Monday, February 08, 2010

A Little Bit Of Bacon...

One of the things that makes living in "genteel poverty" bearable is Wright's Bacon Ends and Pieces. It comes in a three pound bag in a box and is very reasonably priced. Cut that thing in half, freeze half and fry the other enough to get most of the grease out, pour that grease over the dog's kibble and throw the mostly cooked bacon in a pot with two pounds of whatever beans you feel like eating. Add a couple of onions and in a while, make some cornbread or cornbread muffins. Or maybe some nice rye bread with lots of butter. And here I go, drooling on the keyboard again. This batch was pinto beans. I also have two pounds of great northerns for the other half of that bacon.

I can really hurt myself with those pinto beans, though. When I get down toward the bottom of the pot I get out the skillet and cook some sliced bacon or some sausage and then refry some of those beans in the oil. serve with eggs and picante. I do believe there may be a reason that I haven't seen my feet while standing in quite some time.

There sure is a lot of hoo raw over Sarah Palin writing a few words on her hand. I am not nearly as famous as Governor Palin but I have done a little public speaking. There is very little that is as embarrassing as standing before X number of people and get asked a question, only to suddenly draw a blank. Nor does one need a room temperature IQ to draw such a blank, it has happened to a lot of very smart people. Most times it is merely uncomfortable but in business it can cost a contract or a promotion, in politics it can be career ending.

I suspect that she had her speech all set up on those little index cards, idea one, idea two, etc. Then she had these few little bullet points for question time and feared that index card might be lost in the shuffle, therefore, the hand. I dunno persactly how many little notes I've written on my hands over my lifetime but it's a lot.

Even better was the note she wrote on her hand for the Houston area blowout for Rick Perry.Hi mom. I can see her laughing at all the lefties who think it's such a big deal to write something on one's hand when durned near everyone does it. Sarah has to be asking if lefties are simply trying to alienate middle America or if they're simply dumber than yesterday's coffee grounds. Hmm, it could be both. I don't know just how Governor Palin would fare in the primaries if she decides to run for the presidency but it sure is plain to see that she has a better sense of humor than the incumbent.

The Obamanuts are claiming that Obama wiped out the Republicans in that meeting they had. I guess that's right if you call taking every question and answering something else, totally unrelated to what the question was. Furthermore, I'd really like to meet these folks Obama is talking about when he pops up with some outlandish statement and saying it's from some say. Some say, Mr. Obama? Who? Come out with some names and hometowns so we can call 'em on the phone and ask when they said it.

Some say. The some, in this case are as elusive as Obama's college transcripts. Y'know what? I'm plumb tired of the left getting all up in the air about Palin or Perry or insert conservative figure here while everything about Obama is a stinking mystery.

How did Obama travel to Pakistan when it was against the rules for an American to go there? How did a guy who, according to his own book, couldn't afford a cab in new York manage to scrape together the money for that trip? Why would a guy that age, brimming with youthful hormones, want to go to Pakistan? Okay, back then I could see a guy wanting to go to Thailand or the Philippines, even Okinawa or a bunch of other places full of girls of low morals but Pakistan? Really, Pakistan? Why? Why would anyone, much less a red blooded young man, who cannot speak any language but English want to go to freaking Pakistan where they'll throw acid in the face of any girl that so much as smiles to him? So, instead of focusing on what Sarah has written on her hand today, how 'bout some questions for Potus?

I have been asked by a couple of people who I support for governor of Texas this term. I know Rick Perry, he's actually done a pretty good job. While the rest of the country is completely in the toilet, Texas is merely kind of slow. I do not know Debra Medina. She is the Chairman of the Wharton County Republican Party, jumping from there to Governor seems like a pretty big step. Then again, George Bush went from selling his share of the Texas Rangers for a gazillion bucks and thence to the Governor's Office. He may wish he'd stayed there. I met Senator Hutchinson back when she was Kay Bailey, I believe she was a State Rep then. Dang she was good looking!

Well, I know I'm not voting for Hutchinson. It's time she spends some effort on something else. She has simply been infected with Washington. think of her as a taller, better looking version of John McCain.

I do not know Medina. She may be a wonderful person. She is also the state coordinator for some kind of Ron Paul thing. Ron Paul seems to be a nice enough fellow too but he has a lot of very strange and creepy followers. I shall do a little research before deciding to take a chance or simply go with Perry.

I have three fears about this election. Fear #1 is KBH getting the nomination and conservatives staying home and a Dem getting the Governors mansion. Fear #2 is Perry getting the nomination and the Paultards staying home and a Dem getting the Governor's Mansion. Fear #3 is Medina winning and the government getting filled with Paultards. Y'know what else is funny? How ron Paul manages to keep his House office from filling up with Paultards. I'm leaning hard toward Perry.

I'm also leaning towards my pillow. It's going to be a gray, wet and rainy day, just perfect for the bald fat guy to lay abed. and dream of beans with bacon and onion! That's something to take my mind off politics.

Update: Why is it that the left, the bunch that always claims to be for freedom, especially sexual freedom, must constantly slander folks they disagree with in sexual terms? I'm not quite sure what satisfaction is found in teabagging. My Linda Lou and I used to be pretty open with each other and if we had understood the concept years ago we might have tried it. Today? Nah, it would be too embarrassing to have to call the volunteer fire dept to get us out of the position. And now the left has decided to call Palin's scribbles a hand job.

Further update: Commenter Jennifer has taken me to task for namecalling in my comments about Debra Medina. I have called her nothing, merely stated that I don't know her. I'm a long way from Beeville, TX. I stand by my comments that there were a lot of very strange people following Dr. Paul. The term Paultards is not a blanket indictment of everyone who supported Dr. Paul, merely those strange people.

I have no way of knowing why or how these really strange people involve themselves for one candidate over another. Nor is it any particular Party. I remember the Buchanan Brigades. By the same token I remember how Senator Clinton won the most votes in the Texas Primaries but the Obamites played some very strange and dirty games in the caucuses. So, Obama "won" Texas.

So, sorry, Jennifer, I'll not apologize. I will stand by my statement that I will have to learn a lot about Medina before I switch from Perry. And I feel no guilt about the verbal shorthand of Paultards. All politicians have some weird supporters. Dr. Paul has an unusual percentage.

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