Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free Tibet. How?

I'm surfing around and see where the Lefties in the Bay Area are doing an "action" on the Golden Gate Bridge to free Tibet. I'd be interested in knowing how they plan to do this. It's not like any agency but the War Department, and then the Defense Department, ever freed anyone. And they really do everything they can out there to prevent the Defense Department from doing anything.

Tibet is the perfect cause for those clowns. They can point to their desire for a free Tibet while doing everything they can to prevent the young men and women from freeing the people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Suppose we got the Congress to authorize another half dozen divisions in the Army, as well as like increases in the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps and used that increase to try to free Tibet. Assuming we had a path to Tibet, which doesn't look easy to get to. How long would it be before "Bush Lied!" No blood for yak butter!"

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