Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Thoughts On Palin

I have been thinking about the Palin pick for VP. We know that the left is hysterical about it. Since they have been hysterical for nearly eight years I'm not too worried about that. Still, it is amusing to see the depths to which they've sunk. To assert, with no evidence at all, that the youngest child belongs instead to her daughter. Fine if there were ANY evidence. Without, though, simply disgusting.

The frantic searching for a pic of Governor Palin in a bikini? OMG! Republicans won't vote for someone who swims! Yeah, right. But Peter, it's the taking off of some clothes! Earth to the left. Just how do y'all think we manage to have so many more children than you? Just because we mostly prefer that we get naked without a huge audience doesn't mean we don't LIKE naked.

The latest is some kind of rumor that their oldest child was conceived before they were married. Um, if true, even the most ardent Christian will say they might have made a mistake but they did the right thing afterward. And very well. The left is grasping at straws.

Thing is, I'm not much interested in the left. They're like seagulls, they fly in, make a lot of noise, flap their wings and poop all over everything and then leave.

I'm watching certain people in the conservative movement. Krauthammer hates the pick. I wonder how many elections Krauthammer has won? I have yet to see anyone important who has actually worked in elections in the Republican Party who isn't cheering. Well, except Hagel.

The Republican Party is a collection of factions, just as are the Democrats. There were a lot of those factions that flat out do not like the McCain pick. John McCain had a lot of people voting for him in the Primaries that will never vote for him in the general. He had the media tooting his horn only to turn on him the minute he clinched the nomination.

Let's look at some of the major factions in the Republican Party and how they look at McCain and now Palin. The country club Republicans like McCain. This is important because they have the money. Not as much as the Democrats but enough to where they are important. Without money nobody wins. This crowd either doesn't care about Palin or likes or dislikes her mildly, her effect is fairly neutral.

The Christian or Religious Right that everyone in the media loves to hate so much is a very important faction, they are the ones that work the phone banks and walk the precincts. They were lukewarm on McCain. The media were, as usual, saying that the Christians were going to vote for the Democrat this time. Fat chance but they were NOT going to be out walking precincts and manning phones. The RR crowd is REALLY excited about Palin. Unless one has actually won a few elections on the Republican side one has no idea how important this is.

The Paleoconservatives aren't happy about McCain. I don't know how they feel about Palin. I don't think there are enough of them to matter much, anymore. Pat Buchanan was their high water mark in the last fifty years and he never won an election to dogcatcher.

The Second Amendment crowd just barely tolerates McCain. That is another bunch that simply will not vote for Obambi but weren't going to get out and work for McCain. The 2A bunch lurves them some Palin, though. What's not to like, a moose huntin', commercial fishing Alaskan life member of the NRA? Governor Palin will not be saying, in front of reporters "can I get me a huntin' license here?" A la John Kerry.

The fiscal conservatives already liked McCain, Palin is just more for them.

The clean government types? They already like McCain, Palin is even better. Palin has a record of fighting corruption in her own Party.

The hawks? McCain has a son serving in Iraq, Palin's oldest is on his way there next month.

The last major faction is the (small l) libertarian wing of the Party. Now nobody with any libertarian leanings at all really trusts McCain. Alaska politics is libertarian. People in Alaska mostly want to be left alone. Otherwise why live where there are two seasons, winter and mosquito?

Personally I believe McCain just won the election. He pulled almost all of the competing factions of the Party with this choice. Not only that, she isn't a lawyer!

Friday, August 29, 2008

This Election Might Just Be Fun, After All

It is no secret that I haven't been real revved up about this election. I won't vote the Donk ticket for a full up Brinks Truck. Nor does it help them that the only reason I won't vote for that ticket is my racism. Um, that isn't it and them saying so just angers me. Nor have I not forgotten how the left treats people like Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele and Michelle Malkin. Just who, exactly, told the left that they are the only ones who are allowed to tell folks how to think? Most of us think on our own quite nicely, thank you.

I am also tired of the left constantly saying that I'm stupid just because I don't agree with them. Um, I may not always be the smartest guy in the county but I remember the scores I got on the tests when I enlisted, as a matter of fact they made me take them twice because they thought I might have cheated. So they put me in a room with nobody but an NCO and I took the tests again. Scored two points higher, too. So, stop telling me I'm stupid because I don't agree with you, chances are I'm a bit smarter. Not that how smart I am is a big issue but from what I've seen, you guys aren't real bright. I mean Al Gore? You guys take advice from Al Gore and say that WE are dumb?

I am not real happy with the way you guys are trying to bully folks like that radio guy, Milt Rosenberg, up in Chicago. You lefties might not understand this but Americans don't like bullies. So,you don't like Stanley Kurtz. Try refuting his points, don't try shutting down the station.

Oh, and whats with this "Accountable America" outfit sending threatening letters to Republican donors? Every election there are Democrats caught breaking election laws and every election Democrats say that the Republicans are stealing the election.

Still, I was thinking about leaving the top spot on my ballot blank. I simply didn't know if I had a clothespin large enough to hold my nose closed while voting for McCain. I just still am not happy that Democrats and independents got to pick my Party's nominee.

Palin is a great choice. The Donks are bleating that she has no executive experience. Her experience as a small town mayor beats both Obama and Biden hollow. Much less Governor. Obama has done what, exactly? What ARE his accomplishments? Well, he got Tony Rezko a bunch of government money. Attaboy, Barry!

Palin is what the Donks want us to think they are. A working class women who did good and didn't forget where she came from.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time For More Dawg Pictures.

There isn't much going on down here this week, the good news is that I haven't seen one minute of whatever they're doing in Denver this week. I did see something interesting, though, in a supermarket parking lot today, my first Obama sticker on a car. It was parked next to an older model small pickup with a McCain sticker. The Obama sticker was on a new-looking Lexus.

The dogs have had no new adventures this week, just the same old thing of eating and sleeping with periodic frenzied barking. The biggest dog news was the spanking Eddie got when he leaped into the back of the van while I was unloading the groceries and marked his territory on the sack with the meat. Thank the Lord that meat is now wrapped in plastic instead of that old fashioned butcher paper. Has there ever been a dog more stubborn than a Pug?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cochise' Apache Princess Loves Skidboot

I mentioned a while back that I am in Physical Therapy with a sort of famous guy, David. He gave me a DVD of his dog Skidboot and their tricks. This DVD had mostly scenes from David and Skidboot's appearances on Texas Country Reporter, Letterman, Leno and Oprah, as well as the State Fair of Texas and some smaller and foreign shows.

I was surprised that CAP watched Skidboot and Davis so raptly, she has very little interest in TV or critters on TV. She was fascinated in this, though, I think she is in doggie love with Skidboot. I'm not going to say much about the show except that I've never seen a dog that could learn what he did. Take a look at for a quick sample. Most of us parents can only wish that our kids behave that well.

I never ask for donations but if any readers have a little something extra, David is a self employed rancher/farrier, in other words he shoes horses. Until his physical therapy is complete his income is pert near nil. If I asked for folks to donate money he'd probably hurt both of us, him hurting himself beating me before he is recovered, and me with his cowboy boots. So, if you have a little something, buy his DVD. It's really worth it.

Update: I do not know why I cannot make this contraption let me do the push the word and get the link, just type in into your search engine of choice.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An origional thought and a cold cup of water.

Is the American Left capable of an original thought? I am begining to wonder. I realise that they are smarter than everyone else, they keep telling me that, though I see no evidence.

They certainly seem incapable of differing from each other. We see that thy are unable to defend John Edwards except to bleat, in unison, McCain cheated on his first wife about thirty years ago. Well, yeah, he did. McCain, however admits it and takes full responsibility. The Silky Pony? Not so much.

The latest thing to sweep the Left, though, is this drubbing that Uhbama got handed on Saturday night. First it was "McCain was in his comfort zone" in a church! As if his wing of the Republican Party hasn't been trying to kill off the influence of Christians since Reagan.

Now it's McCain cheated!!!!111!!! It doesn't matter that they were both given the first couple of questions before the shindig at the Brokeback Church, McCain was driving in a Limo instead of being in the "cone of silence". First of all, there was no cone, there was a room with no TV. Cone of silence my tired gray as, er foot. Everyone involved say that McCain and company did not listen to Uhbama's answers, I believe them. If McCain HAD listened, then what? He would have said uh a lot. Can't they just say something like "our guy was tired from his vacation" or "he hit his head body surfing" or something. No, it's all McCain cheated!!!11!!!

The Left is saying that McCain is attacking Uhbama's race. When? The Left had better understand that the vast majority of the Right does not care about Uhbama's skin, we disagree with him politically and we suspect he is none too bright, this has nothing to do with skin color. The attacks on Senator Uhbama on race and religion com from the Left, specifically, Camp Hillary.

Speaking of no original thoughts, why does the whole left constantly harp on McCain's class standing at Annapolis? McCain graduated from the Naval Academy before the Left took over college education. Before any sign of affirmative action, too. Yes, McCain probably would not have got into Canoe U without his Daddy and Granddaddy being Admirals. So, has anyone EVER, before or since, been editor of the Harvard Law Review without publishing a single law article? Has anyone managed to stay and Adjunct Professor without publishing? I don't pay a lot of attention to university politics but last I heard it was still "publish or perish". Funny how that works, I hardly SAW professors in class, they were writing or researching, the classes were mostly grad students. I would submit that a class ranking of 894 of 899 in the class of '57 at Canoe U is probably brighter than wherever Uhbama stood in Harvard "90. After all, you don't get to say uh uh uh in the Naval Academy, you must learn to talk.

What evidence is there that Uhbama is smarter than McCain? While I don't agree with much of McCain's record in Congress, at least he HAS one. Uhbama? So, before the Senate, what did Uhbama do? Well, he didn't seem to do much in the State Legislature. Voted present a lot. Oh, I know! He was a community activist in Chicago! What is the Chicago crime rate again? What is the housing like? It seem the only people Uhbama helped in Chicago were named Obama and Rezko.

I could go on but I do think an original thought and a cold cup of water would kill most Leftists. Besides, I have other things to do. All I know is that as soon as one influential lefty posits a position it becomes against the rules to think differently. Lefties still think that Bush stole Florida, no matter how many times we bring up the truth. Even the New York Times finally had to admit that no matter how the votes were counted, Bush won. But still, Bush stole it. Right, that is why Acorn keeps getting caught trying to fudge voter rolls. Because Acorn is a Republican front group. Everybody knows that!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thinking About Georgia

I have been casually following this invasion of Georgia. My first question is how on earth we got taken by surprise, again. Let's see, we have the CIA, the DIA, Army Intelligence, Navy Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence and yet the Russians moved and prepared two divisions, a bunch of airplanes and a fleet. And we are surprised. Again. Someone tell me again why I pay taxes. We are supposed to have satellites that can tell a women's cup size, they say they can read a license plate. Perhaps the intel pukes could stop looking at cup sizes and notice that TWO DIVISIONS worth of armored vehicles and other rolling stock were prepared and then moved to their jumping off points. Ah well, the Intelligence biz, motto, we bet your life.

I am also sort of curious how long the Russkies can keep all that gear working. Last I looked the Russians could break an iron ball with a rubber mallet. And that is before the Georgians start potting them with some antitank missiles and IEDs. Bear in mind that Georgia's Army probably has some small experience with IEDs, seeing as how they have been serving alongside of us in Iraq.

I also suspect that we can send quite a few ex special ops types, a la Blackwater or one of the other private security firms over there, I'd be surprised if some aren't already there. We probably have a bunch of vets that know a lot about IEDs that bear no love for the Russian Army. With Russia's shrinking population, the raging alcoholism and various other problems, how long can Putin last once the body count goes up?

For that matter, how does Putin plan on supplying that Army once the passes over the Caucasus Mountains get snowed in? Russians can't supply those Divisions by air, again, they aren't that competent. Any bets on how long before the aircraft mechanics show up full of Vodka? How long before the tanks and APCs start breaking from poor maintenance? Again, the average Russian can break an anvil with a feather duster. Why? They don't care. Look at the buildings built after the October Revolution.

And now Putin is talking about nuking Poland. As if. We have a pretty fair amount of people over here with family in Poland, notice all those folks with last names ending in "ski" or "wiscz". I don't care who is President, who controls Congress, America will not allow the Russkies to nuke Poland. Politicians care about being in power, and no American politician could survive allowing the Russians to nuke Poland. Russia's only chance is Democrats preventing us from stopping them.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Scattershooting.

So, I'm looking through the news and I see where Uh-uh-Uhbama is going to create five million "green" jobs. I reckon he is planning on losing the election then because politicians do not create jobs. Businessmen create jobs and Uhbama wouldn't know a businessman if one bit him on the backside.

I went and had my next follow-up visit with my Ortho Doc today. He claims I am slightly ahead of schedule on my recovery and that I should be shooting within four to six weeks. Good, I'm bored. It isn't just the shoot, one or two days a month although that is something. In addition to the seeing my Pards, there is also the several hours messing with the shootin' irons and the more hours loading the black powder cartridges. Linda Lou will be glad to see me busy.

Speaking of shooting, the Cowboy Action Shooting game lost a champion the other day. China Camp has died. In the world where everyone isn't wearing boots and sixguns he was known as Dennis Ming. A great shot and, more importantly, a genuine nice guy. I only knew him through the CAS websites although he was one of the guys I would have loved to meet in person. My condolences to his family.

I was shopping last payday and was looking in the Brit section of a supermarket at their types of tea, etc. I decided to try a jar of Marmite, I have read of it all my life but had never tried it. The stuff is odd, I do not know how to describe the taste but I kind of like it. It is yeast extract, whatever that is, it's served on buttered toast. I understand there are other things to be done with the stuff, I'm not sure I have that much courage. Next payday I'm going to try something else, either Ty-Phoo tea or maybe some Bovril, whatever that is. Please do not ask why, I am not British-extraction that I know of.

I made a batch of Hummus from Steve H's recipe over at Hog On Ice. I read his recipes and just wish... My Docs beat me with shoes just for reading the recipes. Since I'm well over two hundred pounds now I need to do something and Hummus is supposed to be healthy. The trouble is, we don't have a blender. So I mashed two cans of chickpeas with a fork and then mixed all the other ingredients in with a spoon. It was a pain but the stuff is tasty. Someday I'll get a blender.

No new dog pictures this week. No new grandchildren pics, either.