Friday, April 18, 2008

The Leftosphere Goes Insane

I had the good sense not to watch the little get together between Clinton and Obama. There is nothing either of those two clowns can do to get me to vote for them. Well, maybe twelve million dollars, after taxes. I do live in Texas so it wouldn't mean much if I did vote for one of them. But that is it, 12 mil or no Donk vote. And I still won't listen to them.

I have enjoyed watching the lefty side of the blogosphere go gaga because the moderators actually asked some questions of interest to anyone outside a university campus or coastal large city. One thing that seems to be recurring through the leftosphere is the anger that anyone should question the cultural changes. Now, since there is only one faction of the Democrats pushing these changes, one would think they would be proper fodder for a Democrat debate. And, since it is the Democrats pushing these changes one would think that it would be proper for Republicans to argue against them.

Not so. According to the Stalins of the Leftosphere, only questions agreeable to them should ever be asked. And, since they won't give a detailed list in advance, this means, what, exactly? That no questions should be asked of their latest Messiah?

Another thing that surprises me in the aftermath of this latest "debate" is the attention given to someone called Andrew Sullivan. Ever since I have been reading blogs vast attention has been paid to this person, I do not know why. He seems to be the homosexual version of Paris Hilton, he is extremely famous although nobody knows why. I have never managed to sit through an entire piece of his writing. Anyhow, Andy is very unhappy that people vote in ways he does not approve. Oddly, though, there is nothing on my voter registration card saying that my choices must be approved by Excitable Andy. Perhaps that is a congressional oversight that will be corrected soon. Does a simple law solve the problem or will they need a Constitutional Amendment? Or maybe Andy should pull on his big girl panties and live with the fact that America doesn't agree with him.

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