Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scattershooting, While Wondering About Aces And Eights.

Some years back there was a columnist for a Dallas Newspaper who wrote the occasional column call "Scattershooting While Wondering About...." I just bemembered his name, Blackie Sherrod.

Anyhow he would use that title when all he had was snippets, each not worth a whole column. That is where I am today so, thanks, Blackie.

Someone please explain how this Paris Hilton got so famous.She has no particular talent, she isn't very pretty as far as her face, she has the hips of a boy and no butt, combined with those huge plastic-filled hooters. Just what's up with that? If this is a sex symbol, no wonder the abortion rate is so high. It's a wonder the population hasn't entered monasteries and nunneries.

I am having a lot of trouble understanding how the "housing crisis" is Bush's fault. Let me get this straight in my head. The Democrats forced lenders to loan money to people with poor credit and spotty job histories because not lending lots of money to people was raaaacist and sexxxxxist and probably fattening. Then these folks didn't pay the money back. Meanwhile other folks kept getting home equity loads and spending the money on silly stuff. So, how is this Bush's fault?

When my Momma died we paid off the house and land before we did anything else. A lot of folks thought we were silly in doing so. My sister's husband bought some electronics stocks and they lost their shirts. Well, not quite but a few years later that money would have been real handy so they could escape California.

Yet, because the Donks forced lenders to give money to people who couldn't pay it back it is not just Bush's fault it is my dutyd yours, to rescue them.

I notice that The left is still mad about their mssiah being asked questions. I thought they were complaing about be silenced, now they demand that all questions must be approved by them in advance. Funny, though. Isn't McCain still getting flack from the left about Rev. Hagee?

I wonder why everyone thinks that Wild Bill Hickock had aces and eights in his hand when Jack McCall shot him through the back of the head. MCall was using an S&W .45 Schofield, I believe. The usual load was 28 grains of black powder and a 230 grain soft lead bullet. This bullet went through Hickock's head and lodged in the leg of a player 'cross the table. Hickock went down hard, breaking the flimsy table, the other playes dropped their cards and the rest of the deck was scattered. So, how did anyone know what cards Hickock was holding?

The only one who could have seen those cards was Hickock and he wasn't talking, being dead and all. Oh well, I'll just cling to a gun and pray some. Oh, the Jehovah's Witnesses dropped by this morning, I didn't talk to them, though, because Ming The Merciless was having hysterics. Or was it that I was too bitter? I forget.

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