Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Contest

So, I was wandering the intertubes and found a contest for "America's Favorite Mom". I think it was SondraK's Knowledge Is Power. Anyhow one of the nominees is Patti-Patton Bader, known outside her family as the woman who started Soldier's Angels.

Mrs. Bader isn't in the best of health, I do not see how she manages to oversee the Soldier's Angels workings but she does. I remember the days of no mail. Here is a woman who is working hard to end those days.

I'm not real big on telling folks what to do. I'm retired, you know. Still, this is someone worth a few minutes of effort. Please click on the link, go through the sign up hassle and vote for her. Then put the site on your bookmark list and vote every day. After all, otherwise someone might put a Cindy Sheehan type up there.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter, Everybody.

I should have taken more pictures of the bunny Eddie stole. Speaking of the stolen bunny it did belong to the grandkid across the road. He was very happy to get it back.

I thought about taking a lamb picture but CAP has torn the lamb stuffy's ears off.

So, instead of stuffed animals I will merely say John 3:16.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Old Dog Pictures

We have had so much rain this last week that I have few new dog pictures, mostly already posted in pot roast posts. Speaking of pot roast, I'm still eating it. Mmm, pot roast. About out of veggies so I just had a plate with fancy crackers and lots of spicy brown mustard.

Anyhow, most every time I went to take pictures of CAP, she was a mud monster. Since any dog owner knows the joy of a muddy dog I skipped taking pictures and just went back into some of the last couple years in the computer.

The top two pictures are of me and two dogs that have gone to The Rainbow Bridge to wait for us, George and Captain Fatbob, the Black Pug of Doom. We still miss them.

The rest are of the three dogs we have now.

What Do They Teach In Law School?

Dear Washington:

So I am very late in commenting about the Heller case. This is because I cannot understand how on earth all these educated people cannot seem to understand simple English. It would be one thing if the United States Constitution had been written in Sanskrit, then there might be some confusion.

What is amazing is a bunch of lawyers trying to figure out what "the right of the people" means. It takes a lawyer to argue that "the people" really means the National Guard.

Just as amazing is that bunch of clowns arguing over "shall not be infringed". Excuse me, shysters but those are some very simple words. They mean the Feds should only keep their noses out of it. And, yes, that means sawed off shotguns and full auto. Who are the people? What does "shall not be infringed mean? That whole crowd, lawyers, judges, politicians, reporters, all of them, and the bunch of misbegotten "educators" who taught them ought to be hit on the head with a sock full of sand and sent over a waterfall, naked. There should be bears below that waterfall.

This is much like the government and lawyers arguing about freedom of speech. "Congress shall make no law." Now I'm just a poor ol' country boy but I have a pretty good idea of how many laws "no law" is. And yet we find people jacked up for words all the time. Government schools are brimming with rules about what words we may use.

Oh, Peter, you don't understand, they say. I understand quite well. What I don't understand is how that whole crowd can claim to be so smart while being unable to understand one and two syllable words. If Congress and the courts want to change the Constitution to allow for the suppression of some guns, fine. There is a way to do that. Amend the Constitution.

Someone PLEASE go to the law schools and find those classes that say "no law" and "shall not be infringed" really mean "whatever law we want" and close them.

I swear, as soon as someone goes from being a Mr. to an Esquire the IQ drops some 85 points while the arrogance triples.

Love, Peter

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years

What was that graffiti? The Marines are at war, America is at the mall. I may not have the wording exactly right and I certainly don't want to denigrate the other Services. Still, we can rephrase it, the military services of the United States of America are at war, America is at the mall is apt.

I don't know nearly as much as I should about this war, although I know more than most of civilian America, just because I read some MilBlogs. Trouble is, I filter this war through my war. In that I am much like the libs, they view everything through the prism of Viet Nam. I want to win, though.

The military of today is far different from my day. Although my Branch took very few draftees the draft was central. Many young men joined the Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy to avoid getting into the Army. Young men joined the Marine Corps because they did not want to fight next to unwilling conscripts and young men joined the Army because a three or four year enlistment would buy a slot in a school that would avoid the infantry. So the conscript mentality was pervasive, even among volunteers. After all, these were the days when a SGT. would go to a formation and say "I need three volunteers, you, you and you."

Today's military is far better educated than in my day. Today there are Sergeants with advanced degrees, the chances are very good that those who are saying that only the ignorant join the service do not have the education that those "ignorant GIs" have. In my day there were lots of Master Gunnery Sergeants who had only a GED high school equivalency. They did, however, have a massive vocabulary of ugly words. After all these years I still struggle to avoid those words.

We did not even think about women in the Service, there were some in the medical and clerical jobs but a guy in a line outfit could go months without seeing one close up. Our racial attitudes were far above those of the civilian world but I would imagine not near what they are today. I still recall my first day in boot camp when a Hispanic Sgt. started hollering about the nerve of this blank-blank-blank wet**** trying to join his Marine Corps, the black Sgt. screaming at that %@#& n*****, Sgt Cohen cursing that hebe, etc. By the end of boot camp were were not black, white or brown but green. This actually worked fairly well in line units, the racism was in the rear.

What I am trying to say is that I don't really understand this war. The Administration is doing a poor job of explaining it, the media lies, all I have to go on is the MilBlogs, not all are in favor of this fight. Still, I support it. I have only one thing I can go on, the reenlistment rates. The young men and women reenlist at more than the quota. One thing that has not changed since my day is the unwillingness to stay in a losing game. The troops say that what we are doing is worth their sacrifice. Since these men and women are betting their lives, the least I can do is back that bet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

By Popular Demand!

So, Pamibe wanted the pot roast tricks. Well, here they are...Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

First put a mess of flour on a plate or in a large paper sack. Liberally sprinkle salt, pepper and garlic powder on (in) it. Now take a good sized chuck roast and dredge in with the flour/spice mix or drop it in the bag and shake well.

Now, repeat with a Boston Butt pork roast, usually somewhat smaller than the beef roast. Note: No one will kill you for skipping the pork if you happen to be Jewish, Muslim or some other religion that has pig-phobia. Do not trim the fat off until the cooking is complete.

Now sear the roasts on both sides over high heat. This doesn't do anything but make the outside of the roasts a little prettier and may be skipped. Put the roast(s) into a good sized roaster. Fill the roaster with water about one third of the way up the roasts.

Cut up a large onion and a couple of potatoes. You should have several bags of frozen stew vegetables, in addition. Given a choice I like PictSweet but frozen vegetables are, after all, frozen vegetables. You will want the total weight of vegetables to be somewhat more than the weight of meat. If you have extra carrots or celery in the fridge, here is your chance to get rid of it. For instance I don't have the teeth to eat raw carrots anymore but the dogs love them. However, too much carrots in their diet leads to messes on the floor so half the bag goes to waste. Not this time!

Add a couple of bay leaves to the water, sprinkle some more garlic powder on, a little sage, any other spices that sound good on the spur of the moment. Cover and put it in the oven. Now, leave it alone. Just don't let it run out of water. It needs to cook for three-four hours. Now trim the excess fat off the roasts and call the dogs.

Serve with Crescent Rolls, brown and serve dinner rolls or your other bread of choice. Since the kids are long gone this one cooking session is a weeks worth of meals for us. Note that you can put individual meal sized bags in the freezer and microwave a real supper. I am not sure how long this lasts in the freezer, I like this stuff too much for it to last long enough to go bad. It's a good deal for the chaotic modern working family that is real lucky to have one or two sit down family suppers per week. Make this, freeze individual meal-bags and everyone gets a good meal at his or her convenience.

Who Likes Pot Roast?

So I did a little cooking yesterday. I have been trying to figure out why Linda Lou's pot roast didn't taste anything like my mother's for decades. Not the pot roast but the gravy. Finally someone posted a recipe showing the roasts being floured before cooking. Aha! The bad news is that I am now the pot roast and stew cooker. Aw, well, I have plenty of time. I've always enjoyed cooking, not in the foodie sense, you'll find no fancy stuff at Chez Shaking. Pot roasts, stews, soups, beans, steals and chops. Yum.

Now it was Linda Lou who taught me about putting a pork roast into a pot roast. So, I can't complain. Even if I could, I wouldn't, she has a gun.

We have big storms just west of us, they should be here by mid-afternoon. They've canceled all flights out of D/FW Airport. I'm close enough to Dallas that we get our television and most of our radio from that area. So, because most of our weather down here moves from southwest to northeast I get the National Weather Service Emergency Alerts while my weather is still nice. Then by the time the weather hits me, the radio doesn't say anything. About an hour or two after the warnings stop, I batten down the hatches. Right now they are still breaking into Rush every time he starts getting interesting but they get back to the show just in time for commercials.

Rush is on, talking about Obama. I'd rather he talk about Heller v DC. I'm awfully tired of this campaign already. Just exactly who decided we need a two year presidential campaign?

I had to go to the dermatologist yesterday to check on how the mass murderer pills are working. See, while I was at the office for the warts and skin cancer I asked about that juvenile acne I still have, even though I'll turn 61 years old near the end of the month. There is a pill that actually causes the oil glands to stop their overactive secretions. The trouble is, it can cause serious side effects, including birth defects, depression, rage, etc. I had to promise to not get pregnant, donate blood. I had to promise to report any unusual rage or any depression. Well, so far, so good. This pill is supposed to be taken for five months and the effects on the oil glands last forever. Although at almost 61 my forever is shorter than many.

Anyhow, only four months left. Just in case the bad side effects happen the readers are invited to make a list. I'd hate to just waste a good mass murder. That is what I hated about those mall and school shootings. Couldn't they find a Code Pink meeting? Anyhow, post any suggestions in the comments. No promises, though. I'd rather avoid being a mass murderer, I have a sneaking suspicion that mass murderers have a tough time getting into Heaven.

Update, just before naptime: I just read that Obama's speech bridged the gap. Yes indeed. It bridged the gap between far left and extreme left.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Another Day In Golden America

I am watching the hoo-raw over Obama and the Rev. Wright with a certain amount of amusement, having no desire to vote for a Donk, anyway. Of course I'd like to have had a chance to vote for a Republican.

Here is my view, if anyone cares. Well, it is my view even if nobody cares. I have grandchildren that I have a certain amount of affection for. There is an unknown, but significant, percentage of the world's one and a half billion Muslims who are willing to go to any lengths to either kill or force them to believe in an alien and unforgiving religion.

This Obama fellow has spent some twenty-odd years listening to someone in his own church pulpit damning white folks. Now my grandchildren had no more say over the race they were born into as the Rev. Wright or Obama. I know of no one who had that say. Some of us were born white, some black, some oriental, etc. Some born into wealth, others into poverty. Those of us who were born into "Golden America", no matter the race or economic situation won life's lottery. Everyone in America can't be A Rockefeller or a Kennedy but there are only a couple of steps to take to avoid the grinding poverty of the third world. Step one, leave the dope alone. Step two, take advantage of the free education. Three, don't make babies until married and employed.

That is it, three simple rules. So, Donald Trump might not call if he needs a billion or so but you won't be in dire poverty. Now our kids went to public, integrated schools. Our kids were not the ones beating up black kids who tried to do well in school for "acting white". Our kids were not the ones getting tenth grade girls pregnant. We saw very few white crack dealers in the hood. So, who was it beating up the black kids? Who was it getting tenths graders pregnant? Who was it selling crack? (Hint: It wasn't the Jews.)

It is time that Rev. Wright set his sights on those who are killing the black community. Now this hurts Obama precisely because he is trying to be President, ie Commander in Chief. As much as the fringe left tries to deny it, our children and grandchildren are in danger. Just who is going to take the chance that the next Commander in Chief hates the white kids? Maybe this preaching has nothing to do with Obama. Maybe it is entirely unfair. Can a parent or grandparent take the chance?

In other news it was a pair of meat-related holidays over the last weekend. Friday was that guy answer to Valentines Day, Steak and bj Day. What? Ask your mother what that means, kid. Anyhow, I got neither, by the time I'd remembered it the menu was already planned.

Now the next day was a bit better advertised, Saturday was Ieatapeta Day. I Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA. I made it simple and broiled a sirloin steak with a baked potato. I also got a Boston butt pork roast and a chuck roast out of the freezer to cook today as a big pot roast. But the steak was so big I ate it two days before it was gone. So, tomorrow will be the pot roast. I also got four pounds of frozen stew vegetables, a couple of big yellow onions and some extra potatoes and carrots. I'll flour the roasts and cut up the potatoes and onions and dump the stew veggies around the roasts, pour in some water and bake for three hours or so at 350 F. The house will smell good.

Update, just before bedtime: I notice that many people are worried that the Obama/Wright mess will strengthen Hillary's bid and that she will be stronger against McCain. I doubt it. Hillary might be stronger among some segments of the Donks than Obama but if she is the nominee many black voters will sit out the election. Since no Democrats wins a national election without a ninety percent black vote, plus the other usual suspects McCain will win easily. If he can convince conservatives to vote for him. That won't be easy but McCain has no one to blame for that but John McCain.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Does Every Shepherd Need?

The last time I went shopping for dog food I found a new stuffy. Cochise' Apache Princess is a pure blooded German Shepherd. I always look at the stuffies and this time I found a lamb. Every shepherd should have a sheep.

Eddie fights CAP over the stuffies, I've never seen a Pug herd a lamb before but Eddie does. CAP does not realize how much bigger she is, when we first brought her home Eddie was bigger. This is also why Ming The Merciless chases CAP away from the food dish or the treats. Ming is not interested in stuffies, she only wants her bed and first chance at the treats. One of these days I'm going to stroke out laughing at CAP running 'cross the room with her tail between her legs and Ming right behind, barkin' and growlin'.

In other news I am not customer number 12 at the Emperor's Club. I tried to figure out what a $5500. fling for Spitzer would equate to in my income level. How many diamonds does the girl rate if I'm waving around the whole seven cents? Good Lord! I don't care how much money they had, if I were blowing some $80,000.00 on a little bit of the ol' slap and tickle Linda Lou would be sitting in this room reading my reloading manuals because she's already shot me with every one of the 3,000 rounds I have loaded on hand. She'd be looking to load some more to shoot the larger pieces. Eighty Grand. Good Lord, I couldn't afford that much Viagra. There is truly something wrong with rich politicians. We need a new rule. Anybody in politics has to take some kind of anti-Viagra and only his wife has the antidote. Don't quite know what to do about Barney Franks. It would also work for that toe tapper. 'Course as odd as most political families seem to be, I don't know if the wives would appreciate that kind of change. Eh, I ought to stick to dogs.

Evil Boosh!

So I'm sitting around reading because I have nothing in particular to say and I notice that the lefty blogs are all about that evil Boosh !!!!11!! trapping innocent little Spitzer with the Patriot Act and his illegal wiretaps.

The laws that got Spitzer had nothing to do with the Patriot Act, the wiretaps were all nice and legal, too. I have no idea what the lefties will do when Bush thanks God and comes home to Texas in January '09. They are having so much fun being persecuted. They are so brave, standing up against the evil Boosh!!!11!! Their dissent is being stifled, they are beings silenced. We know they are being silenced because they are on national TV constantly telling us how they are being silenced.

Poor Susan Sarandon and her boy toy, how can they get any rest having to constantly be on the news talking about how they are being silenced. 'Course I'm just a country boy, I always thought that when you are being silenced you should, I don't know, maybe shut up.

I'm enjoying the screeching from the Left about some Republicans voting for Hillary. Of course that Koz guy had told his groupies to vote for Mitt in Michigan since the Donk primary wouldn't count. Oh, and for the exact same reason that Limbaugh wanted folks to vote for Hillary. Yet the lefties are crying.

Ever notice that the lefties like to go on and on about how they are so brave, standing up against the evil Boosh!!!11!!! and his administration? Funny how their guy, Clinton, sent tanks against a bunch of religious wierdos down in Waco, then had all the evidence that wasn't burned buried. Remember that steel front door? The one that the news photos showed only bullet holes from the outside, none coming from inside? Sorry, folks, the Clinton Administration killed Americans. Then jailed the few survivors, on damned flimsy evidence. Not that I stay up nights worrying about that crowd. I told the kids back then to never get involved in a church where the leadership is decided by gunfights. But still, The Democrat Administration burned children.

The left is so brave. Well, right up until someone comes along killing daughters for not being good Muslims. Then they start screeching about the evil Boosh!!!11!!! After all, honor killings are their culture. Watching my grandchildren grow up in freedom is a big part of my culture but somehow my culture does not matter.

Oh well, I'll try to post some dog pictures soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

So, What Is The Fight All About?

So we seem to have a big fight going over who, exactly, is going to control the Democrat Party. We know the Clintons did control it. During Bill's tenure they lost Congress and a ton of governorships but the Clintons got very wealthy. Bill, of course, came up in Hot Springs. Bill and I are of an age so a look at Hot Springs in our youth will show a city wholly owned by the Mob. Unlike most cities Hot Springs did not belong to one particular Family, instead it was kind of a vacation spot for OC types. It was also a place where many of the famed Prohibition and Depression Era gangsters hid out. Owney Madden ran the town for Meyer Lansky of New York. Lucky Luciano was arrested there, sent back to New York, tried, convicted and jailed. Eventually Luciano was turned loose in Sicily during WW2.

Bill's stepdad and uncle were both on the edges of this group as was his mother, if only through her gambling. Once Bill got active in politics his first big financial backer was a "businessman" named Gabe Crawford. Bill's uncle Raymond worked for New Orleans Mafia Boss Carlos Marcello.

So, the Clintons were a wholly owned subsidiary of the southern Mob and did right well by themselves. Now Hillary wants her turn at the trough. It is possible, I suppose, that Hillary never knew about all this. It is equally possible that Bill Gates will give me half his money.

On the other side of this fight for control of the Democrat Party is Obama. He is pure and clean as the wind driven snow. Elected as a State Senator in Chicago and, as we all know, no Democrat in Chicago has ever been connected to The Outfit. Except the ones who have been elected.

The Democrat Party machinery is controlled by people controlled by The Outfit. Period. Young Mr. Obama got his start financed by people with dirty money. Rezko is only one, of course but he is very telling. Rezko got rich helping Obama get elected, then got richer with Obama's help. That letter Obama sent, helping Rezko get the permits and funding for a poor folks housing project is a case in point. One would think State Senator Obama would be busy enough taking care of his own district but he had time to worry about dirty projects in another district.

Obama is as dirty as any other Chicago pol, and that is very dirty indeed. No one gets the help of the Dem machine in Chicago without The Outfit.

The chances are real good that Clinton or Obama will be the next President. McCain is not going to have to eager support of the base of his Party. So, who will be the power behind the Presidency? The Outfit or the southern Mob?

Update: What on Earth is going on in New York? Spitzer is a Democrat. Democrats do not get caught in sex scandals, they steal. It is us Republicans that get caught in sex scandals. That's the rules, Republicans get caught in sex, Dems steal. Deviation from this rule is not permitted.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Loud Noises In The City.

So we have a recruiting station bombed early this morning. It's only a matter of time before these idiots, whoever they may be, hurt or kill someone. It looks as if it was a small charge of black powder in a GI ammo can, so there would be some big chunks of steel flying around.

Aside from the danger, this really annoys me because I shoot black powder. We already have uncomfortable levels of red tape to go with having black powder, along with considerable expense. Depending on where one lives we are limited on the amount we can have, as far as I know the maximum amount for a private citizen is like 25 pounds. That sounds like a lot, there are only about one hundred 12 gauge loads in a pound, though, so 25 pounds is only about a season's worth of powder for one cowboy action competitor.

Many people who live in cities have much tighter restrictions. You see, unlike smokeless powder, black powder in an actual explosive. Smokeless just burns, real fast but it's still a fire, not an explosion. So most places that sell smokeless powder don't sell black. What with the licencing and insurance rules the cost of a jug of black is almost double the real price. So, I buy my powder by online order either from Graf and Sons in Missouri or Powder, Inc. in Arkansas.

If I buy my powder by the case of 25 pounds then the price is over nine dollars a pound cheaper than buying locally. So, it really bothers me having meatheads blowing stuff up that is not supposed to be blown up. Now I will admit, back in the late 50's and early 60's we blew up a lot of stuff, stumps and gopher holes, etc. Of course no one but us were ever endangered and the laws were a lot laxer back then. And nobody cared about an extra few holes out in the country.

I'd wager that the laws about possessing black powder in New York City are somewhat stronger than in rural Texas so obviously there will be some congresscritter going after my black powder instead of wanting to lock this clown up.

Eddie Inspects The First Wildfowers And His Stolen Bunny

We will certainly get more cold weather before summer but we already have the first wildflowers blooming. I thought I'd show some pictures and annoy my Yankee pals who are still in snow arse deep to a tall Indian.

Cochise' Apache Princess cannot understand why Eddie is allowed outside the fence while she is not. She is convinced that it is sheer animal cruelty that she doesn't get to run around. She does not believe me when I tell her about those who shoot big dogs.

If anyone cares to enbiggen that one pic of CAP standing by the fence they should realise that the wire is five feet high. She might grow into those ears.

Eddie is proud of himself. He went somewhere and stole a stuffed bunny. I dunno if he stole it from the grandchild of the guy that shot George, his new puppy (which puppy I have not shot) or the kids over on the next street back. Whatever, Eddie is a bunny napper.

In non dog news, it turned out that I didn't get the surgery yesterday, it was simply the consult. I don't understand all the medicalese but it turns out that I only have one little skin cancer. The other spots are just what happens when you wait to long to die young and leave a good lookin' corpse. Anyhow the cancerous spot is real small and it is the kind with no "roots", it's all on the surface of the skin. They will cut that spot out and then cut around it about a tenth of a centimeter and inspect that under the microscope and make sure they got all the cancer. If so, they sew me up and I'm gone. Otherwise they cut a bigger piece and then cut around and inspect, repeating as necessary, until it's all gone. If they get everything the first try it should take about two and a half hours, mostly just sitting and waiting, the cutting part is about fifteen minutes. Otherwise it's two and a half hours for every repeat. They tell me to bring something to keep me occupied while I wait. Someone send me a nice chubby girl with low morals. Anyhow, this all happens on April the second. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Duty As A Citizen

Well, I went and voted, like a good citizen. The only election I really cared about was the Sheriff's race. For the first time in forever it is an open race, the Sheriff we have is retiring. Actually he seems to have retired some time back and stayed in office. Our Sheriff's Department is a major mess these days, they just can't hardly catch anyone. So I ended up voting for the guy that used to be an LEO, lost an eye, and started a now successful private business. Who knows, maybe somebody that understands law enforcement from the street level, management and money can do something around here. As of now the Deputies all feel like they're peeing into a strong wind.

I look forward to voting, it is the only way I'm sure who my Congresscritter is. I live on the very edge of my County and, it seems, no one can decide from year to year, just where the edge of my Congressional District is. Last Election I voted for Jeb Hensarling. He was elected. This time I voted for the incumbent, Ralph Hall. I did not move. I got no letter telling me that my District was changing. And the only campaign letters I got were from the incumbent Congressman, Sam Johnson. So, even Congress doesn't know who represents me. Yet Congress knows how to handle my medical needs. Sigh. I wonder who my Congressman will be next election. I'm just hoping it's still Ralph in the General in November. Eh, by then they'll have my corner of the county in Arkansas.

If it hadn't been for the Sheriff's Race I might have switched Parties and voted in the Democrat Primary. There have been two schools of thought there, to drive a stake through the heart of the Clintons or to vote for Hillary to try to keep the bloodshed on the Left going. I thought about it, in the end I just couldn't take the chance of getting Democooties on me.

In other news, if anyone has a spare prayer I am going in for some skin cancer surgery tomorrow. My Dermatologist (spell check says that's how it's spelled) says not to worry, I'm catching this real early and the MOHS procedure is the very next thing to infallible. I believe him. Still, that very word, cancer, is a frightening word. I'd like it better if the Doc had told me that I had a case of squirming baby puppies. Oh well, I know I'll be alright. It's just that word.

The amusing thing is that the Docs see my hat in the office, it is just a little larger than a waitress tray. Yet they always find it necessary to tell me to wear a hat. I show them my hat and they don't even blush.

Update: I forgot to mention that my ballot had everybody on the Presidential race, Fred, Mitt and everyone else that dropped out. It doesn't matter, all my guys lost. So, I voted for Duncan Hunter. I may end up holding my nose and voting for McCain in the general, I may not. I'm already tired of national Republicans telling me to vote for McCain because of the judges. Let me get this straight. McCain kept a lot of conservative nominees from getting an up or down vote with his gang of fourteen antics. So now I am told that I must vote for the guy who stopped conservative judges so that we will get conservative judges. Sometimes I hate politics.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Donks And health Care

I try not to pay too much attention to what Democrats say. I have enough trouble with my blood pressure. Unfortunately Obambi is putting out commercials on the country stations around here and I don't always hit the button fast enough.

So, Obambi promises to improve health care by going after my insurance company and the pharmaceutical companies. I am only alive today because of Big Pharma. Oh, and that stroke I had? The one where I was in surgery, then intensive care and then in the hospital for most of a week? Yeah, that one. My out of pocket expenses were the valet parking when my wife visited. My insurance covered some, my secondary insurance picked up the rest.

Oh, and Democrats hate Wal Mart for some reason. It doesn't keep them from making money on the board of directors, but they seldom miss a chance to rag on Wally World. In the past few months I've been wondering why so many of my prescriptions have not had a copay. Well, it seems that Wal Mart has started charging only four dollars for a months supply of any generic medicine and most of my scripts are generic. This means that the cost has gone down to my insurance company and so there is no more copay.

Imagine that. That greedy capitalist corporation has single handedly dropped health costs more that the entire Democrat Party. Oh, and other big pharmacies have been following Wally World's lead. I haven't seen my cardiologist since I switched most of my scrips to Wally World so my blood thinners are still at my old Pharmacy. They, too have gone to four bucks a month.

Now I actually would have preferred staying with my old Pharmacy, I like the people and their service is somewhat faster. Thing is, we hope to do some traveling now and Wal Mart is everywhere. My old Pharmacy is just in Texas. So we switched so if I'm off in some strange place I don't have to worry about whether or not I have enough of my scrips to stay alive until I get home.

I really hope the damned Democrats don't kill me by fixing health care.