Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain, How Dare You?

I was gradually becoming willing to vote for John McCain. Then he just had to attack the North Carolina Republican Party. The North Carolina Republicans are out of touch? How dare you, sir?

Have you looked at how it is only your campaign and the national Republican Party that cannot raise money? Do you have any idea at all of what you are doing? Dedicated Democrats will vote for their eventual nominee. You, sir, will not get those votes. Running against your own Party will not win the general election. For every independent you gain you lose a Republican.

I was just about ready to hold my nose and vote for you, McCain. Unfortunately the state of the art does not permit that strong a clothspin.,


Anonymous said...

my problem with McCain is that he stated that terrorist should be under the Geneva convention,
his reading skills are questionable,
as i understand that the combatant must have a country, a flag and a uniform but then that also means that we are no better than terrorist, so he is out in my book. McCain is not a republican he is a closet democrat who knows he can not get elected as a republican in his home state.

Anonymous said...

previous post misstated McCain is not a republican he is a closet democrat who knows he cannot get elected as a democrat in his home state hope this corrects my previous post