Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The IV Is Out, That's A Little Something

Those following the saga of Linda Lou's broken leg will be glad to know there is some small progress. When I got to the hospital they had removed Linda Lou's IV drip, oxygen tube and "that ball". "That ball" is, oddly enough, a clear ball containing a local anesthetic delivered to just above the leg. I was also in the room, just before I came home to feed the livestock, when they gave her the last dose of Hillbilly Heroin, Oxycontin. I'm not persactly sure what they will give her when that wears off but I'm glad that stuff is about over. Not that it doesn't work.

As an aside, I must say I am totally amazed about how Rush Limbaugh managed to stay coherent, as much of that stuff as HE was taking. Linda Lou kept falling asleep in the middle of a sentence, nay, a word!

I have no idea of when they will let her come home, the only word is that they will soon move her from the room she's in to a room in the physical therapy wing. The fuse is lit, burning slowly toward a major tantrum if somebody doesn't tell me what's going on soon. I have a doc's appointment of my own on Thursday, just a visit with my family practice Doc to get lectured about my diet and exercise (or lack thereof) and to refill my scripts.

Speaking of prescriptions, I finally figured out why Democrats hate the drug companies. I'm retired, getting social security. There are a few scripts that literally keep me alive. Without them I would die fairly soom, with them I may even have another ten-fifteen years. And THAT is why the Donks hate those drug companies, they keep us old folks alive, actually using those benefits they promised. If the drug companies would just let me die the Donks could wail and demand more money to prevent such horrible deaths, if only there were more midnight basketball courts!

But, I digress...When I get to the hospital tomorrow, after my Doc reaches up my backside far enough to examine my tonsils and wave at all her friends over on the next block, I'm hoping Linda Lou will be coherent enough to bring me up on what's happening. Then I'll tell you.

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