Sunday, February 07, 2010

Corpsman Up!

There are Navy Hospital Corpsmen on duty in the White House, 24/7. Naturally the political gods that run the place never notice those guys and gals in the funny clothes and out of style haircuts.

I am not surprised that Obama can't say the word, he's probably never even looked at them, much less asked them what they do there. I don't think he's ever bothered watching a war movie with American Forces involved. After all, he wouldn't want to get caught rooting for the other side.

A lot of people want to cut Obama some slack here, after all everyone cut Dan Quayle so much slack when he got that misprinted flash card. Oh, wait. Well, how about we give him exactly as much slack as Quayle got? We are under a constant barrage about how smart Obama is, and how his administration is chock full of the smartest people in the country. They've all gone to the first rate schools, too. Not like that dreary Palin who took extra years to get a degree in some cow college.

why they're so smart that either Obama doesn't need to practice his speeches or nobody else knows how to pronounce it. Or is it the speechwriter? The people in charge of making Obama sound so smart (if one looks at Obama's numbers they ain't doin' such a hot job, there) might have actually written "Corpse Man". The more I see of Obama the more I see that he is simply an empty suit, a mass of skin held up by narcissism and hunger for power. Nor do I believe he knows what to do with that power except to command everyone to "look at me!" We could actually handle that if the rest of the government were not filled with mendicants and knaves.

My (electronic) friend Cynthia says that Obama is a malignant sociopath. She may very well be right, I lean towards that when I look at what he's doing to the economy. Still, years ago, more years than I care to think about, way back when my chest was bigger around than my belly and I had legs like tree trunks I learned to never attribute to malevolence what can be explained by stupidity. Of course there is always malevolent stupidity.

There is a very real possibility that Obama is just a convenient front for the Chicago mob and convicted felon George Soros. Soros has made a pile of money wrecking economies, he is, after all, the man who broke the Bank of England. While most people make their money either working for others or building something, there seems to be another way, destroying the savings and livelihoods of innocent, hard working people. I'm not smart enough to understand how one makes money like that but there are boatloads of bucks to be had wrecking lives. And this is at least part of the bunch behind Obama. Meanwhile he screeches about people who make money honestly.

At any rate that's about all I've got. It's been really wet here, it rains and before the ground dries it rains again. The dogs are Mud Monsters. I went to my cardio doc the other day, he lectured me about my weight, wants me to eat healthier foods. Right. I would except those waterhead looking clowns in Washington have priced healthy food out of the budget. Other than my cholesterol being way too high, I'm fine. So, now I have another pill to take. Oh, goody.

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