Monday, February 22, 2010

Surgery Was A Success, Medics Allege

I left the house right about my normal (?) for me bedtime and drove up to Greenville, by the time I'd got to the hospital they'd taken Linda Lou from the room. So we sat around, waiting. The twins (our youngest) had met and driven out, too. So we sat, I spent about half the time trying to stay awake and the other half worrying.

Afterr what felt like two weeks of waiting they brought a sleeping Linda Lou into the room. They had to open up her leg and put about half a hardware store in there, screws and plates and a rod and lord only knows what else. If only they could put something in there that reminds her to watch where she puts her feet.It's not like we just had that hall put in. Shut up, Peter, while you still have a chance to survive...

We have, as yet, no idea of when she can come home. The Doc expressed the thought that the bones would knit completely, that's something. I am really worried about her mental state, I think she fears that she will never be able to get around well enough to do for herself. Or, maybe just she's fearing that she won't be able to keep trying to put me in the poorhouse. It's all right, dear, there is always internet shopping!

Seriously, she seemed pretty depressed today, I hope it's just the residual effects of the General.Please keep up the prayers.

In proof of how tired I was, and am, I was unable to tell the left from the right. It is her right leg that is broken. More later.

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