Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Hat, Some Cattle.

There is a saying here in the west: "All hat, no cattle." It refers to a person who goes beyond wearing "casual western" clothes and goes overboard acting like a rancher or cowboy. Well there's no cattle herd on the Poorfarm but my dogs have two cows, and a zebra and a Tigger, a leopard and a sheep. Oh, and a new rooster.

Ming and Eddie don't play with the stuffies much but CAP does. Of course Eddie wants to get involved when Miss Priss has a stuffy.

Ming just mostly lays around. Her arthritis isn't getting any better. We had a nice big thunderstorm last night, though, and that got her moving. Every thunderclap brought a blizzard of barking and chasing around. The picture of her, the third from the bottom, is her laying exhausted after chasing the thunder off to Arkansas. It worked, too. Army Wife, Toddler Mom reported rain this morning.

It will soon be time to take the dogs to the lake, I think the water is still a tad cold but it's getting there. CAP needs to go to the lake and get a bath.

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