Monday, April 28, 2008

If Only I Were Smart Enough To Understand

Let me get this straight. The Reverend Wright claims that Africans are right brained, Europeans are left brained and so they do not learn the same way or the same things. Do I have that right?

So, Wright seems to be awfully light for African.I am not particularly interested in how that came about, whether voluntarily or through a slave-owner relationship, if relationship is the right word. Anyway, the mixed ancestry is pretty clear. So, how does that work? Is Wright left brained on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and right brained Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with both halves working together in a mighty engine of thought every Sunday? Or is it a little piece of each half all the time?

Since many, perhaps most, of the people in America are made up of various mixes of racial backgrounds I am really curious as to how this works. Obama, for instance, is pretty mch fifty-fifty. Is his right brain-left brain mix different from Michelle's, who seems to have a smaller percentage of European heritage?

Or is Wright just blowing smoke. The more I try to think of this, the more I need a couple of aspirin. Maybe Wright just isn't in his right mind.

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