Monday, September 14, 2009

Robert Stacy McCain

Seems that Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs fame has now called out RS McCain as a racist, with short snippets of quotes, quotes when they are put out more fully seem not racist at all. One quote, which seems more problematical is actually from someone else entirely.

I wish someone would try that with me, in a slightly different way. Why with short snippets of me and longer quotes from other people entirely I could be a well known math genius, a financial guru and who knows what else. Then with somebody smart to write the speeches I could hit the lecture circuit and be famous!

Oddly, Mr. McCain is also faulted because some of his articles have been found in publications that some on the left do not like. Now y'all must pardon me for being a pore dumb redneck (it's not really our necks that are red, it's the reflection off the back of our ears) but RS McCain writes for a living. he has six children to support. I do not know but I suspect that he'd write something for the Devil's own magazine if he could pick the subject.

Look, seriously, I'm real tired of this flinging around of nasty accusations based on lies and snippets. I don't know Stacy. I value his reporting. He does the job that reporters are supposed to do. I would not know Charles Johnson if he ran up and bit me on the butt. (He'd better not, I'm armed) I have at least seen pictures of RS McCain, including that one of him in a speedo. As an aside, be careful on the internet. It's easy to see things better left unseen and once seen cannot ever be unseen.

However, other that that unfortunate picture, Stacy is all right in my book. Where Mr. Johnson has slipped back into the hive mind of the left. Anyone who does not agree with Mr. Johnson is an enemy, even if that person otherwise agrees in many other areas.

If this slips into a full scale blog war, I'm siding with Stacy. Mr. Johnson can't start out with putting someone else' words in Stacy's mouth and win me onto his side. Nor is Mr. Johnson perfect, the language he uses on his own blog toward Saudi Arabians can be considered racist by many who want to hang Mr. McCain to a sour apple tree.

Now in fairness, I defended, in this blog, Ann Coulter for saying some of the same things and using some of the same terms. We are at war, whether or not some segments of our political "elite" think so. In war it is necessary to do some ugly things to human beings. It is a heck of a lot easier to drop bombs on "Krauts" rather than Germans who could be cousins to that nice Mr. Wassermann who ran the butcher shop down the street.

I understand dehumanisation, It's important to those pulling triggers, dropping bombs and now sending Hellfire missiles off of drones. Without that dehumanisation we may easily hesitate to pull the trigger and end up dying ourselves or causing deaths in our own ranks.

Now because that dehumanisation is needed doesn't make it right, really, it's just a trick we use to try to come home alive from whatever silly predicament our civilian and military leadership got us into this time. Note that I do not use the terms I did back then for the Viet Namese who chose the different side. During WW2 my parents used what is now considered an ugly term for the Japanese and we moved from island to island killing and being killed. We then rained death from the skies on them while they did their very best to rain death and destruction on us. Fast forward a few decades and my parents loved their Japanese American son in law. Only he's not Japanese American, he is American. He has grandparents or great grandparents who came from those islands, he is as American as I am.

So, here is a guy, Charles Johnson, who is loudly accusing another guy, RS McCain of wanting to dehumanise certain people while loudly dehumanising certain other people himself. While I believe Mr. Johnson's language regarding our Arab and Muslim brethren and sistren can be forgiven considering the quasi state of war, perhaps it would be a far better thing if Mr. Johnson let someone else fling those particular accusations around.

If I had any money I would hit Stacy's tipjar just because of these accusations. As it is I can just offer my support.

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