Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So, Now We Find Out

Well, it's time we find out whether or not we are the sons and daughters of the men who stormed the beaches at Normandy and Tarawa and the women who built the airplanes and the ships or if our courage has been bred out of us. We'll find out in November.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi think we have somehow become Frenchmen, that we'll take any insult from "our betters" in government. I say different. We have the ballot. Since the government clowns fail to listen to us we will speak with our votes. If, however, they keep pulling tricks like that unfunny clown Franken, we have other means to make them listen. Listen they will, though, whether they want to or not.

It is interesting to see that some on the left are claiming that the Tea Partiers in Washington shouted racial epitaphs at congresscritters on their way to vote in that stacked deck. Oddly, though, Representative Jesse Jackson, Junior was recording the whole thing on one of those little video cameras. One would think if such a thing had happened, the left would be filling the airwaves with the videos. Since they aren't I question the veracity of such statements. More importantly, I question the motives of those making such statements.

Leftists have been telling lies for generations now. With everyone carrying cell phone cameras and cheap video cams those lies have been exposed, over and over. They may want to claim that our side are the racists, meanwhile we know that the loudest voices shouting "nigger!" at a Tea Party event were when those SEIU thugs were beating Kenneth Gladney.

The Democrats have thrown a gauntlet at our feet, after slapping us with it. They think we'll take it. Somehow, I think different.

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