew of blogs, just running down that list keeps me able to take the temperature of the blogosphere in a shorter time than I otherwise could. Between her and the Puppyblender I can stay abreast of what is going on in the world without subjecting myself to the morons of the MSM.

My friend Cynthia tells me that the founder of the blog Hillbuzz is under attack for being a racist. Now there is a lot I have to disagree with the founder of Hillbuzz, he is, after all a tad left of center while I am a little more than right of center. Even worse, the guys at Hillbuzz are Yankees from Chicago.

Still, I have read that blog and have seen no evidence of racism. What I have seen is a small group of men who know that Obama, and the rest of those far left thug pols from up there who have taken over the Presidency are frauds and thieves. For this they are attacked by the oh so loving and peaceful leftists at DU and Daily Koz. These people, oh so tolerant are attacking them on their sexuality.

Those that follow this blog know that I'm just a pore dumb redneck but I'm wondering why, since the left is always accusing those of us on the right of being homophobes, I keep seeing leftists attacking gays. Let's see, DU types attacking Hillbizz. Check. The Hillsboro* "Baptist Church" waving signs at soldier's funerals, check. Y'all do know that the leader of that Hillsboro* bunch ran, and lost in a Democrat primary election, right?

The men who run Hillbuzz worked hard to help Senator Brown get elected in Massachusetts. They are working hard to derail this Obamacare mess. They will work hard on a few other important issues that we agree on. When we have beaten back this far left agenda we will then have time to argue over our disagreements.

Make no mistake, I have those disagreements with Hillbuzz. While these disagreements are real I also know that the guys of Hillbuzz love this country and are fighting for the best for all citizens, just as I do and am. So, we will win this fight with the far left. After that, we can argue as friends do. I will start by asking, if I'm the homophobe, why are the DUmmies writing that they hope the Hillbuzz boyz get AIDS and die?

I support Hillbuzz in this fight. After we win it I'll go back to callin' them damnyankees.

Update: *Larry, in the comments, was kind enough to remind me that this bunch of "Baptists" up in Topeka is the Westboro Baptist Church. I knew that, it's what happens when one is tired, half senile and sometmes not real bright. Now I'm pretty sure that neither the Northern nor the Southern Baptists will be marching in the next gay pride parade, I can also confidently state that neither of the mainline Baptist Conventions hold the beliefs of the Phelps bunch.

I am not a Baptist. I know a tiny bit about them and know that They do not hold much with the gays. I suspect it's because gays dance. Me? I figure there is so little love in this world that He would not condemn people who love sincerely. Assuming there is a Heaven and a Hell I suspect that Phelps and company are in for a rather hot surprise. At any rate, the Westboro Baptist bunch are not mainline Baptists. While I am in agreement with the First Amendment and religious freedom, the downside is that anyone can start a church and call it just about anything. I've thought about forming my own Baptist Church and holding services every Sunday, the services being a couple of hours of dancing to country-western music. I haven't followed it up because I dance like a white boy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Horror In Haiti

I do not have a whole lot to say about the ungodly horror in Haiti. Pretty much anybody writing about current events, except for Pat Robertson, will have better coverage than I do.

Still, there is one thing I've noticed. In all of the dozens and dozens of pictures I've seen of rescuers trying to dig folks out of the shattered concrete buildings I have seen no rebar. I'm seeing where there may be half a million dead. I wonder how many lives would have been saved by those simple, cheap steel reinforcing rods. I'm thinking probably 75% of those killed would be walking around, trying to help if all that concrete had the rebar in it.

And this is what is wrong with our foreign aid. We send money, which is stolen by the government types. We send weapons to the army, as if anyone would invade Haiti. What we don't send are what they really need. Building supplies. a few dozen plans for inexpensive, durable housing. A few less bureaucrats and a few more construction foremen. Someone who knows how to plant trees and other vegetation to prevent erosion, some folks who know how to rebuild the soil so people can plant crops.

By now the Lockheed Hercules planes are landing with water and our young men and women, the Navy is sending it's ships, we should have an Aircraft Carrier and a couple of ships from the Gater Navy with landing craft and helos, the Marines and Seabees will be there. And, of course, the American leftists will still be trying to tear down the military because they're all murdering warmongers.

Well, you don't need me to tell you to pray for the people of Haiti. The survivors will be a long time recovering from this, most will go to their graves with an empty spot in their hearts from dead friends and relatives. I must go pet a dog now so I don't sit here and cry.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That Was Scary.

So I forget to take my bedtime pills and woke up about four hours after going to bed. When I realized that I had not taken my bedtime pills I took them and went back to bed, woke up at five in the afternoon.

I swear, retirement is turning me into a vampire. Anyhow I fixed myself a pair of the Pioneer Woman's eggs in the hole, along with four little link sausages, I only wanted three but they were stuck together in the freezer so I cut the last one into thirds for the dogz.

Speaking of the dogz, we took Ming the Merciless to the vet at PetSmart, we had a coupon for a free visit. Since the last time we gave them beef soup bones she's had an awful cough, like she is choking on something. Anyhow the vet says it's not an infection, it's like something is pushing on her trachea. They wanted three hundred dollars for an X-ray, seeing as how we don't have three hundred dollars we brought her back home. Tomorrow, during daylight I am going to put a spoon or two of vegetable oil down her throat and see if that will help her swallow the piece of bone the rest of the way. or maybe throw it up. But I digress again.

I put a piece of the sausage under my desk, where I was eating, for Bingo, took the plate and another third out into the kitchen for CAP and gave the last third to Ming. Whatever is wrong with her has not affected her appetite.

I got back into my little study and found CAP under my desk searching for the slightest stray molecule of sausage that Bingo might have left. So, I sat down with giant dog under my desk and thought little of it except that I had no room for my feet.

We live in the country and, like everyone else who lives in the country, we have a constant battle with the field mice getting in every winter and raising their numerous little mouse families. So we put mouse and rat poison out, everywhere we think the dogs cannot reach, including behind my computer.

So, I'm sitting there, with giant dog beneath my feet and I heard a crunch. So I looked down and saw she was chewing on something green. I thought to myself, "where did she get a big Greenie?", we haven't had any of those for months.

I took another look and snapped to the fact that she had a block of mouse and rat poison. Fortunately I got it out of her mouth before she crunched the whole thing up and swallowed it. Scary. Anyhow I hope she didn't get enough to hurt her. I take the same thing in that rat poison every day to keep me from having another stroke.

So, my hope is that she only got enough to keep her from having a stroke tonight. If we can't afford an X-ray for Ming, we certainly cannot afford to nurse that idiot CAP through a poisoning. Nor do I want to dig more doggie graves anytime soon.

Okay, it's now about two hours past me taking the block of rat poison out of her mouth and she is showing no untoward symptoms. Whew! Dodged a bullet. Thank you, Lord.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Age Dogs And A Birthday Party


When it's real cold out the dogs stay inside a lot more. Please note, I mean real cold, Texas style, not that Yankee stuff they have where it drops below freezing in late September and doesn't thaw until sometime in mid August or something. I don't really want to know the exact dates of this sort of thing in Michigan or Minnesota, all I know is that, down here, we aren't equipped for the cold, we dress for and build for summers that start in mid April and end in early October and winters where temps often range in the mid 50s, and sometimes warmer.

This, is not really a piece on climate, though, but of dogs and birthdays. The dogs really have too much energy to stay inside all the time, although Bingo the Pug needs somewhat less exercize, being a Pug and all. Still, he is a young Pug.

They get most of their indoor exercize by fighting over whichever is the only dog toy in the entire universe. No human will ever know which of the dzens of toys we have is the only toy at a given time.

Their second favorite means of exercize is fighting the battle of who gets to be closest to Daddy. This is sometimes difficult for the bald fat guy. It is not easy to read when The Beast and The Mini Beast are having a no holds barred wrestleing match in the chair. Eventually, though, they settle down. Usually

CAP gets next to me, being bigger, sometimes she is next to me with Bingo on my lap. Then they lay there for awhile until something exciting happens like Linda Lou going into the kitchen. Since the kitchen is where all things holy, meaning treats, are kept, there is an emergency exit from the chair. Had to get dogs. Couldn't get a nice Parakeet, no, had to get dogs.

In other news, yesterday was William's seventh birthday party. A tragedy ensued when we were partway there and Linda Lou realized that she forgot the camera. Oh well, I just posted grandkid pics from Christmas so no one will die from that.

There were about eight thousand kids there, so it seems. I ended up with two little girls, foster children if it matters, glued to me for a while. Between my deafness and my shattered memory I do not know their names. I do know that both were cute as a bug. If we still used arranged marriages I could have the best looking great grandchildren in the history of the world. One was a nice looking blonde girl, I'm thinkig she would match up with one of the grandkids in North Carolina, and we'd have a tribe of viking looking kids, although blonde doesn't exactly run in the family but, what the hey. The other little girl is brunette with curly hair and somewhat Mediterranean features. Hopefully we'll get pics from the shindig E-mailed to us. Anyway, the little brunette is a tad older than Josiah but by the time they finish college that won't matter so much.

It is somewhat odd that those kids, whom I have never seen before, spent more time with me than any of the grandkids but, then, William had new toys, including a couple that Daddy had to assemble so they were spending time there.

Anyhow, it was a bit warmer and, most importantly, the north wind has died down, at least for a while. So, the kids got a little time outdoors, too. But then it was late afternoon and time to wend our way home. The dogs were glad to see us.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The North Pole Moves South Vs Brooks And The Intellectuals

We are in the grips of a genuine Texas Blue Norther, we don't have them every day during the winter but when we do, we might as well be Yankees. Except we mostly don't have the clothes for that job, nor that winter-weight blood. The good news, if it can be called that, is that our blue northers are dry. There is a tad of frozen water left in spots from the rain and sleet we had earlier but the sky has been that bright, hard shade of blue that is almost painful to look at. This is why they're called "blue.

They are called northers because the wind comes hard out of the north. The wind the other day had gusts of fifty miles per hour. It was like Algore standing atop a tower in Resolute, The Northwest Territories of Canada, almost exactly north of here, bellowing clouds of Global Warming right at us. Since it's so far, all the moisture is gone from those clouds, leaving us with nothing but cold, cold air. Which is just as well, most folks down here have never learned about driving on snow. Heck, we start running into one another if there is a cloud in Oklahoma just so we're ready for the mayhem in the rain. Tire chains? Fat chance.

Much of the right side of the Blogosphere is up in arms over the last David Brooks column in the New York Crimes. Please note that David Brooks is their "conservative columnist". Why he is so conservative he endorsed Obama in the '08 election. Something about pants creases. Y'all must pardon me for bein' a pore dumb redneck, and maybe a homophobe, but I go days without staring at strange men's pants. Well, I do look to see if they're carrying a gun and look as if they have evil intent but, pants? Spare me.

Anyhow, Brooks is complaining that people are turning against the "educated class" Now, you must say "educated class" as if you were a genuine New York Crimes publisher. Anyhow, let me explain to Mr. Brooks why America is turning against the "educated class".

It was the "educated class" that brought us Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was the "educated class" that took over the banks and other financial institutions and did their best to run the country's entire economy into the ground.

It was the "educated class" that took over our schools and now overwhelm the few real teachers with tons of silly crap that mean today's BA graduates of an Ivy League University know less than a graduate of Jr. High knew back in 1915. In favor of the "educated class", though, our kids might not know how to write, read and cipher but by God, they have self esteem. And how to put on a condom, we can't forget that.

Our automobile companies were profitable until the old guard died out and was replaced by the "educated class". Our government worked pretty well, right up to the election of the first of the modern "educated class", Woodrow Wilson. Hey, Woody! How'd that war to end all wars work out for you, pal?That League of Nations was a real winner, too.

Along came a couple guys from the "educated class" a little later, Herbert Hoover and then FDR, they managed to turn a normal recession into The Great Depression. David, you might have heard of it, it was in all the papers.

Speaking of papers, the "educated class" have taken over those, too. I'm old. This means I remember when a guy could pick up the paper and find out what is going on in the world.Why, when I was a boy, if something like the climate "scientists" of East Anglia University got a mess of information released about how they were manipulating data and trying to force scientific journals to squelch opposing theories, I would have read about it in the New York Times! Oh, and if, in my youth, a bunch of Islamic nutter killed three thousand Americans and then admitted it, along with vowing to kill more, the papers would not have published so many of our secrets about fighting those nuts. Of course, back then the papers were not run by the "educated class". So they cared about American lives.

The "educated class" have also brought us the double whammy of around a million abortions per year and still the unwed mothers are increasing exponentially. I saw, but haven't yet clicked, a blurb from the Puppyblender, a member of the "educated class" that still maintains a modicum of good sense, about "should we spend taxpayer money on prisons or colleges"? If it weren't for all those kids growing up without fathers we would not need to worry about prisons. The "educated class" fetishizes unwed motherhood, probably because they help so much in tearing down America. Remember how the "educated class" beat up Dan Quayle for his Murphy Brown speech? Eighty percent of rapists are fatherless. Seventy percent of long term prison inmates are fatherless. How much tax money would we need to spend of prisons with 70% fewer long term inmates? The list is much longer on what unwed motherhood is doing to the country and, as bad, to those very children. Yet the "educated class" wants us all to kneel at the feet of the unwed mother while shoveling billions their way. Y'all will, I hope, pardon me for not being educated enough to not understand why we aren't discouraging unwed motherhood. It ain't like we don't know plenty about birth control.

How about this Global Warming "crisis" we're in the middle of? How many billions have we all ready spent? Meanwhile the "educated class" cannot explain why, if global warming is so bad, they are finding the remnants of vineyards under the retreating glaciers of Greenland. To a pore dumb redneck this might mean that climate change just happens, with or without our cars and air conditioners and heaters. The Scandihoovian history is not my main area of expertise but I am unaware that Errick The Red had a coal fired electric plant heating his home and a big ol' steam engine in his Long ships. Yet those were the days of the medieval warm period, which just happened to spark the Renaissance. Y'all might excuse me for thinking we need a bit more Reniassance and a lot smaller and less powerful "educated class".

Please do not think that I am against education. I'm not.What I am against is the mass of people, marching in lockstep, that believe in ideas so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them. Both George Orwell and Michael Levine are credited with versions of this, take your choice. There was a day when education was intended to teach people how to think. Today, education, especially in the liberal arts but also, more and more, in the sciences, does not teach anyone how to think. Hence the consideration of Obama as smart. Why is it that we know all about John McCain's low standing in his graduating class at the naval Academy but nothing at all of Obama's grades in either Columbia or Harvard Law? And why is a Harvard degree where one need take no courses that actually stretch the mind, more intellectual than a degree from Canoe U.? Funny, Canoe U has actual courses requiring the student to think. A Canoe U graduate goes where (s)he will be responsible for millions and then, perhaps, billions of dollars worth of equipment and the lives of men and women. The "educated class" Well, I woud not bet my son's lives on David Brooks. Perhaps that is why, during Algore's famed Viet Nam service, no one put him in charge of a squad. After all, this law school failure and divinity school dropout is part of the "educated class".

I have an idea. Let's take the faculties of the Ivy League, and ninety percent of the "educated class", put them on ships, take 'em out into the middle of the ocean and sink the ships. Make that last ten percent watch. Then maybe the rest of us could get down to business are rebuild the country. From there we might be able to straighten out the rest of the world.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bad News At The Poorfarm

So, my neighbors, the ones I talk to, had the volunteer fire dept and an ambulance over there, we kind of kept an eye out but they left with no one on the stretcher so we didn't know what happened. We didn't go over, figuring a health scare is bad enough without nosy neighbors.

Well, Linda Lou went over today to see how they were and to say hello. Seems that the reason they ambulance left with no one on the stretcher was because John died. He might have pulled through, for a while, except that my neighbor called 911 on her cell phone. Where we are, right on the very edge of the county, the call went to the neighboring county and there were several minutes of confusion. By the time help got there he'd been too long gone.

It is too bad but his cancer had spread, I like to think that he was spared a lot of pain going as he did. His last words, said just before his eyes rolled up, were to his wife, Patsy. As he died he said "I love you".

Goodbye, John. You weren't our neighbor very long but you were a good friend.

If you are the kind who says prayers for the dead, say one for John. If you are the type to lift a glass, lift one to him. A man who made his last words mean something.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Trip To Town, Whee!

Today we got to go on a big adventure, we got to go to my Neurologist and then, even more exciting, to Lowes Home Improvement to buy a screen door handle and a ceiling fan. Cross your fingers, I am hoping the light thingy on the old one will transfer. Exactly who told Congress that we wanted those stupid candalabra bulbs to light the living room, anyhow. I submit that light bulbs is as good a reason as any to take to the halls of Congress with tat, feathers, pitchforks and torches.

My Neurologist has promised not to retire until after Reid-Pelosi Care takes effect. He's taking me off my antishaking medicine and putting me onto another, seems that he now believes that the numbness in my right ring and little fingers plus that side of my forearm is caused by nerve damage and not smushed discs in my neck. I don't exactly know what changing pills is supposed to do about damaged nerves, though. From what I've read there is nothing to be done about damaged nerves until stem cell treatment becomes a reality, if then.

He also wants me to start wearing those silly arm braces at night. Oh, boy.

I sure am glad Linda Lou bought me that red flannel shirt, the high temp today was supposed to be 35 degrees F. The wind was straight down from the north and when the wind blows from the north ain't nothin' between here and the North Pole but some bob wahr fences and Kansas, neither of which block the wind much at all.

Then off to Wally World to drop off my scripts and, finally, home. It's hard to handle this exciting life.