Saturday, March 31, 2007

The EU Declares that Calling Muslim Terrorists Muslim Terrorists Is Illegal.

I read that the EU (pronounced EWWW!) has declared it illegal to call Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists. This means that I have to figure out what to call Muslim terrorists instead of calling them Muslim terrorists.

This is a difficult question for me since the Muslim terrorist seems to have Islam as the central part of his or her life and they seem to be quite happy to kill people for being non Muslim, the wrong kind of Muslim or even being the right kind of Muslim anywhere near a "normal" terrorist target.

I have noticed also that CAIR seems to get their panties all in a wad over calling Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists. So do liberals.

Oddly, the only people who don't seem to be too worried about calling Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists are Muslim terrorists. From what I've read it seems that the last words of a Muslim terrorists before (s)he pushes the button are Allah Akbar or God is great. So, it seems that the Muslim terrorist is proud to be a Muslim terrorist but everyone else is afraid to call them Muslim terrorists.

I wonder about the thinking of these EWWW types. Do they think that calling Muslim terrorists fuzzy little puppies or whatever term they come up with will make them survive an attack by Muslim terrorists?

I realise that there is a school of thought that says calling a Muslim terrorist a Muslim terrorist will make someone of low IQ think that every Muslim is a Muslim terrorist. So after a Muslim terrorist kills a bunch of people they start screeching about The Religion Of Peace. Well, yeah. The people the Muslim terrorist has just killed now have all the peace they can handle. The families, friends and those who clean up the mess aren't feeling very peaceful, though.
Me, I figure I'll have peace enough if I live another couple of decades and die of being old. I don't need to be sent away early by an emissary of the Religion Of Peace.

Instead of worrying about all these real smart people concerned about what to call a Muslim terrorist I'll just wonder why we aren't killing more of them.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Doesn't Feel Any Different Than Fifty-Nine.

Day before yesterday I was just a kid, only fifty-nine years old. Nothing big for my birthday, a trip to WalMat for groceries and a quick visit to my pal Steve's to collect a little lead he was saving to mold into bullets.

Today nothing unusual but rain and thunderstorms, sixty doesn't feel any older than fifty-nine. Seems somebody shoulda baked a cake. Oh well, Linda Lou cooked a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. Maybe I shoulda put a candle on one.

Semper Fi Or Semper Me?

I've been watching the saga of the James Webb aid caught with what seems to be Webb's gun. I find it very interesting that Webb, who has made a career out of being a Marine veteran and graduate of Canoe U, has forgotten "loyalty down". Of course that was one of my pet peeves when I wore Uncle's suit, half of all officers and senior NCOs expected my loyalty but had none for us peons.

Sooner or later the history of that gun will come out, it was either bought by Webb or by this Thompson fellow, then we will know. Either Thompson is a liar or Webb is a miserable scumbag who has lived a lie since swearing the oath. Given that Thompson would know he'd get caught if he had known he was carrying a gun I'm leaning toward Webb being wrong, knowing he's wrong and throwing a loyal aid to the wolves. Why? To save himself some trouble.

What's that about macaca?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Why Aren't There Loud Noises?

I do not understand why Iran has anything left that will float or fly. I do not understand why there is a single Army barracks left standing over there, nor tank left unexploded. Why are there any Mullah's homes standing?

Iran has been at war with the West since the Carter Administration. I know our ground troops are somewhat extended these days but we've lots of bombers, fighter bombers, cruise missiles and attack helicopters that seem to not be doing too much. For that matter, if Iran were full of smoking holes our ground troops would probably have a little time to take a nice nap.

I realise that this Ahmadingbat character specialises in talking ferociously but does he have anything that can stop our Air and Naval Air? How about a volley of missiles into the air and radar sites, followed by the B2s and F117s. With all of the trouble Iran has had over the last few years I doubt it would take long before we had a clear sky for our conventional aircraft.

The War Powers Act gives us some 90 days before the idiot Democrats can do anything but whine. Somehow I don't think Iran would be a problem after 70 days of air hyperwar, a three day halt and then ten days to clean up any leftovers. Then we have a week to get everyone away.

We are halfway to that old button from the hippie days. Trouble is, it's not "Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?". It's we have a war where they are fighting and we are not.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Rough Week.

It's been a rough week for people with Cancer. Cathy Seipp died at age 47 from Lung Cancer, even though she was a lifelong nonsmoker. I never really went out of my way to find her writing. I don't know why. Every time I followed a link to something she'd written I got something important from it. If she had died at age 105 she still would have died too young. My prayers go for her daughter, Maia.

It seems, too, that the Edwards family is going through a very tough patch. I simply do not understand a lot about this, the mother of two young children has a fatal disease and yet they're going to be jet setting all over, campaigning? Eh, I don't even understand how any Doctor would dare see anyone in that family. Oh well, prayers out for those children, anyway.

All that bad news calls for puppy pictures. Here is another picture of Princess looking unbearably cute and one of Eddie just beginning his hole to China. I guess being a Chinese Pug he wants to dig down to raid their refrigerators.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Battle Of Daddy's Lap

Except for the ongoing Battle Of Daddy's Lap the dogs have pretty well adjusted to the new puppy. I would wager that they will soon solve the burning question of who gets to sit in the chair with me. If for no other reason that Princess will be too big to fit in the chair. Until then, though, I need an armored codpiece.

We were worried about how Ming would adjust to the puppy as she doesn't much like anyone but us. As it is, she seems quite happy. Eddie loves to play with Princess so he is leaving Ming alone. So she lays in her bed making little Pug grunts of contentment while they fight all over the floor, or my lap. I'm glad Ming is happy.

The fence is working well, there is a little bit too much gap in the gate, the pup can get through. The Pug's heads are too big and since the pup will be growing I should be able to take those cinderblocks down, perhaps by next Tuesday.

Speaking of growing puppies, I learned something from my Vet. Seems that the expensive "large breed puppy" food has something in it to slow the growth of the puppies. They still grow, and just as big, only more slowly. This is alleged to help prevent hip dysplasia. I don't know why he didn't tell me about it when we had George, maybe he was too big by the time we got him. The kind the Doc touts is Science Diet.

While I really missed going to DC for the Gathering of Eagles I can report that there were no moonbats protesting out here. I reckon the dogs scared 'em off. Good dogs.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cohise's Apache Princess

We've decided on the name for the puppy, Cochise's Apache Princess, her callin' name will be princess.

She is eight weeks old, born January 15, 2007. I hope we are astrologically compatible. I believe she was born under a Speed Limit 20 sign. I was born under a neon sign. It said "HOSPITAL". Any astrology gurus are invited to comment.

I took her to the Vet yesterday for her checkup, she weighs 17.8 pounds. She got a clean bill of health. The only problem is some kind of "newborn" hernia, she has a tiny hernia around her belly button. The Doc says that he will fix that when he spays her, unless we decide to breed her, if we don't spay her it will be about fifty bucks to fix the hernia.

George was about four months old when we got him, this girl is half that, that might explain why she cries so much. It is driving Linda Lou crazy. She hated it when the kids whined, she doesn't much like Princess doing it now.

I hope Linda Lou doesn't real mad at me for a while. She was trying to push Princess down the back stairs* to go outside last night, lost her balance and fell down the stairs. Naturally, as deaf as I am, I did not hear her calling me. Boy, am I in trouble! Anyhow she has two skinned knees and a big scrape over her left eye, along with a somewhat black eye. If Linda Lou even hints that I beat her I'm off to jail. I've never raised a hand against her, though. I have never understood the mentality of someone who would hit his, or hers for that matter, spouse and then go to sleep. I REALLY do not understand the mentality of the beaten person allowing the beater to wake up.

I'm not exactly the biggest, meanest feller around. I can be beaten up but if you do, leave town. I'm coming back and I'll have something in my hand. Linda Lou believes that same thing. My proof that I don't hit her? I'm breathing.

*Princess is still trying to learn stairs.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ever Seen A Prettier Girl?

Let's have a look at her...Ears stickin' up like Bat Dog? Check.
Feet the size of Cleveland? Check.Perfect? Close enough.

As for her name, we're thinking of Cochise' Apache Princess for formal with the callin' name of Princess.

I am, though, going to Google Cochise and see if he actually had a daughter.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fence IsUp, Need Name For The New Puppy.

My Pard Steve came out and we put up the fence, five feet tall, 80 feed wide by about eighty feet long. We saved money by using the house as one side of the fence instead of going out to the property line.

I am scheduled to ache for the next week, maybe the next month but all the posts are in, the wire strung and fastened. Woot!

My Pard Steve didn't quite understand the hurry, some folks living a couple of miles away had a large litter of AKC German Shepherd puppies and after the bad luck we've had our large dogs being killed I wasn't allowed one until the fence was up. These folks had a price range far lower than "professional" breeders although this pup has had her first shots, wormed, etc. Plus they use the same Vet we do so we are starting out with a known quality. When we take her into the Vet for the next worming, scheduled real soon, we can have her general health looked at too and have the chance to cancel the deal. I doubt we'll need to, I met both the sire and the Dam. Both nice large, seem smart and well socialized.

We have to figure out an AKC name for her. Sire is Cochise Apache War Chief, Dam is Little Eagle. I reckon those folks like the cowboy and Indian movies. I can't think of any Apache girl names, offhand. I'll figure something out, wasn't Cochise Geronimo's father or was that Mangus Colorado? Hmm, I'd better Google up some Apache history. The Tribes I'm familiar with were somewhat east of the Apache.

Oh well, pictures will follow in the next few days.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Forgot To Mention...

I have been meaning to mention that son and daughter in law #2 are pregnant again. This will make grandchild #nine for Linda Lou and me. Seems like Mark Steyn oughta give us a medal.

In other news I shall miss the Gathering of Eagles up in DC. Finances will keep me home where I will attend the Gathering of Turkey Vultures.

The Gate Is Up, The Stupid Dogs Still Won't Stay In

Saturday my son in law came out to help with the fence, he brought a friend, too. Good thing, as we would have been just barely getting started with the concrete when we were actually finished. So, Dean dug the postholes while his friend, Cliff, and I mixed the concrete and set the poles.

Cliff is a city feller and did not know to bring a hat, fortunatly one of my staw hats fit well enough so the Sun didn't fry his brain. City folks tend to forget that it does not have to be hot to get sunburnt. Anyhow we had all the posts up and concreted in in only a couple of hours. Now comes the fun part, ramming some twenty-five to thirty of the other posts into the ground and then stringing the wire "net". My Pard, Steve was going come out and we'd get it done tomorrow, unfortunately it rained yesterday like a brown cow peein' on a flat rock, with more scattered showers today.

The amusing thing about the day was Cliff, while wearing a western hat, said "I don't know what's wrong but I feel like I just gotta shoot something." Heh. So when the work was done I got out the .22 and let him empty it at a water bottle. Not bad, he hit it seven out of ten shots. Then he tried a shot out of one of my .45 Colt clones, with a black powder round. To keep the bullet from richocheting around he pegged that shot at a concrete block, hit it dead center but he didn't want another shot with that. The last shot was out of my mule ear double twelve gauge, again a hit. I'm not sure I'm gonna let him shoot my irons anymore.

I had a Cowboy Action Shoot scheduled on Sunday so I set my clock forward like I was supposed to and went to bed earlier than normal, about midnight thirty or so, all those years on the night shift still make early to bed difficult. As always happens when I set my alarm I woke up every hour worrying about not getting any sleep. Then It started raining, I woke up again and turned off the alarm. Ever since forever just the fact of setting the alarm makes it hard to sleep. Dunno why.

Anyhow we put the gate up Sunday, after the concrete had set. I then put the dogs inside and told them that this was their new playground. Idiot dogs just ran around the gate. Stupid dogs. Meanwhile some folks that live a couple of miles away have a new litter of AKC German Shepherd puppies, only $250 per, I'm hoping that the fence is up before that one little female that fell in love with me is gone.

Stupid dogs, I shut the gate and told them to stay inside.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've been really busy the last week or so. I have everything I need to build my fence, my son in law is coming out Saturday to help with the postholes and concrete for the big main poles and gate. Since the only gates they had that were tall enough to keep a German Shepherd in were too narrow for my lawn tractor I bought a big old panel of chain link six foot tall dog kennel. We looked kind o' funny driving around with that on the roof of the van. I'm not real sure we shouldn't have just bought a mess of these panels, bolted them together into a small kennel and then added a couple of panels per payday.

The van was kind of leaning, too, what with 400 pounds of quickcrete sacks along with the rest of everything.

I've been busy trying to cast my bullets out of my new mold, it is taking a lot of ugly words. My little ten pound electric furnace doesn't hold enough lead alloy to keep the mold hot enough to run good bullets so I'm using my six cavity mold as a two cavity until I get my twenty pound furnace. Running both furnaces I should be able to run the mold as designed.

At any rate I have a shoot this Sunday so I am busy trying to load enough black powder ammo so I can shoot my class, instead of having to fool around with that heathen fad smokeless stuff. I have the bullets cast and lubed and the cartridge cases cleaned, resized and primed. Now it's just dumping the powder, adding a half cc of dry grits and seating the bullets.

Things sure seem odd these days, Scooter Libby is headed to prison while Sandy Burglar got plea bargained down to a misdemeanor. That is just sick. Note: when dealing with the Feds, always have a lawyer and if brought before a Grand Jury, say nothing. A determined prosecutor can, with enough time, get Mother Theresa on a process crime. Have enough Feebs interview you and then haul you, a co-operative witness who durned well knew that he did not commit the "crime" of "outing" an analyst and you too can be guilty of four felonies. Give me an unlimited budget and a squad of Feebs and a grand jury and I could put Fitzfong (or is it Nifgerald?) in prison. If he was silly enough to try to cooperate.

In other news we sure are eager to throw our own people over the side. Seems that Ann Coulter has become persona non grata at all the cool parties. Let's see, the left can bring up Dick Cheney's daughter at the debates and they can, while ex(?) Klansman Byrd is the conscience of the Senate demand that because Jeff Gannon posed for pictures his livelihood is ruined. So now we throw Ann out of the boat? Sorry. I'm not going to. I don't care that all the cool people have the vapors. What the heck, I'm not good enough to be allowed to comment on Hot Air anyway. I don't remember Ann throwing Malkin overboard when the left was attacking her over her book on the Japanese internment.

Would I have phrased that comment exactly like Ann did? No. Still, I have stuck my foot in my mouth enough times in my life that I'll not hit Ann. Even if she does need a sandwhich and a milk shake.