Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hovel Repair Day

So, yesterday I got up after a whopping four hours sleep because my bud Steve was coming out to fix the shower that Linda Lou broke when she fell a few months back.

The meds I take make it difficult when I don't get enough sleep. There was a day when four hours sleep was plenty. It's my own fault, I had forgot to bring CAP into the house until my normal bedtime. Well we can't let her roam the house once we are asleep so I had to stay up another two-three hours so she could eat and drink. Someone once accused me of being real bright. He was a liar.

So we drove up to Lowes Home Improvement after a new shower manifold and the rest of everything we needed. So we fixed the shower, the leaky toiler that I'd cut the water off of and even fixed the faucet that was getting wonky in the kitchen sink.

As it turned out, what I thought was wrong with that toilet wasn't it so I even have a few spare parts left. So, there are still things to fix here in our retirement hovel but and least my stinky ol' Linda Lou* has her shower back.

So the hardest thing was keeping myself awake until my normal bedtime. If I go to sleep too early then I get up while Linda Lou is still doing her thing on the Intertoobs. Then she thinks, for some strange reason, that I'm trying to rush her so I can get on. I don't know where she'd get that idea. It couldn't possibly be true, though, just because I keep saying hurry up, hurry up. I mean who ever heard of a wife wife hurrying just because of a husband telling her to?

So I went to bed at my normal (for me) time of about three to four AM and slept for over nine hours. I awoke with both Pugs in bed with me and Linda Lou gone, the note said to the flea market (with three dogs why should she want to go buy fleas?) and the supermarkets. So, Linda Lou came home with milk and donuts and a few other things but no fleas. I suspect she visited her other boyfriend.

In other news, I am joining another movement, the I am Kenneth Gladney movement. I am Kenneth Gladney. When you attack him, you attack me. There is one difference. He's gone to a lawyer. I will not. Knock me down and kick me I shall come back. I will have something in my hands. It may not be flowers and cotton candy.

* Note: Linda Lou is not really stinky, she just hates my little shower stall.

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