Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Barry, Why Are You Yelling At Everyone Who Did Not Shoot Up That Campus?

 So the pentulent punk is stomping his foot again and threatening to issue executive orders. The pencilneck keeps forgetting that he can only order his staff around, you'd think a "constitutional scholar"would know that if he wanted to make law he should have stayed in the legislative branch. Of course he did nothing there, did he? Useless ass.

 Seriously, if these idiots wanted to stop these spree shootings they'd end the gun free zones.There has been two mass shootings that's happened since the 1950s, The Tucson one where the Federal Judge was murdered and Gabby Whatshername wounded and that one in Austin where the guy with the brain tumor went up in the tower and started blasting. That's a gun free zone now, in the very early 1970s I worked on a shotgun in the shop on campus there. That was before academea lost it's collective mind.

 Anyway, President Stompyfoot is wanting to issue orders to the people of the United States, forgetting who he is and who we are. Barry, try to remember where you live. You are not in Indonesia anymore. You don't give us orders, you would not like our answer.

 You and your pals like to talk about the murder rate in the USA forgetting that the murder rate among us legal firearms owners is as low as anywhere in the world, lower than most countries. , there is one cohort in the country skewing the numbers but I cannot name it for fear of being named a racist. Funny, though, it's the same crowd screeching black lives matter.

 Our guns didn't shoot those kids.  Barry, you are a dumbass. Love, Peter.