Thursday, September 17, 2015


 The Donald is still, when last I  heard, leading in the Republican polls and the Washington Republicans are in a quandary about it all, they simply cannot understand.

 After all, there is no record of Trump being conservative, or even being center-right, if anything he's always been a crony capitalist. A little history might be in order. In '06 the economy was doing fine and somehow a bunch of wild eye leftists took over Congress and promptly torpedoed the whole economy, Bush didn't help much what with being busy trying to win in the Mideast.

 When, in '08 leftist notions killed the housing market, dragging the rest of the economy down the media dubbed it the Bush recession, paving the way for a pair of leftist Dems with no record of ever doing anything useful fighting it out for the nomination. The political party that trademarked the Republican War on Women decided on a strategy of bros before hos and nominated our current Golfer in Chief and kept both houses of Congress, the next couple of years were a nightmare for the economy.

 So, we sent Republicans to take over the House. They immediately elected a gelding as Speaker.Instead of fighting, he rolled over. Sometimes he cried on TV.

 Meanwhile the White House and the media kept on blaming Bush for all the problems .The Washington Republicans did nothing. We got this new "health care" bill passed that somehow gave no care to anyone but did cancel the policies of millions of citizens.

 Came another election, a presidential one and somehow we got another it's his turn Republican that the base couldn't stand.He would only attack other Republicans, never seemed to fight for our side. Somehow, a large portion of the base stayed home on election day and the Pipsqueak in Chief pulled it out. We had several Republican candidates for the Senate that the Washington Repicans found beneath them and did not support and so the Dems kept the Senate although they lost seats and they lost governors and did not regain the House.

 Teh Republicans in Washington kept crying tears the sie of horse turds, saying things like that nastty TEA Party won't support us when they, themselves would not support Republican TEA Party candidates.

 Finally came the 2012 election when Republicans won both houses of Congress, finally controlling the purse strings and able to fight back, as they had said they had to. "If only we had both houses we could do something" They did nothing. They are still doing nothing.

 Want to know why trump? Why a crony capitalist with no record of conservatism is ahead? It's simple, it's the geldings in the Washington, DC wing of the Republican Party. We little people have given you our money and our votes and you've pissed them away, over and over. That's why Trump.


pamibe said...


I am supporting Ted Cruz, but Trump eats up all the oxygen in the room. While I understand why... he's an irritant.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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DaisyParker said...

Lets see what happens with the regional powers.
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Anonymous said...

@Pamela Bobik

I really hope Trump proves to be a really strong "irritant" to all America's enemies, both foreign and domestic. In that case it won't be a bug, but a feature.