Monday, April 14, 2008

Clinging to my guns.

I am trying to make sense of the hooraw over Obambi's talk about small town people clinging to their churches and guns. Well, I have real trouble over Donk's being considered the friends of the poor, anyway.

During the runup to the '92 elections I was voted in as a Republican Precinct Chairman. I had gone to vote in the Primary and had asked to go to the Republican Precinct Convention. The election official said we weren't going to have one, we didn't have a Precinct Chair. Then she asked me if I wanted to be the PC.

I said sure, why not. So she took my name down and asked the next Republican to come along if he, or she, was willing to write me in. Well, someone did. So, I was unanimously elected, one vote for, none against. I was reelected twice and then resigned to move out here to my retirement home.

I have mentioned before that I spent my life working a job where no reasonably honest man grows rich. During this time my wife has always driven the nicer car. Not that she is snobbish, it's just that if one of us gets stranded on the road it would be better that it be me than her.

Now, once I became a Republican Precinct Chairman I started having to go to political get togethers. Many were at wealthy Republican's homes. So I'd drive up in my used and abused old car, the one with the driver's door held shut by a refrigerator hasp and bolt and the kids parking cars would look rather oddly at me. But the wealthy Republicans never did. I'd sit among women wearing a wedding set worth more than my yearly wages, wearing my only "wedding and funeral suit" or, sometimes, blue jeans and a western shirt and my opinion was just as welcome as the words of the guy in the bespoke suit and three hundred dollar shoes.

Oddly, though, when I had to go to some function like the Election Judge training where there were both Republicans and Donks, the Donks never missed a chance to look down on someone less wealthy.

So it is with the people trying to say that Obambi was just talking about small town folks voting "against their economic interests. So, I live between two small towns. These Donks think I'm voting against my economic interests to vote for lower takes and to keep my guns. Oddly, Teddy Kennedy does not give up his trust fund. As a matter of fact the Clintons donated Billy Jeff's old underwear for the tax deductions. I know of no Democrat that pays more in taxes than they absolutely have to, and I suspect that Donks work harder than Republicans to avoid takes. How many Republicans take a tax deduction for used underwear? Or is it that the MSM would hide that to protect the Republican's reputation? Somehow I doubt that.

The reality is that Republicans want to lift people up. Democrats want to keep people dependent on them. The Democrats do not like the poor, they just want to use them.

I must go cling to a gun now.

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