Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So, What Is This Arugula Stuff, Anyhow?

I must not get out enough. I don't know what this Arugula is or why it costs so much at Whole Foods. I suspect it is a vegetable, dunno why turnip greens isn't good enough for them.

Spring is well underway down here. Not many guys seem to be answering their spam e-mails as too many are wearing shorts outside. If those spam advertisements worked there would be a lot more guys wearing long pants.

So, Obambi is still ahead on delegates. I really don't understand the Donk's game. So, Hillary won Texas but Obambi got more delegates. How does that work, exactly?I just don't get it. Obambi hasn't won any of the battleground states and few of the solid blue states. He has won in some of the states where a Donk has the same odds of winning as I have of winning the next Mr. Universe contest. Oh well, I guess I don't need to understand them to vote against them. Hillary and Obambi are the only reason I'd vote McCain.

There is something really wrong with Yankees. Are northern Universities so hard up for talent that this William Ayers creature is on the faculty of Northwestern? It is sort of funny. There was some kind of misconduct so Ayers walked. In the kind of government he craves he would have got a pistol bullet through the head and an unmarked grave.

I don't remember ever showing pictures of the gun Linda Lou clings to, when she isn't praying. It's a simple S&W Model 60 LadySmith. Except for a little action smoothing and a Hogue Monogrip it is box stock. It was built after S&W's unfortunate dalliance with that Brit outfit, Banger Puta or whatever the name was, that cozied up to the Clintons.

We really wanted the Model 65LS, that six shot .357 with the three inch barrel, instead of the five shot .38 Special PlusP with the two inch tube. Unfortunately, although they were advertised all over, I still have yet to see one. Too bad, the 65 LS would be easier to shoot, being a little heavier, with a longer sight radius.

We waver on what we feed it. Sometimes the Cor Bon 125 grain PlusP JHPs, sometimes the Winchester PlusP 158 grain lead hollowpoint and lately, the Speer Plus P 135 grain Gold Dot Hollowpoint. We don't often mess with those Cor Bon loads, they kick like an angry Missouri mule. The most common is the Winchester. The holster is a Galco, inside the pants clip on.

Oh well, it's almost bedtime. AWTM has some more rain coming, it is pouring here and the dogs are doing their best to scare the thunder off with insane barking. It might be working, the weather is headed towards Arkansas.

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