Monday, April 07, 2008

See You On The Other Side, Chuck.

Chuck Heston is dead. I can't say I ever met him, we exchanged waves at the NRA Convention, once. I think it was in San Antone, although it's been so long I wouldn't bet big money on it being there or someplace else.

Heston was a Democrat back when Democrats were not thrown out of the Party for loving America. Like Ronald Reagan he didn't leave the Democrat Party, the Party left him.

I never cared about The Apes movies, or Moses or Ben Hur, I liked his westerns. Will Penny, Major Dundee.

Heston stayed married to the same woman for sixty-four years. Several folks on the 'net ave mentioned that they'd like to hear the conversation when Heston meets Moses. I just hope he stops on the foot of the Rainbow Bridge and pets the criters what are waiting for us.

I'll see you there, Chuck, maybe we can do some plinking.

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