Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Forgot My Blogiversary.

My Blogiversary was in late last month and I forgot all about it. Oh well, I don't know what the gift is for a third Blogiversary anyhow. I could use a hundred pounds of lead to melt into bullets or a couple thousand-bricks of primers. The last time I bought birdshot to load my shotgun shells it was less than twenty-five dollars a bag. The lowest price I've seen lately is forty bucks a bag and that is only if I buy two at once. At that, the price is getting lower it was up to sixty. I guess the Chicoms really needed that lead for the children's toys they were sending over.

I'm really noticing prices lately. We really thought we'd be able to do some traveling once Linda Lou started getting her social security. We did everything right, we thought. We paid off the house and land, paid off the car and got completely out of debt before she retired. I guess that really annoyed the Democrats because they got heavily involved in the war against the working class about then. When Linda Lou retired gas was well under two bucks, mostly in the $1.55-$1.62 range around here. Milk was $1.79 a gallon when it wasn't on sale.

Does anybody but me remember the Donks' promise to lower energy costs if they won Congress in 2006? How's that working out for everyone? So far the only idea the Donks have had is to not allow any more production and to threaten the oil companies and auto companies. Let me get this straight in my head, the Donks think that if only they threaten the stockholders of these outfits with the loss of any possible profits the stockholders will keep their money in those companies and not pull it out and kill those companies.

And Democrats like to run around saying that we conservatives are stupid. Excuse me, Mrs. Clinton but I quit working for free when I got my discharge. My lord, you Democrats are just dumber than a bucket of lug nuts. Memo to Democrats: We cannot conserve our way out of this energy problem! Our population is growing. This means that even if we each use a little less energy we will still need more than we have. That idiotic crook Harry Reid saying that if we started drilling in ANWAR now it would be ten years before we had any oil. Well, yeah, Harry it would take time. The trouble is, Harry, that Bill Clinton vetoed ANWAR. We would have that oil now if it weren't for you stinkin' Donks.

Owl Gore will not be turning his thermostat up to 80 this summer. Harry Reid will not be skipping his vacation. Nancy Pelosi will be riding those jets and evey one of them will be telling US to conserve. Most of us will, we'll have to. We'll be watching you, though, as you flit around on our dime.

It's too bad, Democrats. If only you weren't a pack of morons you'd be a shoo in this November.

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