Sunday, July 31, 2011

New E-mail, Death To AOL!

Test, test, one two three. I will be dipped, my electronic pal, Teresa is right, I can plug this little laptop into my desktop's keyboard.

If anyone cares we are finally, after thirteen years, getting away from AOL. Linda Lou bought a wifi card with the laptop I got when Linda Lou was going through all that hospital stuff. We never could figure out how to use it. Well, finally we took the laptop and the wifi card to Stephanie and Dean's when we went to Karson's BDay party and got them to show us how to use the wifi on the laptop. We also took a cell phone picture of the wireless router that makes a desktop work with the wifi.

Well yesterday we bought the router, we installed it today and it only took about an hour and a half of calling the curses of the old Norse Gods upon the entire universe to make it work. Now Linda Lou is in the living room at her desk and I'm in my little study/reloading room. We are each at our computers and we are both perfectly happy. We can both be online at the same time! Nor do I have to get offline so Linda Lou can use the landline for important calls! Most importantly, no more money to A. Huffington! Seems like I ought to be declaring three days feasting and celebration.

If anyone is still reading this, our E-mail will no longer work. My petdavis@gmail will still work and the Linda Lou/family E-mail will be I'm not quite sure I really want to stay with Google, they are only marginally better than AOL. Still, I do not have to shovel money at Google, month after month.

Oh, and for those unfamiliar with our part of Texas, just because we've been using wacobay as our E-mail addy since we moved here in '98, we are over a hundred miles from Waco, Texas. We live near Lake Tawakoni. Lake Tawakoni has a bay jutting out towards our little piece of the rock named (you guessed it) Waco Bay. we needed an E-mail addy, everything else we thought of was already taken, so...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

History Repeats

I haven't been posting for too long. Seems that the only computer we have left with an Internet connection is the little laptop. When we bought it we couldn't manage to get it online, even after Linda Lou bought the Verizon Internet card. So we finally took it along to the kid's house and our son in law, Dean, fixed it.

So I have Internet but I hate, hate, HATE the keyboard on it.

So, anyway, I was not really surprised to see that character in Norway going wild with a couple of guns and bombs. What did they think? Hi, folks, we are going to change your whole society. And then, because we are the important people, we are sending our young adult kids to a special camp where they will learn how to keep changing your whole society in ways that you, the ordinary, do not wish it to go. Since, we, not you are important, we will ignore you except to collect your taxes. Oh, and we'll continue to import vast numbers of people who hate you.

We, the really smart people (just ask us) will not only keep changing your world to our dream of a one world, no matter how much evidence to the contrary accumulates.

We've been through this before. Europe does not particularly like to have it's whole society changed from above by self-described smart people. Anybody read about Germany in, say, 1924? The really smart, somewhat left of center types were running things then. With the usual results. Money became worthless and a feller with an odd moustache took over a particularly ruthless bunch of socialists. His National Socialists were, in a lot of ways, much like the Norwegian Socialists except the Norwegian Socialists have yet to kill Jews, although Jews are getting mighty uncomfortable there.

The biggesst difference, of course, is the Norwegian Socialists have a camp just for their kids while the National Socialists wanted all the (non-Jewish) kids. Oh, and the National Socialists camps for kids had guns and knives.

Somehow the really smart people can never figure out that there are billions of firearms in the world and all the laws that the really smart people can think of will not keep firearms out of the hands of those who would use them. Since the really smart people have never bothered to enter a machine shop they have no idea how easy they are to make.

So, a guy decided to make war back on the really smart people. Everyone is shocked. Imagine that. Note to the really smart people of the USA: double up on the guards at places like Sidwell Friends.

Update: I keep reading that this Breivik feller killed children. No, he killed teenagers and young adults. Lots of those kids were a few years older than I was when I made the first landings at Chu Lai.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Dear Barry

Hello, Barry, it's been a while since we last "spoke". I hope you and your family had a happy Independence Day. I 0nly wish that you understood and believed in that independence. You see, Barry, we didn't simply declare independence from Great Britain. We also believed in our independence as individuals.

Barry, I am not sure you really understand Americans. You seem to have lived an almost cloistered life here, never working among ordinary Americans but only in little enclaves where guys like "Joe the Plumber" or me, for that matter, are not friends and neighbors but odd specimens .

Barry, Chicago, Harvard and Columbia U are in the United States, they are not the United States. Barry, I wish you had gone through small town and country America as a youth. Perhaps if you had spent just one fall and winter working in an Arizona cotton gin you would have seen white, black and brown working together and playing some in their time off. You see, Barry, in much of America it is not black vs white vs brown. In our America, Barry, we only think of black or white when we talk about those two guys named Steve. Then, to tell 'em apart it's black Steve or white Steve. Although in our America it might well be electrician Steve and schoolteacher Steve.

Our America is a pretty nice place, Barry. It's too bad that when you come through our America, like when you dropped into Joplin after the tornado, you were too busy holding your chin up, just so, that you didn't notice the people. Those are good people, Barry, as good as you. Most of them know how to do things that you never had to learn. Of course they were already a community so an organizer wasn't any use to them.

Barry, the next time you are flying hither and yon to fundraisers, do us a favor. Look out the window of that great big, taxpayer funded jet and notice how damned big this country is. Notice, please, how far apart we live. And then, the next time Joe Biden starts babbling about high speed rail, slap him. America needs rail, Barry, and we need to spend some money on it. I suspect that private money would do better than public money but we can argue about that later. The rail we need is for freight, Barry. A couple of locomotives takes a lot of trucks off the highways which would be good for the environment. Or, at least cut down on traffic.

Passenger rail? Barry we are not Europeans. Rail only works for a few of us, unlike Europe where so many people live on top of each other. Rail works fine in the east, maybe. It works for Joe Biden because he works on a predictable schedule and, to tell the truth, nobody has really given a damn if Joe shows up for work or not. And nobody really has for a few decades now. The rest of us are spread out. We also have work schedules that are unpredictable. I've probably worked thousands of "extra" hours over the years, phone calls of "can you come in a couple hours early, Joe hurt himself" and Peter, can you stay over awhile and finish this today? Yeah, Barry, that high speed rail will work fine, if you really want to kill the country.

Well, I'm a little busy, Barry, no time for golf. I do hope that you remember, later, that you, yourself injected your daughters into the political process. I'm pretty sure that my side will treat your daughters better than your side has treated the Palin children. Still, no matter what, it was you, Barry, that brought them into the game. Please do not go around crying tears the size of horse turds if someone mentions them. Oh, and Barrry, tell Michelle to raise her daughters and leave our kids alone. Americans have been raising children for a while now, dozens of generations, without Michelle's help.

Bye, now, Peter

Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Big Party

Here are some pics of my youngest grandson's third birthday party. It wasn't a great big one like Josiah's, held at the local bacteria gardens, aka McDonald's Playland. Good thing, too. This one was just Karson, his two brothers and the two local cousins. The other five boys are too far away to come, durn it!

I haven't have much to say here, lately. I look at my "dashboard" and see about eight posts I've started that have got to the point where I'd have someone investigating me because of the rage I have of what these clowns are doing to my country. I will eventually have something to say that I can post. Until then, stock up on the durable and consumable goods that can keep your family safe and fed through hard times.

Here's some good news, though. Linda Lou is through with the "pool" part of her physical therapy and they are starting to train her on walking without the walker, using only her cane. So, watch out for the fat girl on a cane. (Whack!)

The last good news? It's been some years since I posted Linda Lou's Grandma Hagen's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe. She (LL) lost sixty pounds over a period of months on a diet of six of those cookies a day, plus a Sonic double cheeseburger and fries or tots, five days a week when she was working. On "weekends"* she ate whatever she wanted.

Well, anyhow, she hasn't baked those cookies since she fell and broke her ankle. When we have been desperate for cookies we have been making do with those Betty Crocker "pouch" things where even I can bake cookies without too much mess and hoo-rah! The peanut butter cookie mix and the sugar cookie mix are fine, right out of the bag, their oatmeal have been too sweet. And no raisins! So, I added some dry raisins and it didn't work, still too sweet and they fell apart. Foo! So, I did what Linda Lou always did and put the raisins in water, brought the water to a boil, turned off the heat and let them sit in the hot water while I got everything else ready. The I drained the raisins and used a tablespoon of that water instead of tap water for the water the recipe, or is it instructions when it's on the bag, instead of tap water. Now, because the raisins have so much water in them, the batter is too runny. Well, I read somewhere or other to never add extra flour to the mix and can tell you that this is true. Instead, add oatmeal until the mix gets to the right consistency. This also takes out the too-sickly sweetness. As a matter of fact next time I make these, and there will be a next time because we just gotta have cookies! I shall add maybe a tablespoon or two of brown sugar. What can I say? They ain't Linda Lou's but they're better than no cookies at all and far better (to us, anyway) than the original instruction cookies come out.

* Through most of our marriage we had Mondays and Tuesdays off so our weekends were funny.