Thursday, April 03, 2008

Look Who Followed Me Home, Ma! Can I Keep Him?

Eddie has a new pal. The puppy from across the street followed him home and Eddie wants to keep him. During nice weather when we have Cochise' Apache Princess safely in the back yard we like to leave the front door open so Eddie and Ming can go in and out when they please.

There is a problem with that, now. Eddie's new pal is very much like a teenage boy. You parents will bemember how they always head straight to the refrigerator, Well Eddie's pal head straight to the food dishes.

Worse, this puppy is a thief. A stuffy thief. Linda Lou was not paying attention and I went out and found four stuffies out where they aren't supposed to be. Stuffy Thief!

In other canine news CAP has turned into the Mud Monster. That one broken sprinkler head turns that area into a mud hole. The two Pugs avoid the mud, Princess revels in it. She is a very smart girl but she does have a doggie brain, not an adult human brain. This means she does not realise that her Momma won't let her in the house covered in mud. So we don't let her in except about an hour or two before bedtime.

Oh well, payday I'll buy another sprinkler head and beg the plumber neighbor I have to install it. Sirloin steaks were on sale and I put several in the freezer, that might just do the trick.

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